Road Waves Wanna Come To Your Hometown

The Canadian trio make a connection with their jammy single & spaced-out video.

Road Waves bug out for your Hometown in their jammy new psychedelic single and spaced-out animated video — showcasing today on Tinnist.

A groovy composition that meticulously meshes aspects of psychedelic rock, jazz, funk and soul, Hometown is an ode to interpersonal connection through the magic of live music and audience interaction. Its rich sound transports the senses, thanks to a robust horn presence, a breezy singalong chorus and a groovy rhythmic relationship between drums and bass.

The track inspired the Niagara Falls trio — Ji ‘Sharp’ Yehia on guitar and vocals, Dave Ruigrok on bass, and Matt Maxwell on drums — to assemble an elite pack of musicians who convey explosive energy through the many melodic embellishments that make Hometown fresh yet familiar. Amanda Parker provides stellar backing vocals, while Patrick Smith (My Son The Hurricane) sets the senses ablaze on saxophone, and Mark Rogers (LMT Connection) works his magic on percussion.

Joel Visentin (The Lizards) appears on the keys as Andrew McAnsh (Larnell Lewis Band) fills the horn section on trumpet, rounding out with the highly talented Fearghas Gundy (SoundChef) on trombone. Hometown was produced in St. Catherines, Ont., with expert sound engineer Russ Donohue of Stonehouse Recording.

Road Waves debuted in 2014. Dubbed as a fun-filled soul-rock explosion, they have been developing their signature style on the road. Their recording experience constitutes two full albums and three massive singles over the five years before the pandemic hit. Road Waves continue to craft their next project as they stay engaged with their dedicated fanbase and begin touring across Ontario this fall, with a North American tour on the horizon.

Watch the video for Hometown above, sample more sounds from Road Waves below, and catch up with them at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.