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What’s new, you ask? Plenty. Below, you’ll find the release dates for every upcoming album, EP, single, box set, compilation, anthology, retrospective, soundtrack, cassette and vinyl reissue I can find. If you know something I don’t, please clue me in with an email. Naturally, I encourage you to bookmark this page, check it daily and spread the word. But bear in mind that things change fast in the music biz — especially these days — and nothing below is carved in stone. So don’t blame me if that album you’ve been anticipating for weeks suddenly drops off the radar without warning. It ain’t my fault; I just work here. And speaking of work, this page was last updated on November 26.



December 2

Billy2chips | Fluffy Pinks
Buck Curran | Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (Improvisations 2017-2022)

December 9

À l’Ombre d’Hemera | Saison de Deceptions
Double Touch and Reigan | Storm EP
404 Guild | False Dawn
Joeski | Jah Unite

December 16

The Doppelgangaz | Black Cloak Lifestyle

January 20

Brain Cave / Knub | Split
Rigolò | Aliante
Slegest | Avstand

January 27

Nathan Hanson & Chris Bates | Weights and Measures
Soen | Cognitive Reissue
Soen | Tellurian Reissue

February 3

Lansdowne | Medicine
Syml | The Day My Father Died

February 17

Bono / Burattini | Suono In Un Tempo Trasfigurato

February 24

Kele | The Flames Pt. 2

March 17

Hanoi Rocks | Oriental Beat: 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix


December 2

Jessica Ackerley | Wave: Volume I
Adeem The Artist White Trash Revelry
Pablo Alborán | La Cu4rta Hoja
Harley Alexander | Universal Love 2
Amberian Dawn | Take A Chance: A Metal Tribute To ABBA
Årabrot | Heart EP
Arcangel | Sr. Santos
Ben Arsenault | Ben Arsenault
Asian Glow & Sonhos Tomam Conta | Dreamglow
Asllan | Citizen of the World
The Asthmatic | Viscus
Avions | Avions
Babyface Ray | Mob
Baltra | Brush Strokes
Bananafish | Snowblind
Sara Bareilles & Various Artists | Into the Woods Broadway Cast Recording
Maher Shalal Hash Baz | Blues du Jour Reissue
BCUC | Elektronikalizer 10″Dubplate
The Beach Boys | Sail On Sailor 1972
Brendan Benson | Low Key
Bereza | Tarlabashi Tek w/ Credit 00 Remix
Laila Biali | My Favorite Things Single
Big D & The Kids Table | Strictly Rude 15th Anniversary Edition
Billy2chips | Fluffy Pinks
The Bird Calls | My Life In Hollywood
Martin Bisi | Feral Myths
Black Oak Arkansas | X Rated Reissue
Black Ox Orkestar | Everything Returns
Blackwinterwells | Protector
Kadhja Bonet | California Holiday EP
Brakence | Hypochondriac
The Brood | Puttin’ On A Show
Dan Brooklyn | The Great Beast
Buddie | Transplant
Lean Callahan | Cut-Ups
Junior Cally | Deviazioni
Pedro Capó | La Neta
Frank Carlberg Trio | Reflections 1952
Neal Casal | Rain, Wind and Speed Vinyl Reissue
Cesare vs Disorder | First Rinse EP
David Cieri | Omniotik Book 2
Cloud Management | Cloud Management
Coileight | Claimant 74
Coileight | Grease Weekly
Coileight | 2nd Cell
Collage | Over and Out
Corvair | I Believe in Christmas Single
Rodolphe Coster & Band | High With the People
Cotärd | 4 Track E​P
Carl Cox | Electronic Generations
Creed | My Own Prison Vinyl Reissue
Cryostasium | Dragon’s Keep
Cryostasium | Dragon’s Keep
Buck Curran | Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity (Improvisations 2017-2022)
Christoph Dahlberg | Blackforms
Dam Swindle | Keep On Swindling Pt. 3
Dangereens | Tough Luck
Demigod | Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Desperate Journalist | Live at JT
Deströyer 666 | Never Surrender
Dexter | Hi​-​Hat Club Vol. 3: The Jazz Files Reissue
DMVU | Little Castles, Swim To Me
Domabooy | No(Cap) Love
Donzii | Fishbowl
Dope | Live & Rare
Dormente | Abismo Informação
Døssi | Love, Let Go and Love Again
DoYouThinkSo | Fruit Fruit Punch Punch
Scott DuBois | Summer Water
R.Dyer | Little Victories
Earstone / Marcus H | Gumm
East00155 | Critical Schema EP
Ekkah | All Night (Loverground Remix) EP
Shira Elias | Services The EP
Aviva Endean | Moths & Stars
Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan & Sasha Estefan-Coppola | Estefan Family Christmas
Evil Creek | Away From The Sun EP
Exist In Ruin | Exist In Ruin
Faster Pussycat | Like A Ghost / Pirate Love
Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat | El Maldecido
Terence Fixmer | Shifting Signals
Lamin Fofana | Unsettling Scores
David Foster & Katharine McPhee | Christmas Songs
Friendship Commanders | Release The Rest
Froggy & Lil Baby | It’s Only Me Deluxe
Frøkedal / Sâver | Split EP
Gallery B | So AM
Jerry Garcia | Garcia 50th Anniversary Edition
Laszlo Gardony | Close Connection
Gawne | Seven
Getšemane | Viimaa
The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker | The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker EP
Gnov | Legyünk Kicsit Bátrabbak
Gogol Bordello | Super Taranta! Vinyl Reissue
Groovy D | Red Alert EP
The Vince Guaraldi Trio | A Charlie Brown Christmas Super Deluxe Edition
Hildur Guðnadóttir | Women Talking
Half•Alive | Conditions Of A Punk
Matthew Halsall | Changing Earth EP
Hammers Of Misfortune | Overtaker
Handapple | Untangled
The Hard-Ons | Yummy Reissue
Hans Hass | Welche Farbe hat der Wind: The Reworks
Rose Haze | Contemplations in the Desert
Heavy Cloud | How to Find My Way Home
Heron | Empires of Ash
Ari Hicks | It’s Not That Deep: Chapter 2
Micah P. Hinson | I Lie to You
Hoofmark | Blood Red Lullabies
Hot Hot Heat | Make Up The Breakdown Deluxe Edition
Humble Pie | The A&M Box Set 1970-1975
Shirley Hurt | Shirley Hurt
Intolerant | Zero Point
Isafjørd | Hjartastjaki
Isolated Earthlings | Isolated Earthlings
Itzy | Cheshire
Sophie Jamieson | Choosing
Jarv | The Amalgam
JLZ | Área 4
John Jody | Lucky Lee
Jo-Jo & The Teeth | No More Good News
Jameson Nathan Jones | Somewhat the Same
Simon Juliff | Stars
King Canyon | Gravity / Woman
Kolya | Angzarr
Konkurs | Mind Stimulant
RJ LeBlanc | Heyday
Lebrique | Head Trap
Blair Lee | The Puppy Game EP
Leftfield | This Is What We Do
Maja Lena | Pluto
Letters Sent Home | Fire In Me
Lewca | Friday Night Rockstar
L.F.T. | Salz Reissue
Lightships | Electric Cables Reissue
Lil Busso & Tredici Pietro | Lovesick
Lisieux | Abide!
The Little Unsaid | Fable
Ljasp | Rooftops Tour 2022
Local H | Here Comes the Zoo 20th Anniversary Edition
LOSD | Chains
Loud Hound | It’s Ok To Be Lonely Part #1
Hora Lunga | Wirren
Galcher Lustwerk | 100% Galcher
Magon | Enter By The Narrow Gate
The Martial Arts | Christmas With The Martial Arts
Georgia Maq | Live at Sydney Opera House EP
Massa Nera | Derramar | Querer | Borrar
Paul McCartney | The 7″ Singles Box Set
McKenzie & Gardiner | Timestamp: The Collection
Eliza McLamb | Salt Circle EP
Metro Boomin | Heroes & Villains
Metronomy | Small World Deluxe Edition
mHz | Same Room, Another Day
Mick’s Jaguar | Salvation
Nicki Minaj | Queen Radio: Volume 1
Modern Studies | Cassandra
Moncho y Su Banda | Que Bellas Son
Moonshine Collective | SMS For Location Vol. 5
Anthony Moore | CSound & Saz
Micky More & Andy Tee | In Our Groove
Mthunzi Mvubu | The 1st Gospel
Munchi | The Mambo Detanao EP
Olly Murs | Marry Me
Angel Mutesasira Chapter One | EP
Mynolia | All Things Heavy
My Octopus Mind | Here My Rawr Single
Nazz | Lost Masters & Demos
Necrodeath | Singin’ in the Pain
NOFX | Double Album
Nyx Nótt | Themes From
Obvurt | Triumph Beyond Adversity
Ol’ RattleBones | Rise Chapter1
Opus Arise | The Network
Other Half | Soft Action
Outer Limit Lotus | Dazzling Darkness
Ovens | Ovens
The Pastels | The Last Great Wilderness
Permanent Vacation | Shelf Life
Oscar Peterson | Night Train Vinyl Reissue
Phlebotomized | Devoted to God
Pinguini Tattici Nucleari | Fake News
Piglet | Seven Songs EP
Piqsiq | Ave Maria
The Plague | Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E (2.0)
pMad | Who Why Where What
P1Harmony | Harmony: Set In
Elvis Presley | Elvis On Tour Box Set
Prime Time Band | TSTD Reworks 01: Fall In Love In Outer Space
Rabbit | Halo Of Flies EP
Raise A Suilen | The Way Of Life
RichyRanger | 12.2.22 EP
Ready For Death | Ready For Death
Red | Until We Have Faces: Live & Unplugged
Red Velvet | The ReVe Festival 2022: Birthday
Rini | UltraViolet EP
RM | Indigo
Steve Rosenbaum | Have A Cool Summer! Summer​-​Pop Demos And 4​-​Track Gems 1979​-​1989
Sampha the Great | As Above, So Below Vinyl
Sarchasm | Conditional Love
Sash | Biggersweet EP
Brinsley Schwarz | This Christmas (Magic In The Air)
The Sea Ensemble | Memoirs of a Dream
Sekai Symphony Special | Sekai Symphony Special
Sewerquinn | 5mg Heartache
Sewerquinn | Sugar-Free ++Edition
Kenny Wayne Shepherd | Trouble Is​.​.​. 25
Shovel Dance Collective | The Water is the Shovel of the Shore
Shredd | The Place Unknown
Sick Luke | X2 Deluxe Edition
Troye Sivan | You Know What I Need
Slithyst | One Bone Broken For Every Twig Snapped Underfoot EP
Cory Smythe | Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Snotty Nose Rez Kids | I’m Good, HBU?
Nicky Soft Touch | Lonely City Cuts LP
SoiSong | qXn948s EP
SoldierBoy | Nosztalgia
Esperanza Spalding | Radio Music Society 10th Anniversary Edition
Strict Face | Focus, Explode
Subfusion | Second Phaze EP
Suss | Suss
Swansea Sound | Music Lover EP
Swept To Sea | Tides EP
M. Takara & Carla Boregas | Grande Massa D’Agua
Tapefeed | Anterograde
Imha Tarikat | Hearts Unchained: At War With A Passionless World
Tarja | Best of Tarja: Living the Dream
Tarkan | Son Durak
Telefís | Stock Photo Guy EP
Tennis Pagan | Half Normalled
The Three Sum | Kingdom Fall EP
Tiggs Da Author | Morefire 2
Tobacco | Skids and Angels
Topdown Dialectic | S​/​T 2013
Rico Toto | Fwa Épi Saj​è​s
Jennifer Touch | Midnight Proposals
Chris Travis | The 1 & Only
Tru Thoughts | Tru Thoughts 2022
Uhl | Channels
U.R.Trax | Third Ear
Various Artists | A Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto: To The Moon And Back
Various Artists | Big Stir Records: Twenty​-​Two Tracks From 2022
Various Artists | Escape From S​ã​o Paulo Vol. III
Various Artists | Imaginary Landscapes
Various Artists | I Surrender Sleighs
Various Artists | Liquefied Sky
Various Artists | NOW Yearbook ’80-’84: The Final Chapter
Various Artists | Rusted Drones Vol. 2
Various Artists | Shouts 2022
Various Artists | Third Man Records: Southeast Of Saturn Vol. 2
Various Artists | Too Slow To Disco Reworks 01
Veilburner | Veilburner
Victor Shores | Victor Shores
Virgin Prunes | …If I Die, I Die 40th Anniversary Edition
Vis Mystica | Celestial Wisdom
Sammy Volkov | Be Alright
Curtis Vuori | Room of Worries
Wage War | The Stripped Sessions
John-Allison Weiss | The Long Way
White Lung | Premonition
Ward White | Ice Cream Chords
Wild Ones | Now You Know: Selected Songs 2010​-​2018
Gary Wilkinson | Spiritual Church
Robbie Williams | Life Thru A Lens 25th Anniversary Edition
Al Wootton | Artefacts
Work Wife | Quitting Season
Xao | Wirehead
Yes | Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-Two Reissue
Yoke | Ten Feet Tall EP
Neil Young | Harvest 50th Anniversary Edition
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Catch Bull At Four 50th Anniversary Edition
Zaeer | El Taree
Zazie | Aile-P


December 9

Alabama Shakes | Boys & Girls 10th Anniversary Edition
Jason Alacrity | The Criminal Class
À l’Ombre d’Hemera | Saison de Deceptions
Angel Attack | Divine Practicalities EP
Autumn’s Grief | Dead By The Dawn
Baker Ja Lehtisalo | Crocodile Tears
Anton Barbeau | Stranger Reissue
Lea Bertucci | Xtended Vox
Bog Shed | Bog Set
Bracco | Dromonia
Stu Brooks | 40Hz EP
Julia Bullock | Walking in the Dark
Donald Byrd | Live: Cookin’ With Blue Note At Montreux
Florence Cats | Ys
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean | I Tried Catching You But You Fell Through Me
Cheap Trick | Live at The Whisky 1977
Jimmy Cliff | The Harder Then Come 50th Anniversary Edition
Colonial Wound | Easy Laugh
Commodo | Mysterious Trax 002
Crass | Lack Of Knowledge / Grey
Crass | Sleeping Dogs / Beware
Dead Meadow | Force Form Free
Dead Or Alive | You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Single
Tommy DeCarlo | Dancing In The Moonlight
The Kelly Deco Band | Constellation
Dehiscence | Colony
Desperate Living | Shame
Discomfort Creature | Discomfort Creature
Disco Morato | Disco Traxx
Double Touch and Reigan | Storm EP
Dusty Patches | Newtok
Earth Boys | Froggy’s World EP
Bandet Ellington | Super Smash Hits
Error | Delight
Eugenia Post Meridiem | Like I Need A Tension
The Kevin Fingier Collective | Latin Dynamite Single Reissue
404 Guild | False Dawn
The Front Porch Rockers | Snowed In with the Front Porch Rockers
Garota | Czarne Wizje
Great Time | Live In Philadelphia
Laurence Guy | You Do Your Best To Hide The Good Parts of Yourself EP
Nina Hagen | Unity
Halestorm | Back From The Dead: Deluxe Edition
Harakiri For The Sky | Aokigahara MMXXII
Harakiri For The Sky | Harakiri For The Sky MMXXII
Dylan Henner | You Always Will Be
Hexenaltar | Bestial Damnation
The Holocaust aka Warcloud | Northern Right Whale
Idles | Five Years Of Brutalism
Ill Sugi | ZYPressen
Imperial Execration | Commanding Satan’s Crusades
Interplanetary Criminal | Coming On Strong EP
The Jive Turkeys | Bread & Butter
Joeski | Jah Unite
Journey | Live In Concert At Lollapalooza
Kamala | Limbo666
Kansas | Another Fork In The Road: 50 Years Of Kansas
Kitten Pyramid | Kiddo
Mei Konno | Prr Me
Kottonmouth Kings | Hidden Stash II: The Kream Of The Krop
Krijak | The Decision Tree
Shaam Larein | Sticka en Kniv i Världen
Lionheart | Welcome To The West Coast III
Meriadeg Lorho-Pasco & Timothée Le Net | Transhumance
Tor Lundvall | There Must Be Someone
Harvey Mandel | Who’s Calling
Massiande | Dancing is Life EP
Memotone | Wind In The Wall​ /​ Brick In The Wind EP
Mercury | FearMercury EP
The Midnight Kings | Last Chance to Dance
The Mortal Prophets | Me And The Devil
My Morning Jacket | Circuital Deluxe Edition
Rebecca Nash | Redefining Element 78
Newtok | Newtok
Onhou | Monument
Os | Tehom
Overtone Series | Standing Waves EP
Photay with Carlos Niño | More Offerings
Justin Courtney Pierre | Permanent Midnight
Popular Creeps | All Of This Will End In Tears
The Pull Of Autumn | Beautiful Broken World
Puscifer | Existential Reckoning: Rewired
Queens Of The Stone Age | … Like Clockwork Vinyl Reissue
Queens Of The Stone Age | Villains Vinyl Reissue
Raw Poetic | Space Beyond the Solar System
Simon Raymonde | Solo Works 96-98
Rioghan | Different Kinds Of Losses
Rokets | Break Free
Nathan Salsburg | Landwerk No. 3
Santigold | Spirituals Vinyl
Sheila | Mangantes
Six Missing | Intention II EP
Stabbing | Extirpated Mortal Process
Stalley | Somebody Up There Loves Me
Tomasz Stańko Quintet | Wooden Music I
Taken By Trees | Another Year
Tape | Rideau
The Third Sound | Fuzz Club Session
R.D. Thomas | What Circus Is This?
William Thomson | The Gift
Maria Uzor | Songs For Luminous Living EP
Various Artists | Blues Into Gold: The Songs fo Gina Favot
Various Artists | Sun Records’ 70th Anniversary Compilation Vol. 4: Curated by Jerry Phillips
Waldo’s Gift | Improvisations Vol III
Eli Wallace | Pieces & Interludes
We Were Promised Jetpacks | A Complete One​-​Eighty
Leland Whitty | Anyhow
Wind Rose | Shadows Over Lothadruin Reissue
Wind Rose | Wardens of the West Wind Reissue
Woods of Desolation | The Falling Tide

December 16

Jay Allen and the Archcriminals | Decriminalized​.​.​.
Augenwasser | The Big Swim
Bloodclot | Souls
Blurt | Pagan Strings
Andre Borgen | Forested
Marco Chirico | Linea Invisibile
Discreet | This Is Mine
The Doppelgangaz | Black Cloak Lifestyle
Flughand | Foralva
Neal Francis | Sentimental Garbage EP
Green King | Hidden Beyond Time
Hartlight | From Midland And Beyond EP
Heavy Mother | This Time Around
Hellish | The Dance of the Four Elemental Serpents
The Holophonics | Lavos
Jonathan Hultén | The Forest Sessions
If Not For Me | Eulogy Deluxe
Inny | Pippin
J. Johnson | The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 1 (1953-54) Vinyl Reissue
Kottonmouth Kings | Mile High Deluxe Edition
Kuolemanlaakso | Kuolleiden Laulu
Nico Lahs | Ancestors Call (Part 1)
Michael Leonhart & JSWISS | Solitude Single
Lewca | Friday Night Rockstar
Björn Magnusson | Nightclub Music & Ethereal Faith
Thelonious Monk | Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1 (1947-48) Vinyl Reissue
Mos Generator | Time​/​/​Wounds
Nakhane | Leading Lines EP
Other Half | Soft Action
Phauss | Audiodrome
Phauss | Nya Sverige: Nothing But The Truth
Ph2 | Season 5 Remastered Version
Camilla Pisani | Phant[as]
Precious | Hiding In Plain Sight Single
Private Prisons | Extrication
Pro The Leader & Dopestyle | Hip Hop Depression Reissue
P.T.B. (The Powers That Be) | Anunnaki Single
Benny Reid | Shook Ones, Pt. II + Remixes
Laurent Rinaldi | Out Of This World EP
Todd Rundgren | White Knight Deluxe Edition
Debashis Sinha | Adeva_v000_04 EP
Debashis Sinha | Brahmaputra
Sonido Verde de Moyobamba | Limited Dance Edition Nr. 17
Sun Ra | Prophet
Switchblade Symphony | Serpentine Gallery
Toeheads | A Cruel Winner’s World
Kurt Uenala ft. Dave Gahan | Manuscript EP
Various Artists | Duploc10Yrs Collection
Various Artists | .​.​.​it wasn’t really me
Various Artists | Perú Selv​á​tico: Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972​-​1986
Various Artists | Turbo Drive, Vol. 2
Vortex | Haxan
Rick Wakeman | Songs Of Middle Earth: Music Inspired By The Lord Of The Rings
Werewolf Jones | Rot Away
The Wring | Spectra
Xygrbryrx | Cunning Punts
Frank Zappa | Waka / Wazoo
Zara | Reverie
Zavoloka | Amulet

December 23

Boys’ Shorts | Suburban Love Affair Single
Mike Cooper | Extraordinary Moments @ Hotel Palenque
Janis Crunch & Haruka Nakamura | 12 & 1 Song Remastered
David Dunn | Angels and Insects​(​天​使​と​昆​虫​)
Nana Grizol | Dancing Dogs
Jon Langford | Jon Langford’s Lucky 7 Series, Part 3
Axel Larsen | L’​é​té Noir
Mike | Beware of The Monkey
Iggy Pop | The Passenger Single Vinyl Reissue
Reagan Youth | New Aryans
Sodus | Night or Mourn
Weezer | SZNS: Winter

December 30

Julien Chang | The Sale
Closet Disco Queen | Le Coulis De L’eau | Live Session
The Cold Stares | Voices
DeWolff | Love, Death & In Between
The Dickies | Blink-183 (From The Archives) Single
Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Orrell | That’s My Life
Feuerschwanz | Tods​ü​nden
Fight The Fade | Apophysitis Deluxe Edition
David Jacobson & the Space Wizards | David Jacobson & the Space Wizards II
Lost In Bohemia | Volume 1
Unantastbar | Wir Leben Laut
Unwed Sailor | Mute The Charm
The Van Pelt | Sultans of Sentiment Reissue
The Van Pelt | Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves Reissue
Rick Wakeman | The Stage Collection

January 6

Anti-Flag | Lies They Tell Our Children
Baby Cool | Earthling On The Road To Self Love
The Aaron Clift Experiment | The Age of Misinformation
Doom Flower | Limestone Ritual
Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Tony Orrell | That​’​s My Life
Endtime / Cosmic Reaper | Doom Sessions Vol. VII EP
Allen Epley | Everything
Juni Habel | Carvings
L E F | Antidote
Iggy Pop | Every Loser
Simon Rowe | Everybody’s Thinking
Serenity | Memoria
Mike Watt + the Secondmissingmen / Up Around The Sun | We Got Soul / History Lesson Part II
Wisdom & War | Superior Design
Wolffen | Der Tanz ihrer Backen

January 13

Admire the Grim | Rogue Five
Ahab | The Coral Tombs
All Out War | Celestial Rot
…And Oceans | As in Gardens, So in Tombs
Circa Waves | Never Going Under
Coil | Queens of the Circulating Library Reissue
Coilguns | Live at Soulcrusher
Crooks & Nannies | No Fun
CVC | Get Real
Death Engine | Ocean
Declaime & Madlib | In The Beginning Vol. 3
Defy the Curse | Horrors of Human Sacrifice
Feeble Little Horse | Hayday Vinyl
Robert French And Anthony Johnson | Robert French meets Anthony Johnson
Giant Swan | Fantasy Food
Guts Club | Cliffs / Walls EP
Hibou | Arc EP
Kollaps\e | Phantom Centre
Leper Colony | Leper Colony
Love Gang | Meanstreak
Vanessa Marcoux | La Jungle
Matthew & The Mainstream | Rom Core
Molly | Picturesque
Liela Moss | Internal Working Model
Velvet Negroni | Bulli
Jared James Nichols | Jared James Nichols
Billy Nomates | Cacti
Nyte Skye | Vanishing
Obituary | Dying of Everything
Odium | Wothrosch
Pacific Walker | Pacific Walker
Rozi Plain | Prize
Poolblood | Mole
Margo Price | Strays
Rachael & Vilray | I Love A Love Song!
RuinThrone | The Unconscious Mind Of Arda
Lucas Santtana | O Paraíso
Screamer | Kingmaker
The Subways | Uncertain Joys
Tachycardie | Autonomie Min​é​rale
Topsy Turvy’s | No Surrender
The Tubs | Dead Meat
VV | Neon Noir
Bobby Weir | Ace | 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Whitehorse | I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying
Julia Wolf | Good Thing We Stayed
Wothrosch | Odium
James Yorkston, Nina Persson and The Second Hand Orchestra | The Great White Sea Eagle

January 20

Abracadabra | Shapes & Colours
Acid Klaus | Acid Klaus
Ché Aimee | The Crowned
Atsuko Chiba | Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing
Bad Brains | The Youth Are Getting Restless Vinyl Reissue
The Bad Ends | The Power And The Glory
Beauty Pill | Blue Period
Brain Cave / Knub | Split
Butchamana and the Big Bang Brothers Band | Indian Dream
John Cale | Mercy
Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams | Live At Levon’s!
Linda Carone | Lemon Twist
Atsuko Chiba | Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing
The C.I.A. | Surgery Channel
Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes | Le Coulis de L’eau
Melaine Dalibert | Magic Square
Devora | God Is Dead
DoctoR DooM | A Shadow Called Danger
Ché Aimee Dorval | The Crowned
Dryad | The Abyssal Plain
The Early Mornings | Ultra​-​Modern Rain EP
Eat Static | Ecstatic Collection: Chapter 2
Falling Forward | Let These Days Pass: The Complete Anthology 1991-1995
Freya The Dragon | Midnight Feelings
Christina Galisatus | Without Night
Gamut Inc | Sum To Infinity
Tim Garland, Jason Rebello | Life to Life
Glyders | Maria’s Hunt
Guided By Voices | La La Land
Hardy | The Mockingbird & The Crow
Emanual Harrold | We Da People
Juliana Hatfield Three | Become What You Are Vinyl Reissue
Heroes And Monsters | Heroes And Monsters
Toh Imago | Refuge
Immaterial Possession | Immaterial Possession
Imperium Dekadenz | Into Sorrow Evermore
The Juliana Hatfield Three | Become What You Are 30th Anniversary Edition
Jadu Heart | Derealised
José James | On & On
J.T. IV | The Future
July Talk | Remember Never Before
Katatonia | Sky Void Of Stars
Ladytron | Time’s Arrow
Laibach | Love Is Still Alive
Linn | Femte Dimension
Bobbie Lovesong | On The Wind
Lukas Graham | 4 (The Pink Album)
The Maglory Dengluch | Back From The Dead
The Maglory Dengluch | The Maglory Dengluch
Kali Malone | Does Spring Hide Its Joy (ft. Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton)
Måneskin | Rush!
Lionel Marchetti & Decibel | Inland Lake (Le Lac Int​é​rieur)
Marlody | I’m Not Sure At All
Le Millipede | Legs and Birds
The Murder Capital | Gigi’s Recovery
The Necromancers | Where the Void Rose
Hans Peter Neergård | Til Deg
New Found Glory | Make The Most Of It
Palette Knife | New Game+
Peach & Quiet | Beautiful Thing
Lionel Pillay | Deeper In Black Reissue
Lionel Pillay ft. Basil Mannenberg Coetzee | Plum & Cherry Reissue
Polterguise | Eurydice
Post Moves & The Sound Memory Ensemble | Recall the Dream Breath
Re-Buried | Repulsive Nature
Refree | El Espacio Entre
Rigolò | Aliante
The Rolling Stones | In Mono Limited-Edition Coloured Vinyl Box Set
Dave Rowntree | Radio Songs
Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart | Something in F Minor
Ryuichi Sakamoto | 12
Joel Sarakula | Island Time
Scalp | Black Tar
Simon Scott | Long Drove
Silver Biplanes | A Moment In The Sun
Slegest | Avstand
Slug | Thy Socialite!
Jody Stecher and Krishna Bhatt | Rasa
Tape_hiss | A Linear Progression
Hideyasu Terakawa Quartet | Introducing: Live Featuring Hiroshi Fujii Reissue
Tidal Wave | The Lord Knows
Timber Timbre | Cedar Shakes Vinyl Reissue
Timber Timbre | Medicinals Vinyl Reissue
Joan Torres’s All is Fused | Embrace Form
Rian Treanor & Ocen James | Saccades
Tribunal | The Weight Of Remembrance
UFO | No Heavy Petting Deluxe Edition
Various Artists | Funny Girl: Original Cast Recording
We Are Scientists | Lobes

January 27

Ablaze My Sorrow | The Loss Of all Hope
…And Oceans | As In Gardens, So In Tombs
The Arcs | Electrophonic Chronic
Ashen Horde | Antimony
Asher | Automatism
Meg Baird | Furling
Bass Drum Of Death | Say I Won’t
Bizarrekult | Den Tapte Krigen
Pony Bradshaw | North Georgia Rounder
Caravela Escarlate | III
Cheat Codes | One Night In Nashville
Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz | Roundtrip (1977) Reissue
JD Clayton | Long Way From Home
Complete Mountain Almanac | Complete Mountain Almanac
Cots | Moonlit Building
Crowne | Operation Phoenix
Eyolf Dale | The Wayfarers
Dokken | The Elektra Albums 1983-1987
Dwen | Leoht Farn
Bob Dylan | Fragments: Time Out of Mind Sessions (1996-1997): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 17
Electric Mob | 2 Make U Cry & Dance
Emarosa | Sting
The Enigma Division | The Enigma Division
Ethyl Ether | Violent Entertainment
Solomon Fesshaye | Invisible Hand / Awake
Fågelle | Den Svenska Vreden
Fluppe | Boutique
JW Francis | Dream House
Freeroad | Do What You Feel!
Fucked Up | One Day
Christina Galisatus | Without Night
George | Letters To George
Ghost And Tape | Freeform
The Gibson Brothers | Darkest Hour
Girish And The Chronicles | Back On Earth Re-Recorded
Green Day | Nimrod 25: 25th Anniversary Edition
Groupshow | Greatest Hits
Hammock | Love In The Void
Nathan Hanson & Chris Bates | Weights and Measures
Hen Ogledd | Hen Ogledd
Sam Himself | Never Let Me Go
Holy Popes | Holy Popes
Tyler Hubbard | Dancin’ In the Country
Illiterate Light | Sunburned
The Inspector Cluzo | Horizon
Nabaté Isles | En Motion
The Inspector Cluzo | Horizon
Faten Kanaan | Afterpoem
King Tuff | Smalltown Stardust
Leaflet | Something Beyond
SG Lewis | Audiolust & Higherlove
Henrik Lindstrand | Klangland
Little North | Wide Open
Love Gang | Meanstreak
Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu and Jive Connection | Face to Face
Jesse Malin | The Fine Art Of Self Destruction Reissue
H.C. McEntire | Every Acre
Mozart Estate | Pop​-​Up! Ker​-​Ching! And The Possibilities Of Modern Shopping
New Age Doom | Remix The Universe
Johnny Nicholas | Presents Moon and the Stars: A Tribute to Moon Mullican
Nostalgia 77 | The Loneliest Flower in the Village
Die Oberherren | Die By My Hand
Oozing Wound | We Cater To Cowards
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs | Land of Sleeper
Pure Adult | II
Will and James Ragar | Forever / Bayou Paradise Single Reissue
R. Ring | War Poems, We Rested
Running Maiden | Running Maiden
Samia | Honey
The Sarandons | Sightlines
Sam Smith | Gloria
Soen | Cognitive Reissue
Soen | Tellurian Reissue
Sorrowful Land | Faded Anchors Of The Past
Storry | Chill: The Come Up Deluxe
Tearing Up | Heavy
Tour-Maubourg | Spaces of Silence
Trastorned | Into the Void
Twice A Man | Songs Of Future Memories (1982 -2022)
Ugly Mac Beer | The Valley Of The Kings
Uriah Heep | Chaos & Colour
Steve Vai | Vai / Gash
Various Artists | Flatspot Records: The Extermination Vol​.​4
White Reaper | Asking For A Ride
The World is Quiet Here | Zon
Xqui x Bettina Schroeder | UP Beat
Johan Yano | Portrait Of A Dog
Billy Zach | A Momentary Bliss

February 3

Angel-Ho | Year Ten
David Arcos | Sigamos Corriendp
Bazelle | I’m Sorry I Faked It
Sabrina Bellaouel | Al Hadr
Best Fern | Earth Then Air
Blackwülf | Thieves And Liars
Colony House | The Cannonballers
Coultrain | Mundus
Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis & Shirley Scott | Cookin’ with Jaws And The Queen
DeWolff | Love, Death & In Between
Jarrod Dickenson | Big Talk
Will Epstein | Wendy
Alexis Evans | Yours Truly
Robert Forster | The Candle And The Flame
Fvnerals | Let the Earth Be Silent
The Go! Team | Get Up Sequences Part Two
Dain Griffin | Dead Flowers
Hamish Hawk | Think Of Us Kissing
Idealism x Lucid Green | Undone
Hollie Kenniff | We All Have Places That We Miss
Lansdowne | Medicine
L​üger | Revelations Of The Sacred Skull
Nile Marr | Lonely Hearts Killers
Adela Mede | Szabads​á​g
The Men | New York City
M(h)aol | Attachment Styles
Brett Naucke | Cast A Double Shadow
Jenny O. | Spectra
Pile | All Fiction
The Psychotic Monks | Pink Colour Surgery
Raye | My 21st Century Blues
Sunny War | Anarchist Gospel
Smashing Pumpkins | Atum: Act 2
Somebody’s Child | Somebody’s Child
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Constants In An Ever Changing Universe Reissue
Syml | The Day My Father Died
Ten56. | Downer Part 2 EP
Zane Trow | Envo​û​teuse Haleine
Shania Twain | Queen Of Me
Uffe | Beg, Borrow and Steal
Vanille | La Clairière
Various Artists | 7 Years Of Shall Not Fade
The Veils | …And Out Of The Void Came Love
The Waeve | The Waeve
What Strange Beasts | Starlight’s Castaways
The Winery Dogs | III
Xandria | The Wonders Still Awaiting
Young Fathers | Heavy Heavy

February 10

The Academic | Sitting Pretty
Afternoon Bike Ride | Glossover
Amber Arcades | Barefoot On Diamond Road
Jill Barber | Homemaker
Sophia Bel | Anxious Avoidant Deluxe Edition
Bikini Beach | Appetizer
Black Belt Eagle Scout | The Land, The Water, The Sky
Charlotte Brandi | An Den Alptraum
Laure Briard | Ne Pas Trop Rester Bleue
Civic | Taken By Force
Deviser | Evil Summons Evil
Divided By Design | The Fear Of Being Forgotten
Frozen Dawn | The Decline of the Enlightened Gods
Golden Dregs | American Airlines
Ernest Graves | The Cosmic Cowboy
Herr D.K. | Was Mach Ich Mit Meiner Zeit
Tim Hill | Giant
The Jordan | Nowhere Near The Sky
Kilffs | Kilffs
Klone | Meanwhile
James Brandon Lewis | Eye Of I
Maps | Counter Melodies
Marbles | Humour
Minihi | Stasis Loops
Mogwai | Young Team Reissue
Mogwai | Come On Die Young Reissue
Narrow Head | Moments Of Clarity
Lisa O’Neill | All Of This Is Chance
Pacifico | Self Care
Pierce The Veil | The Jaws Of Life
Quasi | Breaking the Balls of History
Chase Rice | I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell
Vic Ruggiero | Stuff In My Pockets
Schrottgrenze | Das Universum Ist Nicht Bin​ä​r
Matthew Schwartz | Self Care
Andy Shauf | Norm
Sleepsculptor | Divine Recalibration
Stormo | Endocannibalismo
Tennis | Pollen
Themes For Great Cities | Tallinn
Those Pretty Wrongs | Holiday Camp
Veik | From Madness To Nomadness Reissue
Veik | Ma​ï​dan / I7LI Reissue
Jessica Winter | Limerence
Yo La Tengo | This Stupid World

February 17

Bono / Burattini | Suono In Un Tempo Trasfigurato
Jordan Davis | Bluebird Days
Elskavon | Origins
Grade 2 | Grade 2
Grandma’s Ashes | This Too Shall Pass
Graphic Nature | A Mind Waiting To Die
Erik Hall | Canto Ostinato (Simeon ten Holt)
Jaimee Harris | Boomerang Town
Kevin Hearn & Hugh Marsh | Dreaming Of The 80s
Wesley Joseph | Glow
Kerala Dust | Violet Drive
Knuckle | Life’s A Bench, Then They Put Your Name On It
Koleżanka | Alone With The Sound the Mind Makes
Korine | Tear
Billy Lockett | Abington Grove
Lowly | Keep Up The Good Work
Mötley Crüe | Crücial Crüe: The Studio Albums 1981-1989
New Pagans | Making Circles Of Our Own
Orbital | Optical Delusion
Pandemix | Love is Obliteration
Pelegrin | Ways Of Avicenna
Pink | Trustfall
Benjamin Dakota Rogers | Paint Horse
Runner | Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out
The Secret Machines | The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines
Ron Sexsmith | The Vivian Line
Spectral Souls | Towards Extinction
Steady Holiday | Newfound Oxygen
Super Pink Moon | Iron Rain
Syz | Headspin
MF Tomlinson | We Are Still Wild Horses
Tungz | A Good Dream
Unthank : Smith | Nowhere And Everywhere
Villages | Dark Island
John-Allison Weiss | The Long Way

February 24

A Cloud Of Ravens | Lost Hymns
Algiers | Shook
Begonia | Powder Blue
John Bence | Archangels
Big|Brave | Nature Morte
Gina Birch | I Play My Bass Loud
David Brewis | The Soft Struggles
Bria | Cuntry Covers Vol. 2
The Church | Hypnogogue
Death Valley Girls | Islands In The Sky
Kimi Djabate | Dindin
The Flashcubes ft. The Paley Brothers | Come Out And Play Single
Free Love | Inside
Godsmack | Lighting Up The Sky
Gorillaz | Cracker Island
Grand River | All Above
Kingo Halla | Empty Hands
Heidevolk | Wederkeer
Matt Hillyer | Glorieta
John Lee Hooker | Burnin’ Reissue
Host | IX
Hundred Reasons | Glorious Sunset
Kele | The Flames Pt. 2
The Lathums | From Nothing To A Little Bit More
Lucero | Should’ve Learned By Now
Miss Grit | Follow the Cyborg
Only A Visitor | Decay
Ontborg | Following The Steps Of Damnation
Dougie Poole | The Rainbow Wheel Of Death
Philip Selway | Strange Dance
Shame | Food for Worms
The Shootouts | Stampede
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith | Let’s Turn It Into Sound Remixes EP
Steel Panther | On The Prowl
Stöner | Boogie To Baja
Summer Flake | One Less Thing
Uh | Humanus
Steve Vai | Vai / Gash Vinyl
Mui Zyu | Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century

March 3

Sabrina Bellaouel | Al Hadr
Jen Cloher | I Am the River, The River Is Me
Envy | Seimei
Fake Names | Expendables
Ron Gallo | Foreground Music
Hello Mary | Hello Mary
Hollow Hand | Your Own Adventure
Yazmin Lacey | Voice Notes
Lord Sonny The Unifier | America’s Newest Hitmaker
Macklemore | Ben
Steve Mason | Brothers & Sisters
Minimal Orchestra | Lift Off
The National Parks Trace | 8th Wonder
Mimi O’Bonsawin | Willow
Sigala | Every Cloud
Tanukichan | Gizmo LP
Trench Dogs | Stockholmiana

March 10

The Cold Stares | Voices
Dutch Uncles | True Entertainment
Kahil El’Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble ft. Dwight Trible and David Ornette Cherry | Spirit Gatherer: Tribute to Don Cherry
Fever Ray | Radical Romantics
Godcaster | Godcaster
Hack-Poets Guild | Blackletter Garland
H. Hawkline | Milk For Flowers
Van Morrison | Moving On Skiffle
Otherwise | Gawdzillionaire
Ripe | Bright Blues

March 17

The Answer | Sundowner
Carbellion | Weapons Of Choice
Fange | Privation
Hanoi Rocks | Oriental Beat: 40th Anniversary Re(al)mix
Tara MacLean | Sparrow
Doug Paisley | Say What You Like
Portland | Departures
Ailbhe Reddy | Endless Affair
Sandrayati | Safe Ground
Secret Machines | The Moth, The Lizard And The Secret Machines
Technology + Teamwork | We Used To Be Friends
Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra | Mikos

March 24

August Burns Red | Death Below
Autumn Tears | Guardian Of The Pale
Babymetal | The Other One
Willie J Healey | Bunny
The HIRS Collective | We’re Still Here
Matt Holubowski | Like Flowers On A Molten Lawn
Darren Jessee | Central Bridge
Liturgy | 93696
N Nao | L’Eau Et Les Rêves
Softcult | See You In The Dark EP
Those Pretty Wrongs | Holiday Camp Vinyl
YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO | To The Forest To Live A Truer Life
Xysma | No Place Like Alone

March 31

A Certain Ratio | 1982
Ad Infinitum | Chapter III: Downfall
Angelic Desolation | Orchestrionic Abortion
DMA’s | How Many Dreams?
Empyre | Relentless
Jane | Celeste
Michigander | It Will Never Be The Same EP
Ohhms | Rot

April 14

Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection | Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection 2
Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations | I Came From Love
Nana Rashid | Music for Betty

April 21

Joan | Superglue
Smashing Pumpkins | Atum: Act 3
Smashing Pumpkins | Atum Box Set
Teleman | Good Time​/​Hard Time

April 28

Neil Gaiman & FourPlay String Quartet | Signs Of Life
Don Letts | Outta Sync
Sleepsculptor | Venerate

May 5

Gord Downie & Bob Rock | Lustre Parfait

May 12

Eluvium | (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality

May 19

Lewis Capaldi | Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent

August 4

Skindred | Smile


November 25 | Record Store Day Black Friday

Acid Claw | Silly Heart
Acidgvrl | Selected Slimegvrl Works (21-2022)
Gaye Su Akyol | Anadolu Ejderi
Alienatör | Regrets
Alien Nose Job | Stained Class
Alix | Last Dreamer
Mose Allison | Live 1978 Vinyl
Valéria Almeida | Silent
America | Live at Goodbye Summer Festival Vinyl
Amigdala | If You Want To Do Something Tonight
Ammo | Web Of Lies / Death Won’t Even Satisfy
The Amplifier Heads | Rectifier
Trey Anastasio | The Beacon Jams
The Appleseed Cast | Sagarmatha Vinyl
A’ Rèpit | Spirito D’autunno
Aviva | Broken Hearts
The Bablers | Holding Me Tight Tonight Single
Bad Temper Joe | Glitter & Blues
Stephen Bailey | G​.​G. Ryder
Barda | El Sue​ñ​o Sobre El Sue​ñ​o
Jimmy Barnes | Blue Christmas
Tyler Bates and Various Artists | Music From Watchmen Vinyl
Beasts of Bourbon | Little Animals Reissue
Beck | It’s All In Your Mind Vinyl
Andy Bell | Untitled Film Stills EP
Roger Bellon | Waxwork Soundtrack Vinyl
Marco Beltrami | Mimic Soundtrack Vinyl
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga | Cheek To Cheek: Live! Vinyl
Claire Birchall | 3×3 Live in Thornbury EP
Frank Black & The Catholics | One More Road For The Hit Vinyl
The Black Halos | How The Darkness Doubled
Black Label Society | Skullage Vinyl
Black Lips | Good Bad Not Evil 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Black Paisley | Human Nature
BlackRain | Untamed
Blueberry Beach | The Envelopment (Disassembled)
BoA | Forgive Me
Bootlicker | Lick The Boot, Lose Your Teeth: The EPs
Borts | Preach This!
Mathieu Bourret | Illumination
David Bowie | Divine Symmetry: The Journey To Hunky Dory
David Bowie | The Next Day Extra EP Vinyl
Addie Brik | That Dog Don’t Hunt
Big Bill Broonzy | Live in Amsterdam 1953 Vinyl
Peter Broderick | Piano Works Vol. 1 (Floating in Tucker’s Basement)
Brotha Lynch | Season Of Da Siccness Vinyl
BSW | Sex, Love, Rock & Roll
Noémi Büchi | Matter
Eric Burdon & War | The Complete Vinyl Collection
Buzz Kull | Fascination
Calm Collapse | Mirrored Nature
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band | Clear Spot 50th Anniversary Vinyl
Brandi Carlile | In These Silent Days Vinyl
The Jim Carroll Band | Catholic Boy Deluxe Vinyl
Devo’s Gerald V. Casale | The Invisible Man EP Vinyl
Chase Ceglie | Chaseland
Robby Cereal | Demo Tape ’99
Harry Chapin | Story Of A Life: The Complete Hit Singles Vinyl
Cheech & Chong | Santa Claus and His Old Lady Vinyl
Chief Keef | 4NEM Vinyl
Alex Chilton | Live In London: Encore Edition Vinyl
Chrome | Alien Soundtracks
CK | Songs For Summer
Bruce Cockburn | Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu Vinyl Reissue
Bruce Cockburn | Bruce Cockburn Vinyl Reissue
Bruce Cockburn | The Charity Of Night Vinyl Reissue
Bruce Cockburn | Rarities
Bobby Cole | A Point of View Vinyl
Coloura | In Between
Harry Connick Jr. | Make It Merry
Contrazione | Cieli Rossi Sull’Europa / Contr​-​Azione 1983​-​1985
Corlyx | Blood In The Disco
Larry Coryell | Coryell Vinyl
Cosmonection | Hidden Places Extended
Elvis Costello And The Imposters | The Boy Named If (Alive at Memphis Magnetic)
Rodolphe Coster And Band | High With The People
Marshall Crenshaw | Marshall Crenshaw 40th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Bing Crosby / David Bowie | Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy Vinyl
David Crosby & The Lighthouse Band | Live At The Capitol Theatre
Jim Croce | You Don’t Mess Around With Jim 50th Anniversary Edition
Louis Culture | When Life Presents Obstacles
The Cure | Wish 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Czarface | The Czarlaac Pit Vinyl
Czarface & MF Doom | Nautical Depth Vinyl
Czarface & MF Doom | Mando Calrissian Vinyl
Czarface | The Czarlaac Pit Vinyl
Dagerlöff & Galner | Häxan
Dark Matter | The Rectory
Darko the Super | The Meeting Place
Manuel Darquart | In The Post EP
Dave Davies | Fractured Mindz Vinyl
Dave Davies | 21st Century Vinyl
The Dead Milkmen | Metaphysical Graffiti Vinyl
Simone de Kunovich | Addio, Mondo Nuovo
Depressive Witches | Distant Kingdoms
Paul Desmond | The Complete RCA Albums Collection
Al Di Meola | Kiss My Axe
The Doors | Paris Blues Vinyl
Bruno Dorella | Paradiso
Dream Widow | Dream Widow Vinyl
Paquito D’Rivera & Arturo Sandoval | Reunion Vinyl
Dubokaj Meets Lee (Scratch) Perry | Daydreamix
Duran Duran | Future Past Complete Edition
Duran Duran | Live at Hammersmith ‘82 Vinyl
Hiroshi Ebina | In Science And The Muman Heart
(Echo) | Witnesses
Egge | The Rumor is True: I Can Go in Circles
8ball & MJGMNRK | We Are The South: Greatest Hits Vinyl
Billie Eilish | Happier Than Ever Vinyl
Ekhoe | Forog A Világ
Elder | Innate Passage
Mugeni Elijah | Ni Songo Nthithisa
Elxjh | Plagiarism
Engine Kid | Angel Wings + 2021 Flexi Vinyl
Epmd | We Mean Business Vinyl
Equator | Equator
Ercsé | 1125
Evabee x Redeyes | The Call Single
Mylène Farmer | L’Emprise
Angelo M. Farro | The Night of the Electric Insects
Bryan Ferry | Taxi Vinyl
Fievel Is Glauque | Flaming Swords
Filo | Csak Szavak
The Flaming Lips | Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 20th Anniversary Box Set
Flea Collar | Flea Collar
Fleetwood Mac | The Alternate Collection Vinyl
The Flying Burrito Brothers | Live at the Bottom Line NYC 1976 Vinyl
Steve Forbert | Live At The Bottom Line Vinyl
David Foster & Katharine McPhee | Christmas Songs
Fountains Of Wayne | Traffic and Weather Vinyl
The Four Tops | Second Album Vinyl
Ace Frehley | Origins Vol. 2 Vinyl
Edgar Froese | Aqua Vinyl
Ben Frost | 1899 Soundtrack
Alex G | We’re All Going To The World’s Fair Soundtrack Vinyl
Beebe Gallini | Xmas Flexi Record (ft.)Cindy Lawson
Salvatore Ganacci | Culturally Appropriate
Jerry Garcia Band | Pure Jerry: Hampton Coliseum, Va., Nov. 9, 1991 Vinyl
Duke Garwood | Rogues Gospel
GBH | City Baby Attacked By Rats Vinyl
Genghis Nash | The Odyssey
Gentle Stranger | Upon Return
Ghia | Cura​ç​ao Blue
Ghost | Impera Vinyl
Giovannie and the Hired Guns | Bad Habits Vinyl
Federico Madeddu Giuntoli | The Text and The Form
Gold Dust | Mountain Laurel
The Golden Rail | Songs From Empty Streets
Goldfinger | Hello Destiny Vinyl
Gondhawa | Mäanthagorī
Dawson Gool | January Backdoor EP
Robert Gordon with Chris Spedding | Hellafied
Graffiti | Graffiti Vinyl
Grand Invincible | The Result
Grateful Dead | Wembley Empire Pool, London, England 4/7/1972 Vinyl
The Gun Club | Live at The Hacienda ’84 Vinyl
Haleiwa | Hallway Waverider
The Guy Hamper Trio | All The Poisons In The Mud
Juliana Hatfield, Emma Swift | Lotta Love/Give Me Strength Vinyl
Chesney Hawkes | The One and Only (2022 Nik Kershaw Remix)
Headcat | Dreamcatcher (Live in Alpine) Vinyl
The Heartbreakers | The L.A.M.F. Demo Sessions Vinyl
Jimi Hendrix | Burning Desire Vinyl
Hot Tubs Time Machine | Double Tubble
Hot Tuna | Yellow Fever Vinyl
Gil House | Ciclo Incl. Moroko Remix
Holliday Howe | My Friends Live In My Pocket Mixtape
The Hoosiers | The Trick to Life 15th Anniversary Edition
Humour | Pure Misery EP
The Id | Innermost Sounds of The Id / Alternate Sounds of The Id Vinyl
Inoki & DJ Shocca – 4 Mani
Ikonika | Bubble Up EP
Ingredient | Ingredient
The International Submarine Band | Safe At Home Reissue
In The Woods… | Diversum
The Jacka & Berner | Drought Season Vinyl
Jaded Truth | Take A Seat
Ahmad Jamal | Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse (1963-1964) Vinyl
Ahmad Jamal | Emerald City Nights: Live At The Penthouse (1965-1966) Vinyl
Etta James | Etta Is Betta Than Evvah! Vinyl
Skip James | The Complete 1931 Session Vinyl
Japanese Television | Space Fruit Vineyard Remixed
Jean-Michel Jarre | The Concerts in China 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition
Jay Dee (aka J Dilla) | Yancey Boys Instrumentals Vinyl
Jefferson Airplane | Live at The Monterey International Pop Festival Vinyl
Tom Jenkins | It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky
Waylon Jennings | Original Outlaw
Jeshi | Universal Credit
Jesus Lizard | Shot Vinyl
Nathan Johnson | Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Soundtrack
Janis Joplin & Jorma Kaukonen | The Legendary Typewriter Tape: 6/25/64 Jorma’s House Vinyl
Jordsjø | Jord Sessions
Jordsjø | Nattfiolen Suite
The Jubilee Hummingbirds | Gospel Express Vinyl
Judicator | The Majesty of Decay
Jungle | Good Times/Problemz Vinyl
Kaizers Orchestra | Greatest Hits
Kaloa | Enso
Kanaan | Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine
Katapult | Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
Katatonic Silentio | Les Chemins De L’inconnu
Jorma Kaukonen | Too Many Years Vinyl
Kehlvin | The Mountain Daylight Time Remastered
Kid ‘N Play | 2 Hype Vinyl
Kittie | Oracle Vinyl
The Knife | Live At Terminal 5 Vinyl
Gladys Knight & The Pips | Gladys Knight & The Pips Vinyl
Knim | When A Star Falls
Ton Koopman | Five Great Suites for Harpsichord (London, 1720)
The Krayolas | I Wanna Be Your Santa
Katia Krow | Julfar
KSI | Dissimulation
Amai Kuda et Les Bois | EmUrgency!
Kunisaki | Everything It Brings, Everything It Takes Away
Jamie Kyle | Wild One
Dany Laj & The Looks | You Should Know
Uèle Lamore | Multiply EP
Cindy Lawson | Hey Santa
Laza | Reflections
League Of Distortion | League Of Distortion
Leather | We Are The Chosen
Jamie Lenman | The Atheist
Ljasp | Scared To Admit
Chris Liebing | Another Night
The Lightning Kids | All Of Those Nights
Lights | Siberia Acoustic Vinyl
Liotta | Seoul Worse
Lucia Lip | Gold, Habibi
Lora Logic | Logically Yours
Lola’s Dice | Pura Maldad
Lionel Loueke, Gilles Peterson | HH Reimagined
Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas | Other Worlds Vinyl
Lumer | English Dream Single
Lykotonon | Promethean Pathology
Ruth Lyon | Direct Debit To Vogue EP
Vii M | Sublunary
Lonnie Mack w/ Stevie Ray Vaughan | Strike Like Lightning Vinyl
Mad Anthony | The Lost Tapes
Madlib | Medicine Show No. 11: Low Budget High-Fi Music Vinyl
Madonna | Everybody 40th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Malus Dextra | III Pt. 1 EP
Myele Manzanza | Crisis & Opportunity Vol. 3: Unfold
Bob Marley And The Wailers | Soul Rebels Dub
Martha And The Vandellas | Dance Party Vinyl
Masked Intruder | Masked Intruder: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Vinyl
MeeeZ | burn the holy book
Meek Mill | Flamerz 5
The Mighty Lemon Drops | Inside Out: 1985-1990
Jeff Mills | Extension
Charles Mingus | Mingus Vinyl
Missing Persons | Live In New York ’81 Vinyl
Mr. Big | Mr. Big Vinyl
Thelonius Monk | The Classic Quartet Vinyl
The Monkees | More of the Monkees 55th Anniversary Mono Edition Vinyl
Monsters From The Surf | Drop In For Christmas
Roy Montgomery | Camera Melancholia
Alanis Morissette | Such Pretty Forks In The Road Vinyl
Rae Morris | Rachel@Pianoland
Mother Anxiety | Guillotine Age
Mötley Crüe | Girls Girls Girls Tour EP Vinyl
Motörhead | The Lost Tapes Vol. 3: Live in Malmo 2000 Vinyl
La Muerte | Sortilegia
Mungk | Mountain EP
Cornelia Murr | Corridor EP
Musicbym | Need Your Love (ft. Majoredm)
Musta | Tamburi Parlanti
My Morning Jacket | My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style Vinyl
Estee Nack & Grubby Pawz | Iwannafxckcarmenhayes
Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD | Golden Monkey
Nashville Pussy | Say Something Nasty Vinyl
Nazghor | Seventh Secular Crusade
Willie Nelson | Live at Budokan Vinyl
Neptunian Maximalism | Finis Gloriae Mundi
New Buck Biloxi | Cellular Automaton
Olivia Newton-John | Physical Vinyl
Nico | Live At The Library Theatre ’83 Vinyl
Nightshift | Made Of The Earth
NMixx | Funky Glitter Christmas
No Windows | Fishboy EP
Ted Nugent | Spirit of the Wild Vinyl
Old 97s | One Last Ride: Old 97’s Play Johnny Cash Vinyl
Damian O’Neill | An Crann
Orphique | Consécration Cadavérique
Ottto | Locos Live In Venice
Overwhelming Colorfast | Overwhelming Colorfast Vinyl
Buck Owens and His Buckaroos | Christmas Shopping Vinyl
Buck Owens | Christmas With Buck Owens and his Buckaroos Vinyl
Oxóssi | XXX EP
Augustus Pablo | Thriller Vinyl
Pac Div | The Div Vinyl
Pale Blue | Dive EP
Los Palms | Skeleton Ranch
Korla Pandit | Genie Of The Keys: The Best Of Korla Pandit Vinyl
Papa Roach | Ego Trip Vinyl
Marcus Paquin | Our Love
Jaco Pastorius | Truth, Liberty & Soul: Live In NYC: The Complete 1982 NPR Jazz Alive! Recording Vinyl
Nicholas Payton | The Couch Sessions
Pelikanen – Du Å Jag (Gå Dumt)
Polo Perks | <3 <3 <3 More To Life Than Thus Pt. 2
Oscar Peterson | On A Clear Day: Live in Zurich, 1971 Vinyl
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers | Live At The Fillmore 1997
Grant-Lee Phillips | Walking in the Green Corn 10th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Mars Pluto | Forget It!
Iggy Pop | Apres Vinyl
Poptones | Between Darkness & Daylight
PPJ | Trindade EP
Quando Rondo & Youngboy Never Broke Again | 3860
Quantum Quantum | Mirage
Question Mark & The Mysterians | Cavestomp Presents Are You For Real? Vinyl
Red Hot Chili Peppers | Return of the Dream Canteen Vinyl
Reef | Glow Vinyl Reissue
Mauro Remiddi | Moonbird
Cliff Richard | Christmas With Cliff
Keith Richards | Main Offender / Winos In London ’92 Vinyl
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers | Jonathan Sings! Vinyl
Riko | DTA Polyteck
Penny Rimbaud | S lence
Rival Schools | United By Fate Deluxe Edition Vinyl
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles | Going To A Go-Go Vinyl
Pete Rock | Return Of The SP-1200 V.2 Vinyl
Rockabye Baby! | Lullaby Renditions of Blink-182 Vinyl
Rohn-Lederman | We Need A Plan
The Roof Dogs | Here You Are
RoseMerry | Zamknij Mi Oczy
Royal Aircoach | Open Up Your Mind Vinyl
The Rubinoos | Back to the Drawing Board Vinyl Reissue
Todd Rundgren | Something / Anything 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Run Logan Run | Nature Will Take Care Of You
Run The Jewels | CU4TRO Vinyl
Alannah Russack | As Memories Pass Each Other
RZA As Bobby Digital | Digi Snacks Vinyl
RZA As Bobby Digital | In Digital Potions Vinyl
Sadat X & Dough Networkz | Science of Life
Saine | Ceramics
Salvation Army | Salvation Army Vinyl Reissue
Sanah | Sanah Spiewa Poezyje
Gary Saracho | En Medio Vinyl Reissue
Albertine Sarges | Family of Things EP
David Scott and Alex Reed | Knots, Tangles, Fankles
The Script | Tales From The Script: The Greatest Hits Vinyl
Charles Szczepanek | All is Calm: Peaceful Christmas Piano
Sea Of Flame | Pins And Needles Single
Seaxes / Iron Linings | Die Twice
Set Fire To Flames | Sings Reign Rebuilder Reissue Vinyl
The 7 Day Weekend | Show And Tell (ft. Nephrok) Single
Shabaka | Afrikan Culture Vinyl
Shades Of Culture | Mindstate Vinyl
Shadows Fall | The Art of Balance Vinyl
She Hates Emotions | Happy Pop Music
Shijin | Playful
Shirt | I Turned Myself Into Myself
Sigur Ros | ( ) 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Silverstein | Arrivals & Departures 15th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Alan Silvestri | Death Becomes Her Soundtrack Vinyl
Slaughterhouse | Slaughterhouse Vinyl
Sloi | Sloi
Sly & Robbie Vs. Roots Radics | The Dub Battle Vinyl
Eli Smart | Aloha Soul
Smash Mouth | Fush Yu Mang Vinyl
The Smith Street Band | Life After Football
Dee Snider And Lizzy Hale | The Magic Of Christmas Day Vinyl
Snoop Dogg | Coolaid Vinyl
Snowdrops | Missing Island
Somadina | Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable EP
Soul Coughing | Lust In Phaze Vinyl
Souldrainer | Departure
Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith | The Perfect Trilogy: Reworkings
Sparks | Live At The Record Plant ’74 Vinyl
Spiritworld | Deathwestern
Rick Springfield | Jessie’s Girl 40th Anniversary Vinyl
SSVU | David Lynch Has a Painting Made of Flies Eyes / Suzanne Ciani Vinyl
Charlie Stacey | The Light Beyond Time
The Stark Reality | Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop Vinyl
Starpoint | Object of My Desire: The Elektra Recordings 1983-1990
Ringo Starr And His All-Starr | Live At The Greek Theater 2019 Vinyl
Ringo Starr | Old Wave Vinyl
Ringo Starr | Ringo The 4th Vinyl
Status Oblique | Some Controlled Chaos
Steeler | Steeler Vinyl
Marnie Stern | In Advance of The Broken Arm + Demos Deluxe Reissue Vinyl
Stop Calling Me Frank | Say It Ain’t So Santa EP
Stormzy | This Is What I Mean
Joe Strummer | Live at Music Millennium Vinyl
Superlove | Colours Deluxe Edition
The Supremes | Where Did Our Love Go? Vinyl
The Sword | Apocryphon 10th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Swr.quinn | Professional Idiot Vol. 1
Takujirosadae | Denial Of Skies
Tananai | Rave, Eclissi
Tchornobog / Abyssal | Split
That Petrol Emotion | Every Beginning Has a Future: An Anthology 1984-1994
Through Mists | Accused and Abused
Thrust | The Chosen Few Vinyl
Thy Catafalque | Mezolit: Live at Fekete Zaj
Tiffany | Shadows
Masahiko Togashi, Don Cherry & Charlie Haden | Song Of Soil Reissue
Tower Of Power | 40th Anniversary Live Vinyl
Tommy Townsend & Waylon Jennings | Southern Man Vinyl
Toxic Youth | Back to You​-​TH
Trailer Bride | Trailer Bride 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Der Trauerschwan | Sanguinare Vampiris
Chris Travis | Art of Destruction Vinyl
Tina Turner | Break Every Rule Deluxe Edition
2ManyDJs | As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 Reissue
Type O Negative | Dead Again Reissue
U.K. Subs | Rooms Splashed With Blood: 1980​/​1982​/​2008
Ullnevano X God Sense Beats | The Ghost of Reggie Lewis
Ultravox | Rage In Eden Steven Wilson Stereo Mix Vinyl
Unknownexit | Coney Island
Ura | Baby With A Halo
Various Artists | AVCO Vision: Soul Covers Vinyl
Various Artists | The Best of Dark Horse Records: 1974-1977 Vinyl
Various Artists | Eddie Piller & Dean Rudland present​.​.​. Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)
Various Artists | Heavenly Recordings: Heavenly Remixes 5
Various Artists | Heavenly Recordings: Heavenly Remixes 6
Various Artists | Jazz Dispensary: Haunted High Vinyl
Various Artists | Kids On The Street: UK Power Pop and New Wave 1977-1981
Various Artists | My Little Pony: A New Generation Soundtrack Vinyl
Various Artists | Nightclubbing: The Birth of Punk Rock in NYC Vinyl
Various Artists | Spirited Soundtrack
Various Artists | Tommy Boy’s Baddest Beats Vinyl
Townes Van Zandt | At My Window 35th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Vengeur | Par Feu et Par Flammes
The Vindys | Bugs Special Edition Vinyl
Vintage Trouble | Juke Joint Gems Vinyl
Vitamin String Quartet | VSQ Performs Coldplay’s Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends Vinyl
Voice Of The Beehive | Let It Bee Remastered & Expanded
Vanessa Wagner | Mirrored
Wajeed | Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz
Walt Disco | Always Sickening EP
Jim Ward | Half A World Away Vinyl
The Weeknd | Dawn FM Vinyl
Alex Wilcox | Always
John Williams | The Cowboys Soundtrack 50th Anniversary Vinyl
Tony Williams | Play or Die Vinyl
Brian Wilson | Long Promised Road Vinyl
Witchmaster | Kaźń
Wolfpack | Complete Recordings 1996-1999 Vinyl
The Wolves Of Avalon | Y Gododdin
Work Money Death | Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction
Worldwide Panic | Worldwide Panic
XXXTentacion | XXX
Yame | Little Stars EP
Makoto Yano | Mirai No Kioku
Young Dolph | Rich Slave Vinyl
Roland P. Young | Spontaneous Bounce
Yung Cheese Slice & Milk Man | Worldwide Superstars