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Occo Stops At Nothing To Roll Out The Fog

The Miami art-popster proves more is more with his audacious, urgent debut LP.

Occo flamboyantly covers the waterfront with the audacious, all-encompassing maximalism of his revolutionary debut album Roll Out The Fog — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Some people in this world believe less is more. Those people are living in the past. Emerging Miami art-pop songwriter and producer Occo understands this. And on these nine vibrantly edgy and in-your-face tracks, he stops at nothing (creatively speaking) to prove his point.

Over the course of 34 shape-shifting minutes, the versatile artist fearlessly and flawlessly threads the needle through a myriad of genres — electronica, rock, pop, punk, metal, rap, hip-hop, R&B / soul, psychedelia, reggaeton, ska, EDM, dubstep, world music and even classical. The resulting creation is a technical marvel: Mr. Occo’s Wild Ride, if you will. But only if it were set inside a hall of mirrors. As these tracks whip and whirl and twirl you relentlessly, their kaleidoscopic brilliance reflects the ADHD, everything-everywhere-all-at-once culture that currently consumes us — while urgently commading your attention with an ease few other albums in our short-attention-span lives can muster. Make sure you are tall enough to ride. And remember to keep your hands in the car at all times.

But Roll Out The Fog is more than just the conspicuously complicated (though admittedly impressive) technical flex of some fleet-fingered, overstimulated keyboard-monkey knob-twiddler. There are strong, topical lyrical messages deeply embedded in the methodical madness of these compelling, uncompromising soundscapes. Time and again, Occo offers evocative snapshots of our current societal tumult, born from the reflective depths of the pandemic era.

Look no further than the album’s powerful singles: Titans, a rallying cry against the divisive nature of tribalism, and I Am, an intense portrayal of a fallen dictator’s final, haunting moments. They serve are entry points to this labyrinthine masterwork — a narrative that submerges you into a dystopian exploration of modern civilization, touching upon themes of tribalism, governmental control, propaganda, isolation versus connectivity, and the hedonic treadmill, climaxing in a call for revolution.

Fueled by its rich narrative and eclectic sound, Roll Out The Fog delivers a profound musical and thematic exploration, marking Occo as a fresh voice in an era of upheaval. Listen to the album below, watch the videos for Titans and I Am above, and roll with Occo on his website and Instagram.