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Back when I was the national music writer for a Canadian newspaper conglomerate, more generous folks said my reviews, interviews and features were the reason they bought the paper. I hope those old readers (and the new ones) enjoy this site just as much. And I humbly hope they’re just as willing to toss a few cents my way now and then to peruse my scribbling. If you’re on that list, thanks in advance. Here are a few ways you can show me some love (and maybe get a little something-something in return):

Donate via PayPal or Credit Card

If you visit this site regularly — or just enjoyed one article in particular — and want to tip your server, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Just click the appropriate link, fill out the form, hit send and bask in the warm glow of knowing you did a good thing. To say thanks, I’ll give every donor a shout-out on social media.

Pledge via Patreon

For those who would like to make our relationship a little more official, I’m putting together a Patreon page so you can pledge on a monthly basis — and score some CDs and DVDs in return. Stay tuned for all the thrilling details!

Hire Me

When I’m not cranking out album reviews, I use my literary powers for the good of artists and publicists. I’ve written bios and press material for artists of all styles and stripes. So if you (or one of your clients) need some words to put on a website or mail out with those new tunes, get in touch. I work fast, my rates are reasonable, and I have plenty of satisfied customers.

Buy My Words

Need exclusive music reviews or articles for your publication or website? I’ve got 35 years of experience meeting the deadlines and demands of daily journalism. I can do the same for you. Or maybe you’d just like to run my online fare as is. No problem; contact me to discuss syndication.

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You’ve got music, merch and tickets to sell. I’ve got just the place to sell them. Email me to find out how much it costs to get an ad on this site. The answer may surprise you — hopefully in a good way.