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Next Week in Music | May 1-7 • The Long List: 370-Plus Releases On The Way

Plenty of new options for your Sunday playlist — and for the rest of the week too.

It has been exactly 40 years since the legendary bluesman Muddy Waters died in his sleep at the age of 68 on April 30, 1983. Similarly, it has been eight years since soul singer Ben E. King — who sang and co-wrote Stand By Me, one of the highest-earning songs in history — died after a brief illness at the age of 76. And it has been one year since country star Naomi Judd took her own life at the age of 76, the day before The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. That should give you plenty of options for your Sunday listening. And this list of the 370-plus new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving soon should give you plenty of options for the rest of the week:



Angel Abaya | The Bubble
Abyssal / Ellorsith | Sepulchorporeal / Amore Split EP
Akasha System | Phytopia
The Album Leaf | Future Falling
The Allegorist | Tekhenu
Amos The Kid | Enough As It Was
Ancient Settlers | Transition EP
Angry Corpses | Resurrected
Antillectual | Together
Arovane | Icol Diston
Astral Magic | Am I Dreaming?
Artemis | In Real Time
Atmosphere | So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously
Avee Mana | Inner Life EP
The Bablers | Mr. King Single
Bailen | Tired Hearts
Pastel Barbo | Microcosme
Batavia Collective | BTVC EP
Bike | Arte Bruta
Birds Of Nazca | Héliolite EP
The Black Dog | The Grey Album
Black Spiders | Can’t Die, Won’t Die
Blood Ceremony | The Old Ways Remain
Bloods | Together, Baby! Deluxe Edition
The Blowtops | Zero Dance Singles: 1998​-​2009
Bluest | Cold Sweat
Bluphoria | Bluphoria
Bohannon | Night Construction
The Bollweevils | Essential
The Bomboras | Songs From Beyond
Benson Boone | Pulse EP
Brijean | Angelo Deluxe
Alison Brown | On Banjo
Serge Bulat | Identitudes
Burning Witches | The Dark Tower
Sam Butler | Folklore
Franck Carducci & The Fantastic Squad | The Answer Live
Kédu Carlö | Space Girl Finds Cash
Colloboh | Saana Sahel
Combustible Edison | Forbidden Isle Of Demos
Comfort | What​’​s Bad Enough
Jess Mac Cormack | Solo_2 EP
Alice Cooper | Living and Touring with Alice Cooper and Other Stories By Michael Allen (Book)
Michael Cormier-O’Leary | Anything Can Be Left Behind
Crème Flesh | Casablumpkin
Crossed Keys | Believes In You
Cross Wires | Yesterday In Mourning
Rodney Crowell | The Chicago Sessions
Dez Dare | Critical Mind Dump EP
David Wax Museum | You Must Change Your Life
Deadline | Vitriol Inc.
Dead Sea Apes | Rewilding
Deary | Fairground EP
Death Goals | A Garden Of Dead Flowers
Deathstars | Everything Destroys You
Roe Deers | Salt Town Boy Remixes Pt. 2
Deviate Damaen | Soqquadro Tanz
The Donnas | Early Singles 1995-1999 Reissue
Delphine Dora | As Above, So Below
Spencer Doran | Season: A Letter To The Future Soundtrack
Gord Downie & Bob Rock | Lustre Parfait
Drain | Living Proof
Mark Dresser | Tines of Change
Drøne | The Long Song
Marc Ducret | Ici
María Dueñas | Beethoven and Beyond
Robin Eaton | Memories Of A Misspent Youth
Echt! | Sink​-​Along
EF | Ceremonies – 10 Years
Elite Terrorism Modulus | Elite Terrorism Modulus
Enforcer | Nostalgia
Euglossine | Strawberries In Rain
Gil Evans Orchestra | Great Jazz Standards Reissue
Extermination Dismemberment | Dehumanization Protocol
External Signal | Nonbiney
Fearout | Resistenza
Feathership | Peace Talks EP
Felicita | Spalarkle
Renato Fiorito | Lustra
Julia Fischler | Baby Blue EP
Five Fingers of Funk | Portland Say It Again
Flasher | In My Myth
Flippin’ Freaks | Vampires
Frankey & Sandrino | Der Sprung EP
Henry Franklin | Tribal Dance Vinyl Reissue
Ben Frost & Francesco Fabris | Meradalir
Galactic Empire | Special Edition
Asher Gamedze | Turbulence & Pulse
Gangrened | Ambient Doom Dream
Gliss Disc | Good World
Grandson | I Love You, I’m Trying
Grateful Dead | History Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 1: Bear’s Choice 50th Anniversary Edition
Guadalupe Plata | Guadalupe Plata
Guilt | Bardstown Ugly Box
Logan Halstead | Dark Black Coal
Mike Harmon and Paul Bedal | Duets
Haunt | Golden Arm
Mark Hawkins | Venn Diagram
Hearscape | Transient
The Reverend Horton Heat | Spend A Night In The Box Reissue
Mary Hennessy | Feels Like
Herod | Iconoclast
Hex A.D. | Delightful Sharp Edges
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphilia | Demo DCLXVI
High Leaf | Vision Quest
The Hip Priests | Roden House Blues
Jax Hollow | Only The Wild Ones
Holy Blood | The Wanderer 20th Anniversary Edition
Honeymoan | Sorry Like You Mean It
Freddie Hubbard | Blue Spirits Reissue
Engelbert Humperdinck | All About Love
Ifryt | Płuca
Illa J | Not Ever EP
Immaterial Possession | Mercy of the Crane Folk
Intercourse | Halo Castration Institute
Japanese Jesus | Depression Breakfast
Olivia Jean | Raving Ghost
Jeromes Dream | The Gray In Between
France Jobin | 10​-​33CM
Dean Johnson | Nothing For Me, Please
Jonas Brothers | The Album
Cotton Jones | Paranoid Cocoon
Durand Jones | Wait Til I Get Over
Jughead’s Revenge | Vultures
Jayla Kai | The Short Song Project
Meiko Kaji | Hajiki Uta Reissue
Kanaan | Downpour
Emily King | Special Occasion
Klotter | Och Om Du Inte Vet, Så Är Du Dum
Komrads | The Wolf Remixed
Christina Kubisch | Plus
The KVB | Artefacts (Reimaginings From The Original Psychedelic Era)
Lady Lamb | Ten Years Of Ripely Pine Box Set
Lafff Box | Lafff Box
Matt LaJoie | On Garudan Wing
Rebecca Lappa | Tales Of A Taurus
LA Priest | Fase Luna
Lasso | Ordem Imaginada
The Lemon Twigs | Everything Harmony
Jamie Lenman | Iknowyouknowiknow
Dave Lombardo | Rites Of Percussion
Brandon Lopez | vilevilevilevilevilevilevilevile
Low-Res | Därför
Lumberghast | First Person Shooter
Lumsk | Fremmede Toner
Malphino | Sue​ñ​o EP
April March | April March Meets Staplin
Medeski Martin & Wood | Friday Afternoon in the Universe Vinyl Reissue
Medeski Martin & Wood | Shack-Man Vinyl Reissue
Greg Mendez | Greg Mendez
mHz | Proof Of Identity
Lesley Mok | The Living Collection
Monument of A Memory | Harmony in NightCore EP
Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto | Sendeya
Motor!k | 4
Mouraine | In Search Of Gold
Murder By Death | As We Wish
Naavi | V
Nahlith & Mah Ze Tar | Offering
Nanna | How To Start A Garden
Brian Nasty | Growing Pains
Neolia | Neolia
Nolongerhuman | Marionette
Non Serviam / Gallkrist | Split EP Vol. 2
Alva Noto | Kinder Der Sonne
Cian Nugent | She Brings Me Back To The Land Of The Living
NxxxxxS | Short Term Agreement
Erika Olson | This Is How I Pray
One Leg One Eye | .​.​.​. And Take The Black Worm With Me
Peter One | Come Back To Me
Onyx | Blood On Da X
O’o | Spells
Oreyeon / Lord Elephant | Doom Sessions Vol. VIII
Dean Owens | El Tiradito
Panchiko | Failed at Math(s)
Pangar | Position
Pastel Barbo | Microcosme
Angela Petrill | The Voices
Phrenesy | Fears Apocalypse Reissue
The Pilgrim | Walking Into The Forest Reissue
PJEV, Kit Downes & Hayden Chisholm | Medna Roso
pMad | I In Power
Ana Popovic | Power
Tineke Postma | Aria
Prairiewolf | Prairiewolf
Prima Queen | Not The Baby
Bill Pritchard | Sings the Poems of Patrick Woodcock
Profeci | Ubóstwo
Q | Soul, Present
Red Giant Project | Say To Me Single
Laura Reznek | Leap Year Single
Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade | Sunshine Baby
Risin Sabotage | Macabre
Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto | Sendeya
Angelica Rockne | The Rose Society
Rolla | Nothing Less Than Everything
Roomful of Teeth | Rough Magic
RVG | Brain Worms
Matthew Ryals | Generative Etudes Vol 1​​​.​​​0
Sacrobosco | IVXVI
Ryuichi Sakamoto | Travesia: Curated By Iñárritu
Selma Savolainen | Horror Vacui
Anton Sconosciuto | To Make Room
Scorpions | Animal Magnetism Reissue
Scorpions | Blackout Reissue
Scorpions | Fly To The Rainbow Reissue
Scorpions | Humanity (Hour 1) Reissue
Scorpions | In Trance Reissue
Scorpions | Love at First Sting Reissue
Scorpions | Lovedrive Reissue
Scorpions | Savage Amusement Reissue
Scorpions | Taken By Force Reissue
Scorpions | Tokyo Tapes Reissue
Scorpions | Virgin Killer Reissue
Scorpions | World Wide Live Reissue
79.5 | 79.5
Ed Sheeran | – (Subtract)
Tony Shhnow | Love Streak
Shit Present | What Still Gets Me
Aime Simone | Oh Glory
Marcel Sletten | Mammatus Clouds
Cecilia Smith | Mary Lou Williams Resurgence Project Vol. 1: Small Ensemble Repertoire
Steve Smith and Vital Information | Time Flies
Smoky Mirror | Smoky Mirror
Soul Mass Transit System | The Big Speedy G One EP
Sourdurent | L’Herbe De Détourne
Sovereign Council | World On Fire
Spare Snare | The Brutal
Spirit Josh | Paint A Lucky Picture
Bruce Springsteen | Deliver Me from Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska By Warren Zanes (Book)
Sproingg | Hirnk​ä​se
Sqürl | Silver Haze
StartTheMonkey | Urban Psyche
Statues | Black Arcs Rising
Charles Stif | OverWater
Stoner’s Bud | Vampires
Stranded / Great Falls / Dug / Canyons / Don’t Grow Old | Split EP
Samuele Strufaldi | Davorio
Sunburster | Trudging to Extinction
Svoboda / O’Connor / Green | Time Together, Time Apart
DJ Swisha | Crazy If True EP
Talk West | Black Coral Sprig
Tawahum | Bottled Lightning
Teeth | A Biblical Worship Of Violence EP
Terminal Dogma | That Guy Single
Theos & El Rod | NMW EP
Tigerbalm | International Love Affair Remixes
Lewis Tivey | Alien Nation
Triberg | Ravenna
Lila Tristram | Home
Turn Cold | Chew Glass
2Lanes | Sid Ranger Redux EP
Under His Eye | Visions of Flames
Unearth | The Wretched; The Ruinous
Upsammy | Germ In A Population Of Buildings
Various Artists | The Jazz Room Vol. 2 Compiled by Paul Murphy
Various Artists | Minimal Wave: The Hidden Tapes
Various Artists | Shucked Broadway Cast Recording
Ben Vida w/ Yarn/Wire and Nina Dante | The Beat My Head Hit
Vvon Dogma I | The Kvlt of Glitch
Waldemar | Ruthless
M. Ward | Supernatural Thing
Wave Temples | Panama Shift
Sam Weber | Ain’t Life Grand EP
Westerman | An Inbuilt Fault
Whatitdo Archive Group | Palace Of A Thousand Sounds
Kenny Wheeler | Live ’71: The Kenny Wheeler Big Band & Friends
Wilczyca | Magija
Witch Prophet | Gateway Experience
Dex Wolfe | Vestiges
Billy Woods & Kenny Segal | Maps
Woz | No Medicine
Xanxia | Maha Kalpa
Yiruma | Non E La Fine EP
yMusic | yMusic
Jenny Owen Youngs | From The Forest Floor
7ebra | Bird Hour