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What’s new, you ask? Plenty. Below, you’ll find the release dates for every upcoming album, EP, single, box set, compilation, anthology, retrospective, soundtrack and vinyl reissue I can find. If you know something I don’t, please clue me in with an email. Naturally, I encourage you to bookmark this page, check it daily and spread the word. But bear in mind that things change fast in the music biz — especially these days — and nothing below is carved in stone. So don’t blame me if that album you’ve been anticipating for weeks suddenly drops off the radar without warning. It ain’t my fault; I just work here. And speaking of work, this page was last updated on April 17.



April 23

Ruba Shamshoum | Risha

April 30

Landon Caldwell & Flower Head Ensemble | Simultaneous Systems
Ffion | Radials
Hyms | Reset EP
Kulick | Sitting In A Quiet Coffeehouse EP
Lowell | Bloodthirsty: Music From The Motion Picture
Misfire | Sympathy For The Ignorant

May 7

Darkfall / Mortal Strike | Thrashing Death Squad Split EP
Sarah Jarosz | Blue Heron Suite
Kasai Allstars | Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Pine Tree Riot | Spore Sessions No. 5

May 14

Amos The Kid | No More New Ideas
Cancerous Social Thoughts | Distopia
Denm | Slum Beach Denny
Kitsuné America | West Coast Edition
Siniestro | Vortexx
Son Of Dave | Call Me A Cab
Szaio | Obraz

May 21

Disparaître | Urchig
Fionn | Candid Constellations EP
The Gabbard Brothers | Sell Your Gun Buy A Guitar
Johnny Mafia | Sentimental
Amai Kuda Et Les Bois | EmUrgency!
Perdurabo / Davide Tomat | The Time Traveller

May 28

Hans Hjelm | Factory Reset
Nadjiwan | Star Nation
Halal Sol | Dijamin EP
Austin Taft | Skeletons

June 4

Blueanimal | Figment That Was Me
Jomoro | Blue Marble Sky
Olivia Kaplan | Tonight Turns to Nothing
Jens Lekman | When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog Vinyl Reissue
Miriam Makeba | Keep Me in Mind Remastered
Tig Notaro | Live Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Secretly Canadian: SC25 Anniversary
The War On Drugs | Wagonwheel Blues Vinyl Reissue
Whitney | Light Upon the Lake Vinyl Reissue

June 11

Ruth B. | Moments In Between
Van Dyke Parks & Verónica Valerio | Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Verónica Valerio: Only in America
Jesse Royal | Royal

June 18

The Day of the Beast | Indisputably Carnivorous

June 25

Caged Animals | Underneath The Spell
Dead Romantic | Voices
Lacuna Coil | Live From The Apocalypse

July 23

The Bluetones | Expecting To Fly Reissue
The Bluetones | Return To Last Chance Saloon Reissue
The Bluetones | Superior Quality Recordings
Chet Faker | Hotel Surrender
Slow Green Thing | Amygdala

August 13

Sam Roberts Band | Chemical City (Redux)


April 23

Acid Mass | Animals Appearing out of Every Rock
Ade | Midnight Pizza
Aersol Jesus | Survive
Arooj Aftab | Vulture Prince
Aili x Transistorcake | Pari Pari / Oki EP
Akiavel | Væ Victis
Alemán | Humo En La Trampa 3
The Allergies | Lean on You (feat. Dynamite MC)
Annihilus | MMXIX
Altarage | Succumb
The Antikaroshi | Extract.Transform.Debase.
Apink | Thank you
Arogya | Genesis
Raven Artson | Peak In Me EP
Bad Astronaut | Universe Vinyl Box Set
Atlas of Elysian | Through The Threads of Reality
Rich Aucoin | United States Deluxe Edition
Bad Brains | Bad Brains Vinyl Reissue
Bahla | Life Long EP
Bare Wire Son | Off Black
Batholith | Alpine Tomb
Nick Batterham | Lovebirds
Nelson Beer | Orlando EP
Benthos | II
The Berries | Throne of Ivory (Singles & B-Sides)
Big | Brave | Vital
Birthday Ass | Head of the Household
Black Brunswicker | Temple of Spring
Black Fly | Black Fly 01
The Black Mysteries | And The Opening Of Shadowy Sepulchre That Yawns Behind It
Black Orchid Empire | Live In The Studio EP
Black Wail | Born On Fire EP
Aleister Blake | Cyber Fame, Real Pain
Blood Lemon | Blood Lemon
Bodom After Midnight | Paint The Sky With Blood
Body Void | Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
Bone Cutter | Bone Cutter
Bongzilla | Amerijuanican Reissue
Bongzilla | Apogee Reissue
Bongzilla | Gateway Reissue
Bongzilla | Methods for Attaining Extreme Attitudes Reissue
Bongzilla | Stash Reissue
Bongzilla | Weedsconsin
Bongzilla / Tons | Doom Sessions Vol. 4
Broilers | Puro Amor
Mark Bryan | Midlife Priceless
The Busy Twist | Nanko
Cabaret Voltaire | BN9Drone
Ethel Cain | Inbred EP
California Music | California Music Presents Add Some Music
Candires | Bullshit (LSD Edition)
Capra | In Transmission
Charlotte Cardin | Phoenix
The Jeff Carlson Band | Yesterday’s Gone
Carobae | The Longest Year: Part Two
Catch Prichard | I Still Miss Theresa Benoit
Jay Chakravorty | A Map With No Memory
Chapel | Room Service EP
Chicane | Everything We Had To Leave Behind
Rachel Chinouriri | Four° In Winter
Chitra | Chitra EP Vinyl Release
Eric Church | &
Eric Church | Soul
Chvrches | He Said She Said
Ciccada | Harvest
The Circle | Metamorphosis
Citizen Cope | The Pull of Niagara Falls
Clan Destine Click | Thee Alpha And Thee Omega IV
Gilby Clarke | The Gospel Truth
Coach Party | After Party EP
Code Quartet | Genealogy
Communions | Pure Fabrication
Conclave | Dawn Of Days
Confidence & Beneficence | Stellar Mind
Ben Cosgrove | The Trouble With Wilderness
Cream | Goodbye Tour: Live At The Forum Vinyl Reissue
Steve Cropper | Fire It Up
Crypts of Despair | All Light Swallowed
The Cush | Riders In The Stardust Gold
Dām-Funk | Architecture III
Dans Dans | Zink
David & Miguel | Palavras Cruzadas
Day6 | The Book Of Us
Death Chamber | Experiments in Warfare
Art d’Ecco | In Standard Definition
D3f3ktve | D3f3ktve
Degiheugi | Foreglow
DeGreaser | Astrology 101
De Lux | Uneven EP
De Press | Body Manifest Reissue
Derev | Leap of Faith
Desertion Trio | Numbers Maker [HD 24​/​96]
Desolate Realm | Desolate Realm
Devilz By Definition | The Bitter Remains of Human EP
Toumani Diabaté & the London Symphony Orchestra | Kôrôlén
DijahSB | Head Above the Waters
Dinosaur Jr | Sweep It Into Space
Dirty Honey | Dirty Honey
Distant Edge | Redlight
Ditchbird | Real Enough for You Now
Djinn | Transmission
Djoko | Ventura EP
Dr. Hook | Pleasure & Pain / Sometimes You
Dörner / Lea / Lyregaard | Huckleberry Friend
Dotaki + P-Tree | P​-​Raps
Luca Draccar | Soul Grabber EP
Dranconian | Under a Godless Veil Vinyl Release
Dreamer Boy | All The Ways We Are Together
Drift Into Black | Patterns of Light
Duki | Desde el Fin del Mundo
Dumpstaphunk | Where Do We Go From Here
Elliphant | Rocking Horse
The Emerald Isle | The Emerald Isle
Enjoyable Music | Unnesessary II
Los Esplifs | Estraik Back
Extinguish | Extinguish
Eydís Evensen | Bylur
Farron | Venice Pavilion
La Fe | Rico! EP
Emmit Fenn | Far From Here
Field Music | Flat White Moon
Files J | Midnight Sirens
The Kevin Fingier Collective | September / I Love Without A Love
The Flaming Sideburns | Silver Flames
Fog Lake | Tragedy Reel
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band | Rare Dreams: Solar Live 2.27.18
The Forty Nineteens | New Roaring Twenties
Peter Frampton | Frampton Forgets The Words
From Sorrow To Serenity | Trifecta
Rob Frye | Exoplanet
Fury in the Slaughterhouse | Now
Gallegos | Sentiment Of Love
Gang of Four | Entertainment! Reissue
Gang of Four | Solid Gold Reissue
Carla Geneve | Learn To Like It
Sam Genovese | Skymyth
E. Jason Gibbs / Nat Baldwin | Microstates
Glimmers | Worlds Apart EP
Simon Goff | Vale
Danny Golden | Changes EP
Yann Gourdon | 13​.​03​.​2020
Graywave | Planetary Shift EP
The Growth Eternal | Kensho ! EP
PJ Harding And Noah Cyrus | People Don’t Change EP
Harker | Axiom
Hello Satellites | There’s a Field
Hideous Divinity | LV-426 EP
Holo | Atlas EP
‌hololive Idol Project | Bouquet
Dempsey Hope | i&u
Yasuyuki Horigome | Fruitful
House By The Cemetary | Rise Of The Rotten
Charlie Houston | I Hate Spring EP
Howling Giant | Alteration EP
Hushpuppy | Singles Club (Remastered)
Idek. | The Trek Single
Idoipe | Cierzo Lento
I Hate That I Miss You | Sleeping Awake
Ill-Sugi & Tajima Hal | Illmahal
The Immediate Family | Can’t Stop Progress
International Music | Ententraum
Islet | Through The Eyelet
Insomnium | The Shadows Stream
IZ(아이즈) | StorIZ:Blossom
Hannah Jadagu | What Is Going On?
Jad & The | Space Swingerz EP
JayWood | Some Days EP
Reid Jenkins | A Beautiful Start EP
Jensen Interceptor | Enter The Chromedome
Barði Jóhannsson | Agony Soundtrack
Racquel Jones | IgnoRANT
Tom Jones | Surrounded By Time
Topaz Jones | Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma
JPN | Universe
Yan Jun & Noel Meek | Mirror One
Jupiter & Okwess | Na Kazonga
E.R. Jurken | I Stand Corrected
Kaleo | Surface Sounds
Tristan Kasten-Krause | Potential Landscapes
Kero Kero Bonito | Civilisation II EP
Khalab & M’berra Ensemble | M’berra
Kooley High | Lazy Sunday
Trace Kotik | Everything Has Been Done By Now, So Now, Everything Is Possible…
Herrmann Kristoffersen | Gone Gold
Ksetdex | Evasion Tactics
Kukikodan | Boku To Kimi No Kikyuu
Lady Dan | I Am the Prophet
Danny Scott Lane | Caput
Yusef Lateef | Eastern Sounds Vinyl Reissue
Laurence-Anne | Musivision
Tracy Lawrence | Hindsight 2020 – Vol 1: Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell
Laura Lefebvre | La Terre Est Plate
The Lemons | WLMN
Erik Levander | Jökel
Life Without Buildings | Any Other City
Lil Gotit | Burnt N Turnt
Lilith Czar | Created From Filth and Dust
Lisa Li-Lund | Glass Of Blood
Locked In | The Solemn Leap EP
Lola Demo Stone
Lord Apex | Smoke Sessions Vol. 3
Lowell | Bloodthirsty Soundtrack EP
Maria Teresa Luciani | Situazioni del Terzo Mondo
Lucid Den | Ice Storm X
Macabre Demise / Sucking Leech | Observation / Damned to… Split
Mad Daddy | Mad Daddy
Maks The Fox | That We Exist
Nicholas Maloney | Stilling
Peter Manos | Do You Turn Red? (Reimagined) EP
Manyana | NTM
The March Divide | Cinq
The Marigold | Apostate
Flynn Marks | Cold Comfort EP
The Mars Volta | Landscape Tantrums
The Mars Volta | La Realidad De Los Sueños Box Set
Randy McAllister | Paperbag Salvation
Ewan McVicar | Amnocairn EP
Miasma Theory | Miasma Theory
Nicole Millar | Are You Kidding?
Simon Minó | Alma/Flora
Missio | Skeletons: Part 3 EP
Alfa Mist | Bring Backs
Mister Misery | >>A Brighter Side Of Death<<
Tashaki Miyaki | Castaway
Modeselektor | Mean Friend
Moe x Zaytoven | Motoven
Moneybagg Yo | A Gangsta’s Pain
Monobody | Comma
The Mono LPs | Shuffle​/​Play
Moon Vs Sun | I’m Going To Break Your Heart
Justin Moore | Straight Outta The Country
Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy & Randy George – Cover 2 Cover Reissue
Mother Nature | SZNZ
Mother Of All | Age Of The Solipsist
Motörhead | Louder Than Noise… Live in Berlin
Taichi Mukai | Colorless
Mitch Murder | Then Again
Róisín Murphy | Crooked Machine
Kayuza Nagaya | Dream Interpretation
The Nagging Doubts | Autocalm EP
Naked Flames | 247 365
Nattymari | Gimmie Sum
Neptunian Maximalism | Solar Drone Ceremony
Nice Breeze | Magician’s Rabbit
The Night Café | For Better Days EP
Nightfyre | Shattered Lands EP
19&You | 19&You EP
Noeta | Elm
Non Serviam | Le Coeur Bat (The Heart Beats)
Nordgeist | Frostwinter
Nu’Est | Romanticize
Ian Nyquist | Endless, Shapeless
Old Forest | Mournfall
Omega | Nebra
The One, The Three & The Many | The Reply
Ki Oni | Stay Indoors And Swim
Only Violets & Santiago Leyba | Only Violets & Santiago Leyba
Osees | Levitation Sessions II
Pærish | Fixed It All
Paisaunt | Primitiue Blak Metal
The Pale White | Infinite Pleasure
Paper Citizen | Scratching the Surface
Para One | Alpes EP
Paraphilia | Primordium of Sinister Butchery EP
Polly Paulusma | Invisible Music: Folk Songs That Influenced Angela Carter
Paysage d’Hiver | Geister
Vinnie Paz | Burn Everything That Bares Your Name
Bruno Pernadas | Private Reasons
Vanessa Peters | Modern Age
Jay Leo Phillips | Days
The Phoenix Foundation | Life Boat EP
Phoneboy | Phoneboy
Plague Of The Fallen | Bleeding and Vehement
Eva Popov | There’s A Field
André Previn | The Warner Edition: Complete HMV & Teldec Recordings
Proper Nouns | Feel Free
Erin Propp & Larry Roy | We Want All The Same Things
Quelle Rox | Lilac Rush EP
Cesar Quinn | Opal
Raccoon City | Nightlife Reissue
Radial Gaze | Refined EP
Rag’n’Bone Man | Life By Misadventure
Raise A Sulien | Exist
Rari | The Arch (Part One) EP
Rata Negra | Una Vida Vulgar
Red Snapper | B Planet
Remember Sports | Like a Stone
Rezz & Deadmau5 | Hypnocurrency
Ring Van Möbius | Past The Evening Sun
Risqué III | Essence Of A Dream / Risqué Madness
Porter Robinson | Nurture
The Rose Petals | American Grenadine
The Chris Ruben Band | Madness on Repeat
Rudimentary Peni | Great War
Sacred Shrines | Enter the Woods
Sad Man | The Man From S.A.D.
Evie Sands | Get Out of Your Own Way
Michael Sarian & Matthew Putman | A Lifeboat (Part I)
Sarnadas | The Humm
Satomimagae | Hanazono
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk | Eight Fragments Of An Illusion
Eric Schroeder | The Kid
Secret of Elements | Chronos
Sex Gang Children | Oligarch
Joseph Shabason | The Fellowship
Ruba Shamshoum | Risha
Silent | Modern Hate
Silverware | No Plans
Sindy | Horror Head
Sir Sly | The Rise & Fall Of Loverboy
Todd Snider | First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder
Snoop Dogg | From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites
Sonic Boom | Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough
Soul Clap | WTF (World Transformation Force)
Sour Widows | Crossing Over EP
Spectral Lore | Ετερόφωτος
Spiritualized | Lazer Guided Melodies Vinyl Reissue
John Splithoff | All In
Maxwell Sterling | Turn of Phrase
Sufjan Stevens | Revelation II
Stone Cavalli | Social Kaos
Struggling Harsh Immortals | 4 死 Death
Ayuune Sule | Puto Katare Yire
Summer Sleeves | In The Throes Of Woes
Swallowtail | Circumventer
Talk Me Off | Abyss EP
Balkan Taksim | Žali Zare
Lissy Taylor | Quiet Rage
TDA | Ascète
Rita Tekeyan | Green Line
Miguel Gil Tertre | Maran Atha EP
.38 Special | Strength In Numbers / Rock & Roll Strategy
Thulcandra | Ascension Lost Reissue
Thulcandra | Fallen Angel’s Domion Reissue
Thulcandra | Under a Frozen Sun Reissue
Tilian | Factory Reset
Timid Kooky | Baby Be My Spiderman
Tombstones In Their Eyes | Looking For A Light
Myke Towers | Lyke Myke
Tritonal | Reverence
Trust Gang and Black Soprano Family | Trust the Sopranos
Twiztid | Electric Lettuce
Justine Tyrell | While You Were Sleeping EP
Reinhard Vanbergen | Geometric Shapes (A Special Radio~TV Record N°19)
Various Artists | Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip
Various Artists | Continental Drift
Various Artists | Duploc: 140 Allstars Vol. 1
Various Artists | Hexagonal Club Vol. 2
Various Artists | Mémoires d’Éléphant #03
Various Artists | One Night Collective: 1NR001
Various Artists | Riding the Rock Machine: British Seventies Classic Rock
Various Artists | Rocksteady Got Soul
Various Artists | Stills 01
Various Artists | The New Stravinsky Complete Edition
vbnd | Scum Funk
Alan Vega | Mutator
The Venomous Pinks | Based On A True Story EP
Vexillum | When Good Men Go To War
Victory Over The Sun | Nowherer
Vinyl Arch Rodeo | Herodotus
Andrea Viscardi | Phono EP
Vittra | Wardens EP
Void Vator | Great Fear Rising
Walking Bombs | Tears We Should Have Shed
WarCall | Dead End Pt. 1 EP
PM Warson | True Story
Wasuremono | Let’s Talk Pt. 1
Eli West | Tapered Point of Stone
Jennifer Wharton’s Bonegasm | Not a Novelty
WheelUp | Good Love
When Waves Collide | Chasm
Scott Shane White | Call It Even
The Who | The Who Sell Out Super Deluxe Edition
Wild Powwers | What You Wanted
Wilfy D | Time Is Now White Vol​.​ 3
Immanuel Wilkins | Omega Vinyl Release
Dan Wilson | Vessels Of Wood And Earth
Winterblood | Finsternis
Witch Hunt | Rock ’n’ Roll Possession
Wolf Alice | Smile
Yelawolf | Mile Zero
Yellow Ostrich | Soft
Yosh | Tactics EP
Your Academy | Your Academy


April 30

Abominable Putridity | Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
AB6IX | Mo’ Complete: Have A Dream EP
Action/Adventure | Pulling Focus
Ageless Oblivion | Suspended Between Earth and Sky
Alchemia | Inception
Erol Alkan | Automatic Remixes
Tony Allen | There Is No End
Thomas Ankersmit | Perceptual Geography
Arched Fire | Remote Control
Arts Fishing Club | The Show EP
Aschenvater | Landungsfeldmassaker
As We Suffer | The Fallen Pillars
Thomas Atlas | Thomas Atlas
Audiojack | Surface Tension
Lee Baggett | Just A Minute
Ali Barter | Chocolate Cake EP
Beachy Head | Beachy Head
Beckahesten | Tydor
Belle Tower | Tend To EP
Big Mother Gig | Gusto
Big Scary | Daisy
Birdy | Young Heart
Peter Bjärgö | The Translucency of Mind’s Decay
Priscilla Block | Priscilla Block EP
Bloom 604 | Bloom
Błoto | Kwasy I Zasady
Bomba Estéreo | Deja
Boudicca | Cautionary Tale EP
Bowerbirds | Becalmyounglovers
Bob Bradshaw | The Ghost Light
Broken Links | Conflict::States
Boogz Brown | 3883
Serge Bulat | Similarities Between Fish And A Chair
Bunker 66 | Beyond the Help of Prayers
Cadence Weapon | Parallel World
Landon Caldwell & Flower Head Ensemble | Simultaneous Systems
Lisa Cameron & Sandy Ewen | See Creatures Too
Nuela Charles | Blissful Madness
Comit | An Ocean Of Thoughts
Shane Cooper | Happenstance
Coral | Coral Island
Adrian Crowley | The Watchful Eyes Of The Stars
Crumb | Ice Melt
Crushed Velvet & The Velveteers | Love & Truth
Jack Dalton & the Cactus Boys | Milkshake Robbery
Menino da Mãe | 20 20, 2021
Dawn | Second Line
Dead Man’s Chest | Myth & Fire
Del Amitri | Fatal Mistakes
Demons | Privation
Dødsferd | Skotos
Domkraft | Seeds
Don Melody Club | Pure Donzin
Dree Leer | Throw Hands
Dropkick Murphys | Turn Up That Dial
Du Glas | The Edge Of The World
Dye Crap | Dye Crap
Electric Looking Glass | Somewhere Flowers Grow
Electromancy | Robot Black Metal
Enumclaw | Jimbo Demos
Evile | Hell Unleashed
Marianne Faithfull & Warren Ellis | She Walks In Beauty
Far Lands | There Be Monsters
Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard | Once
Fences | Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble
Ffion | Radials
Fitzgerald | The Morning After EP
Mick Fleetwood & Friends | Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green and The Early Years of Fleetwood Mac
Focus | Focus 50
Rob Frye | Chihuahuan Desert / Birdscapes
Futurisk | Recordings 1980​-​1982 Box Set
GangAwry | New High
Girl In Red | If I Could Make It Go Quiet
Glaare | Your Hellbound Heart
Glüme | The Internet
Gojira | Fortitude
Goregäng | Long Live The Grime
Grabek | Tiny Melodies
Graduation Speech | Private Anxieties EP
Will Graefe | Marine Life
Grave Flowers Bongo Band | Strength Of Spring
Growing | Diptych
Guided By Voices | Earth Man Blues
Hadda Be | Another Life
Ross Harper | Feel EP
Sean Hartman | Ecstatic Somnambulism
PJ Harvey | Uh Huh Her Demos
PJ Harvey | Uh Huh Her Vinyl Reissue
Vincent Herring | Preaching To The Choir
Elsa Hewitt | Lupa
Doug Hoekstra | The Day Deserved
Nick Hudson | Font Of Human Fractures
Hyms | Reset EP
Ignatz | You Can’t See Me
Inkswel | Astral Love Deluxe Edition
Innov Gnawa | Lila
Insane | Victims
The Jacksons | Triumph Expanded Edition
The Jacksons | 2300 Jackson Street Expanded Edition
The Jacksons | Victory Expanded Edition
Paul Jacobs | Pink Dogs On The Green Grass
Ja, Panik | Die Gruppe
Jennifer | Sincerely
Rochelle Jordan | Play With the Changes
Kalbells | Max Heart
Joe Kaplow | Sending Money And Stems
Kohsuke Mine | First
Kucka | Wrestling
Kulick | Sitting In A Quiet Coffeehouse EP
Lascar | Distant Imaginary Oceans
Laufey | Typical Of Me EP
Lauren Lee | Queen of Cups
The Lillingtons | Can Anybody Hear Me? (A Tribute To Enemy You)
Lost Relics | Now We’re Even EP
Sarah Louise | Earth Bow
Lovebreakers | Primary Colours
Lowell | Bloodthirsty: Music From The Motion Picture
Luwten | Draft
Makin’ Time | Honey / Take What You Can Get
Manchester Orchestra | The Million Masks of God
Brad Marino | Looking For Trouble
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. | Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons
Winter McQuinn | A Rabble Of Bees
John Mcris | Ark
Tobias Meinhart | The Painter
Metronomy | The English Riviera 10th Anniversary Edition
Julia Michaels | Not In Chronological Order
Gratien Midonet | A Cosmic Poet Revisited
Kohsuke Mine | First
Misfire | Sympathy For The Ignorant
Moderate Rebels | If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right
Ashley Monroe | Roseglow
Moon Not War | Vengeance
Moscow Legend & Trizna | Made In Moscow
Mudlung | Immaculate Infection
Myd | Born A Loser
Natura Est | Real Seasons
Nekromantheon | Visions of Trismegistos
David Newlyn | Tapes and Ghosts
Non Serviam | Live Improvisations – Vol​.​1
Non Serviam | Work
Kristian North | Passion Play
The Nuclears | Seasides
Origami Angel | Gami Gang
Oryx | Lamenting a Dead World
Pale Lips | After Dark
Paper Beat Scissors | La Mitad EP
Paq | Hyphae
Pet Shop Boys | Discovery: Live in Rio 1994
Phantom Handshakes | No More Summer Songs
Phraktal | Nightwalk
Pieater | Daisy
Pinhead Gunpowder | Jump Salty Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | Trundle & Spring Single Vinyl Reissue
Pink Floyd | Live At Knebworth 1990
Radio Tutti & Barilla Sisters | Xogo
Regina Jazz Society | The Saskatchewan Suite
Renaissance | Ashes Are Burning, An Anthology: Live In Concert
Thomas Rhett | Country Again: Side A
Dawn Richard | Second Line: An Electro Revival
Marc Riordan | Life Systems
Perry Ripley | Cocaine Love EP
Rituals Of The Dead Hand | With Hoof & Horn
Porter Robinson | Nurture
Kenny Rogers | 21 Numbers Ones Vinyl Reissue
Royal Blood | Typhoons
Rural Tapes | Rural Tapes
Zeb Samuels | Strawberry Head (Phaeleh Remix)
SDI | Mistreated Reissue
Ben Seretan | Cicada Waves
Joseph Shabason | The Fellowship
Adi Shaham | Last on the Shore
Amy Shark | Cry Forever
The Shootouts | Bullseye
Silent Verdict | Condemned
Iain Sinclair and London Experimental Ensemble | Dark Before Dark
Slice Of Sorrow | Egothrone
Solid Gold Playaz | Mind In A Daze EP
Amy Speace With The Orphan Brigade | There Used To Be Horses Here
Julia Stone | Sixty Summers
Liz Stringer | First Time Really Feeling
Sunken Cages | When The Waters Refused Our History
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy | Superwolves
Michael Sweet | Reborn Again
Teenage Fanclub | Endless Arcade
Telex | This Is Telex
10,000 Years | March Of The Ancient Queen Single
Tetrarch | Unstable
Daniel Thatcher | Waterwheel
Theatre Of Hate | A Thing Of Beauty
The Tibbs | Another Shot Fired / The Main Course
Bill Toms and Hard Rain | Keep Movin’ On
Torn Between Two Worlds | The Beauty of Deception / All Eyes On Me
Travi The Native | God Only Calls The House Phone EP
Tōth | You And Me And Everything
Ya Tseen | Indian Yard
Rosie Tucker | Sucker Supreme
The Undertaking! | Funeral Psalms
Unknown Me | Bishintai
Vacation Manor | Vacation Manor
Various Artists | Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads
Various Artists | Made To Measure Vol​.​1
Various Artists | Walk My Way Vol. 5 Curated by Nick Vander
Veik | Surrounding Structures
Vissia | With Pleasure
Steve Von Till | A Deep Voiceless Wilderness
Vreid | Wild North West
Ishi Vu | La Luz
Leon Vynehall | Rare, Forever
Wake Island | Born To Leave
Juan Wauters | Real Life Situations
Tristan Welch | Temporary Preservation
The White Stripes | White Blood Cells XX
Yellowtooth | The Burning Illusion
Zhu | Dreamland 2021

May 7

The Accidentals | Time Out (Session 1) EP
A Certain Ratio | ACR​:​EPA
Acid’s Trip | Strings of Soul
Allblack | TY4FWM (Thank You 4 Fuckin’ With Me)
The Allegorist | Hybrid Dimension II
Marina Allen | Candlepower
Ihsan Al-Munzer | Sonatina for Maria
Alpha Chrome Yayo | Page Me
Aly & AJ | a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun
Anjimile | Reunion EP
Ape Vermin | Arctic Noise EP
The Aristocrats | Freeze! Live In Europe 2020
Artillery | X
Ashe | Ashlyn
Astro | Into The Past EP
Daniel Bachman | Axacan
Beastwood | The Long Road To Ho
Beekeeper | Slaves To The Nothing
Natalie Bergman | Mercy
Best Move | Mirror Image Twins EP
Black Market Brass | Chemical Plant Zone
Black Moon Mother | Illusions Under The Sun
Book Of Wyrms | Occult New Age
The Broken Cradle | You Are Here and I Am Yours
Calibro 35 | Dalla Bovisa A Brooklyn Reissue + Comic
Candlemass | Green Valley (Live)
Century Egg | Little Piece Of Hair
Chalk Portraits | Memory
Glenn Chatten | Baked Cafe
Kenny Chesney | Here And Now Deluxue
Alex Chilton | Boogie Shoes: Live on Beale Street
Cold Moon | What’s The Rush?
Comorian | We Are an Island, But We’re Not Alone
Cosmic Neighbourhood | All for Fall
Graham Costello | Second Lives
Aleister Crowley | Black Magic
Cvlt Ov The Svn | We Are the Dragon
Cyberian | Dark Orphism
The Damn Truth | Now Or Nowhere
Darkfall / Mortal Strike | Thrashing Death Squad Split EP
The Dead Space | Chlorine Sleep
Death Pop Radio | Death Pop Radio
Deep Heads | Dubstep Vol​.​3
Owen Denvir | Sticks, Stones & Bones
Diamante | American Dream
McKinley Dixon | For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her
Terrence Dixon | Reporting From Detroit
Dräger | Goths à la Discothèque
John Duncan & Stefano Pilia | Try Again
Dunya | Dunya
Electric Party | Play
Electric Treatment Free | Electric Treatment Free EP
Ereb Altor | Eldens Boning
Everlust | Diary of Existence
Fange | Pantocrator
Farawisa | Frægð
Fiver | Fiver With the Atlantic School Of Spontaneous Composition
Fougére | Still Life
Fried Monk x Beautiful-Fortune | Here As One EP
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell | Burn
Ghost Iris | Comatose
Glen | Pull
GoGo Penguin | GGP/RMX
Harlem Gospel Travelers | Nothing But His Love / God’s Gonna Move His Hand
Alma Grace | Frida
Great Lake Swimmers | Live At The Redeemer 2007
Green-House | Music for Living Spaces
Grey Aura | Zwart Vierkant
Gusten | Gusten
Noah Haidu | Slowly: Song for Keith Jarrett
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer | Post Apocalipstick
Christian Hornbostel | Liber Tertius
The Howard Hughes Suite | Smoke From A Future Fire
Iceage | Seek Shelter
Immortal Sÿnn | Force Of Habit
In Asymmetry | Ashes Of Dead Worlds
Infinite Digits | Be The Light / Be The Void
Iron & Wine | Archive Series Volume No. 5: Tallahassee Recordings
Rae Isla | Another Life
Sarah Jarosz | Blue Heron Suite
Kito Jempere | Every Minute Is Too Late ft. Noteless (Fango Remix)
India Jordan | Watch Out!
Jordsjø | Pastoralia
Ted Russell Kamp | Solitaire
Kardashev | The Baring Of Shadows EP
Kasai Allstars | Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Kataan | Kataan
Sophia Kennedy | Monsters
Klexos | Apocryphal Parabolam
Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall | The Marfa Tapes
Ronnie Lane | Anymore For Anymore Vinyl Reissue
Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band | Damballah
Last Days Of April | Even The Good Days Are Bad
Leftover Salmon | Brand New Good Old Days
Lipstick Jodi | More Like Me
Little Snake | A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect
Lucid Sins | Cursed
Man On Man | Man On Man
Mariotte | La Géante
Jesse Maxwell | Hellion
Mephitic Grave | Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity
Messier | On Malaise
The Mighty Mighty BossTones | When God Was Great
Mighty Oaks | Mexico
Modern Fools | Seer
Elektra Monet | Transience
Monolith Of Absolute Suffering | Extirpation Paradigms
Moon Coven | Slumber Wood
Van Morrison | Latest Record Project Volume 1
Maria Muldaur & Tuba Skinny | Let’s Get Happy Together
Mushroom Giant | Painted Mantra 10th Anniversary Edition
Nasimiyu | Potions
New Order | Education Entertainment Recreation
Night Beats | Outlaw R&B
Carlos Niño & Friends | More Energy Fields, Current
Oceanator | I’m Going Online Today: A Livestream Concert Recording
Angel Olsen | Song of the Lark and Other Far Memories
L’Orange & Namir Blade | Imaginary Everything
Osiah | Loss
The Owen Guns | 2: Electric Boogaloo EP
Dorothea Paas | Anything Can’t Happen
Grace Pettis | Working Woman
Pillow Person | Music for 8pm
Pine Tree Riot | Spore Sessions No. 5
P!Off? | P!Off?
Procol Harum | Missing Persons (Alive Forever) EP
Pure Hate | Beauty Of The Chaos
Purpleston | Soul Keys
Reality Grey | Beneath This Crown
Red Giant Project | Outside The Lines
The Resonaires | Standing With You / Don’t Let It Bring You Down
Results of Adults | Interstellar Peach Delight
Bebe Rexha | Better Mistakes
Rexxx | Pure Pleasure II Vinyl Reissue
Rituals Of The Dead Hand | With Hoof And Horn
Salem | Salem II EP
Lucas Santtana | 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse
Scar Of The Sun | Inertia
Chris Schlarb & Chad Taylor | Time No Changes
Servant Leader | Raised By Wolves Part 2
Seth | La Morsure du Christ
Adi Shaham | Last on the Shore
Graham Sharp | Truer Picture
Maia Sharp | Mercy Rising
David Shaw | David Shaw
Isatta Sheriff | A Kind Of Biography EP
Shevils | Miracle of the Sun
Slinky Vagabond | King Boy Vandals
Slow Leaves | Holiday
Soulive | Get Down 21st Birthday Edition Vinyl
Soulive 1999 | Gettin Down At Hampshire College Vinyl
Squid | Bright Green Field
Staind | Live: It’s Been Awhile
Stars Hollow | I Want to Live My Life
Sufjan Stevens | Convocations
The Stools | Live at Outer Limits 12-28-19
Jeffery Straker | Play That Song Again
Will Stratton | The Changing Wilderness
Stuff | T​(​h​)​reats
Sumo Cyco | Initiation
Supervøid | The Giant Nothing
Carter Tanton | Carter Tanton
Tejon Street Corner Thieves | Stolen Goods
Teke::Teke | Shirushi
The Telescopes | Absence Presence
Alfie Templeman | Forever Isn’t Long Enough
Terminalist | The Great Acceleration
Tijuana Hercules | Mudslod and the Singles
Mina Tindle | The LFO/ Blogothèque Sessions
Tóke | The Art of Letting Go EP
The Tom – Emmanuel & Ron Experience | Why (The Knower) / When You Lose Your Groove
Tommy’s RockTrip | Beat Up By Rock ‘N Roll
Torn Between Two Worlds | The Beauty of Deception/All Eyes On Me
Traumatomy | Extirpation Paradigms
Treephones | Pink Objects
Treesearch | Birdward
Trucker Diablo | Tail End Of A Hurricane
Useless ID | Most Useless Songs
Sam Valdez | Take Care
Various Artists | Dear Sunny…
Various Artists | Deewee: Foundations
Various Artists | GOST: A Spiritual Exploration into Greek Soundtracks (1975​-​1989)
Various Artists | Hausu Mountain & Deathbomb Arc Artists in Collaboration: Arc Mountain
Various Artists | Homanity
Various Artists | Kitchener-Waterloo Metal Cover Compilation
Various Artists | The Thing That Ate Floyd Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Celebrating The Winston-Salem Sound
The Vendettas | III
Vitreous Humor | Posthumous
Vokonis | Odyssey
Waker | Fresh Out
Robert Walter | Spirit Of ’70
Weezer | Van Weezer
Tony Joe White | Smoke From The Chimney
Nancy Wilson | You and Me
Amy Winehouse | At The BBC
Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra | Twisting Ways
Remi Wolf | We Love Dogs! Remix EP
Zayde Wolf | Neon Blood Type
Wormlight | Nightmother
Yes | Union Live 30

May 14

Acid Reich | Mistress Of The Perpetual Harvest
Fatima Al Qadiri | Medieval Femme
Amos The Kid | No More New Ideas
John Andrews & The Yawns | Cookbook
Arthur | So Close To You / Future Force – Reincarnation
Åskog | Varþnaþer
Babe Rainbow | Changing Colours
Billy Bang | Lucky Man
Bare Wire Son | Off Black
Bartleby Delicate | Deadly Sadly Whatever
Basic Rhythm | Electronic Labyrinth
Andy Bell | See My Friends EP
Belvedere | Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense
Matt Berry | The Blue Elephant
Black Keys | Delta Kream
Lionel Boy | Lionel Boy
Sara Bug | Sara Bug
Byrd Out | Quoios/Klout
Cadaveric Incubator | Nightmare Necropolis
Cake Pop | Cake Pop 2
Caliban | Zeitgeister
Cancerous Social Thoughts | Distopia
Chai | Wink
Chapeau Claudette | Fashion C’est La Latest Attraction / Pass Auf (Kifissias Ave Dub)
The Chills | Scatterbrain
Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage | Catherine Christer Hennix: Blues Alif Lam Mim
Creature In The Spiral | Dec // Feb
Meredith d’Ambrosio | Sometime Ago
Deep Dark Woods | Changing Faces
Francisco del Pino | Decir
Denm | Slum Beach Denny
Djevel | Tanker Som Rir Natten
Liam Doc | K​-​Toi Trax EP
Erika Dohi | I, Castorpollux
Dordeduh | Har
Riley Downing | Start It Over
Paul Dunmall and Mark Sanders | Unity
Viggo Dyst | Everything Else Is Secondary EP
Egbo | TWoD
Eggvn | La Era de la Bestia
The Ember, The Ash | Fixation
Roope Eronen | The Inflatable World
Curt Florczak | Scraping by on the Hope of Redemption
Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane | Lost in the Cedar Wood,
Fornicus / Ofstingan | Fornicus / Ofstingan
Frost* | Day And Age
Jayda G | DJ​-​Kicks: Jayda G
Giant Claw | Mirror Guide
Madisyn Gifford | Learning To Exist EP
Girlhouse | The Girlhouse EP
Ethan Gold | Earth City 1: The Longing
Steve Goodman | It Sure Looked Good On Paper: The Steve Goodman Demos
Grave Miasma | Abyss of Wrathful Deities
Great Dismal Swamp | Virginia
Grief Collector | En Delirium
Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall | Shadows of Tomorrow b​/​w The Brain Produces Electrical Waves
Nigel Hall | Spiritual
Juliana Hatfield | Blood
Hedonihil | II – Symptomatic
High Reeper / Hippie Death Cult | Doom Sessions Vol. 5
The Inevitables | The Inevitables
Nicolás Jaar | Space Is Only Noise (Ten Year Edition)
Alan Jackson | Where Have You Gone
Ian Janes | Episode 5
Jump | The Myth Of Independence
Damien Jurado | The Monster Who Hated Pennsylvania
Kibby | Blabracadabra
Kiri-uu | Creak-whoosh
Kirlian Camera | Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)
Kitsuné America | West Coast Edition
Leider | A Fog Like Liars Loving
Rachel Lark | Coming Soon: The Pandemic LP
Liar Thief Bandit | Deadlights
Lorenzo_BITW | Pantea
LSDXOXO | Dedicated 2 Disrespect EP
Lumière | A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R.
Mad Symphony | Mad Symphony
Magic Island | So Wrong
Maladia | Sacred Fires
Mammal Hands | Oni / Lantern
Scott Matthews | New Skin
Grace May | L.V.R.
Paul and Linda McCartney | Ram 50th Anniversary Half-Speed Mastered Vinyl
MF Robots | Good People & Mother Funkin’ Robots: The Remixes
Steve Miller | Breaking Ground
Morcheeba | Blackest Blue
Mouth For War | Life Cast In Glass
Mystic Seers| Mystic Seers
Nemorous | Nemorous
Sarah Neufeld | Detritus
Neumatic Parlo | Random Toaster
Never Loved | Over It
Noah | Brain Suck Expanded Edition
Tomas Nordmark | Exit Ghosts
Oldskull | Nether Hollow Of No Return
Osyron | Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition
Packs | Take The Cake
Panopticon | .​.​.​And Again Into the Light
Playfield | Vol. 3: After Life
Plunky & Oneness of Juju | Make a Change
Pools | You & Us
Pretty In Between | Pretty In Between
Prudence | Untitled EP
Sun Ra | Lanquidity Definitive Edition
Radiant Knife & Woorms | RKW
Reaksi | Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita EP
Marc Ribot | Plays Solo Guitar Works of Frantz Casseus
Sam Robbins | Finally Feeling Young
Lani Rose | To: Keep You From: Hurting Me
Roy | Roy’s Garage
Darren Ryan | Into the Clicks
St. Vincent | Daddy’s Home
Johanna Samuels | Excelsior!
Scar Of The Sun | Inertia
Seefeel | (Ch-Vox) Redux
Seefeel | Rupt & Flex (1994 – 96)
Seefeel | Sp19 b/w Ga19
Seefeel | St / Fr / Sp
Seefeel | Succour (Redux)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy / If I Die First | A Sure Disaster Split EP
Seth | La Morsure Du Christ
The Silk War | Come Evening
Siniestro | Vortexx
Carl Smith And The Natural Gas Company | Burnin’
Son Of Dave | Call Me A Cab
Sons of Kemet | Black to the Future
Sour Times | The 11th Hour
Special Interest | Trust No Wave: The 2016 Demos
The Steel Woods | All Of Your Stones
Subterranean Masquerade | Mountain Fever
Sunbomb | Evil & Divine
Sunset Lines | Home Anywhere EP
SW2 ft Moses Boyd | Bridge The Gap / Dirty South
Szaio | Obraz
Team Picture | Music For Hauntings Vol 1
Jesse Terry | When We Wander
Tvaer | Uvaer
Uffe | Not All The Stars EP
Uffe /​ Petwo Evans | Double Drop EPs Vol 1
Unwed Sailor | Truth Or Consequences
Various Artists | The Best Of Doris Wishman
Various Artists | Color De Tropico Vol 2 Compiled by El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas
Various Artists | The Problem of Leisure: A Celebration of Andy Gill and Gang of Four
Paul Weller | Fat Pop (Volume 1)
Per Wiberg | All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out
Wolverine | A Darkened Sun
Mick Woods | Cyborgasm EP
Wreche | All My Dreams Came True
Sven Wunder | Impasto / Prussian Blue
Yushh, Kincaid, Tristan Arp, PinballSpider, Johnny Hunter | Limited Series 10
Zombi | Liquid Crystal
Zuli Jr. | Stop It God

May 21

Acausal Intrusion | Nulitas
Ahemaa Nwomkro | Nsem Nyinaa Nyame
Lydia Ainsworth | Sparkles & Debris
Theo Alexander | Sunbathing Through A Glass Screen
Jon Allen | …Meanwhile
Reverend Shawn Amos | The Cause Of It All
Anatomia | Corporeal Torment
An Autumn For Crippled Children | As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes
Bill and the Belles | Happy Again
Mischa Blanos | City Jungle
BLK JKS | Abantu / Before Humans
Blue Orchids | Speed The Day
Canyon | Static
Chai | Wink
Charles | Let’s Start A Family Tonight
Clicka Clan Destine | Tu Alfa Y Tu Omega Vol. 5: Colombia
Clustersun | Avalanche
Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino | Blue Blue Blue
Colleen | The Tunnel and the Clearing
The Cult Of Dom Keller | They Carried The Dead In A UFO
Erika de Casier | Polite
Darwin Deez | Good Ribbons
Destroyed In Seconds | Divide & Devour
The Diabolical Liberties | Dub Protection & The Sportswear Mystics
Disparaître | Urchig
Alan Doyle | Back To The Harbour
Ducks Ltd. | Get Bleak
Rachel Eckroth | Rachel Eckroth
Kaktus Einarsson | Kick The Ladder
Eisenhand | Fires Within
End You | Aimless Dread
Esoctrilihum | Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath
Petwo Evans | Bootstrap EP
Facs | Present Tense
Fiddlehead | Between The Richness
Robert Finley | Sharecropper’s Son
Fionn | Candid Constellations EP
Vincent Floyd | Cruising EP
Fly Pan Am | Frontera
Abraham Fogg | Metamorphosis
Herman Frank | Two For A Lie
The Gabbard Brothers | Sell Your Gun Buy A Guitar
Richard Greenan | Rehearsing Heat
Sinead Harnett | Ready Is Always Too Late
Hawel / McPhail | Transmissions from the Upper Room
Heavy Sentence | Bang to Rights
John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band | Leftover Feelings
Hippie Death Cult | Circle Of Days
Hippie Death Cult | 111 Reissue
Holiday Ghosts | North Street Air
Hotel California | Orange
Ice War | Sacred Land
Illusory | Crimson Wreath
Impure Wilhelmina | Antidote
ISQ | Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes
Sunny Jain | Phoenix Rise
Nick Jaina | Credo
Jess & The Ancient Ones | Vertigo
Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre | Heirs of the Dog: A Tribute to Nazareth
Johnny Mafia | Sentimental
John the Silent | Renewal
Jim Keller | By No Means
Lily Konigsberg | The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now
Koo Koo Kanga Roo | Slow Clap
Koralle & Kuranes | Beat Kiosk
Krak In Dub | Catleya (Bogota Sessions)
Nicholas Krgovich | This Spring
Amai Kuda Et Les Bois | EmUrgency!
Lambchop | Showtunes
Land Trance | First Séance
Late Aster | True & Toxic EP
Leach | Lovely Light of Life
Lea Porcelain | Choirs To Heaven
Lenzman | A Little While Longer
Livingmore | Take Me
Lord Huron | Long Lost
Low Cut Connie | Tough Cookies: The Best of the Quarantine Broadcasts
Majestic Downfall | Aorta
Bob Malone | Good People
Mannequin Pussy | Perfect EP
Manudigital | Digital Kingston Session Vol. 2
Marinero | Hella Love
Eamonn McCormack | Storyteller
Mr Ben & the Bens | Melody Shed
The Mistons | World of Convenience
Mdou Moctar | Afrique Victime
Monster Magnet | A Better Dystopia
Georgia Anne Muldrow | VWETO III
Murcof | The Alias Sessions
Ell Murphy | Time Is Now White Vol​.​4
Rachel Musson | Dreamsing
My Bloody Valentine | EPs 1988-1991 Reissue
My Bloody Valentine | Isn’t Anything Reissue
My Bloody Valentine | Loveless Reissue
My Bloody Valentine | m b v Reissue
Nadja | Luminous Rot
Nicolet | Dans la nuit lente
Nightjacket | Following The Curse
Nineteen Hand | Revel
No Joy | Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven
No Kill | Gold Chorus
Nuclear Winter | Greystone
Gary Numan | Intruder
Nutronic | Futures
Obliquemusicofficial | Past Times
Ol’ Burger Beats | Monologue
Tyne-Jams Organ | Necessary Evil
John Orpheus | Saga Boy
Packs | Take The Cake
Patrick Paige II | If I Fail Are We Still Cool?
The Palace Guard | All Night Long: An Anthology, 1965-1966
John Palumbo | Hollywood Blvd.
Panache | Every Brother Ain’t A Brother
Perdurabo / Davide Tomat | The Time Traveller
Ben Pest | On The Three
Pop Evil | Versatile
Gavin Preller | There Is Wonder
Reigning Sound | A Little More Time with Reigning Sound
Res | Strife of Permanence
Gruff Rhys | Seeking New Gods
Sam Robbins | Finally Feeling Young
Robots Of The Ancient World | Mystic Goddess
Olivia Rodrigo | Sour
Rose City Band | Earth Trip
Allison Russell | Outside Child
Sadistik Forest | Obscure Old Remains
San Holo | BB U OK?
Scream Collision | Memories
Blake Shelton | Body Language
Skeletal Remains | Beyond The Flesh Reissue
Skeletal Remains | Condemned To Misery Reissue
Skeletal Remains | Desolate Isolation Reissue
Sons of Raphael | Full​-​Throated Messianic Homage
Spang Sisters | Spang Sisters
Starlight Cleaning Co. | Starlight Cleaning Co.
Storefront Church | As We Pass
Sunroof | Electronic Music Improvisations Volume 1
Tamaraebi | Spectrum EP
Serj Tankian | Elasticity EP
Jesse Terry | When We Wander
Mikael Tobias | Aperture
Tooli | Tompkins Square Park (Versions)
Tooth & Claw | Dream Of Ascension
Tuvaband | Growing Pains
Twenty One Pilots | Scaled And Icy
299 | The 299 Game LP
Ad Vanderveen | Release
Various Artists | Pirates Choice Vol. 2
Vexed | Culling Culture
Video Nasty | Video Nasty
Violent Femmes | Add It Up (1981–1993) Vinyl Reissue
ViVii | Mondays
Vulture | Dealin’ Death
Kitt Wakeley | Symphony of Sinners and Saints
Zoe Wees | Golden Wings
Lula Wiles | Shame & Sedition
Wreche | All My Dreams Came True
Wytch | Exordium
Yautja | The Lurch
Yoo Doo Right | Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
Zgard | Place Of Power

May 28

Alastor | Onwards and Downwards
Alestorm | Live In Tilburg
Alluvial | Sarcoma
Angstskríg | Skyggsepil
Bachelor | Doomin’ Sun
Backxwash | I Lie Here Buried with My Rings and My Dresses
Lou Barlow | Reason to Live
Bizarrekult | Vi Overlevde
Black Midi | Cavalcade
Blazon Rite | Endless Halls of Golden Totem
Bloodbound | Creatures Of The Dark
Body Meπa | The Work Is Slow
David Bowie | The Width Of A Circle
Fiona Brown | Mundane
Bruce Lee Band | Division In The Heartland EP
Can | Live In Stuttgart 1975
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis | Carnage Vinyl
Cheval Sombre | Days Go By
Chubby and the Gang | Lightning Don’t Strike Twice​ /​ Life’s Lemons
Cirith Ungol | Half Past Human EP
Curse of Eibon | Journey Into Madness
Pickle Darling | Cosmonaut
Departed | Darkness Reigns
Djabe & Steve Hackett | The Journey Continues
Dohny Jep | Shallow Is The Water EP
Drift Into Black | Patterns of Light
Devin Drobka Trio | Resorts
John Dwyer | Moon Drenched
81355 | This Time I’ll Be of Use
Elder Island | Swimming Static
This Ending | Needles Of Rust
Andre Ethier | Further Up Island
Les Filles de Illighadad | At Pioneer Works
Flanafi with Ape School | The Knees Start To Go
Fountains of Wayne | Welcome Interstate Managers Vinyl Reissue
Masayoshi Fujita | Bird Ambience
Ghastly | Mercurial Passages
Gwar | The Disc With No Name
PJ Harvey | The Peel Sessions 1991-2004 Vinyl Reissue
James Heather | Modulations: EP2
Hide | Interior Terror
High n’ Heavy | V
Hans Hjelm | Factory Reset
Holy Hive | I Don’t Envy Yesterdays b​/​w Color It Easy
James | All The Colours Of You
Etta James | The Montreux Years
Karmacoda | Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire
Karmamoi | Room 101
Karpenter | Sleepless
Kele | The Waves Pt. 1
Khandra | All Occupied by Sole Death
King Of Asgard | Svartrviðr
JP Lancaster | Around Town
k.d. lang | makeover
Abbey Lincoln | Abbey Is Blue Vinyl Reissue
Loscil | Clara
Lost Division | Cuts And Scars
Hober Mallow / Jim Sharp | Here I Am / 10th Wonder
José Mauro | A Viagem Das Horas
Jim McHugh | Pretending To Wake Up
Matt McManamon | Scally Folk
Mental Cruelty | A Hill to Die Upon
Moby | Reprise
Modern Blonde | Candyland
Mustafa | When Smoke Rises
Nadjiwan | Star Nation
Needles//Pins | Needles//Pins
Neighborhood Brats | Confines of Life
Noctiferia | Reforma
Noctule | Wretched Abyss
Orodruin | Epicurean Mass Vinyl Reissue
Pale Divine | Cemetery Earth Vinyl Reissue
Patto | Give It All Away: The Albums 1970-1973
Brianna Perry | Boss Bitch Boulevard
Perturbator | Lustful Sacraments
Portico Quartet | Terrain
Prudence | Beginnings
Matthias Puech | A Geography of Absence
Qlowski | Quale Futuro?
Ragenap | Thankrupcy
Piry Reis | Piry Reis
Resense | Shakin’ James / Let’s Ride
Satanic Planet | Satanic Planet
Satyricon | Dark Medieval Times
Sedibus | The Heavens
Serlin Greaves | Sad Songs For Sale
7days | Forever Remastered
7days | The Weight Of The World Remastered
Siggatunez | True Love (Feat. Vany T Fair)
Nina Simone | The Montreux Years
J Smith | And You Chose Not To Laugh
Smoove | Take It Easy Single
Halal Sol | Dijamin EP
Sonic Blast | Humanity Divided
Steel & Timber | Steel & Timber
Stormruler | Under The Burning Eclipse
Justin Sullivan | Surrounded
Austin Taft | Skeletons
Texas | Hi
Thee More Shallows | Dad Jams
Penelope Trappes | Penelope Three
Travis | The Boy With No Name Vinyl Reissue
Mark Trecka | Acknowledgment
Tristen | Aquatic Flowers
T-Tops | Staring At A Static Screen
Unfathomable Ruination | Decennium Ruinae
UV-TV | Always Something
Various Artists | Modern Love
Ven | Ven EP
Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival | Meet The Monsters
Vonnegut Collective / Tullis Rennie / Thomas Adès | 48 Hours
Vorvaň | Awakened
Waking The Sleeping Bear | Porno Future
Watching Tides | We’ve Been So Close, Yet So Alone
Lagoon Wavey | The Shore EP
White Moth Black Butterfly : The Cost Of Dreaming
Beth Whitney | Into The Ground

June 4

Anatomia | Dissected Humanity Reissue
Anti-God Hand | Wretch
The Ar-Kaics | Live In The Shit
Armlock | Trust
Atomic Bronco | Spectrum EP
Atreyu | Baptize
The Avalanches | Since I Left You 20th Anniversary Edition
Tim Ayre | Mexican Holiday EP
Bizou | Tragic Lover
Black Moon Mother | Illusions Under the Sun
Black Pumas | Capitol Cuts – Live at Studio A
Black River Delta | Shakin’
Blueanimal | Figment That Was Me
The Graham Bond Organisation | Wade In The Water (Classics, Origins & Oddities)
Boss Keloid | Family the Smiling Thrush
Cande Y Paulo | Cande Y Paulo
Cannon | Connexion
Joe Cardamone | Quarentina
Gerald Cleaver | Griots
Code | Flyblown Prince
Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love | Friends In High Places
Cornett | The Ghost Inside Me
Crowded House | Dreamers Are Waiting
Das Beat | Identität
Desaster | Churches Without Saints
Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo Brown | Lovesick
Easy Life | Life’s A Beach
Eiger Drums Propaganda | III
Eremit | Bearer of Many Names
Eye of Purgatory | The Lighthouse
Ghost Twin | Love Songs for End Times
Giant Drag | Lemona EP Reissue
Giant Drag | Swan Song EP Reissue
Billy Gibbons | Hardware
Paul Gilbert | Werewolves of Portland
Dobet Gnahoré | Couleur
Green Jellÿ (Suxx Mexico) | Garbage Band Kids
Hannes Grossmann | To Where The Light Retreats
Hildegard | Hildegard
Lydia Hol | Love & Devotion EP
Hum Hum | Traversant
Inhuman Condition | Rat God
Simone Istwa | Heartweb EP
Loraine James | Reflection
Japanese Breakfast | Jubilee
Jomoro | Blue Marble Sky
Olivia Kaplan | Tonight Turns to Nothing
Kelpe | Kyverdale Road
King Buffalo | The Burden Of Restlessness
Jonny Kosmo | Pastry
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys | Transit Taper (For Women Who Move Furniture Around)
Leatherface | Mush
Jens Lekman | When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog Vinyl Reissue
Loose Cattle | Heavy Lifting
Kirk McElhinney | You Are Not Your Past
Miriam Makeba | Keep Me in Mind Remastered
Alyson McNamara | Let Me Sleep
Maxi Meraki | The Way (Extended Mix)
Hailu Mergia | Tezeta
My Name Is Ian | Fantastic Company
Myronath | Djevelkraft
Nephila | Nephila
New Morning Blues | London
Tig Notaro | Live Vinyl Reissue
Okuté | Okuté
Ormiston | Hammer Down
Overcoats | Used To Be Scared Of The Dark
Greentea Peng | Man Made
Liz Phair | Soberish
Paris Pick | Hope For The Best
Poté | A Tenuous Tale of Her
Quivers | Golden Doubt
Red Fang | Arrows
Reptilicus | Designer Time Reissue
Rise Against | Nowhere Generation
Rostam | Changephobia
Mark Rubin: Jew of Oklahoma | The Triumph of Assimilation
Satsang | All. Right. Now.
Shun | Shun
Slikback | Quoios​/​Klout
Walter Smith III | Still Casual
Somnuri | Nefarious Wave
Sorbet | This Was Paradise
Soul Grinder | Lifeless Obsession
Leni Stern | Dance
Stubborn Heart | Made Of Static
Jenn Taiga | Lunar Nocturnes and Esoteric Incantations
Talk Show Host | Mid Century Modern
Ole Teigen | Aske og Jord
Theos | We Miss The Crowd EP
Chris Thile | Laysongs
Theo Travis | Songs From The Apricot Tree
Trouble | Psalm 9
Trouble | The Skull
Van Canto | To The Power Of Eight
Various Artists | Secretly Canadian: SC25 Anniversary
The War On Drugs | Wagonwheel Blues Vinyl Reissue
Whitney | Light Upon the Lake Vinyl Reissue
W!zard | Definitely Unfinished
Woody and Jeremy | Gravy In My Coffee
Yellow6 | For The First And Last

June 11 + 12 (Record Store Day)

Lee Aaron | Metal Queen Vinyl
AC/DC | Through The Mists of Time / Witch’s Spell Picture Disc
AFI | Bodies
Air | People in the City Vinyl Picture Disc
Airbag | Identity Vinyl Reissue
Siavash Amini | A Trail of Laughters
Anaal Nathrakh | The Codex Necro Reissue
Anaal Nathrakh | Total Fucking Necro Reissue
Azure Ray | Remedy
Alestorm | Sunset On The Golden Age Vinyl
Alkaline Trio | From Here to Infirmary Vinyl
Jimmie Allen | Hazy-O! Vinyl
Animal Collective | Prospect Hummer Vinyl
Anti-Flag | 20/20 Division Vinyl
Ash | BBC Sessions 1994-1999
Avatar | Hunter Gather Vinyl
Awolnation | Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders Live From 2020 Vinyl
Ruth B. | Moments In Between
Rachel Baiman | Cycles
The Band Camino | 4 Songs By Your Buds In The Band Camino Vinyl
Banda Black Rio | Super Nova Samba Funk Vinyl
Barenaked Ladies | TBA Cassette
Danny Barnes | Dirt on the Angel Vinyl
Beastie Boys | Aglio E Olio Vinyl
Beck | Hyperspace Vinyl
Jehnny Beth | BBC Session Vinyl
Bjork X The Hamrahlid Choir | Cosmogony Vinyl
Black Francis | Abbabubba Vinyl
Black Sabbath | Heaven & Hell Vinyl
Black Sabbath | Mob Rules Vinyl
Black Sabbath | Sabotage Super Deluxe Edition
The Blind Boys of Alabama | I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be Free Vinyl
Mike Block & Sandeep Das | Where The Soul Never Dies
Blondie | Sunday Girl Vinyl
Tommy Bolin | Energy II Limited Edition Vinyl
Brainiac | Attic Tapes Vinyl
Brainiac | From Dayton Ohio Vinyl
Apollo Brown, Planet Asia, Gensu Dean, Guilty Simpson | Stitched Up & Shaken Vinyl
The Bruisers | The Bruisers Singles Collection 1989-1997 Vinyl
The Brummies | Live From Grimeys Vinyl
Precious Bryant | Fool Me Good Vinyl
Buzzcocks | A Different Compilation Vinyl
C-Murder & Boosie Badazz | Penitentiary ChancesVinyl
Canned Heat | Canned Heat Blues Band Limited Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Cautious Clay | Prototype 3000 Vinyl
The Chemical Brothers | TBC Vinyl
Chief Keef | Dedication Vinyl
Chief Keef & Zaytoven | GloToven Vinyl
Cold Cave | Fate in Seven Lessons EP
Cold War Kids New Age Norms: The Complete Collection Vinyl
Albert Collins with the Barrelhouse | Live Vinyl
Conditioner | Conditioner
Stompin’ Tom Connors | Unreleased Songs From The Vault Collection. Vol 4: Let’s Smile Again Vinyl
Larry Coryell | At The Village Gate Vinyl
The Creation | In Stereo Vinyl
Jim Croce | You Don’t Mess Around With Jim / Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels) Vinyl
Celia Cruz / Willie Colón | Celia y Willie Vinyl
Crypta | Echoes Of The Soul
El Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango Cubafrica | Vinyl
The Cure | Faith Vinyl
Czarface / MF Doom | Meddle With Metal Vinyl
Don Davis | The Matrix: The Complete Edition
Def Leppard | Live In Oxford Vinyl
Deftones | Digital Bath (Telefon Tel Aviv Version) / Feiticeira (Arca Remix) Vinyl
Desmond Dekker | King of Ska: The Early Singles Collection, 1963-1966 Vinyl Box Set
Devo | Somewhere with Devo Vinyl
Devo’s Gerald V. Casale | AKA Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers Vinyl
Diamond Weapon | Eyes EP
Dirty Heads | Home: Phantoms of Summer Vinyl
Dirty Three | Ocean Songs Deluxe Edition Vinyl
Dr. John | The Sun, Moon & Herbs Dlx 50th Anniv Ed. Vinyl
The Doors | Morrison Hotel Sessions Vinyl
Kenny Dorham | Quiet Kenny Vinyl
Dornenreich | Du Wilde Liebe Sei
Drone-in-the-Woods & Electro/Magnetic | Lymphae
DVSN | Sept 5th Vinyl
Steve Earle & The Dukes / Justin Townes Earle | The Saint of Lost Causes Vinyl
Echo & The Bunnymen | Live In Liverpool Vinyl
Paul Edward-Francis | Blood of Zeus Soundtrack Vinyl
Electric Wizard | Time To Die Vinyl
Danny Elfman | Big Mess
Emerson, Lake & Palmer | Tarkus Vinyl Picture Disc
Engine Kid | Everything Left Inside Vinyl Box Set
Escape the Fate | Chemical Warfare: B Sides Vinyl
Bill Evans | Behind The Dikes: The 1969 Netherlands Recordings Vinyl
Fàshiön | Pröduct Perfect Vinyl
Lupe Fiasco | Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor Series Vinyl
Lupe Fiasco | House EP Vinyl
Ella Fitzgerald | Original Grooves: Ella In Berlin Vinyl
The Fixx | Reach The Beach Limited Edition Vinyl
The Flamin’ Groovies | Bucket of Brains Vinyl
Flaming Lips | The Soft Bulletin Companion Vinyl
Fontaines D.C. | Live at Kilmainham Gaol Vinyl
Frank Foster | The Loud Minority
Jeffrey Dean Foster | I’m Starting To Bleed Vinyl
Chloe Foy | Where Shall We Begin
Frankie and the Witch Fingers | Brain Telephone Vinyl
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds | TBA Vinyl
Garbage | No Gods No Masters
Jerry Garcia Band | Jerry Garcia Band 30th Anniversary Edition
Nubya Garcia | Source ≡ Oour Dance Vinyl
Genesis | Live At Knebwoth 1990 Vinyl
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib | Pinata: The 1984 Version Vinyl
Glass Eye | Somewhere, Nowhere
The Glitch Mob | Drink the Sea / Drink the Sea (Ambient Version) Vinyl
Ariana Grande | k bye for now (swt live) Vinyl Box Set
Grateful Dead | Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/72 Vinyl
Grave Titan | In Perpetuum
Al Green | Give Me More Love Vinyl
Grief Collector | En Delirium
Griff | One Foot In Front Of The Other
Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts | Honky Tonkin’ Beauty Supreme
The Groundhogs | Who Will Save The World? Vinyl
Gruntruck | Push Expanded Edition) Vinyl
Dave Grusin | The Goonies Score Vinyl
Haim | Gasoline Vinyl
Hammer King | Hammer King
Col. Bruce Hampton | Arkansas Vinyl
Roy Hargrove / Mulgrew Miller | In Harmony Vinyl
Donny Hathaway | Donny Hathaway Live Vinyl
Mayer Hawthorne | Impressions Vinyl
Richard Hell And The Voidoids | Destiny Street Demos Vinyl
Kristin Hersh | Wyatt At The Coyote Palace Vinyl
High Pulp | Mutual Attraction Vol. 2 Vinyl
Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey | Our Back Pages Vinyl
Hooverphonic | A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular: Remixes Vinyl
Ben Howard | Variations Vol. 1 Vinyl
The Hu | Sad But True & Wolf Totem Vinyl
Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo | Blocc Movement 2 x 12”
I Don’t Konw How But They Found Me | Razzmatazz (B-Sides) Vinyl
Ihsahn | After Vinyl
Integrity | Cradle To The Grave Vinyl
Islands | Islomania
The Jaded Hearts Club | Live at the 100 Club Vinyl
Sarah Jarosz | I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/my future Vinyl
Jeezy | Thug Motivation: The Collection Vinyl
Jefferson Airplane | Acid, Incense and Balloons: Collected Gems From The Golden Era Of Flight Vinyl
Bobo Jenkins | My All New Life Story Vinyl
Elton John | Regimental Sgt. Zippo Vinyl
John Johnson | Elusive
Janis Joplin | Pearl Picture Disc Vinyl
Majid Jordan | Majid Jordan Vinyl
Josiah | Out Of The First Rays
Juicy J | The Hustle Continues Vinyl
Karma Kids | Vibes
Greg Keelor | Share The Love: Lost Cause Sessions Vinyl
King’s X | Tape Head Vinyl
King’s X | Please Come Here… Mr. Bulbous Vinyl
The Kinks | Percy Vinyl
Fela Kuti | Open & Close Vinyl
Lady Gaga | Chromatica Vinyl
La Femme | Runway / Me Suive Vinyl
Dany Laj and the Looks | Ten Easy Pieces
Lamb of God | As the Palaces Burn Vinyl
Harold Land | Westward Bound! Vinyl
Mark Lanegan | Here Comes That Weird Chill (Methamphetamine Blues, Extras and Oddities) Vinyl
Daniel Lanois | Heavy Sun Vinyl
Lanterns On The Lake | Gracious Tide, Take Me Home 10th Anniversary Edition
Peggy Lee | World Broadcast Recordings 1955, Vol 1 Vinyl
Michael LeGrand | La Piscine (The Swiming Pool)
Lemonheads | Hate your Friends Vinyl
Ligature Marks | Set Oceans On Fire Deluxe Edition
Linkin Park | Meteora Vinyl
Kenny Loggins | At The Movies Vinyl
The London Suede | Love and Poison Vinyl
Love Spit Love | Trysome Eatone Vinyl
L7 | The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum 25th Anniversary Platinum Edition Vinyl
Mammoth WVH | Mammoth WVH
Marina | Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
John Martyn | The Church With One Bell Vinyl
Christian McBride Trio | Out Here Vinyl
Parker McCollum | Pretty Heart Vinyl
Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard | Undivided / I Called Mama (Live Acoustic) Vinyl
Maria McKee | High Dive Vinyl
Maria McKee | Live In Hamburg Vinyl
Mega Ran | Mega Ran 9 Vinyl
Brad Mehldau & Orpheus Chamber Orchestra | Variations on a Melancholy Theme
Merkules | Apply Pressure Vinyl
Jim Messina & His Jesters | The Dragsters Vinyl
Joni Mitchell | Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1967): Highlights Vinyl
Thelonious Monk | Palo Alto: The Custodian’s Mix Vinyl
Mötley Crüe | 40th Anniversary Cassette Box
Motörhead | St Valentine’s Day Massacre 10″ Picture Disc
M.T.B. (Mehldau/Turner/Bernstein) | Consenting Adults Vinyl
Mudhoney / Meat Puppets | Warning / One of These Days Vinyl
Mulatu | Mochilla Presents Timeless: Mulatu Astatke Vinyl
Nada Surf | Cycle Through Vinyl
Me’Shell NdegéOcello | Peace Beyond Passion Deluxe Vinyl
Negative Approach | Tied Down Demo Vinyl
Negative Space | Hard, Heavy, Mean & Evil Vinyl
Neon Christ | 1984 Vinyl
Molly Nilsson | The Travels Vinyl
Noctorum | Sparks Lane Vinyl
The Notorious B.I.G. | Biggie Duets: The Final Chapter Vinyl
O.A.R. | Stories of a Stranger Vinyl
Conor Oberst Ruminations (Expanded Edition) (RSD21 EX) Vinyl
Ocean Colour Scene | Saturday Vinyl
Terra Odium | Ne Plus Ultra
Dustin O’Halloran | Silfur
Oneohtrix Point Never | Betrayed In The Octagon Vinyl
Oneohtrix Point Never | Drawn and Quartered Vinyl
Oneohtrix Point Never | The Fall Into Time Vinyl
Oneohtrix Point Never | Russian Mind Vinyl
Oneohtrix Point Never | Zones Without People Vinyl
Opeth | Morningrise Vinyl
Orange Goblin | Eulogy For The Damned Vinyl
Osees | The Chapel, SF 10​.​2​.​19
Our Lady Peace | Healthy in Paranoid Times
Robert Palmer | Sneaking Sally Through The Alley Limited Edition Vinyl
Van Dyke Parks & Verónica Valerio | Van Dyke Parks Orchestrates Verónica Valerio: Only in America
Don Peake | The People Under The Stairs Vinyl
Pepper | In With The Old Vinyl
Perfume Genius | Immediately Remixes Vinyl
Lee (Scratch) Perry | Roast Fish, Collie Weed, Corn Bread Vinyl
Tom Petty | Angel Dream: She’s the One Soundtrack Vinyl
Pinhead Gunpowder | Carry The Banner Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | Fahizah Single Vinyl Reissue
Robert Plant | Live At Knebworth 1990 Vinyl
The Police | Live! Vol. 1: Boston 1979 Vinyl
The Police | Live! Vol. 2: Atlanta 1983 Vinyl
Iggy Pop | Live At The Channel Boston Vinyl
Prince | The Truth Vinyl
Suzi Quatro | Live & Kickin’ 2021 Mix Vinyl
Quivers | Golden Doubt
Salah Ragab and The Cairo Jazz Band | Egyptian Jazz Vinyl
Rage Against The Machine | The Battle Of Mexico City Vinyl
Joey Ramone | Don’t Worry About Me Vinyl
Renaldo & The Loaf | Long Time Coming: Live In Vienna Vinyl
The Replacements | The Pleasure’s All Yours: Pleased to Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates Vinyl
The Residents | Leftovers Again!?! Vinyl
Keith Richards | Wicked As It Seems Live Vinyl
Jonathan Richman | Having A Party With Jonathan Richman Vinyl
Tony Riparetti | Crazy Six Soundtrack
The Rolling Stones | Hot Rocks 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Round Robin and Brimstone | Round Robin and Brimstone Vinyl
Jesse Royal | Royal
Royce Da 5’9″ | The Allegory Vinyl
Jeff Russo | The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Vinyl
St. Lenox | Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for our Tumultuous Times
Michael Schenker Group | Live In Manchester 1980 Vinyl
Schoolly D | The Real Hardcore (ft. Ice-T, Chuck D, Code Money + Sid Wilson) Vinyl
The Selecter | Live In Coventry 1979 Vinyl
Senses Fail | Let It Enfold You Vinyl
Sepiroth | Condemned To Suffer
Joana Serrat | Hardcore From The Heart
The Shins | Oh, Inverted World 20th Anniversary Remaster
ShitKid | Sort Stjerne!
Sigh | Heir To Despair Vinyl
Skids | Songs from a Haunted Ballroom
Skyzoo | All The Brilliant Things
Slayyyter | Troubled Paradise
Sleeping With Sirens | How It Feels To Be Lost Deluxe Vinyl
Slightly Stoopid & Friends | Live At Roberto’s TRI Studios Vinyl
Slum Village | Fantastic Volume II: 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Sly & Robbie, Roots Radics | The Final Battle: Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics Vinyl
Jonathan Snipes | A Glitch in the Matrix Soundtrack
Steely Dan | Two Against Nature Vinyl
Steely Dan | Everything Must Go Vinyl
Cat Stevens / Yusuf Songs From Harold & Maude Vinyl
Stillwater | Stillwater Demos EP Vinyl
Joe Strummer | Junco Partner (Acoustic) Vinyl Picture Disc
The Struts | Strange Days Vinyl
Stryper | God Damn Evil Vinyl
Styx | The Same Stardust EP Vinyl
Sublime | Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C. Vinyl
Suicide | Cheree Vinyl
Sundrowned | Become Ethereal
Super Furry Animals | Ice Hockey Hair EP Vinyl
Supergrass | Going Out Vinyl
The Sword | Age of Winters 15th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
t.A.T.u. | 200 km/h In the Wrong Lane Vinyl
Tangerine Dream | Live at the Reims Cathedral Vinyl
Tears For Fears | Live At Massey Hall Vinyl
Texas (ft. Wu-Tang Clan) | Hi Vinyl
Thrice | To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere Vinyl
Tom Tom Club | The Good The Bad And The Funky Vinyl
Toots & The Maytals | Funky Kingston Vinyl
Triumph | Allied Forces 40th Anniversary
Tune-Yards | Whokill Vinyl
Twenty One Pilots | Location Sessions Vinyl
William Tyler | New Vanitas Vinyl
UFO | Mother Mary / This Kid’s Vinyl
Ultravox | Vienna [Steven Wilson Mix]
Urban Renewal Project | Posse Comitatvs #1: Border’s Edge Vinyl
Uriah Heep | The Magician’s Birthday Vinyl
U2 | Fire 40th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Jan Van de Engel | Streams
Various Artists | A Tribute To Repo Man Vinyl
Various Artists | Above The Rim Vinyl
Various Artists | Chicago/The Blues/Today! Vinyl
Various Artists | Colemine Records: Soul Slabs Vol. 3 Vinyl
Various Artists | Comefy Here Often? And Light Organ Records present: A Record Store Day Show Vinyl
Various Artists | Dedicated to You: Lowrider Love Vinyl
Various Artists | Demoitis Volume 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Golden Gate Groove: The Sound Of Philadelphia Live In San Francisco 1973 Vinyl
Various Artists | Having a Party: Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day, Volume 8 Vinyl
Various Artists | Help EP
Various Artists | I Mean Alarmed: the Toulon-Pedro Connect Vinyl
Various Artists | Jasper The Vinyl Junkie: Vinyl Junkie Thangs
Various Artists | Jazz Dispensary: The Dank D-Funk Blend, Vol. 2 Vinyl
Various Artists | Just Leg It!!! Vinyl
Various Artists | Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Golden Triangle Edition Vinyl
Various Artists | Other Music Soundtrack Vinyl + DVD
Various Artists | Penrose Showcase Vol. I Vinyl
Various Artists | Psyché France Vol.7. Vinyl
Various Artists | Punks In Peoria
Various Artists | Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter Vinyl
Various Artists | Rough Guide To Blues Behind Bars Vinyl
Various Artists | Rough Guide To Booze & Blues Vinyl
Various Artists | Rough Guide To Gamblin’ & Ramblin’ Blues Vinyl
Various Artists | Songs For You, Vol. 1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Soul Jazz Records presents Funk 70 Vinyl Box Set
Various Artists | Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Soul Vinyl
Various Artists | Soul Jazz Records presents Studio One Ska Fire! Vinyl Box Set
Various Artists | Swan Records: Ladies Choice: The Pen Of Swan Records Vinyl
Various Artists | The Truth To Power Project Vinyl
Various Artists | Willie Nelson: American Outlaw Live At Bridgestone Arena 2019 Vinyl
Vast | Music for People Vinyl
The Veldt | The Veldt Vinyl
The Verlaines | Live at the Windsor Castle, Auckland, May 1986 Vinyl
Arthur Verocia | Mochilla Presents Timeless: Arthur Verocai Vinyl
War | The Vinyl: 1971-1975 Vinyl
Jim Ward | Daggers
M. Ward | End of Amnesia 20 Year Anniversary Remaster Vinyl
Warpaint | The Fool (Andrew Weatherall Remixes) Vinyl
The Who | Face Dances 40th 2LP Vinyl
Barney Wilen | La Note Bleue Vinyl
Amy Winehouse | Remixes Vinyl
Jonathan Winters | Unearthed Vinyl
Wipers | Youth Of America Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Wolf Alice | Blue Weekend
Link Wray | Sings And Plays Guitar Vinyl
Wristmeetrazor | Replica of a Strange Love
Steve Wynn | Dekād: Rare & Unreleased Recordings 1995-2005 Vinyl
Pete Yorn | Pete Yorn Sings The Classics Vinyl
Warren Zevon | Preludes Vinyl
Wasted Youth | Reagan’s In Vinyl
The Zombies | Oddities & Extras Vinyl

June 18 

Arabs in Aspic | I​-​III Box Set
Arabs in Aspic | Far Out In Aradabia Reissue
Arabs in Aspic | Progeria Reissue
Arabs in Aspic | Strange Frame Of Mind Reissue
James Bernard | Unreleased Works 1994​-​1999 (Volumes 1 & 2)
Black Ceremonial Kult | Crowned in Chaos
Bloodbeat | Process of Extinction
Max Bloom | Pedestrian
Bólido | Against The World
Bone Church | Bone Church Reissue
The Bronx | Bronx VI
Don Cherry | The Summer House Sessions
Don Cherry’s New Researches featuring Naná Vasconcelos | Organic Music Theatre: Festival de jazz de Chateauvallon 1972
The Day of the Beast | Indisputably Carnivorous
Dead Witches / Witchthroat Serpent | Doom Sessions Vol.​666
Deap Vally | American Cockroach
De Press | Block To Block 40th Anniversary Edition
De Press | Product Remastered
Deuce | Deuce
The Early Mornings | Unnecessary Creation EP
Eboni Band | Eboni Band
Evolfo | Site Out Of Mind
Nick Ferrio | Television Of Roses
Getting The Fear | Death Is Bigger 1984​-​85
Gnosis | Omens from the Dead Realm
Ben Goldberg | Everything Happens To Be.
Hearts Apart | Number One To No One
Heavy Temple | Lupi Amoris
Helloween | Helloween
Hemi Hemingway | The Lonely Hunter EP
Dereck Higgins | Future Still
Hprizm | Signs Remixed
Andrew Hung | Devastations
Hypnosia | Extreme Hatred
January Jane | Your Drug
K.C. Jones | Queen of the In Between
Gary Kemp | Ahead Of The Game
Lesky | Meraki
The Lounge Society | Silk For The Starving
Francis Lung | Miracle
Moanhand | Present Serpent
Mortgarten | Cry Of The Lost
Peace Flag Ensemble | Noteland
Regrown | Cuffed
Robyn Sherwell | Unfold
Subway To Sally | Eisheilige Nacht – Back to Lindenpark
Temtris | Ritual Warfare
Tigercub | As Blue As Indigo
The Tremolo Beer Gut | You Can’t Handle
Trialogos | Stroh Zu Gold
Various Records | Alligator Records: 50 Years of Genuine Houserockin’ Music
Vesicarum | Place Of Anarchy
Vestamaran | Bungalow Rex
Video Nasty | Video Nasty
Whispering Sons | Several Others
Wild Up | Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine
Tara Williamson | Enough
Withered | Verloren

June 25

The Absence | Coffinized
Daniel Avery | Together In Static
Rachel Baiman | Cycles
Beartooth | Below
Birds of Maya | Valdez
Caged Animals | Underneath The Spell
Cautious Clay | Deadpan Love
Michael Cormier | More Light!!
Lucy Dacus | Home Video
Dead Nature | Watch Me Break Apart
Dead Romantic | Voices
Matthew Dear | Preacher’s Sigh & Potion: Lost Album
De Arma | Strayed in Shadows
Deathchant | Waste
Drug Store Romeos | The World Within Our Bedrooms
Eve 6 | Grim Value EP
Free Throw | Piecing It Together
Future Prawn | A Day At The Promenade
Garbage | No Gods No Masters
Gong Gong Gong 工工工 | Phantom Rhythm Remixed
Lucy Gooch | Rain’s Break EP
John Grant | Boy From Michigan
Grateful Dead | Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind & Rain | Don’t You Marry No Railroad Man
Hellish Form | Remains
Hiatus Kaiyote | Mood Valiant
Hiraes | Solitary
Hiss Golden Messenger | Quietly Blowing It
The Holy Family | The Holy Family
IMUR | My Molecules
Dave Kalz | Relish
Kid Millions and Jan St. Werner | Imperium Droop
Kilter | Sys
Konkhra | Sexual Affective Disorder
Lacuna Coil | Live From The Apocalypse
Lightning Bug | A Color of the Sky
Light The Torch | You Will Be the Death of Me
L’Rain | Fatigue
Maple Glider | To Enjoy is the Only Thing
Alex McArtor | Welcome To The Wasteland EP
Mike | Disco!
T. Hardy Morris | The Digital Age Of Rome
Mother Mother | Inside
Jennifer Nettles | Always Like New
Brett Newski | It’s Hard To Be A Person: The Soundtrack To The Book
Tom Odell | Monsters
Pestilence | Exitivm
Pulsars | Lost Transmissions
Ripatti | Fun is Not a Straight Line
The Roots | Do You Want More?!!!??! Reissue
71Tonman | War Is Peace // Peace Is Slavery (Sludge​/​Doom Metal)
Caroline Shaw & Sō Percussion | Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part
Dana Sipos | The Astral Plane
Sir Orfeo | Millefleur EP
Six Organs of Admittance | The Veiled Sea
Sky is Alright | Sky is Alright
Spelling | The Turning Wheel
Spitboy | Body Of Work (1990​-​1995)
Squirrel Flower | Planet (i)
Richard Swift | KFC / A Man’s Man Vinyl
Throwing Snow | Dragons
Thy Catafalque | Vadak
Toto | With A Little Help From My Friends
Urne | Serpent & Spirit
Johannes Wallmann | Elegy for an Undiscovered Species
0800-Moshi-Moshi | Only One You EP

July 2

At The Gates | The Nightmare Of Being
Bizarrekult | Vi Overlevde
Black Francis | Bluefinger Vinyl Reissue
Black Francis | Live At The Hotel Utah Saloon Vinyl Reissue
Black Mekon & King Brothers | Black Mekon vs King Brothers 西宮からバーミンガム
Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come | Eternal Messenger: An Anthology 1970-1973
Delvoid | Swarmlife
D Fine Us | Safe To Disconnect
Kat Eaton | Talk To Me
Felled | The Intimate Earth
Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny Beth | Utopian Ashes
Godhead Machinery | Masquerade Among Gods
The Go! Team | Get Up Sequences Part One
Guided By Voices | Clang Clang Ho
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys | Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around)
Mondo Generator | Live At Bronson
Laura Mvula | Pink Noise
Nick Oliveri | N​.​O. Hits At All Vol​.​ 7
Possum | Lunar Gardens
Snapped Ankles | Forest Of Your Problems
Sun Crow | Quest for Oblivion
Year Of No Light | Consolamentum

July 9

A Journey of Giraffes | Spool
Alpha Boötis | Jump To Alpha Boötis
Bryan Away | Canyons to Sawdust
Dolphin Midwives | Body of Water
Foodman | Yasuragi Land
Gypsy Pistoleros | Mescalito Vampires
Jodi | Blue Heron
Museum of Love | Life of Mammals
Musk Ox | Inheritance
Powerwolf | Call Of The Wild
Serengeti and Kenny Segal | Ajai Double LP
Soda Blonde | Small Talk
Solus Ex Inferis | Daemones Ceramici
Unendlich | Paradox Of A Broken World
Essa Weira | Balance
Xasthur | Victims of the Times

July 16 + 17 (Record Store Day)

A Foot In Coldwater | Greatest Hits Vinyl
Alcatrazz Born Innocent Vinyl
All Them Witches | Live On The Internet Vinyl
Allman Brothers Band | The Final Note Vinyl
Amigo The Devil | Cover, Demos, Live Versions, B-Sides Vinyl
Jon Anderson | Olias Of Sunhillow 45th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets | Neon Heat
Michel F. April | Dead By Daylight Soundtrack Vinyl
Fred Armisen | Parade Meeting Vinyl
The Backsliders | Raleighwood Vinyl
Boosie Badazz & MO3 | Badazz MO3 Vinyl
Bad Omens | Live + Unplugged Vinyl
Beat Farmers | Glad ‘n’ Greasy Vinyl
Matt Bellamy | Cryosleep Vinyl Picture Disc
Big Sugar | 500 Pounds Vinyl
Big Wreck | Bag Of Tricks Vinyl
Born Ruffians | Squeeze Vinyl
Roy Brooks | Understanding Vinyl
Harold Budd | I Know This Much Is True Vinyl
Bush | Sea of Memories 10th Anniversary Vinyl
Canned Heat | Living The Blues Vinyl
John Carpenter | Ghosts of Mars Soundtrack Vinyl
Del Casher | Italian Stallion Soundtrack Vinyl
Shaun Cassidy | Wasp Vinyl
The Clash | If Music Could Talk
The Cranberries | Stars: The Best of 1992–2002
Cro-Mags | The Age of Quarrel Vinyl
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young | Déjà Vu Alternates Vinyl
Kat Cunning | Idol Hands
The Cure | Wild Mood Swings Vinyl
Denzel Curry & Robert Glasper | Live From Leimert Park Picture Disc
Czarface | Czar Noir Vinyl
Dave Davies | Bug Vinyl
Don Davis | The Matrix Score Vinyl Reissue
Miles Davis | Champions: Rare Miles from the Complete Jack Johnson Sessions Vinyl
Ani DiFranco | Ani DiFranco 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Dinner Party | Dinner Party: Dessert Vinyl
Dio | God Hates Heavy Metal Vinyl Picture Disc
Dire Straits | Encores Vinyl
The Dirty Knobs | Humdinger / Feelin High Vinyl
Dr. John, The Night Tripper | The Sun, Moon & Herbs Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Dos | Justamente Tres Vinyl
Bob Dylan | Jokerman / I And I Remixes Vinyl
Earthgang | Strays with Rabies Vinyl
Roky Erickson / Various Artists | May The Circle Remain Unbroken: A Tribute To Roky Erickson
Evanescence | The Open Door Vinyl
Tav Falco | Club Car Zodiac Vinyl
Fallujah | The Harvest Wombs Vinyl
Fear | The Record Vinyl
Fleet Foxes ft. Resistance Revival Chorus | Can I Believe You b/w Wading In Waist-High Water Vinyl
Dominique Fils-Aimé | Three Little Words Vinyl
K. Flay | Don’t Judge A Song By Its Cover Vinyl
John Fogerty | Blue Ridge Rangers EP Vinyl
Aretha Franklin | Oh Me Oh My: Aretha Live In Philly, 1972 Vinyl
Stephen Fretwell | Busy Guy
Ruthann Friedman | Hurried Life: Lost Recordings, 1965-1971 Vinyl
From First To Last | Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount Vinyl
Fun Lovin’ Criminals | Scooby Snacks 25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Future | EVOL Fifth Anniversary Vinyl
Rory Gallagher | Cleveland Calling Pt. 2 Vinyl
Jerry Garcia Band | Jerry Garcia Band 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set
Bobbie Gentry | The Windows Of The World Vinyl
Ghost Woman | Lost Echo’s
God Forbid | Determination Vinyl
Thadeus Gonzalez | Opposite Faces
Gorillaz | G Gollection Vinyl Box Set
Green Jelly | 333 Vinyl
Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell | Shrek Vinyl Reissue
Dave Grusin | The Goonies Score Vinyl Reissue
Vince Gualardi Trio | A Boy Named Charlie Brown Soundtrack Vinyl
Vince Guaraldi Trio | Baseball Theme Vinyl Reissue
Gun Club | The Birth The Death The Ghost Vinyl
Sammy Hagar & The Circle | Heavy Metal Live Picture Disc
Hall & Oates | Voices Vinyl
Corey Hart | Sunglasses At Night Vinyl
Hawkwind | Greasy Truckers Party Vinyl
The Heartbreakers | L.A.M.F.: The Found ’77 Masters Vinyl
Hed PE | Best of Suburban Noize Years Vinyl
Hot Tuna | America’s Choice Vinyl
James Horner | Aliens Soundtrack 35th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Ida Mae | Click Click Domino
The Infamous Stringdusters | Undercover Vinyl
Inhaler | It Won’t Always Be Like This
Jamiroquai | Everybody’s Going To The Moon Vinyl
Jodi | Blue Heron
Willie Jones | Right Now Vinyl
Judas Priest | Best Of Vinyl
Just Ice | Back To The Old School: 35th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
jxdn | Angels & Demons/Driver’s License Vinyl
Michael Kamen | The Iron Giant Picture Disc
Jorma Kaukonen & John Hurlbut | The River Flows Vol. 2 Vinyl
Keane | Dirt EP Vinyl
King’s X | Manic Moonlight Vinyl
Rahsaan Roland Kirk | Live at Ronnie Scott’s, London 1963 Vinyl
KMD | Mr. Hood: 30th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
The Lillingtons | The Backchannel Broadcast: 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Charles Lloyd | Manhattan Stories Vinyl
Love | Everybody’s Gotta Live Vinyl
Loverboy | Get Lucky Vinyl
Lowest Of The Low | Live at Lee’s Vinyl
Ida Mae | Click Click Domino
April March | In Cinerama Vinyl
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush | Real Live! Vol. 2 Vinyl
Mastodon | Fallen Torches Vinyl
Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet | Polka Live Vinyl
Christian McBride | Out Here Vinyl
James Vincent McMorrow | Grapefruit Season
Mr. Big | Lean Into It Vinyl
Joey Molland | Be True To Yourself Vinyl
The Monkees | Missing Links Volume 1 Vinyl
The Monkees | Missing Links Volume 2 Vinyl
The Monkees | Missing Links Volume 3 Vinyl
Kip Moore | Live From Grimey’s Nashville Vinyl
R. Stevie Moore | R. Stevie Moore Story Vol 1 & 2 Vinyl
Ennio Morricone | The Blue-Eyed Bandit (Il Bandito Dagli Occhi Azzurri) Soundtrack Vinyl
Randy Newman | Roll With The Punches: The Studio Albums (1979-2017) Vinyl Box Set
Brett Newski | It’s Hard To Be A Person: Soundtrack To The Book
Karen O & Willie Nelson | Under Pressure Vinyl
Sinéad O’Connor | Live In Rotterdam 1990 Vinyl
Jonny O’Donnell ft. Van Dyke Parks | Cats b/w Funny Face Vinyl
Paul Ortiz Y La Orquesta Son | Los Que Son Vinyl
Charlie Parker | Bird in L.A.
Pvris | Use Me Deluxe EP Vinyl
PartyNextDoor | PartyNextDoor Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
Johnny Paycheck | Uncovered: The First Recordings Vinyl
Pearl Jam | Alive Vinyl
Pearl Jam | Alive Cassette
Ann Peebles | This Is Ann Peebles Vinyl
Joe Perry | Sweetzerland Manifesto 2.0 Vinyl
Pink Freud | Piano Forte Brutto Netto Deluxe Vinyl
Pitchshifter | Industrial Remastered
John Prine | Stay Independent: The Oh Boy Years Curated By Indie Record Stores Vinyl
John Prine | Live At The Other End, December 1975
Richard Pryor | Richard Pryor Vinyl
Queen + Adam Lambert / Freddie Mercury | Live Around the World / Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow Vinyl
Ramones | Live at the Wireless Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia, July 8, 1980 Vinyl
Toby Redd | In The Light Vinyl
Lou Reed | Set the Twilight Reeling Vinyl
Frankie Rose | Seventeen Seconds
Saigon | Greatest Story Never Told Vinyl
St. Paul & The Broken Bones | Half The City Live Vinyl
St. Vincent | Piggy / Sad But True Vinyl
Shintaro Sakamoto | The Feeling Of Love Vinyl
Shades Of Culture | A Little Bit About Us Vinyl
Sisters of Mercy | BBC Sessions Vinyl
Skeletal Family | The Singles Plus 1983-85 Vinyl
Small Faces | Complete Greatest Hits! Vinyl
Smoke DZA | Rugby Thompson Vinyl
Soen | The Undiscovered Lotus Vinyl
Squirrel Nut Zippers | Lost Songs Of Doc Spouchon Vinyl
Chris Stamey & The Fellow Travelers | Music From The Song Book: A Brand New Shade Of Blue Vinyl
The Stampeders | Greatest Hits Vinyl
Candi Staton | Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness (The Lost Fame Sessions Masters) Vinyl
Lindsey Stirling | Lose You Now Vinyl
Styles P | Float Vinyl
Donna Summer | Bad Girls Vinyl
Joe Sumner | Hope Vinyl
The Sweet | Platinum Rare Vinyl
Swollen Members | Ten Years of Turmoil Greatest Hits Vinyl
Tad | Inhaler Vinyl
Tesla | Mechanical Resonance Vinyl
Thai Elephant Orchestra | Thai Elephant Orchestra Vinyl
The Trews | Thank You and I’m Sorry Vinyl
USS | USS Vinyl
Various Artists | A Tribute To Curtis MayfieldVinyl
Various Artists | Baseball Theme Vinyl
Various Artists | Behind The Dykes 2: More Beat, Blues And Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1966-1971 Vinyl
Various Artists | Brown Acid TEN HEAVY HITS VOL.1 Vinyl
Various Artists | Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl
Various Artists | Get It! Vinyl
Various Artists | Kiss My Ass Goodbye (John Prine tribute) Vinyl
Various Artists | The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Vinyl
Various Artists | May The Circle Remain Unbroken: A Tribute To Roky Erickson Vinyl + Flexi
Various Artists | Mochilla Presents Timeless: Suite For Ma Dukes Vinyl
Various Artists | Music from the Motion Picture Watchmen (RSD21 EX) Vinyl
Various Artists | Oceans Eleven Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Black & Red Cornetto Vinyl
Various Artists | Songs For You, Vol. 2 Vinyl
Various Artists | Songs from The Astral Plane, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers Vinyl
Various Artists | You Can’t Sit Down: Cameo Parkway Dance Crazes 1958-1964 Vinyl
Vitamin String Quartet | Vitamin String Quartet Performs My Chemical Romance Vinyl
Wailing Souls | Wailing Vinyl
Wax Poetic | Wax Poetic Vinyl
The Waterboys | How Long Will I Love You (2021 Remix) Vinyl
“Weird Al” Yankovic Beat On The Brat Vinyl

July 23

Fatima Al Qadiri | Medieval Femme
The Bluetones | Expecting To Fly Reissue
The Bluetones | Return To Last Chance Saloon Reissue
The Bluetones | Superior Quality Recordings
Chet Faker | Hotel Surrender
Darkside | Spiral
Hypnosia | Extreme Hatred
Lore City | Participation Mystique
Slow Green Thing | Amygdala
Stone Temple Pilots | Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop 25th Anniversary Edition
2Pac | Until The End Of Time Vinyl Reissue
Wallflowers | Exit Wounds
WaxWorm | Mea Kulpa

July 30

Amnessia Eterna | Malditos
The Effens | Eventually EP
Lissie | Watch Over Me (Early Works 2002​-​2009)
Nobody’s Girl | Nobody’s Girl
Prince | Welcome 2 America
The Surfing Magazines | Badgers of Wymeswold
The Wandering Hearts | The Wandering Hearts

August 6

Willy Mason | Already Dead
John Moods | So Nice EP
Scars | Predatory
School Disco | Head’s Still Here

August 13

Jungle | Loving In Stereo
Sam Roberts Band | Chemical City (Redux)
Sea Fever | Folding Lines
Suzie Ungerleider | My Name is Suzie Ungerleider

August 20

Anderson East | Maybe We Never Die
The Knife | Tomorrow, in a Year
LTtheMonk | On The Wall
Maggie Rose | Have A Seat

August 27

Marisa Anderson & William Tyler | Lost Futures
Ramson Badbonez | Lead By Example
Danko Jones | Power Trio
Thyrfing | Vanagandr

September 3

Black Francis | Live in Nijmegen Vinyl Reissue
Black Francis | Svn Fingers Vinyl Reissue
Tigress | Pura Vida

September 10

Pinhead Gunpowder | Goodbye Ellston Avenue Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | At Your Funeral Single Vinyl Reissue

September 17

José González | Local Valley

September 24

Amon Tobin | How Do You Live

October 1

Jesse Malin | TBA
Moist | End Of The Ocean
Tresor | Tresor 30

October 8

Bardo Pond | Amanita

October 15

The 502s | Could It Get Better Than This

November 27

Black Francis | The Golem Vinyl Reissue
Black Francis | NonStopErotik Vinyl Reissue
Paley & Francis | Paley & Francis Vinyl Reissue

March 11

Pinhead Gunpowder | Compulsive Disclosure Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | West Side Highway Single Vinyl Reissue


April 16

Acid Mammoth | Under Acid Hoof Reissue
Ageless Oblivion | Suspended Between Earth And Sky
Chisara Agor | The Sessions
Wilder Gonzales Agreda | Patrocinado Por El Gobierno
Aimer | Walpurgis
Alaskan Tapes | For Us Alone
Ali And The Clouds | Dream Forest
Amigo The Devil | Born Against
Ande | Bos
Angrrsth | Donikąd
Apparat | Soundtracks
The Armed | Ultrapop
Arthur King | Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)
August Burns Red | Guardian Sessions
Autogramm | No Rules
Babygirl | Losers Weepers EP
Beach Youth | Postcard
Bend The Future | Without Notice
Jo Below | No Control EP
Benjamin Belinska | Lost Illusions
Bend The Future | Without Notice
Benedikt | Balcony Dream
Troy Bentley | Headlock
Lea Bertucci | A Visible Length of Light
Bewitcher | Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
Big Ant Dog | Two Weeks
Big Scarr | Big Grim Reaper
Frank Black | Fast Man Raider Man Vinyl Reissue
Frank Black | Francis Black Francis Vinyl Reissue
Frank Black | Honeycomb Vinyl Reissue
Black Peaks | Live At The Brighton Centre
Black Orchid Empire | Live in the Studio
Black Plastic | Club Grotesque
Tracy Bonham | Young Maestros Vol. 1
Born Ruffians | Pulp
Boy Destroy | Warpaint EP
The Brother Brothers | Calla Lily
Steve Bug & Cle | Gentle Push EP
Burial Waves | Light Heads Single
Burning Flag | Matador
Bushido Code | The Ronin
Cannibal Corpse | Violence Unimagined
Captain Mosez | Captain Mosez
Daniel Carter, Luisa Muhr, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Aron Namenwirth, Yutaka Takahashi, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar | Playfield Vol. 2
Chanmina | Bijin
Childe | Childe EP
Chinv & Babidi | TheFumado
Christos Chondropoulos | Athenian Primitivism
Eric Church | Heart
Clicks | G​.​O​.​T​.​H.
Lloyd Cole | Antidepressant Remastered
Concrete Castles | Cerulean Echoes
Conway the Machine | La Maquina
David Cook | The Looking Glass EP
Louis-Jean Cormier | Le Ciel Est Au Plancher
Elvis Costello and the Attractions | Armed Forces Vinyl
Crown | The End Of All Things
Zac Crye | All The Same EP
Crypt | Buried Alive
Cyberdine Systems Corp. | Program State EP + Legowelt Remix
Ami Dang, Midori Hirano, 食品まつり aka foodman, Sabiwa, Maher Shalal Hash Baz | Imaginal Soundtracking 2: 鬼 / The Demon
Kang Daniel | Yellow
David Wax Museum | Euphoric Ouroboric
Elise Davis | Anxious. Happy. Chill.
Ferreck Dawn & GUZ | Knock Me Out
Death is Death | Death Is Hardest Thing To Do
Deine Lakaien | Dual
Vladislav Delay | Rakka II
Der Plan | Save Your Software
Dida | Ingenious Scenes
The Disaster Area | Glasshearts
Dociyle | Devs / Deus
Don’t Problem | Whale
Dorja | Persephone EP
Dragongirl | Tripomatic Fantasies
Drongo | 1
Paul Dunmall, Keith Tippett, Philip Gibbs, Pete Fairclough | Onosante
Eastward | Get Something Going EP
Endseeker | Mount Carcass
Eomac | Cracks
Eremite | Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
Escape The Fate | Chemical Warfare
Eve | Scorpion 20th Anniversary Vinyl
Ewan Exploded | Ewan Imploded 1
Eyn | I’m Not Dead Nor Am I In The Void
Julian Faith | Dr. Mausoleum
Feyxwuan |Weak & Divine
The Fly Downs | At This Point In Time
Jon Flynn | Citrus
Alex Henry Foster | Standing Under Bright Lights
Fragmentum | Masters Of Perplexity
Jeremiah Fraites | Piano Piano (Acoustic)
Tom Frankel | Milestone EP
Fred Again.. | Actual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020)
Friedemann | In Der Gegenwart Der Vergangenheit
Marty Friedman | Tokyo Jukebox 3
Function | Awakening From the Illusory Self
Conor Gains | Three EP
Gameboy_98 | Adultery EP
Miles Gannett | Meridian
Garage A Trois | Calm Down Cologne EP
Orla Gartland | Zombie!
Get Jealous | Easily Worried
The Gloria Record | Start Here Reissue
Conor Grains | Three EP
Greta Van Fleet | The Battle At Garden’s Gate
Hayley Griffiths Band | Live At T’Blok
Hail The Sun | New Age Filth
Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson | Small Things
Cory Hanson | Pale Horse Rider
Headache | Get Off the Internet EP Vinyl Release
Hernia | Hernia
The Hics | The Man Who Sold the World
Asta Hiroki | Entropy
Holding Absence | The Greatest Mistake Of My Life
James Holvay | Sweet Soul Song
Jon Hopkins | Piano Versions EP
Hosannas | Show Me: Picture Them Remixing You
Huxley Would Approve | Grave New World – Part Two
John Leslie Hulcombe | Born of the Fire
Engelbert Humperdinck | Sentiments
Icon Of Sin | Icon Of Sin
Illusion Weaver | Primal Flute EP
Incarceration | Empiricism EP
Inhmost | Early Horizons
Jacquees | QueMix 4
Jethro Tull | ‘A’ (A La Mode): A 40th Anniversary Edition
Jo Below | No Control EP
Norah Jones | ’Til We Meet Again
Jaguar Jonze | Antihero EP
Zack Joseph | Keeping Me Sane
Jess Joy | Patreearchy
Joystick! | I Can’t Take it Anymore
Caro Juna | Violent Delights EP
A. Karperyd | GND
Kasai Allstars | Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Greg Keelor | Share The Love
Kilig | What My Mind Needs EP
Arthur King | Changing Landscapes (Isle of Eigg)
Caroline Kingsbury | Heaven’s Just A Flight
Hus Kingpin | The Threesome EP 2
Kink Gong | Zomia Vol​.​1
Kneeling In Piss | Types Of Cults
Knut | Terraformer Remastered
Matthijs Kouw & Gagi Petrovic | Recalcitrance
Layten Kramer | Dear Apathy
Spencer Krug | Fading Graffiti
Bill Kwan | No Ordinary Love: The Music of Sade
Talib Kweli & Diamond D | Gotham
The Ladles | Springville Sessions
Deine Lakaien | Dual
Howie Lee | Birdy Island
John Lennon | John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band 50th Anniversary Edition
Donna Lewis | Now in a Minute 25th Anniversary Edition
Alan Licht | A Symphony Strikes the Moment You Arrive
Liquid Tension Experiment | LTE 3
The Living | 1982
London Grammar | Californian Soil
Lorna From The Council Estate | I Wanna Be A Pornstar
Love of Lesbian | V.E.H.N.
Low Island | If You Could Have It All Again
Rob Lutes | Come Around
Lyke | Stay With Me EP
Maeta | Habits EP
Holly Macve | Not The Girl
Magnalith | Instrumentality EP
Ci Majr | Side Effects EP
Triston Marez | Triston Marez
Kenny Mason | Angelic Hoodrat
Paul McCartney / Various Artists | McCartney III Imagined
Tim McGraw | Here on Earth Ultimate Edition
The McGuffin Show | SPACE: Eclipse Edition
Jason McNiff | Dust Of Yesterday
Mente Organica | El Espacio (Earthly Measures)
Merzbow | Ensemble Drums
Julia Michaels | Love Is Weird
Microcorps | XMIT
Miesha & The Spanks | Singles EP
Mihi Nihil | Mihi Nihil
Jakob Mind | The One Who Got Away
Tracky Minion | Playboi Tracky
Mirah | Advisory Committee Vinyl Reissue
Mirah | C’mon Miracle Vinyl Reissue
Monarch | Future Shock
John Moods | So Sweet EP
Mother Cell | Powerhouse
Motorpsycho | Kingdom Of Oblivion
Bob Mould | Distortion: 2008-2019
Muadeep | Honeymoon EP
Natural Information Society With Evan Parker | Descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
Kiko Navarro | Afroterraneo Remixed
NeedToBreathe | Live From the Woods Vol. 2
Neo Pistea | Punkdemia Vol. 1
Neutral | Grå Våg Gamlestaden
Clovis Nicolas | Autoportrait
Nikolaienko | Rings
Nivek​.​B, Craig G, Tone Spliff & Ancient Soundz | The Assignment
Noods | Blush
Tom Rainey Obbligato with Ingrid Laubrock, Ralph Alessi, Jacob Sacks and Drew Gress | Untucked in Hannover
Stanley Odd | Stay Odd
The Offspring | Let The Bad Times Roll
Oh The Humanity | Oh the Humanity
Olivia’s World | Tuff TB Tender EP
Omar | Drum Temple
David Ottestad | Like the Light of Stars
Pandora | Space Amazon Vinyl Reissue
Panxing | Slowmusic
Evan Parker Quartet | All Knavery & Collusion
Pathfinders | Ares Vallis
Freda Payne | Let There Be Love
Pedazo De Carne Con Ojo | Dun Dun
Chris Perry | A Head of Smoke
Tom Petty | Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)
The Pineapple Thief | The Soord Sessions: Volumes 1-4
John Pizzarelli | Better Days Ahead
Caroline Polachek | Standing At the Gate: Remix Collection
Will Porter | Tick Tock Tick
Portugal. The Man | Oregon City Sessions
Merzotna Potvora | Halas Z Pekla
Ponta Preta | Tits Up
Primitive Ignorant | Infant Joy On Midnight Streets EP
Cole Quest & The City Pickers | Self [En]Titled EP
Josh Radnor | One More Then I’ll Let You Go EP
Saint Raymond | We Forgot We Were Dreaming
Recognize Ali & Bronze Nazareth | Season Of The Seven
Jack Reynolds | Reynolds
Kevin Robertson | Love’s Blue Yonder (Big Stir Single No. 125)
Royal Blood | Boilermaker
Busta Rhymes | The Coming (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Ryanhood | Under The Leaves
DJ Megan Ryte | DJ Megan Ryte
Sam Eagle | She’s So Nice EP
Sasha & the Valentines | So You Think You Found Love?
Pierre Schaeffer | L’expérience Musicale 1959
Zach Schmidt | Raise a Banner
Scooter | God Save The Rave
Sech | 42
Seething Akira | Dysfunctional Wonderland
Cale Sexton | Sustain
Shaed | No Other Way
Shelly FKA Dram | Shelly FKA Dram
SHINee | Atlantis
Shrine Ov Absurd | Monotony
Silly Boy Blue | The Riddle / The Remixes EP
Jeffery Silverstein | Torii Gates EP
Sleep Sinatra × Kennedy Krills | The Scribes of Tehuti
Skaar | Waiting
Gian Slater | Grey Is Ground
Michaela Slinger | Panorama
Slumb | Play Dead
Wadada Leo Smith / Douglas R. Ewart / Mike Reed | Sun Beans of Shimmering Light
Son Lux | Tomorrows |||
Soundhoose | Quarantine Psycho
Sounds Of New Soma | Trip
Sour Ops | X
Alexandra Spence | A Necessary Softness
Spirit Mother | Live in the Mojave Desert Volume 4
Sufjan Stevens | Lamentation II
Julia Stone | Sixty Summers
Stoner | Live in the Mojave Desert Volume 5
Andy Stott | Never the Right Time
Suez | The Bones Of The Earth
Suffocate For Fuck Sake | Fyra
Superlynx | Electric Temple
Syna So Pro | Chill/Hype
Synpal | Passing Clouds EP
Sznur | Dom Człowieka
T Bear | Fresh Bear Tracks
Temple Balls | Pyromide
Jimi Tenor | Mysteria / Vocalize My Luv (Electric Remixes)
Francesca Ter-Berg | In Eynem
Louise Terra | Follow The Moon Into The Ocean EP
There Were Wires | Somnambulists
Tom The Mail Man | Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough
Toro y Moi | Underneath the Pine Vinyl Reissue
Total Wkts | No Holiday
To The Grave | Epilogue
AJ Tracey | Flu Game
Tristam | WLUWD
Robin Trower, Maxi Priest, Livingstone Brown | United State of Mind
Two Feet | Max Maco Is Dead Right?
Troyman | Chocolates & Diamonds
Two Feet | Max Maco Is Dead Right?
Unschooling | Random Acts Of Total Control EP
Sharon Van Etten | Epic 10th Anniversary Edition
Various Artists | Eurovision Song Contest: Rotterdam 2021
Various Artists | Futur Ant’Rieur: Bongo Joe Five Years
Various Artists | Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces
Various Artists | Imaginal Soundtracking Vol. 2: 鬼 / The Demon
Various Artists | Midnight Rock’s Secret Tapes
Various Artists | Mien (Yao) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos
Various Artists | Planet Underground Vol. II
Various Artists | Prsnt
Various Artists | Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: 10th Anniversary Seven Evil Exes Edition
Various Artists | Sound Storing Machines: The First 78rpm Records From Japan 1903-1912
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 1
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 2
Various Artists | 10 Years of Butter Sessions Disc 3
Vetter | Av Sublim Natur
Views | Mother Tapes Anthology 1986 / 1990
The Vintage Caravan | Monuments
Vision Video | Inked In Red
Vitamin | Recordings 1981
Violet Mist | Prophecy 2096
Vision Video | Inked In Red
Waxflower | We Might Be Alright
Chris Weeks | Optics
James Welburn | Sleeper in the Void
While She Sleeps | Sleeps Society
Wilczyca | DrakoNequissime
Mary Wilson | Mary Wilson Expanded Edition
Teresa Winter | Motto Of The Wheel
The Workday Release | Like The Light Of Stars
Tammy Wynette | Only Lonely Sometimes / Soft Touch / Good Love & Heartbreak / Even the Strong Get Lonely
XIX | Fall Damage EP
Yelawolf & DJ Paul | Slumafia
Yung Beef | El Plugg 2
Zaumne | Élévation
Ze In The Clouds | Magical
The Zenmenn | Enter The Zenmenn
Rolf Zielke | Beaches In Your Soul
Zoé | Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia