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What’s new, you ask? Plenty. Below, you’ll find the release dates for every upcoming album, EP, single, box set, compilation, anthology, retrospective, soundtrack and vinyl reissue I can find. If you know something I don’t, please clue me in with an email. Naturally, I encourage you to bookmark this page, check it daily and spread the word. But bear in mind that things change fast in the music biz — especially these days — and nothing below is carved in stone. So don’t blame me if that album you’ve been anticipating for weeks suddenly drops off the radar without warning. It ain’t my fault; I just work here. And speaking of work, this page was last updated on December 4.



December 17

Eusebeia | The Sun, The Moon + The Truth
Various Artists | Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs from Discos Horoscopo 1977​-​1987
Various Artists | The North Quarter: NQ State of Mind, Vol. 2
Franck Vigroux | Atotal

January 14

Torn Between Two Worlds | Transparent
Anna von Hausswolff | Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

January 21

Great American Ghost | Torture World EP
The Little Bits | Girl Give Me Love
Kevin Preston | Caprice EP
Hania Rani | Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session)
System 01 | System 01

January 28

Emerald Sun | Kingdom Of Gods
Joan Hutton & Sue Orfield | Take That Back
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 1
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 2

February 4

Teno Afrika | Where You Are
Piotr Kurek | World Speaks
Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo | Planetário Da Gávea
The Rave-Ups | Tomorrow
Venom Prison | Pain of Oizys

February 11

Bazbaz & Manudigital | #LoveBordel
Isle Of Jura | Instrumental Dubs #1

February 18

Brick By Brick | Dismal Existence
Consvmer | Obsession
Ex Norwegian | Spook Du Jour
Various Artists | Trip Recordings: All His Decisions

February 25

Aspidistrafly | Altar Of Dreams
Bitter Branches | Your Neighbors Are Failures
Kryptograf | The Eldorado Spell
Lee Martin | Gypsy Soul
Mountaineer | Giving Up The Ghost
Suff Daddy | Basically Sober

March 4

Hellfrost & Fire | Fire, Frost And Hell
Witchpit | The Weight Of Death

April 1

Gggolddd | This Shame Should Not Be Mine

April 8

Cade | Watching You Cry EP


December 10

Ace Of Hearts | Frozen In Time
Aeon Station | Observatory
Agarthic | The Inner Side
Alkaline Pink | Pink Tape Ultra HxC 1600 (M1n1 M1x Vol. 2)
David Allred | Driving Through The Aftermath Of A Storm on a Clear Day
Alpha Bootis | Science Fiction-Double Feature
Anatomy Of Habit | Even If It Takes A Lifetime
Astoreth | Rites III-IV
Ateez | Zero: Fever Epilogue
Nicole Atkins | Memphis Ice
Atlas | Ukko
Auld Ridge | Consanguineous Hymns of Faith and Famine
Joan Avant | Dies Irae
Bad Mothers | Bad Mothers
The Band | Cahoots 50th Anniversary Edition
Bane Capital | Full Time Corner Thugs
Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis | Endlich Komplett Betrunken
Geoff Barone | The Forfeit King II
Barrera | Visiones Nocturnas
Lars Bartkuhn | Transcend EP
Bashford | Greener Grasses
Kaspar Baum | Vuurland
Beach House | Once Twice Melody: Chapter 2
Benny Sings | Beat Tape II
Harry Bertoia | Complete Somnambient Collection Vinyl
Big Boi and Sleepy Brown | The Big Sleepover
Black Country, New Road | Never Again EP
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers | First Flight to Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings
The Bloody Monroe | Some Like It Heavy
Naima Bock | 30 Degrees / Berimbau Single
The Boyz | Candles
The Brandy Alexanders | The Brandy Alexanders
Bria | Cuntry Covers Vol. 1 EP Vinyl
Simon Bromide | Following the Moon
Dai Burger | Back in Ya Mouf
Bill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy | Blind Date Party
Canibus | Kaiju
Laura-Mary Carter | Town Called Nothing
Carved in Stone | Wafts of Mist & The Forgotten Belief
Christian Death | The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 1, The Renaissance
Gene Clark | Collected
Clear Mortifee | Fairies: Act II EP
Fulvio Colasanto | Unusual Vision
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman | John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman Vinyl Reissue
Crowen | Prophecy EP
Cruciatus Infernalis | Untot
Dark Sky Burial | Omnis Cum in Tenebris Praesertim Vita Laboret
Yousef Dave | Groovy Sanctuary
Dead | You’ll Never Know Pleasure… 25th Anniversary Edition
Dead Beast | Dead Beast
Deathretro | Deathretro
Beatrice Deer | Shifting
Delaire The Liar | Eat Your Own EP
Dessiderium | Aria
Destroy Lonely | In The Air
Devil Cross | This Mortal Coil
Deviloof | Dystopia
DigDog | Homeless Theater
Djinn-Ghül | Mechalith EP
Doja Cat | Planet Her Deluxe
Dperd | Monsters
El Dragon Criollo | Pase Lo Que Pase
The Drippers | Scandinavian Thunder
Mariusz Duda | Interior Drawings
Herman Dune | Santa Cruz Gold
Dylan Dunn | Blue Like You EP
Dziarma | Dziarma
Ehiorobo | Joltjacket
Kaktus Einarsson | In The Garden (Live Session EP)
Elblag Chamber Orchestra / Marek Moś / Karolina Nowotczyńska / Marcin Zdunik | Symphonies & Duo
The Electric Prunes | Then Came the Dawn: Complete Recordings 1966-1969
Eduardo Elia | The Art Of Not Falling
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane | Duke Ellington & John Coltrane Vinyl
Emerald Four | Absence From Felicity
ES-K | Futility
Estriver | Outcry
Ethereal Shroud | Trisagion
Evangelion | Black Moon
Exit Kid | Basis EP
Exorcizphobia | Digitotality
Falcon Outlaw & Nicholas Craven | Maplehurst Graduation
FAOC (Friggin’ Arab Orchestra Company) | Arab Ladies Sing Christmas Carols Written by Jews EP
Tommy Farrow | Forever EP
Corey Feldman | Love Left 2.1
Fiction Fake | Slayer Season
Final Coil | Somnambulant II
Firekid | Muscle Shoals Metaphysical
William Fitzsimmons | No Promises: The Astronaut’s Return
For Lack Of A Term | Welcome To Your New Normal
Forrest Fang | Forever
Four Year Strong | Brain Pain Deluxe
Fucked Up | David Comes to Life Vinyl Reissue
Funeral | Praesentialis In Aeternum
Fyfe | Games EP
GA​-​20 | GA​-​20 Does Hound Dog Taylor Live!
Sam Gendel | AE​-​30
Georgio | Ciel enflammé
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
Golf Girl | Year of the Bonefish
Gorillaz | Gorillaz 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
Grade 2 | Graveyard Island: Acoustic Sessions
Green Day | The BBC Sessions
Groundbreaking | Parade
Robin Guthrie | Riviera EP
Gurrumul | The Gurrumul Story Deluxe Edition
Hawkwind | Dust Of Time: An Anthology
Shay Hazan | Reclusive Rituals
Hellgarden | Rise of the Beast
Richard Hell & The Voidoids | Destiny Street Demos
Hifiklub + Duke Garwood + Jean-Michel Bossini | Last Party on Earth
Forrest Hill | Only Love
HLZ | How I Feel EP
Hogtooth | You Can’t Handle The Tooth
Home Front | Think Of The Lie
Honey Guide | A Tidy Room Is A Tidy Mind EP
Horse Show | Falsterbo EP
Hot Club Of Cowtown | What Makes Bob Holler 10th Anniversary Vinyl
Hundredth | Welcome to Somewhere Nowhere
Hurlee | Lonely Days EP
Michael Hurley | The Time Of The Foxgloves
Loney Hutchins | Buried Loot, Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ’73-’78
Will Hyde | Nothing Ever Changes EP
Jackal’s Backbone | Red Mist Descending
Jarvis Duo | Hypnagogia
Jlin | Embryo
Joker’s Hand | All-American Rage
JPTR | Not The Same
Juice Wrld | Fighting Demons
Junkie XL | Last Night On Earth EP
Jack Kays x Travis Barker | My Favorite Nightmares EP
Alicia Keys | Keys
Kid Dad | Bloom EP
Kitten | Personal Hotspots
Mark Knopfler | The Studio Albums 1996-2007
Koncept Jack$on | Good Product
Kosmodome | Kosmodome
Theo Kottis | The Mirror EP
KSR | Peace + Harmony
Fela Kuti | Vinyl Box Set 5
Laces | Field Fallacy Haptics
Lähdön Aika | Valonaara
Lake Haze | Volcanic Fields
Lambchop | I Hope You’re Sitting Down / Jack’s Tulips Vinyl Reissue
Anita Lane | Sex O’Clock 20th Anniversary Reissue
Tory Lanez | Alone At Prom
The Last Martyr | Purgatory EP
Andrew Lee | Heavy Metal Shrapnel
LeiKiè | LeiKiè
LE$ | E30
Lifelost | Punitive Damnation
Lil Boom | The End Of The World
Lilys | Better Can’t Make Your Life Better Vinyl Reissue
Loney Hutchins | Buried Loot, Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ’73-’78
The Long Blondes | Someone To Drive You Home Anniversary Edition
Lord Of The Lost | The Sacrament Of Judas
Loud Apartment | Technology
Lowest of the Low | Taverns And Palaces
Lucie,Too | Fool
Lucy | Slide Beneath The City
Tor Lundvall | Beautiful Illusions
Alex Machina | 20X1
Nick Maclean | Can You Hear Me?
Maladie | The Sick Is Dead – Long Live The Sick
Malignant Altar | Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
Bob Marley | Trenchtown Rockers
Mars Red Sky | Mars Red Sky Reissue
Massage | Lane Lines
Mauvey | The Florist
Ana Mazzotti | O Filho Do Homem
Meitei / 冥丁 | Kofū II / 古風 II
Mercury X | Imprisoned
Michot’s Melody Makers | Tiny Island EP
Mienakunaru | Blood Sun
Minus the Bear | Farewell Vinyl Reissue
Moderate Rebels | Suspicious Behaviour​: Session Recordings 2021
Monsta X | The Dreaming
Mordom | Cry Of The Dying World
Mother | Interlude I
Mouth Congress | Waiting For Henry
Mule Jenny | All These Songs Of Love And Death
The Murder Of My Sweet | A Gentleman’s Legacy
Muun Bato | Paraphonic Vapors Reissue
Nalan (AKA slimgirl fat) | I’m Good. The Crying Tape
Nashville Pussy | Eaten Alive
Neon Trees | Versions Of You EP
The New Pornographers | Mass Romantic (Matador Revisionist History Edition)
Nightlands | Moonshine EP
No God Only Teeth | Placenta
Nuisance | Confusion Hill
Odwalla 88 | Twiggy
Oh No Noh + Midori Hirano + Jo David Meyer Lysne | Distant Sediments
The O’My’s | No Swimming EP
Oneohtrix Point Never | Returnal Vinyl Reissue
OK Cowgirl | Not My First Rodeo
The O’My’s | Swimming EP
Moka Only | Martian Xmas 2021
Orphaned Land | 30 Years Of Oriental Metal
Orsak:Oslo | Skimmer/ Vemod
Osay | She Back
Marie Osmond | Unexpected
Otargos | Fleshborer Soulflayer
OT the Real & DJ Green Lantern | Broken Glass
Otargos | Fleshborer Soulflayer
Buck Owens & Susan Raye | Together Again Reissue
Karin Park | Church Of Imagination
Jeff Parker | Forfolks
Pelagos | The Boat
Perseide | The Only Thing Reissue
Piel | A.K.A Ma
PnB Rock | 2 Get You Thru The Rain EP
Ryan Pollie | Stars
Pornographic Sunset | Gold; Flesh; Dirt
Samuel Powell | Owls EP
Price | Sequences (True Sentiments)
Psilocybe Larvae | Where Silence Dwells
Purity | Live In Los Angeles
Putrid Offal | Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues Remastered
Pyrexia | Gravitas Maximus
Joey Quiñones | For You / On Taitt St.
Rage of Light | Redemption
Rainbow Girls | Rolling Dumpster Fire EP
Tia Ray | Once Upon A Moon
Restless Spirit | Blood Of The Old Gods
Reveal! | Doppelherz
Eigen Risico | Still Illegal Shit / Demasiado Malo Para Ser Mentira
Rising Insane | Afterglow
Rohff | Grand Monsieur
Fifi Rong | There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved
Rope Sect | Proskynesis EP
Rick Ross | Richer Than I Ever Been
Saáadon | мреть (наутро ночь)
Sabla | Music For Melted Floors
Safety Town | Fake It
San Fermin | In This House
Saraga | Love And Happiness EP
Serpent Eyes | Winds of Yesterday EP
72% | How Is This Going To Make It Any Better?
Sharp Veins | Die of the Waters
Siamese | Home
Richard James Simpson | Sugar The Pill
Sinful Ways | Darkest Days EP
Sister Hazel | Before the Amplifiers 2
Connie Smith | The Latest Shade of Blue: The Columbia Recordings 1973-1976
Snowgoons | Renaissance Kings
Nicky Soft Touch | Lonely City Sampler EP
Majid Soula | Chant Amazigh
Spell Songs | Spell Songs II: Let The Light In
Squeejie Attack Squadron | Yasswave Classics
Stabbing | Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught
Stahlmann | Quarz
Neville Staple | From The Specials & Beyond
Starsailor | Love Is Here 20th Anniversary Edition
Stonetrip | Stonetrip
Moses Sumney | Live from Blackalachia
Sunfruits | Certified Remixes
Supreme Echo | Kradle
Ichi Takashi | Reflection
Iu Takahashi | Interspace
The Tea Party | The Tea Party Deluxe Edition
Teen Daze | Interior
There’s A Light | For What May I Hope? For What Must We Hope?
Thirty Fates | Circus Black
Claudia Thompson | Goodbye To Love
Tiffany | Pieces Of Me Deluxe Edition
TM88 & Pi’erre Bourne | Yo!88
Tour Bleu | Otium
Translate | Octa
Trash Sun | Bill
Travis Duo | Hypnagogia
T. Rex | The Alternative Singles Collection
Trupa Trupa | B Flat A
Jeff Tweedy | Love Is The King / Live Is The King
2FeetBino | Cousin Feeter
2KBaby | First Quarter
2Mums | Bushmaster: Side A EP
Ultraviolet Communication | Paper Tiger
Uyemi | Butterfly Effect EP
Vado | Long Run Vol. 2
Valter | 8Perc
Vahrzaw | The Trembling Voices of Conquered Men
Various Artists | Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol​.​3: Canto Devocinário
Various Artists | Don’t Look Up Soundtrack
Various Artists | Licorice Pizza Soundtrack
Various Artists | One Night in Pelican
Various Artists | Tokyo Glow: Japanese City Pop, Funk & Boogie Selected By DJ Notoya
Various Artists | West Side Story Soundtrack
Verb T & Illinformed | Stranded In Foggy Times
Vis​-​A​-​Vis | The Best Of Vis​-​A​-​Vis In Congo Style
David Watson and Matthew Welch | Woven
James White And The Blacks | Melt Yourself Down Reissue
Joseph White | The Wagging Craze: Original Cast Recording
White Manna | First Welcome
Denver Williams | The Blooming Eye
Wo Fat | The Gathering Dark Remastered
Wolf | Noche de Terror
Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Barn
YSR Gramz | Tap In 2
Zake & City of Dawn | Frizzell & Duque: Orison
Ziemba | Unsubtle Magic


December 17

Age Of Athena | Gate To Oblivion
Anorak Patch | Delilah / Blue Jeans
Apes | Lullabies For Eternal Sleep
A River of Trees | The River Wizard
Michel Banabila | Echo Transformations
Behemoth | In Absentia Dei
Bestia Ater | Anno.Bestia.Chrysallis Reissue
Rick Biddulph | Second Nature
Bones In Butter | Stop Dancing Now
Brute Force Trauma | World is Burning
Cirith Ungol | Frost And Fire Vinyl Reissue
Conclave | The Remixes EP
Consider the Source | Hybrid Vol. 1: Such As A Mule
C.Z. | Heat Index
Draconian | Arcane Rain Fell Reissue
Draconian | Where Lovers Mourn Reissue
John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Greg Coates, Wilder Zoby + Andres Renteria | Gong Splat
Eallic | Rake of the Astral Leviathan
Ejeca | Take It EP
Roddy Ellias’ Free Spirit Ensemble | Not this Room
Eusebeia | The Sun, The Moon + The Truth
Fargue | Ruines, Irradiées
Ginny Flowers | Trying EP
Forsaken | Arcology Market / Left In Ruins Single
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy / WOORMS | Various Plants and Animals Under Domestication Split
Gypsy Pistoleros | Livin la Vida Loca!
Hed (P.E.) | Califas Worldwide
Hell’s Coronation | Silver Knife Mysticism
Hel’s Throne | Ravens Flight Reissue
Hidden Rivers | Golden Age Of Dereliction
Icarus Phoenix | June Audio Live Sessions
Jamiroquai | Travelling Without Moving 25th Anniversary Edition
Jozalle | Falling Single
The Jukebox Romantics | Fires Forming
Kadaverich | Radiance Of Doom
Local Suicide & Skelesys | You Are Mine EP
Mad Butcher | Metal Meat
Matrimony | Kitty Finger Reissue
Movements | Live At Studio 4
Murder Van | Crooked Smiles EP
Nektar | Retrospective 1969​-​1980
Ed Pettersen | The Problem With Livia
Phobetor | Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds
Robert Pollard | From A Compound Eye Vinyl Reissue
Popcorn Kid | Memory Tapes
Powerwolf | Blood Of The Saints 10th Anniversary Edition
Rhode & Brown | Good Things Come To Those Who Fade
Roddy Ricch | Life Life Fast
Romoni Inomor | Love (Never Alone) Single
Sacrifice | Total Steel
Schedule 1 | Schedule 1
Shady Glimpse | Supreme Gift
Slow Burning Rage | Slow Burning Rage
Wadada Leo Smith, Henry Kaiser, Alex Varty | Pacifica Koral Reef
Summers Sons | Nostalgia Deluxe Version
Thoughtcrime | Thoughtcrime EP
Le Tout Sur Le Tout | All About All
Joseph Trapanese | The Witcher: Season 2 Soundtrack
Zane Trow | Traces
Various Artists | Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs from Discos Horoscopo 1977​-​1987
Various Artists | Duploc 2021 Collection
Various Artists | The North Quarter: NQ State of Mind, Vol. 2
Various Artists | Six Years Of Shall Not Fade
Franck Vigroux | Atotal
Eli Wallace | Precepts
Wolftopia | Ways of the Pack
Worst Party Ever | Dartland
Yellowcard | One For The Kids Reissue
Yosh | The Warning EP

December 24

Corona Barathri | Lapis Sacrificialis
Blue Sky Black Death | Noir 10th Anniversary Reissue
Chem | Wardawg
Evangelion | Revelations Or The Spawn Of Greed And War
Inferior Passions | The Patrician
Le Jonathan Reilly | 7″, Demos & Other Rarities
Lady Bird | We
Ligne Quatre | Mind The Gap EP
Mortal Memory 60 | Intergration Into The Solar Circle
Prolaps | Ultra Cycle Pt. 4: Hibernal Death
Symbolical | Igne EP
Takao | Stealth Gold Edition
Barry Waldrep and Friends | Celebrate Tony Rice
Wombbath | Agma

December 31

Crystin Hunt Akron | This Is Love Single
Big Scenic Nowhere | The Long Morrow
Manny Blu | Country Punk EP
Blurt | Blurt + Singles
Born Without Bones | NYE EP
Cassels | A Gut Feeling
Descent | Order of Chaos
Dust Prophet | Hourglass Single
Electromancy | Technopagan
Feuerschwanz | Memento Mori
Forever Unclean | Best
Furze | Black Psych Tormentor
Hadal Maw | Oblique Order
The Last Ten Seconds of Life | The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Merwyn & Inkswel | Cloudeaters Re​issue
Nocturnal Graves | An Outlaw’s Stand
Plastician | Dreading
Dave Sewelson | Smooth FreeJazz
Splatterpink | The Best Of Italian Music
Swakhile | Look What You’ve Done
Swing Cats | Swing Cat Stomp
Warzaw | Black Magic Satellite

January 7

Abrasion | Born To Be Betrayed
Aethereus | Leiden
At The Movies | The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. 1 Reissue
At The Movies | The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. 2
Boris Barksdale | Mind over Matter
Belvedere | The Revenge Of The Fifth Reissue
Benighted | Carnivore Sublime
Steven Bernstein’s MTO ft. Catherine Russell | Good Time Music (Community Music, Vol. 2)
Canyon City | Matinee EP
Crispy Newspaper | Судургу Тыллар
Despised Icon | Consumed By Your Poison
Despised Icon | The Healing Process
The Dollyrots | Down The Rabbit Hole
Eradication Of The Unworthy Infants | Change Is Good
Hot Lunch | Hot Lunch Reissue
Infected Rain | Ecdysis
Duquette Johnston | The Social Animals
Lotus | Live Underground
Tony Malaby | The Cave Of Winds
Nile Marr | How We Drift Single
The Mars Volta | Landscape Tantrums Vinyl Reissue
The Mekons | Exquisite
MonoNeon | Put On Earth For You
Necrophagous | In Chaos Ascend
Nihility | Beyond Human Concepts
OAR | The Blood You Crave
Ocultum | Residue
William Patrick Owen | Dreams on the Moon
Perennial | In The Midnight Hour
Power Paladin | With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel
The Pulsebeats | Lookin’ Out
The Residents | A Sight For Sore Eyes Vol. 1 Book
RGRSS | A World of Concern
Seven Nines and Tens | Over Opiated in a Forest of Whispering Speakers
Shotgun Facelift | Dakota Blood Stampede
Sis | Gnani EP
Wadada Leo Smith, Henry Kaiser and Alex Varty | Pacifica Koral Reef
Sothoris | Wpiekłowstąpienie
Dave Stryker | As We Are
Tal | Sapiduz
Tension | Decay
Michael J. Valentine | Alive
Various Artists | Rapsodie en France
Wilderun | Epigone
The Wombats | Fix Yourself, Not The World
Yard Act | The Overload
Years & Years | Night Call

January 14

The Allergies | Going to the Party / Utility Man
Allie | Cast Iron / Iinfinite Jesters Single
Beirut | Artifacts
Paul Berwick’s Magnetic Quartet | Step Into The Light EP
Torn Between Two Worlds | Transparent
Blood Red Shoes | Ghosts On Tape
Bon Iver | Bon Iver 10th Anniversary Edition
Bonobo | Fragments
Buffalo (Revisited) | Volcanic Rock Live
Richard Carpenter | Piano Songbook
Chastity | Suffer Summer
Cheap Cassettes | Ever Since Ever Since
Mike Cooper | Oceans Of Milk And Treacle
Elvis Costello | The Boy Named If
Grace Cummings | Storm Queen
Mariangela Demurtas | Dark Ability
Descent | Order Of Chaos
Deserta | Every Moment, Everything You Need
The Dream Syndicate | What Can I Say? No Regrets​.​.​. Out of the Grey + live, demos & outtakes
Drone San | Drone San
dvr | Dirty EP
Dylan Dylan | Euphoria LP
Dymytry | Revolt
Scott Ellison | There’s Something About The Night
Enterprise Earth | The Chosen
Ereb Altor | Vargtimman
Bill Fay | Still Some Light: Part 1
Fazer | Plex
Fickle Friends | Are We Gonna Be Alright?
Fit For An Autopsy | Oh What The Future Holds
Garcia Peoples | Dodging Dues
Eliza Gilkyson | Songs From the River Wind
Steph Green | Thanks For That
Helven | Volume 1
Horndal | Be Evil / The Deceiver
Huntingtons | Plastic Surgery
Ilium | Quantum Evolution Event
Impending Doom | Hellbent EP
Jamestown Revival | Young Man
The Kernal | Listen to the Blood
King Bastard | It Came From The Void
The Lumineers | Brightside
Magic City Hippies | Water Your Garden
Magnum | The Monster Roars
Maule | Maule
Mike Nagoda | Outside The Box
Mizmor | Wit’s End EP
Nashville Pussy | Eaten Alive Vinyl
Molly Nilsson | Extreme
Angel Olsen / Karen Dalton | Something On Your Mind
Orphax | Less Is More EP
Ostara’s Bless | Masculine/Feminine
Nico Padden | Pirate Queen
Cat Power | Covers
Prim | When Monday Comes
Punch Brothers | Hell on Church Street
Steve Roden | Oionos
Paul Rudder | Feels Like Forever EP
Isaac Sasson | Canciones de Isaac
Shadow Of Intent | Elegy
Space Coke | Lunacy
Tall Heights | Juniors
Tigguo Cobauc | Trial By Combat
Jeff Tweedy | Chelsea Walls Soundtrack Reissue
Underoath | Voyeurist
Various Artists | Döminance and Submissiön: A Tribute to Blue Öyster Cult
Various Artists | Pure Space: Proximity II
Vero | Beg! / Concrete Single
Anna von Hausswolff | Live at Montreux Jazz Festival
Orlando Weeks | Hop Up
Wiegedood | There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road
Wolfbastard | Hammer The Bastards
Worm Shepherd | Ritual Hymns
Eric Wubbels / Charmaine Lee / Weston Olencki | Field of Action / Contraposition
XCIII | Void

January 21

Ben Abraham | Friendly Fire
Abyssus | Death Revival
Age Of Apocalypse | Grim Wisdom
Anxious | Little Green House
Artamene | Ziggurat
Artsick | Fingers Crossed
Aurora | The Gods We Can Touch
Band Of Horses | Things Are Great
Brad Barr | The Winter Mission
Rachel Beetz | Unofficial
Biggabush | Freevisited
Boris | W
Boy Harsher | The Runner
Daniel Carter, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar | Open Question Vol. 1
Julie Christensen | 11 From Kevin: Songs of Kevin Gordon
Clan Destine Click | Thee Alpha & Thee Omega Vol IX
Claptrap | Adulting
Clever Hopes | Aftefact
Comeback Kid | Heavy Steps
Com Truise | Galactic Melt 10th Anniversary Edition
Mariangela Demurtas | Dark Ability EP
Diamond Dogs | Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous
Linda Draper | Patience and Lipstick
Ludovico Einaudi | Underwater
EinsEinsEins | Zwei
Tinsley Ellis | Devil May Care
Flying Moon In Space | Remix EP
40 Watt Sun | Perfect Light
Foxtails | Fawn
Cody Fry | The Symphony Sessions
Fucked Up | Demos Vinyl
Fucked Up | Epics in Minutes Reissue
Jake Xerxes Fussell | Good And Green Again
Geoffroy | Live Slow Die Wise
Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait
Giant | Shifting Time
Gilmore Trail | Impermanence
Lucy Gooch | Rushing EP Expanded Edition
Goodnight, Texas | How Long Will It Take Them To Die
Great American Ghost | Torture World EP
Greensky Bluegrass | Stress Dreams
The Jonny Halifax Invocation | Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1
Raine Hamilton | Brave Land
Hazemaze | Hazemaze Reissue
Hazemaze | Hymns Of The Damned Reissue
Heir Apparent | Graceful Inheritance
Hollow Twin | Soft Hearts
Jana Horn | Optimism
The Janitors | Noisolation Sessions Vol​.​2
Kandia | Quarternary
Miles Kane | Change The Show
Keb’ Mo’ | Good To Be
Kids On A Crime Spree | Fall In Love Not In Line
Kissin’ Dynamite | Not The End Of The Road
Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee | Bamanan
Lalu | Paint The Sky
The Little Bits | Girl Give Me Love
Little North | Familiar Places
Lord Nelson | Transmission
Les Louanges | Crash
Logan Lynn | New Money
Maria Moles | For Leolanda
NC17 | Nasty Habits EP
Nepthisis | Spiral Hollow
Night Crickets | A Free Society
Aoife O’Donovan | Age Of Apathy
Ol’ Burger Beats | Loft
Pepa Päivinen | Personal Breath
The Parrots | Dos Vinyl
Penny and Sparrow | Olly Olly
Pictures | It’s OK
Kevin Preston | Caprice EP
Prøvost | You Are The Universe EP
Kady Rain | Kady Rain
Hania Rani | Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session)
Tammy Rogers & Thomm Jutz | Surely Will Be Singing
Scrabbel | The Good, The Bad, The Dokkaebi
SetYøurSails | Nightfall
Shot Down Twice | Shot Down Twice
Silverbacks | Archive Material
Sleepwulf | Sunbeams Curl
Som | The Shape of Everything
Brian Straw | Baby Stars/Dead Languages
Sunka | Sendero
Keifer Sutherland | Bloor Street
System 01 | System 01
Telefís | a hAon
Theodor Bastard | Vetvi
Theos | Turn Up Marty EP
Tin Woodman | Songs For Eternal Lovers
Various Artists | Wiaiwya: Silver Discs No. 3
Victoria and Jacob | Theia Mania Remixes
Erik Walters | Erik Walters

January 28

Jann Arden | Descendant
Atrox Trauma | On The Line Of Nothing And Something
Bad Suns | Apocalypse Whenever
Big Big Train | Welcome To The Planet
Black Flower | Magma
Bye Bye Tsunami | Bye Bye Tsunami
Celeste | Assassine(s)
Clare & Noti | Chalky Road
Cloakroom | Dissolution Wave
Brett Cobb | And Now, Let’s Turn To Page…
Combo Chimbita | Ire
Death Shroud | Death, Slavery And The Pursuit Ov Sadness
Deeper Graves | The Colossal Sleep
Etran de L’Aïr | Agadez
Raphaël Dénommé | Hard Times and Broken Mind (Vol. 1)
The Diasonics | Origin Of Forms
Paul Draper | Cult Leader Tactics
Drug Couple | Stoned Weekend
Sam Drysdale | Testarossa EP
Earthgang | Ghetto Godz
Eels | Extreme Witchcraft
Emerald Sun | Kingdom Of Gods
Simone Felice | All The Bright Coins
Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière | Möbius
Alexander Flood | The Space Between
Josephine Foster | Godmother
Fruit Bats | Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits and Lost Songs (2001–2021)
Eric Gales | Crown
Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait
Christina Giannone | Zone 7
Alice Glass | Prey//IV
Grave Next Door | Sanctified Heathen
PJ Harvey | Let England Shake
PJ Harvey | Let England Shake Demos
Hazemaze | Blinded By The Wicked
Hegeroth | Sacra Doctrina
Joan Hutton & Sue Orfield | Take That Back
Imarhan | Aboogi
Jethro Tull | The Zealot Gene
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental | The Bridge
Lilo | Sleep Country
Mark Lockheart | Dreamers
The Magnetic Fields | The House of Tomorrow Remastered
Amber Mark | Three Dimensions Deep
Marsden & Richardson | Marsden & Richardson
Ben McElroy | How I Learnt To Disengage From The Pack
Joe McLeod | Cloud Berries In Alaska
Minute Taker | Wolf Hours
Anaïs Mitchell | Anaïs Mitchell
Mø | Motordrome
Monoscopes | Painkillers And Wine
Mother Mother | Inside Deluxe Edition
North Mississippi Allstars | Set Sail
Pengshui | Destroy Yourself
Pindgrove | 11:11
Pixies | Live In Brixton Box Set
Re-Armed | XX EP
The Reds, Pinks & Purples | Summer At Land’s End
Roedelius & Story | 4 Hands
Rumtum | Isles In Indigo
Sad Daddy | Way Up In The Hills
St. Paul and the Broken Bones | The Alien Coast
Sarcasm | Stellar Stream Obscured
Scarlet Rebels | See Through Blue
Secondhand Depression | Secondhand Depression EP Vinyl Reissue
Adam Shoenfeld | All the Birds Sing
Spaceface | Aenmoia
Grady Spencer & The Work | Wait
Sperm | Choking At Length
Stone House On Fire | Time Is A Razor
Sweet Alibi | Make A Scene
Tangent | Tangent
Thyla | Thyla
Toxpack | Zwanzig.Tausend
Urge Overkill | Freedom
Steve Vai | Inviolate
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 1
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 3: Andrew Weatherall Vol. 2
Various Artists | Lèspri Ka: New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981​-​2010
Various Artists | Mainstream Funk
Vicious Knights | Alteration Through Possession
Vorga | Striving Toward Oblivion
Waveform* | Last Room
Lady Wray | Piece Of Me

February 4

Abhoria | Abhoria
Teno Afrika | Where You Are
Animal Collective | Time Skiffs
A Place To Bury Strangers | See Through You
As It Is | I Went To Hell And Back
Atalhos | A Tentação do Fracasso
Bastille | Give Me The Future
Bitch | Bitchcraft
Los Bitchos | Let The Festivities Begin
Black Country, New Road | Ants From Up There
Jean-Michel Blais | Aubades
Myles Bullen | Mourning Travels
Charmed Life | The Best of The Divine Comedy
Checkerboard Lounge | Sun Sessions
Alison Clancy | Mutant Gifts
Natalie Cole | Unforgettable … With Love 30th Anniversary Edition
Cooper-Moore & Stephen Gauci | Conversations Vol. 2
Marshall Crenshaw | #447 Reissue
Crown The King | Groundhog Day
Desaparecidos | Live at Shea Stadium
The Districts | Great American Painting
Divided Heaven | Oblivion
Earth Libraries | Don’t Drive Into the Smoke
Etch | The Further Adventures Of The Cosmic B​-​Boy
Exek | Advertise Here
Micki Free | Turquoise Blue
Alyssa Gengos | Mechanical Sweetness
Ross Goldstein | Timoka
Mac Gollehon | The End Is the Beginning
The High Water Marks | Proclaimer of Things
Hippo Campus | LP3
Igaxx | Here And There EP
Amy Jay | Awake Sleeper
Korn | Requiem
Piotr Kurek | World Speaks
Cate Le Bon | Pompeii
The Lemonheads | It’s A Shame About Ray 20th Anniversary Edition
Mass Worship | Portal Tombs
Me Rex | Pterodactyl
Mitski | Laurel Hell
Modern Studies | We Are There
Nebula | Apollo Reissue
The Nightingales | The New Nonsense
Obsidian Sea | Pathos
The Ophelias | Bare Bodkin
Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo | Planetário Da Gávea
Perennial | In The Midnight Hour
Perfesone | Metanoia
Pimps of Joytime | Reachin’ Up
Plastic Estate | Plastic Estate
Erine Rae | Lighten Up
The Rave-Ups | Tomorrow
Reddog and Friends | Booze, Blues and Southern Grooves
Steve Roden | Stars Of Ice Single
Rolo Tomassi | Where Myth Becomes Memory
Saint Abdullah | Inshallahlaland
Seafarers | II
El Shirota | Niebla EP
Shiva Burlesque | Mercury Blues (+ Skullduggery)
Silent Skies | Nectar
The Slow Show | Still Life
Smrtdeath | It’s Fine
Luke Stewart | Works For Upright Bass and Amplifier Vol. 2
Supernowhere | Skinless Takes A Flight
Thank | Thoughtless Cruelty
Twangtown Paramours | Double Down On A Bad Thing
Vagus | Sulfurous EP
Vangelis | Juno to Jupiter Vinyl
Venom Prison | Pain of Oizys
Warm Graves | Ease
Sam Weber | Get Free
Weekend Recovery | No Guts All The Glory EP
Yeule | Glitch Princess
James Yorkston | J Wright Presents

February 11

Alt-J | The Dream
Amorphis | Halo
Dan Andriano & The Bygones | Dear Darkness
La Armada | Anti-Colonial Vol. 2
Basically Nancy | Basically Nancy
Bazbaz & Manudigital | #LoveBordel
Big Thief | Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
Blue Bendy | Motorbike
Boulevards | Electric Cowboy: Born In Carolina Mud
Jane Bruce | My Bed
Rob Burger | Marching With Feathers
Cult Of Luna | The Long Road North
The Delines | The Sea Drift
Mariangela Demurtas | Dark Ability
The Devils Of Loudon | Escaping Eternity
Division:Dark | Stärker Als Gott
Empath | Visitor
Endless Dive | A Brief History Of A Kind Human
Fort Romeau | Beings of Light
Fostermother | The Ocean
Foxes | The Kick
Hot Flash Heat Wave | Sportswear
InVisions | Deadlock
Isle Of Jura | Instrumental Dubs #1
Jestr | The Dead & The Riches
Joywave | Cleanse
The Last Of Lucy | Moksha
Griffin Matthews & Matt Gold | Witness Uganda: An American Musical
Moonchild | Starfruit
James Morrison | Greatest Hits
Naked Gypsy Queens | Georgiana EP
Nebula | Atomic Ritual Reissue
Night Cobra | Dawn of the Serpent
Night Palace | Diving Rings
Night Shop | Forever Night
Non Serviam / Gallkrist | Split EP
Ombiigizi | Sewn Back Together
Alan Parsons | One Note Symphony: Life In Tel Aviv
Quickstrike | None Of A Kind
Suso Sáiz x Menhir | Just Before Silence
Scorpions | Rock Believer
Sea Power | Everything Was Forever
Shamir | Heterosexuality
Shape of Despair | Return To The Void
Slash Ft. Myles Kenney & The Conspirators | 4
Sleepwulf | Sleepwulf Reissue
SonofSeth | De Dor a Odio
Spoon | Lucifer On The Sofa
Stalker | Stalker
Tomato Flower | Gold Arc EP
Trentemøller | Memoria
Frank Turner | FTHC
Eddie Vedder | Earthling
Voivod | Synchro Anarchy
We Are In Transit | The End Of Noise
Weatherstate | Never Better
Zeal & Ardor | Zeal & Ardor
Emilie Zoé | Hello Future Me

February 18

Arð | Take up my Bones Deluxe Edition
Ben Auld | Lemongrass
A Will Away | Stew
Beach House | Once Twice Melody
Gregor Bennett | Don’t Go Throwing Roses In My Grave
Liam Benzvi | Acts of Service
Black Map | Melodoria
Black Rainbows | Live at Desertfest Belgium
Bloodywood | Rakshak
Brick By Brick | Dismal Existence
Broods | Space Island
Bunuel | Killers Like Us
Calibro 35 | Blanca (Colonna Sonora Originale)
Consvmer | Obsession
Dagoba | By Night
Etran De L’AÏr | Agadez
Dreamtigers | Ellapsis
Endtime | Impending Doom
Etran de L’Aïr | Agadez
Ex Norwegian | Spook Du Jour
First Draft | Declines Are Long Gone EP
Fostermother | The Ocean
Foxy Shazam | The Heart Behead You
The Howard Hughes Suite | High & Lonesome
Hurray for the Riff Raff | Life on Earth
The Infamous Stringdusters | Toward The Fray
JSPR | Severe Circuit EP
Mickey Leigh’s Mutated Music | Variants Of Vibe
Lifted | 3
Los Campesinos! | Hello Sadness
Los Campesinos! | Romance Is Boring
Maita | I Just Want To Be Wild For You
Manic Sinners | King Of The Badlands
Del McCoury Band | Almost Proud
Metronomy | Small World
Nightrage | Abyss Rising
Onemillionsteps | White Is All Colors
Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra | The Unfolding
The Pine Hearts | Lost Love Songs
Rot TV | Tales of Torment
Sally Shapiro | Sad Cities
Alison Shearer | View From Above
Shout Out Louds | House
Tame Impala | The Slow Rush Deluxe Edition
Tennyson | Rot
The Thing With Feathers | Sundays In The South
Katie Tupper | Towards The End EP
Various Artists | Trip Recordings: All His Decisions
Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. | Live In Colorado
White Lies | As I Try Not To Fall Apart
Youth Sector | Adult Contemporary

February 25

Adult. | Becoming Undone
Allegaeon | Damnum
Aspidistrafly | Altar Of Dreams
Bitter Branches | Your Neighbors Are Failures
Basia Bulat | The Garden
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard | Backhand Deals
Caravan | Siciliano EP
Caroline | Caroline
Dashboard Confessional | All the Truth That I Can Tell
Deserta | Every Moment, Everything You Need
Early Eyes | Look Alive!
Eight Bells | Legacy of Ruin
Fatherson | Normal Fears
Keely Forsyth | Limbs
Gang of Youths | Angel in Realtime
Alyssa Gengos | Mechanical Sweetness
Gloson | The Rift
Godless Truth | Godless Truth
HammerFall | Hammer Of Dawn
Beth Hart | A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Park Jiha | The Gleam
King Hannah | I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me
Kryptograf | The Eldorado Spell
Ren Lawton | Today Today Tomorrow
Lee Martin | Gypsy Soul
Matchess | Sonescent
Eamon McGrath | Bells Of Hope
The Moldy Peaches | Origin Story: 1994-1999
Mom Jeans | Sweet Tooth
Mountaineer | Giving Up The Ghost
Huerco S. | Plonk IV
Sasami | Squeeze
Scorpions | Rock Believer
Shape Of Despair | Return To The Void
Sturgill Simpson | The Ballad Of Dood & Juanita Vinyl
Soft Cell | *Happiness Not Included
Spiritualized | Everything Was Beautiful
Sprlua | Magnum Dopus
Suff Daddy | Basically Sober
Tears For Fears | The Tipping Point
Thunderor | Fire It Up
VHS Collection | Night Drive
Wolfrik | Clones

March 4

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul | Topical Dancer
Ceramic Animal | Sweet Unknown
Christopher Coleman & The Great Escape | The Great Tasmanian Escape
The Dead South | Listening for Jerks, Parts I & II
Deserted Fear | Doomsday
Fieh | In The Sun In The Rain
Miles Francis | Good Man
Nick Griffith | Something I Once Heard
Scott Hardware | Ballad of a Tryhard
Hellfrost & Fire | Fire, Frost And Hell
Kaina | It Was A Home
Koji Radical | Reason To Smile
Kristine Leschper | The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door
Marillion | An Hour Before It’s Dark
Shane Parish | Liverpool
Peach Pit | From 2 To 3
Chayse Porter | Chay’s Palace
Sabaton | The War To End All Wars
Cécile McLorin Salvant | Ghost Song
Sneers. | Tales For Violent Days
Stereophonics | Oochya!
System Exclusive | System Exclusive
Alex Watts | After This I’m Going Normal
Witchpit | The Weight Of Death
Wounded Touch | Americanxiety
Nilüfer Yanya | Painless

March 11

Bryan Adams | So Happy It Hurts
Kee Avil | Crease
Bodega | Broken Equipment
Chronomancy | Shadows In Atlantis
Drug Church | Hygiene
Franz Ferdinand | Hits To The Head
Loop | Sonancy
Dolly Parton | Run, Rose, Run
Pinhead Gunpowder | Compulsive Disclosure Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | West Side Highway Single Vinyl Reissue
Tuomas Rounarkari | Bear Awakener
Shadow Universe | Subtle Realms, Subtle Worlds
Shaman’s Harvest | Rebelator
Sparkling | This Is My Life / Das Ist Mein Leben / C’est Ma Vie EP
The Sully Band | Let’s Straighten It Out!
Tanya Tagaq | Tongues
Threads Of Fate | The Cold Embrace Of The Light
Yung Guv | Guv III

March 18

Billow Observatory | Stareside
Dark Funeral | We Are The Apocalypse
Deep Heads | Synkro Attack’& Jah Love [Dubbed Out]
Dirty Sound Magnet | DSM-III
Feeder | Torpedo
Friends Of Hell | Friends Of Hell
Wesley Gonzalez | Wax Limousine
Hot Water Music | Feel The Void
Lisa LeBlanc | Chiac Disco
Fortunato Durutti Marinetti | Memory’s Fool
Mattiel | Georgia Gothic
Midlake | For The Sale Of Bethel Woods
The Minders | Psychedelic Blacktop
Pictish Trail | Island Family
Punko | Plants Singing
Rotten Mind | Unflavored
Shaylee | Short​-​Sighted Security
United Disco Organisation | Send The Rain / Funky Thing Single
Steve Vai | Inviolate Vinyl
Charli XCX | Crash

March 25

Bryan Adams | So Happy It Hurts
Animals As Leaders | Parrhesia
Bellows | Next of Kin
Uma Bloo | Don’t Drive Into The Smoke
Basia Bulat | The Garden Vinyl
Capricorn | For The Restless
Karen Dalton | In My Own Time 50th Anniversary Edition
Phife Dawg | Forever
Doc Rotten | Unite Resist
Fucked Up | Do All Words Can Do
Goldie | Subjective
Chris Haddox | Chris Haddox
Ignite | Ignite
Kvaen | The Great Below
Lucky Lo | Supercarry
The Moneygoround | Cruisin’ and Swingin’ with The Moneygoround
Placebo | Never Let Me Go
Various Artists | Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West

April 1

Confidence Man | Tilt
Ori Dagan | Click Right Here
Dat Garcia | Las Fuerzas Almadas
Gggolddd | This Shame Should Not Be Mine
Violent Blend | Demons

April 8

Archive | Call To Arms & Angels
Cade | Watching You Cry EP
Coil | Musick T Play In The Dark Vol. 2 Reissue
Dengue Fever | Dengue Fever Vinyl Reissue
Dengue Fever | Escape From Dragon Vinyl Reissue
Dengue Fever | Venus On Earth Vinyl Reissue
Let’s Eat Grandma | Two Ribbons
Mars | Rehearsal Tapes and Alt​​-​​Takes NYC 1976​​-​​1978 (IMP054)
Son of Dave | Call Me King
Mo Troper | Dilettante Coloured Vinyl
Wet Leg | Wet Leg
Jack White | Fear Of The Dawn

April 15

Greyhaven | This Bright And Beautiful World
Reef | Shoot Me Your Ace

April 22

Bob Vylan | Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life
The Infernal Sea | The Great Mortality Limited Edition Picture Disc LP

April 29

Bloc Party | Alpha Games
The Mellons | Introducing… The Mellons
Ted Nugent | Detroit Muscle
Charlie Reed | Eddy
Rebecca Vasmant | Dance Yourself Free EP

May 6

Century Egg | Little Piece Of Hair
The Feeling | Loss. Hope. Love.
Jim Lindberg. Songs From The Elkhorn Trail
Regina Spektor | 11:11 20th Anniversary Box Set
Three Days Grace | Explosions
Warpaint | TBA

May 13

Clayhands | Is This Yes?
Craig David | 22

May 20

The Wave Pictures | When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings

May 27

Liam Gallagher | C’mon You Know
Gramma Vedetta | The Hum of The Machine
You Me At Six | Sinners Never Sleep 10th Anniversary Edition

June 3

Ben Zaidi | Acre Of Salt

June 24

Porcupine Tree | Closure/Continuation

July 22

Jack White | Entering Heaven Alive


December 3

ABBA | Little Things Single
Acidgvrl | Intoxication
Acid Tongue | Arboretum
Carleigh Aikins | Junk Jewelry
Airbag | A Day In The Studio/Unplugged
All Bite | Get Well Soon EP
Ambient Warrior | Dub Journey’s
DJ Amir, Re.decay, DJ Dez Andrez, Amp Fiddler | Street Rap / Salsa EP
Greg Amirault | News Blues
Emilia Anastazja | Flower House EP
Ancient Settlers | Into The Depths / Ride
Sam Anning | Oaatchapai
Anything Bagel | Overwhelmed
Ichiko Aoba | Windswept Adan
Aquilus | Bellum I
Arca | KicK ii
Arca | KicK iii
Arca | KicK iiii
Arrested Development | For The FKN Love
Ataque Zero | Ataque Zero
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Aunt Sally | Aunt Sally
Baby Birds | From Homage to Slaughter
Aisha Badru | The Way Back Home EP
Bashford | Greener Grasses
Joshua Bassett | Crisis / Secret / Set Me Free
Hadi Bastani | Cold Hour
Mario Batkovic | Introspectio
BBJR + SLW | Discount Sacrifice At The Altar Of Bargains
Mario Batkovic | Introspectio
Beans On Toast | Survival Of The Friendliest
Beauty Pill | Instant Night EP
Berner | Gotti
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Bixiga 70 | Bixiga 70 Reissue
Mischa Blanos | Steppe
Mike Block | Planispheres
Blue Rodeo | Many A Mile
Jason Boland & The Stragglers | The Light Saw Me
Cayn Borthwick | Big City Remixes EP
Boss | Cash ‘Em In
The Browning | End Of Existence
El Búho | Cenotes Deluxe Edition
Bo Burnham | Inside (The Songs) Vinyl
Can | Live In Brighton 1975
Doug Carn | Adam’s Apple Reissue
Laura-Mary Carter | Town Called Nothing
Caso | Blu /Aranciata Amara
Eva Cassidy | Live At Blues Alley 25th Anniversary Edition
Chaos Emeralds | Crawling From The Wreckage
Chastity Belt | Fake
Solomon Childs | Red Heroin: RedMix
Jordan Christoff | All Black & Echo
Quinn Christopherson | I Am Bubblegum EP
Chrome Sparks & Reo Cragun | Void EP
Cignature | Dear Diary Moment
Civic | Future Forecast
Closet Disco Queen | Stadium Rock for Punk Bums EP
Bruce Cockburn | Greatest Hits (1970-2020)
Cold Collective | Weathervane
The Communards | Communards 35th Anniversary Edition
Compact Beach | Nowhere Feels Like Home
Jesse Cook | Libre
Corroded Spiral | Ancient Nocturnal Summoning
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mary Halvorson | Searching For The Disappeared Hour
Dylan Cox | A Place To Meet
The Coyote | Bad Killer EP
Sheryl Crow | Live At the Capitol Theatre: 2017 Be Myself Tour
Crown Lands | Odyssey Volume 1
Cutterred Flesh | Sharing Is Caring
Czarina | Medusa Single
Kelly Dance | The Yips
Darkestrah | Chong Aryk
Ram Dass | And Now He Has Wings
Dead Katz | Lost Amongst The Noise Of The Earth
Dead Space Chamber Music | The Black Hours
Dead War | Grandfather Of War EP
Deep Throat Choir | In Order To Know You
Delawness | London Emerald
Demonstealer | The Holocene Termination
Depeche Mode | 101 Deluxe Edition
D£uc£ | Eurostar EP
The Diasonics | Gurami / Gradients
Dillom | Post Mortem
Doodswens | Lichtvrees
The Doors | L.A. Woman 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Nick Dorian | Rooster EP
Dormant Ordeal | The Grand Scheme Of Things
DRE Colombian Raw | Parte II
Cian Ducrot | Make Believe EP
Baxter Dury | Mr Maserati 2001 to 2021
Delroy Edwards | Change the World
Eera | Speak
Kings Elliot | Chaos In My Court EP
Elujay | CRKMVNT
The New Emphatic | Radiance of the Stars
Enst | Vier Gesichter EP
Epica | Omega Alive
Erdling | Helheim
Sertab Erener | Who’s Gonna End
Enrte | Geist Und Hexeri
Ethanol | Mirror Stage
Everglow | Return Of The Girl
Eyes Set to Kill | Damna EP
Failure | Wild Type Droid
Brent Faiyaz | Wasteland
Fear Of Falling | Turning Point
Feiertag | Living In Slow
Feral Vices | With Offerings EP
FFT | Disturb Roqe EP
Firehouse | The Story of Italian A.O.R. Band 1987/1994
Abraham Fogg | Blåkulla
The Forgotten | Chapter 1: The Forgotten
Robin Fox | Threnody To Now
Nils Frahm | Old Friends New Friends
Anders Fridén| Offair: Lullabies for the Damned
Fruit Juice | Mirke vs. The Dreamy LLC
Full Bush | Movie Night
Funkky ft. Mavhungu | Mitodzi (Includes Jimpster Remix) EP
Kenny G | New Standards
Polo G | Hall of Fame 2.0
Andrew Gabbard | Homemade
Gabriels | Bloodline EP
Jerry Garcia Band | Jerry Garcia Band Vinyl Reissue
Gas | Der Lange Marsch
Marvin Gaye | What’s Going On 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Geese | Projector Vinyl
G’emma | Types of Water EP
Genocide Pact | Genocide Pact
Godford | I You She
Gomorran | Excerpts From The Dark Age
Paul Grant | Reflections
Green Carnation | The Acoustic Verses 15th Anniversary Edition
Matthew Halsall | Salute to the Sun – Live at Hallé St. Peter’s
Hamburg Spinners | Der Magische Kraken
Han | Reflections & Reputations
Hanson | Against the World
DJ Harrison | Tales from the Old Dominion
Atsuko Hatano & Midori Hirano | Water Ladder
Eddie Hazel | Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs Reissue
Heiress | Distant Fires
Natalie Hemby | Pins and Needles Vinyl
Heratius | Gwendolyne / Les Boniments
Hesitation | The Last Christmas
The Hollywood Stars | Live On The Sunset Strip
Horizon | Magic Music: The Story Of Horizon – San Antonio, TX 1977-84
Horns | Horns
Husqwarnah | Front Toward Enemy
Hypno5e | A Distant Dark Source Experience
In A Daydream | This Side Of Purgatory
Interplanetary Criminal | Ruff EP
Iscuron | The Pursuit Of Unhappiness
Issun1 | Jingle Bell Rock: The Album
Milton Jackson | House Arrest EP
Jerman / Barnes | Hiss Lift
JLS | 2.0
C Joynes | Poor Boy On The Wire
Junkbreed | Music For Cool Kids
Kai | Peaches
Kavrila | Mor
Andrea Keller / Wave Riders | Systems Over​-​Ride
Keno | Out Past The Current
Jacqueline Kerrod | 17 Days in December
Eli Keszler | The Scary of Sixty​-​First Soundtrack
Ketsumeishi ケツメイシ | Ketsunopolis12
Calvin Keys | Proceed with Caution Reissue
Khalid | Scenic Drive
Josh Kimbrough | Slither, Soar & Disappear
King Buffalo | Acheron
Kirinji | Crepuscular
Kissbaba & Txy808 | Pachanga
Kottonmouth Kings | Cloud Nine Reissue
Kramer | And The Wind Blew It All Away
Kurious & Ro Data | Koncrete Jungle
Don Laka | Why Can’t We Live Together EP
Tory Lanez | Alone At Prom
Late Night Thoughts | Bridges & Tunnels
Kenny Lattimore | Here To Stay
La Zarra | Traîtrise
Joëlle Léandre | At Souillac en Jazz
Lecrae & 1K Phew | No Church In A While
Leisure | Sunsetter
Leiva | Cuando Te Muerdes el Labio
Pepper Lewis | She Told Me To Sing My Heart Out EP
Like Pacific | Control My Sanity
Lil Z | A Lil Z Christmas
Julian Littman | Goblin Market Music
LKN | Naiv
Dusty Locane | Untamed
Lock Up | The Dregs Of Hades
Trini Lopez | The Rare Reprise Singles
Lord Alfred | The Lord Cometh The ‘Horde Goeth
The Lottery Winners | Something To Leave The House For
Love Object | New Flesh
LP | Churches
Lucero | Live From Red Rocks
Nick Luciano | Used 2
Luttrell | Music For My Memories
MadeinTYO & UnoTheActivist | Yokohama
Magon | In The Blue
Malacoda | The Year Walk EP
Man-Eaters | Twelve More Observations on Healthy Living
Manimal | Armageddon
Juçara Marçal | Delta Estácio Blues
Tony Martin | Thorns
Massage | Lane Lines EP
Mary Mazzacane | The Art of Mary Mazzacane
James McVinnie | Counterpoint
Megadeth | One Night In Buenos Aires
Sam Mehran | Cold Brew
MGK666 | Induatria M6
Mildlife | Live from South Channel Island
Milan Ring | I’m Feeling Hopeful
Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio ft. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein | Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You
Misia | Hello Love
Mr. Bird | Martian Arts
Modern Nature | Island Of Noise Vinyl
Modder | Modder
Estrella Morente | Leo
Mol$ | Plastic
Moonspell | Darkness And Hope
Tom Morello | The Atlas Underground Flood
Morgen | Unaccompanied Minor EP
Morgenstern | Faust’s Choice, Pt​. ​I
The Mother Hips | Glowing Lantern
Motohiro Nakashima | Gathering The Light
My Morning Jacket | Live 2015
Mythrodak | Imperfect Muse
Nekromant | Temple Of Haal
New Found Glory | December’s Here
The Nightingales | King Rocker Soundtrack
Night Shop | Forever Night
Ninho | Jefe
Nisa | Time To Plant Tears EP
NLE Choppa | Me vs. Me EP
No Bragging Rights | No Bragging Rights EP
Noir Disco | NOW! 2073
No Rome | It’s All Smiles
Pavel K. Novalis | K Wave
Ofermod | Mysterium Iniquitatis
Of Mice & Men | Echo
1K Phew & Lecrae | No Church In A While
ONF | Goosebumps
William Orbit | Starbeam EP
Overkill | The Atlantic Yeaers 1986-1994
Marissa Paternoster | Peace Meter
Pearly Gate Music | Mainly Gestalt Pornography
Kim Petras | Coconuts
Pick A Piper | Sea Steps EP
Plastic Woods | Dragonfruit
Pleasance House | Digging Strawberry Ditches
Princess Diana Of Wales | Princess Diana Of Wales
Professor Tip Top | Lanes of Time
Psy:Code | Psy:Code
Push Baby | Lose It! Lose It!
Qlowski | A Woman And Beyond
Raccoon Tour | The Dentonweaver
Rage Of Light | Redemption
Raibard | Dark Realm of the Daylight
Josh Ramsay | Lady Mine
Rebreather | The Line, Its Width, and the War Drone
Redemptor | Agonia
Reiko And Tori Kudo | Tangerine
Rejekts | Adamo
Remain Sedate | Unwell
Lou Ridley | Angel/Outlaw EP
Rid Of Me | Traveling
The Ritualists | Baroque & Bleeding
Rival Consoles | Overflow
Rostam | Changephobia Pt. II EP
RT Projects / Shunyata Improvisation Group / Posset | Pivot Moments 2
Darren Ryan | Lexical Variation
Sahala | Nectar EP
Salt House | Working for Zeus EP
Samia | Before The Baby
Sanctuary | Sanctuary Vol. 1 EP & Vol. 2 EP
The Scaramanga Six | Worthless Music
Sell Yourself Short | The Lowest Standard EP
Senior Citizen X Tim Walker | What Was That
Bola Sete | Samba in Seattle: Live at the Penthouse, 1966-1968
The Shape | In The Age of Doom and Fear
Blake Shelton | Body Language Deluxe
Mike Shinoda | Ziggurats
Nina Simone | Nina Simone and Her Friends Reissue
Sinnway | Perelline
Skat Injector | Bled Under A Burning Sky
Skid Row | The Atlantic Years 1989-1996
Sky H1 | Azure
Slack Key Ohana | Slack Key Ohana
Slow Meadow | Upstream Dream
Jaah SLT | One Year Later
Sly & The Family Stone | There’s a Riot Goin’ On Vinyl Reissue
Dr. Lonnie Smith | Breath Vinyl
So Hideous | None But a Pure Heart Can Sing
Georg Solti | Solti In London: The Orchestral Recordings
Sons Of The Sun | Sons Of The Sun
Soul Mass Transit System | All I Need EP
The Spacelords | Unknown Species
Spare Snare | Live at the Third Man Records Booth
Static Dress | Prologue…
Mike Storm | The Symposium
Stray Kids | Christmas EveL
Stuck | Remixes That Make You Feel Good
Styles P & Havoc | Wreckage Manner
Sugarplum Fairies | Altar Songs 1998-2021
Suma | Ashes Reissue
Suma | The Order Of Things Reissue
The Sun and the Mirror and Pseudodoxia | The Eerie and Radiant Doorless Rooms Of Pain
The Swaggerlies | The Last of The One and Onlys
Taos | Reflection
The Teskey Brothers & Orchestra Victoria | Live At Hamer Hall
Texas King | Changes EP
Theoreme | Les Artisans
Third Son | Your Face As Art EP
B.J. Thomas | In Remembrance: Love Songs & Lost Treasures
Tired Cossack | Hocus Pocus
Tokyo Cigar | The Megaman Theory 5: From the Stoop to the Stupa
Tomorrow x Together | Chaotic Wonderland EP
Touch & Moves | 1984
Touched by Ghoul | Cancel The World
Joey Trap | Dr. Trap
Penelope Trappes | Mother’s Blood Edition
Travis | The Invisible Band 20th Anniversary
Treetop Flyers | Old Habits
Tali Trow & Nigel Thomas | Minced Pie
Turntables on the Hudson | Lost & Found in the Frying Pan
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show | Going Nowhere Fast
Jasper Tygner & Joe Hertz | Theory I EP
U.K. Subs | A Punk Rock Anthology 1978-2017
Unanimated | Victory In Blood
Uncle Skeleton | Golden Hour
Under The Church | Total Burial
United Disco Organisation | Send The Rain / Funky Thing
Vacuum | Vacuum
Various Artists | Back From the Canigó Vol. 2: Country Punks & City Rockers Perpignan 1999​-​2010
Various Artists | Back In Black Redux
Various Artists | Best of AC/DC Redux
Various Artists | Chamberlain’s Fate’s Got A Driver: Re-Ignition
Various Artists | Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity
Various Artists | Essiebons Special 1973-1984
Various Artists | FPE Records: FPEXL
Various Artists | Jagjagwuar: Sentimental Noise 1996-2021
Various Artists | JID010: Jazz Is Dead Remixes
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 1
Various Artists | Heavenly Remixes 2
Various Artists | The Matrix Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Philadelphia International Records: Dimitri from Paris Remixes
Various Artists | Philadelphia International Records: John Morales M+M Remixes
Various Artists | Tru Thoughts 2021
Various Artists | Vanilla Sky Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Aaron Ray Vaughan | Sparks
Kiim Venus | Fantasia
Víz | Veils
Volbeat | Servant of the Mind
Iñigo Vontier | Awesome Tracks That Have Been Forgotten By Some Labels
Christian Wallumrød | Speaksome
The Waterboys | The Magnificent Seven
The Waterboys | Room To Roam Reissue
Wajatta | Do You Even Care Anymore?
Doc Watson | Life’s Work: A Retrospective
Weedpecker | IV: The Stream Of Forgotten Thoughts
Weezle | No. 2
Weiland | Blaming Myself
Paul Weller | An Orchestrated Songbook
Kanye West | Believe What I Say
Kanye West | Off The Grid
Leslie West | Silent Night Single
Wild Wes | Space Station Discoveries: Before The Eclipse
Jamire Williams | But Only After You Have Suffered
Kathryn Williams & Carol Ann Duffy | Midnight Chorus
Mars Williams | Presents An Ayler Xmas Vol. 5
Rozz Williams | In His Own Words: Christian Death & Beyond
Mary Wilson | The Motown Anthology
Winter Grain | Hollywood & Hard
Wolftooth | Blood & Iron
Woolfy | Shooting Stars EP
The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die | Illusory Walls Vinyl
Wreckage Manner | Wreckage Manner
Wreck-Defy | The World Enslaved
WurtS | Once Upon A Revival
Anna Wydra | The Absurdity Of Being
Xqui | Twenties
Xqui | Twenties (Remixed)
Ye Banished Privateers | A Pirate Stole My Christmas
Young Empress | Lost Time
You Said Strange | Thousand Shadows Vol​.​1
Your Old Droog | Meteor Man
Youth Lagoon | The Year Of Hibernation 10th Anniversary Edition
Takeuchi Yuito | XX
Yung Beef | Gangster Original