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Upcoming Releases

What’s new, you ask? Plenty. Below, you’ll find the release dates for every upcoming album, EP, single, box set, compilation, anthology, retrospective, soundtrack and vinyl reissue I can find. If you know something I don’t, please clue me in with an email. Naturally, I encourage you to bookmark this page, check it daily and spread the word. But bear in mind that things change fast in the music biz — especially these days — and nothing below is carved in stone. So don’t blame me if that album you’ve been anticipating for weeks suddenly drops off the radar without warning. It ain’t my fault; I just work here. And speaking of work, this page was last updated on September 25.



October 1

Mark de Clive Lowe and Cosmic Vibrations | OLBAP Reimagined
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. | Live In Vegas
Lina Nikol | Who I Am
Nnovena | The Stopped Clock
Paprika | Paprika
Sulk Rooms | First Vows

October 8

Arcline | Laugh Now Fry Later
Burial Dance | Structures
Derniere Volonte | Le Feu Sacre Reissue
Docks / Fleuve | Split EP
MVW | Classic$
Of The Wand And The Moon | Your Love Can’t Hold This Wreath Of Sorrow
Juliana Riccardi | Full Cup EP
Robbie Smith | 10 Short Films VHS
Anna Smyrk | The Hour Between Us
Ronley Teper & The Lipliners | Everyone Loves A Good Story

October 15

Heta Bilaletdin | Nauhoi
Chancha Via Circuito & Luvi Torres | Ceremonia
Guy Contact | Drinking From The Mirage
Sylvere | EP1
Various Artists | Noodf5
Virginity | Popmortem
Scott von Ryper | Dream State Treasure

October 22

Duski | Pillow Talk Sessions 1
DJ Killa-Jewel | Sagittarius EP
KTheChosen | + Vice
Niko | Electric Union

October 29

Masn | This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You
Running Wild | Blood On Blood
Nina Simone | Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits & Remixes
X.U.L. | A Guide for Lost Travellers

November 5

Air | 10 000Hz Legend 20th Anniversary Edition
BudaMunk & J.Lamotta | Searching Skies
Daniel Casimir | Boxed In
Godcaster | Saltergasp
Heart Attack Man | Thoughtz & Prayerz EP

November 12

L. Jacobs | Enthusiasm
Thårn | Collisions

November 19

Cecilia Bartoli Unreleased
Jerome | LP2
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm | Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm
Willie Nelson | The Willie Nelson Family
Brion Starr | A Night To Remember
Tower | Shock to the System
Phong Tran | The Computer Room
Frank Zappa | 200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition

November 26

Imperial Triumphant | An Evening With Imperial Triumphant
Mexican Dogs | Mexican Dogs EP
Ivo Neame | Glimpses of Truth

December 3

Keno | Out Past The Current
Volbeat | Servant of the Mind

January 14

Fit For An Autopsy | Oh What The Future Holds
The Kernal | Listen to the Blood

January 21

Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait

January 28

Amber Mark | Three Dimensions Deep


October 1

Abigail | Grotesque Nightmare
A Broken Design | Another Day in Hell Reissue
Ab6ix | Mo’ Complete
The Accidentals | Vessel
Actors | Acts of Worship
Added Color | Looking For You
Aiko | 食べた愛 / あたしたち
Air Supply | One Night Only: The 30th Anniversary Show
Arrows In Action | Be More
Artillery | By Inheritance Vinyl Reissue
Okyerema Asante | Drum Message (ft. Plunky)
Ashnikko | Panic Attacks in Paradise / Maggots
Asking Alexandria | See What’s On The Inside
Asthma & Młody | Never Forget (ft. KRS-One & DJ URE)
Asleep At The Wheel | Half A Hundred Years
Audiobooks | Astro Tough
Babyjake | The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now
Babymetal | 10 Babymetal Budokan
BastarÐur | Satan’s Loss of Son
Nathan Bell | Red, White And American Blues (It Couldn’t Happen Here)
Benji & Spillage Village | Smile, You’re Alive!
Tony Bennett | Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album (Reissue)
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga | Love For Sale
Chuck Berry | Bio / Chuck Berry 75
Bestfriend | Places I’ve Lived EP
Betrayme | Níhil Óbstat EP
Bin | Dono das Esquinas
Walter Bishop Jr.’s 4th Cycle | Keeper of My Soul Reissue
Black Dice | Mod Prog Sic
Black Sabbath | Technical Ecstasy Deluxe Edition
Black Tape For A Blue Girl | The Cleft Serpent
Black Tape For A Blue Girl | The Cleft Serpent (Instrumental & Alternate Mixes)
Mark Blair | Badman Acid EP
Ray BLK | Access Denied
The Body / BIG|BRAVE | Leaving None But Small Birds
Jake Bowen | The Daily Sun
Boyoca | He’s A Fool EP
Boy! Racer | Cutting Corners
Boy Scouts | Wayfinder
Bummer | Dead Horse
Xander Cameron | Rebel RM Roseme
Brandi Carlile | In These Silent Days
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds | B-Sides & Rarities Part II
Caveman Cult | Blood and Extinction
Cellista | Pariah
Ceschi | They Hate Francisco False (15 Year Remastered Pressing)
Charles On TV | Truth & Lies EP
Charred | Prayers of Malediction
Cherie Amour | Internal Discussions
Cherym | Hey Tori
Tonia Evans Cianciulli | Hymns Of The Heart
Cindy | 1:2
Cipher | Blind
Circle of Dust | Circle of Dust 25th Anniversary Edition
CL | Alpha
Closure In Moscow | First Temple
CNJR | Themes Vol. 1
The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb | Not On The Map
Perry Como | Lightly Latin / In Italy / Look To Your Heart / Seattle
Constant Follower | Neither Is, Nor Ever Was
The Control Freaks | Get Some Help
Ross Cooper | Chasing Old Highs Deluxe Edition)
Bonnie Cosby | Virginiana
Couplet | LP1
The Crayon Set | Downer Disco
Crystal Spiders | Morieris
Curved Light | Spirit Echo
Daedelus & Joshua Idehen | Standing In My Own Way (Part 1) ft. Miguel Atwood​-​Ferguson
Jerry David DeCicca | The Unlikely Optimist & His Domestic Adventures
Derosnec | Three Lives
Diagonal | 4
Diet Cig | I Don’t Like Driving Like I Used To EP
Dirty Nice | Lobster
Daniel Donato | Cosmic Country & Western Songs
Don’t Problem | Liminality
The Doobie Brothers | Liberté
Double Dagger | Sophisticated Urban Living (Contemporary Conveniences Edition)
Dragon Welding | Pond Life E​P
Vetrar Draugurinn | The Night Sky
Drtywhtvns | Aloof
Ducks Ltd. | Modern Fiction
Duel | In Carne Persona
Dying Wish | Fragments Of A Bitter Memory
Wendy Eisenberg | Bloodletting
Enslaved | Caravans to the Outer Worlds EP
Erockfor | Phoenix
Mike Etten | Love Wash
Explosions in the Sky | Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television)
Simone Faraci | Echo Ex Machina
Freddy Fargo | For The Love Of Dance
Faultress | Nocturnes
Fear Connection | Progeny Of A Social Disease
FishXGrits | The Makings Of A P
Flesia | Trost
Mike Flips & Nord1kone | Spontaneous Combustion
Foamboy | My Sober Daydream
Foul Body Autopsy | Shadows Without Light: Part One
Reb Fountain | Iris
Four Stroke Baron | Classics
Thiago França presents A Espetacular Charanga do França | The Importance of Being Espetacular
JW Francis | Wanderkid
Albert Freeman | Iridescence
Fritch | We Lose Our Cool
Phillip Frobos (of Omni) | Vague Enough to Satisfy
Frontierer | Oxidized
Full Of Hell | Garden Of Burning Apparition
Garbage | beautifulgarbage 20th Anniversary Edition
Gaylord | Crown Of Joy ( A Sublime Sun Thriving Amongst Suicidal Stars)
Myriam Gendron | Ma Délire: Songs of Love Lost & Found
Honey Gentry | Dreamgirl
Girlhouse | The Second EP
Glok | Pattern Recognition
Goatpsalm & Horthodox | Ash
Goodbye Honolulu | Goodbye Honolulu
Goody Grace | Nostalgia Kills EP
Gràb | Zeitlang
Christo Graham | Graham’s General Store
Catherine Graindorge | Eldorado
Grateful Dead | Listen To The River: St. Louis ’71 ’72 ’73
Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach | Spiorachas: A High Place
Kit Grill | Fragile
Grizzlor | Hammer Of Life
Grmln | Laughing Shadow
Vincent Guaraldi Trio | A Charlie Brown Christmas (Limited Edition)
Gustaf | Audio Drag for Ego Slobs
Annabel Gutherz | Loose Ends
Kristof Hahn | Preludes
Zac Harmon | Long As I Got My Guitar
Madeline Hawthorne | Boots
HearThuG | Planet Rhythm X
Heiress | Distant Fires
Helheim | WoduridaR
The Hellp | Enemy
Clarence “Frogman” Henry | But I Do: The Complete Releases 1956-62
Himmellegeme | Variola Vera
Devin Hoff | Voices From the Empty Moor (Songs of Anne Briggs)
Suisei Hoshimachi | Still Still Stellar
Houschyar | Mavi EP
Hovvdy | True Love
Hrom | Legends of Powerheart: Part II
Keith Human | Leave Your Baggage By The Door Single
The Human Rights | Reggae Strong
Icewear Vezzo | Rich Off Pints 2
I Hold the Lion’s Paw | Lost in Place
Illuminati Hotties | Let Me Do One More
Imaginature | Imaginature
Infrared | From The Black Swamp
Victor Internet | Blue 2000
Inner Wave | Apoptosis
Jackie | My Best Years Single
Felix Jaehn | Breathe
Sarah Jaffe | The Championship EP
Jata | Crazy Game Of Phobias
Lauren Jauregui | Prelude
Jerro | Coming Home
Jimpster | Remixed
JoJo | Trying Not To Think About It
Josh Johnson | Trevor Noah Presents Josh Johnson: # (Hashtag)
Rudolph Johnson – The Second Coming Reissue
Rev. Jones | In The Key Of Z
The Junior League | Bridge and Tunnel
Kadtronic | Let’s Get Grimey
Kalabrese | Let Love Rumpel (Part 1)
Katatonia | Mnemosynean
Leah Kate | What Just Happened?
Katre | Behind The Resilience
Mat Kearney | January Flower Deluxe
King Of Sweden | The Training
Hus Kingpin | The Firm
Kitner | Shake The Spins
KK Priest | Sermons Of The Sinner
Knivad | Insidans Ärrvävnad
Mark Knopfler | The Studio Albums 1996-2007
Kohti Tuhoa | Väkivaltaa
Moritz Krämer | Die Traurigen Hummer
Kryptos | Force of Danger
Rina Lee | Change
Leisure | Side B EP
Liang 冷 | Xinteng 心疼
Light Of The Morning Star | Charnel Noir
Lil Lotus | Errør Boy Vinyl
Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid | Trust Fund Babies
The Liquor Store | Colossus
Kedr Livanskiy | Liminal Soul
Living Metal | Do You Believe in Steel?
Dusty Locane | Life Of A 5
Love Good Fail | Plain Single
Loveland Duren | Any Such Thing
Mark de Clive Lowe and Cosmic Vibrations | OLBAP Reimagined
Lvcrft | The Return
Lyfe | Paraiso Lofi
The Lyonz | Change In Colour
Ben Marc | Breathe Suite
The Mars Volta | The Bedlam in Goliath Vinyl Reissue
M.A.V. & Spanish Ran | Breakfast At Sues
Mazzo | Love Letter / Ride Into The Abyss
Kyle McKearney | Down-Home
Me Lost Me | The Circle Dance
Meek Mill | Expensive Pain
Pia Mia | My Side
Andy Mineo | Never Land II
Ministry | Moral Hygiene
Minni | Orange Flower Weep EP
Misty River | Promises
Logan Mize | Welcome to Prairieville
MMMΔ | Roto Vildblomma
Mod Con | Modern Condition
Moist | End Of The Ocean
Olan Monk | Auto Life EP
Sally Anne Morgan | Cups
Pete Moss | Birds Rock
Mötley Crüe | Shout at the Devil Reissue
Mungk | Temple of Mungk (The Remixes)
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. | Live In Vegas
Musumeci | Discomagico
Mynas | Fear The Slave
Brett Naucke | Mirror Ensemble
NecroticGoreBeast | Human Deviance Galore
Haru Nemuri | Déconstruction
Newsboys | Stand
Lina Nikol | Who I Am
Nine Pound Hammer | When The Sh​*​t Goes Down
Nnovena | The Stopped Clock
Yann Novak | Bathed In Light And Rapture
N​.​W​.​R. | Next Week Revolution
Odonis Odonis | Spectrums
Oingo Boingo | Dead Man’s Party Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Good For Your Soul Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Nothing to Fear Remastered & Expanded
Oingo Boingo | Only a Lad Remastered & Expanded
1000 Bone Cylinder Explosion | Bind
Oompa | Unbothered
Orchid Mantis | Visitations
Michael Oscillate | Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence
Royel Otis | Campus EP
Oversense | Egomania
Buck Owens | Ain’t It Amazing, Gracie Reissue
Buck Owens | In The Palm Of Your Hand Reissue
Buck Owens | It’s A Monster’s Holiday Reissue
Josie Pace | Pure Morning
Paprika | Paprika
Anders Parker | Wolf Reckoning
Evan Parker | Winns Win
Molly Payton | Slack
Pepe Deluxé | General Deluxé
M Ross Perkins | Wrong Wrong Wrong / Bird Of The World Single
The Persian Leaps | Drone Etiquette
Petite Amie | Petite Amie
Phaser | Genesis
Pink Trash Can | What Are They Saying Is The PTC​?​
Jeremy Pinnell | Goodbye L.A.
Plain White T’s | American Nights Pink Vinyl
Pond | 9
The Pointer Sisters | The Pointer Sisters / That’s a Plenty
Ariel Posen | Mile End
Gabriele Poso | Tamburo Infinito
Fletcher Pratt | Dub Sessions, Vol. 5
Princess Century | Surrender
John Prine | Fair & Square Deluxe Edition
Taylor Rae | Mad Twenties
Raise A Suilen | Domination To World
Rudy Raw & Myríad | Passage of Time
Reaping Asmodeia | Darkened Infinity
Red On | Ordinary Ghosts
Heinz Riegler | Pear Feet and Square Words
R.I.Pablo | Bug Lyf EP
Chase Rice | The Album Vinyl
Matt Robidoux | At Dust
Mark Rogers | Rhythm of the Roads
Roman Lions | Gradients
Ralphi Rosario & Xaviera Gold | You Used To Hold Me Vinyl Single
Lily Rose | Stronger Than I Am
Caitlin Rose | Own Side Now Deluxe Anniversary Edition
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Bond 25
Röyksopp | Lost Tapes
Loren Rush | Dans le Sable
Ruumisto | Nälkäjärvi
Ustad Saami | East Pakistan Sky
Saint Abdullah | To Live A La West Pt. 2
Saint DX | Unmixtape
Jacob Sartorius | Lost But Found EP
The Scars In Pneuma / Ogen | Split EP
The Script | Tales From the Script
Kit Sebastian | Melodi
Secondhand Sound | Best & Worst Of Times
Shad | Tao
Jeremy Shada | Vintage
David Shea | The Art Of Memory
Daniel Sherman | Uncaged
Shirovw | Nozomu
Paula Shocron / William Parker / Pablo Díaz | El Templo
Sidoka | Shh.…
Silas Short | Drawing EP
Silt | Contact High EP
6:33 | Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome
Skam | Venous
Rogério Skylab | Caos e Cosmos 1
Slow Meadow | Happy Occident Reworks
Sluka | Figure It Out
Smote | Drommon
Snares Of Sixes | Moonbladder
Snow Man | Snow Mania
Son Lux | Tomorrows Reworks
Liotta Soul | Cool EP
Sounds Like Harmony | The War Outside (Part One)
John Southworth | Rialto
The Specials | Protest Songs: 1924 -2012
Spector | Now Or Whenever
Joshua Speers | Midnight Horses EP
Spiteful Bum | We Have Blud
Spy | Habitual Offender
Brion Starr | A Night To Remember
Colin Stetson | Mayday Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Becca Stevens, Gisela João, Justin Stanton, Louis Cato, and Michael League | Mirrors EP
Matthew Stevens | Pittsburgh
Tim Story | Moebius Strips
Strand of Oaks | In Heaven
Stuff | More Treats EP
Sugababes | One Touch 20th Anniversary
Sulk Rooms | First Vows
Sun Atoms | Let There Be Light
Geir Sundstøl | St​.​ Hanshaugen Steel
Survivalism | Sepehr
Swellshark | All of My Almost
SW2 ft Joe Armon-Jones | Hither Green Glide / For The People
Sylvie | Sylvie EP
TAK + Brandon Lopez | Empty And/Or Church of Plenty
Roger Taylor | Outsider
John Tejada | Year of the Living Dead Remixes
Sam Teskey | Cycles
Theodore Wild Ride | Theodore Wild Ride
The The | The Comeback Special
They Fell From The Sky | Decade
Threshing Spirit | Not Out But Through
Tirzah | Colourgrade
Torture Of Hypocrisy | Humanufacture
Rob Travolta | Slumber Soul
Oliver Tree and Little Big | Welcome To The Internet EP
T-Rell | Too Big To Ignore
Tresor | Tresor 30
Tricky Woo | Rock and Roll Music Part One Vinyl Reissue
Tricky Woo | Sometimes I Cry Vinyl Reissue
Tricky Woo | The Enemy Is Real Vinyl Reissue
Tri State Corner | Stereotype
Joe Tullos | Vessels
Twice | The Feels
266sx | Rave of Redemption
Kali Uchis & SZA | Fue Mejor
United Defiance | Change The Frequency
Universe Nekoko | 日のあたる場所にきてよ
Uriel | Multiverse Reissue
Valley | Last Birthday EP
Vampires Everywhere! The Awakening EP
Various Artists | The Daptone Super Soul Revue Live At The Apollo
Various Artists | Dreaming EP
Various Artists | Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists | Home Alone Christmas Vinyl Reissue
Various Artists | Kulintang Kultura: Danongan Kalanduyan and Gong Music of the Philippine Diaspora
Various Artists | Life Is Strange: True Colors – Wavelengths
Various Artists | The Metallica Blacklist Vinyl
Various Artists | Mighty Fine: An Austin City Limits Tribute To Walter Hyatt
Various Artists | Shouts 21
Various Artists | Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: A Tribute To Fugazi
Various Artists | Tresor 30
Varnok | Anthropogenic
Velvet Starlings | Tecnhicolour Shakedown
Viikatory | Maiden Voyage EP
Wage War | Manic
Micah Walk | Among The Stars
Wallowing / Slabdragger / Thin / Vixen Maw | Split Album
Wiki | Half God
Dar Williams | I’ll Meet You Here
T. Wilds | Ten Songs
Wingless | Nonconform
WLOTS | Paperking
Work Party | My Best Days Are Behind Me
Wormholes | Light In The Dark
Graham Wright | The Cost Of Doing Business
Yes | The Quest
Neil Young | The Neil Young Official Bootleg Series — Carnegie Hall 1970
Yungmorpheus & Eyedres | Affable With Pointed Teeth
Hans Zimmer | No Time To Die
Zoë | Back Into The Light
Zoodrake | Seven
Jeremy Zucker | Crusher


October 8

Alda | A Distant Fire
Alice TM | Little Body In Orbit
Antichrist Siege Machine | Purifying Blade
Anunnaki | Martyr Of Alexandria
Arcline | Laugh Now Fry Later
Nick Arneson | Sunshine Guaranteed
Astral Swans | Astral Swans
Atmosphere | Word?
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Avawaves | Chrysalis
BadBadNotGood | Talk Memory
Baracutanga | Volver Atrás
Bardo Pond | Amanita
bbno$ | Eat Ya Veggies
Black Sites | Untrue
James Blake | Friends That Break Your Heart
Bones In Butter | This Is Not What You Promised Us Single
Bornwithhair | When the Witches Fall
Billy Bragg | The Million Things That Never Happened
The Breathing Process | Labyrinthian
Broadcaster | Joyride +3
Bunny X | Young & In Love
Burial Dance | Structures
B​.​U​.​S. | The Unknown Secretary
Sarah Caltieri | Yesterdays
Caravan | It’s None Of Your Business
Cemetery Sun | Ascension
Cerrone | The Best of Cerrone
Cerrone | The Classics (Best of Instrumentals)
David Ornette Cherry | Organic Nation Listening Club (The Continual)
Chrome | The Visitation
Church Girls | Still Blooms
John Coltrane | A Love Supreme Live in Seattle
Concussed | Precipice of the Void
Sean Conly | The Buzz
Consulate | The Pulse of Iron
Matt Costa | Yellow Coat Deluxe
Creeping Death | The Edge Of Existence EP
Joshua Crumbly | ForEver
Thomas CVD | Dark Knight EP
Mariechen Danz | Clouded In Veins
Daysormay | Just Existing
Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson | EGO
Del Water Gap | Del Water Gap
Derniere Volonte | Le Feu Sacre Reissue
Desalmado | Mass Mental Devolution
Destroy Boys | Open Mouth, Open Heart
Docks / Fleuve | Split EP
Levi Dover | Imaginary Structures
Duoya | International FM
Eclipse | Wired
Efterklang | Windflowers
Kurt Elling | SuperBlue
The Embryos | National Absurdatory
Emra Grid | Threatening Omens In The Clouds
Ensemble D’Oscillateurs | 2 Transcriptions (Oliveros • Pade)
Ether Coven | Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire
Fauness | Maiden No More EP
Faust | Faust 1971-1974
Sam Fender | Seventeen Going Under
Fire-Toolz | Eternal Home
Nathan Evans Fox | Wasted Love
Ajay Friese | Light A Match … Then Run EP
Gus G | Quantum Leap
Calista Garcia | A Beautiful World EP
Godcaster | Saltergasp
David Gogo | Silver Cup
The Greater Electric | The Greater Electric
Markus Guentner | Extropy
Noah Gundersen | A Pillar of Salt
The Hard-Ons | I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken
Ross Harper | Tower of Light
Helion Prime | Question Everything Special Edition
Natalie Hemby | Pins & Needles
Hexa | Material Interstices
Hexenbrett | Intermezzo Dei Quattro Coltelli Nudi
Hey!Tonal? | Hey!Tonal? Reissue
The High 70s | Glitter Box
Scott Hisch | Windless Day
Hoavi | Invariant
Zpell Hologos | Birmania
In Solastalgia, Either Way | Morii EP
John | Nocturnal Manoeuvres
Cody Johnson | Human: The Double Album
Jojoftheejungle | The Red Line
Karloff | Karloff
Kiln | Tungsten
Kirril | Kirril
Darryl Kissick | My Sunshine
Kite | Currents
Knife | Knife
Kowloon Walled City | Piecework
Ladyhawke | Time Flies
Lala Lala | I Want The Door To Open
The Last Gang | Noise Noise Noise
Shannon Lay | Geist
Lizard Music | Arizone!
Local H | Awesome Quarantine Mixtape #3
Christian Lopez | The Other Side
Low Hum | Nonfiction
Lucid Lucia | Lucid Lucia
Lunice | One Hunned Deluxe
Lunice | Stacker Upper Deluxe
Lute | Gold Mouf
Magdalena Bay | Mercurial World
Bodo Maier | Lamento Olvidado
Manimal | Armageddon
Marineris | My Band Could Be Your Home
Merzbow | Flare Blues
MF Robots | Break The Wall
Misticia | XVA
Kevin Morby | A Night At The Little Los Angeles (Sundowner 4​-​Track Demos)
Møtrik | Møøn: The Cosmic Electrics of Møtrik
MVW | Classic$
Myalansky | Lansky
Toshimaru Nakamura | Culvert – No​-​Input Mixing Board 10
Bronze Nazareth, Roc Marciano | Ekphrasis
Nightwatchers | Common Crusades
Nobuka | Reiko
Kristian Nord | The Rest Is A Gift
Nothing | The Great Dismal B​-​Sides
L’Ocelle Mare | Sans Chemin
Of The Wand And The Moon | Your Love Can’t Hold This Wreath Of Sorrow
Dina Ögon | Dina Ögon
Oh Wonder | 22 Break
Orquestra Afro-Brasileira | 80 Anos
Our Man in the Bronze Age | Hexed Endeavours
Kayla Painter | Somewhen
Papur Wal | Amser Mynd Adra
Grant Pavol | Reflections EP
Grace Petrie | Connectivity
Pip Blom | Welcome Break
The Poison Arrows | I Can’t Quite Get Organized
Porches | All Day Gentle Hold!
PPJ | Sonho EP
Laurel Premo | Golden Loam
S. Raekwon | Where I’m at Now
Rahm | So Close But So Far
The Rain Within | Horrorshow
Phil Ranelin | Infinite Expressions
The Record Company | Play Loud
Juliana Riccardi | Full Cup EP
Rider/Horse | Select Trials
Sean Rowe | The Darkness Dressed In Colored Lights
Runrummer | Outer Space EP
Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton | Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say?
Matthew Ryals | Voltage Scores
Joe St. Julien | Empathy
Scalping | Flood Remixed EP
Scrimshanders | Songs That Never Were
SexMag | Sex Metal
Shady Nasty | Clubsmoke EP
She Drew The Gun | Behave Myself
Siren’s Rain | Rise Forth
Slowshine | Living Light
Robbie Smith | 10 Short Films VHS
Anna Smyrk | The Hour Between Us
Sordal | Juno & Jupiter
SovRin | Prelude
Jeff Scott Soto | The Duets Collection Vol. 1
Spectral Darkwave | At Outer Dark
Al Staehely | Post Spirit 1974-1978 Vol. 1′
Station | Perspective
Steel Tipped Dove | Call Me When You’re Outside
Stice | Stice’s Satyricon
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Vol. 1
Swanes | Sticky Concrete
Taraka | Welcome To Paradise Lost
Ronley Teper & The Lipliners | Everyone Loves A Good Story
Teramaze | And The Beauty They Perceive
Thoughtcrimes | Tap Night Deluxe
Tour-Maubourg | Paradis Artificiels Remixes
Devin Townsend | Snuggles
Devin Townsend | The Puzzle
Trivium | In The Court Of The Dragon
U.D.O. | Game Over
Under the Pier | An Exercise In Discontent
Untamed Land | Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms
Various Artists | Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine Vol. 2
Various Artists | It’s a Good, Good Feeling: The Latin Soul of Fania Records (The Singles)
The Velveteers | Nightmare Daydream
Violent Femmes | Why Do Birds Sing? 30th Anniversary Edition
Ward White | The Tender Age
We Are Scientists | Huffy
The Wild Feathers | Alvarado
J.D. Wilkes & the Legendary Shack Shakers | Cockadoodledeux
Carolyn Wonderland | Tempting Fate
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die | Illusory Walls
Carolyn Wonderland | Tempting Fate
Wyndow | Wyndow
Akiko Yano | Ai Ga Nakucha Ne Reissue
Kay Young | This Here Feels Good EP
Nick Zanca | Cacerolazo
Zpell Hologos | Birmania

October 15 + Cassette Week

Aeon | Aeon
The Agonist | Days Before The World Wept EP
Läjä Äijälä & Albert Witchfinder | Centuries of Youth
Aino & Hajonneet | Hullui Unelmii,
Alcatrazz | V
Analogue Electronic Whatever | Fuzzy Pop and Mardy Moods Cassette
Antietam | His Majesty’s Request: A Wink O’Bannon Select
Aquaserge | The Possibility Of A New Work For Aquaserge
David Arcos | Algún Día Single
Louise Aubrie | Antonio
Avdagata | Damnatio Cursus
Bad Brains | Rock For Light Cassette
Bakrus | Lover Ingenting
Jake Baldwin | Where You’re Planted
Steven Bamidele | Uncrowded EP
Ben Barnes | Songs For You EP
Baron Crâne | Les Beaux Jours
David Bavas | Stoneboro, PA Cassette
Bazooka Joe 204 | Prairie Nilsson
BBY Boyard | The Secret Lies With Charlotte Cassette
The Beatles | Let It Be Super Deluxe Edition
Bedd | 1 7/8 EP Cassette
Bedouine | Waysides
B. Hamilton | Nothing & Nowhere Reissue
Heta Bilaletdin | Nauhoi
Bim Skala Bim | Sonic Tonic Cassette
Galya Bisengalieva | Aralkum Aralas
Blackwinterwells | Fractalize Cassette
R.L. Bloke | Hold Drugs Dear Cassette
Bobby Lees | Beauty Pageant Redux Cassette
Bound in Fear | Penance
Breit Workman | Breit Workman
Simon Bromide | The Waiting Room
The Brothers Steve | Dose
Bryan’s Magic Tears | Vacuum Sealed
Allie Crow Buckley | Moonlit and Devious Alternates
Byron The Aquarius | The New Beginning LP
Adam Camm | Echo Chamber Cassette Single
Capital Theatre | A Hero’s Journey
Ben Caplan | Recollection
Caradras | Schattenkönige
John Carpenter | Halloween I
John Carpenter | Halloween II
John Carpenter | Halloween III
Carpetgarden | The Way He Looks Cassette
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes | Sticky
Cartridge 1987 | Passage
Carvento Felana | Carvento Felana
Chancha Via Circuito & Luvi Torres | Ceremonia
The Charlatans | A Head Full Of Ideas
Cherubs | Slo Blo 4 Frnz & Sxy
Class Traitor | Class Traitor Cassette
Cluster Lizard | Star Corsair
Cœur de Pirate | Impossible à Aimer
Cœur de Pirate | Impossible à Aimer
The Coffinshakers | The Coffinshakers LP
The Coffinshakers | The Curse of The Coffinshakers 1996-2016
The Coffinshakers | We Are The Undead LP
Coldplay | Music Of The Spheres
Cold Weather Company | Coalescence
Community Swimming Pool | Gloom / Bloom
Molly Conrad | Light of the Dark
Guy Contact | Drinking From The Mirage
JP Cooper | She
Corrupt Vision | Obligatory Cover EP Cassette
Count Cooleye | Game On Cassette
Craneium | Unknown Heights
Joy Crookes | Skin
David Crosby | If I Could Only Remember My Name 50th Anniversary Edition
Robert Takahashi Crouch | Jubilee
Chelsea Cutler | When I Close My Eyes
Dang!!! | Sociopathfinder
Gene Dante | DL/UX
Dark Mark and Skeleton Joe | Dark Mark and Skeleton Joe
The Darkness | Motorheart
Benjamin Lazar Davis | Benjamin Lazar Davis
Zache Davis | The Sting
The dB’s | I Thought You Wanted to Know
Death Party Playground | The Good Years EP
Decades | Hermetic Drift Cassette
Del Water Gap | Del Water Gap Cassette
Dena | Mixed Feelings
Destinity | In Continuum
Devoid | Lonely Eye Movement
Dos Santos | City of Mirrors
Deviant Process | Nurture
Dixflex6 | Where The Sidewalk Ends Cassette
Djinn | Meandering Soul
Dødsdrift | Ødnis
Dani Doucette | Run With Me EP
Dream Phases | New Distractions Cassette
The Driver Era | Girlfriend
Glenn Echo | Fixed Memory
ElCamino x 38 Spexh | Sacred Psalms Cassette
Eleanora | Mere
Endure the Affliction | Evolve
Richard Tyler Epperson | Another Day EP
ESP Summer | Kingdom Of Heaven
Etch | Parisian Strut EP
Evergreen | Sign In EP
Extreme Cold Winter | World Exit
Farfisa | Gänger Cassette
Field Music | Another Shot
Field Of Fear | Ashes
Finneas | Optimist
The 502s | Could It Get Better Than This
Fluxion | Parallel Moves
Footshooter | Southside Hymns
Fotoform | Horizons
Mary Lou Fulton | We’ll Tell Stories
Gemini Syndrome | 3rd Degree: The Raising
Gøggs | En Vivo En Teragram Ballroom Cassette
Gone To Color | Gone To Color
Grandmas House | Grandmas House
Charlotte Greve | Sediments We Move
Shannon Gunn | On A Mountain
Robin Guthrie | Mockingbird Love EP
Gypsum | Gypsum
Half Past Two | Half Past Two Cassette
Hallmark ’87 | Atrium Cassette
Halogens | You’re Being Weird
John Wort Hannam | Long Haul
Hate | Rugia
The Hawkins | Aftermath
Hazards Of Swimming Naked | Our Lines Are Down 12th Anniversary Edition
Hexa | Material Interstices
Lily Hiatt | Lately Cassette
High Desert Queen | Secrets Of The Black Moon
Hippotraktor | Meridian
The Hold Steady | Open Door Policy (Pink Vinyl)
Hologram | No Longer Human
Horse Head | Romantic Cassette
Ryan Hurd | Pelago
Hyacinth Girls | Happy Now Cassette
Ice Nine Kills | The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood
Iksre | III
Illudium | Ash of the Womb
Illyrian | Aegis
Interesting Times Gang | Beats, No Rhymes, No Life
Jason Isbell | Georgia Blue
Dax J | Utopian Surrealism
Janice | Feelings Unresolved EP
Jelly Cleaver | Forever Presence
Jimmy V x Slum | Audi Coma EP
Judas Priest | Reflections: 50 Heavy Metal Years Of Music
Dave Keena | What Then?
Toby Keith | Peso In My Pocket
Khalab | The Great Oxidation EP
Cassius King | Field Trip Cassette
Kolton’s Revenge | Kolto
Kylesa | Static Tensions Reissue
KyŌgen | I Cry Cassette
Pokey LaFarge | In The Blossom of Their Shade
Lair Of The White Worm | EP 1
Le Ren | Leftovers
The Littlest Viking | Labor & Lust Cassette
Livingmore | Take Me Cassette
Lizardwave | The Fracture Plane Cassette
Lykke Li | Wounded Rhymes
Loose Sutures | A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales
Lords Of Black | Alchemy Of Souls Part II
Agustín Pereyra Lucena Quartet | La Rana
Lutharo | Hiraeth
Seba Machado | This House EP
Man-Like Devin | Wheel & Shoulder: Acoustic Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska Vol. 1
Maples | Nocturnal Play Cassette
Chris Mardini | Chris Mardini
Johnny Marr | Fever Dreams Pt. 1
Jason Matu | Same Day
Hank May | One More Taste of the Good Stuff
Meilir | In Tune
Marc Melià | Veus
Melvins | Five-Legged Dog
The Midnight | Monsters Cassette
Behrooz Mihankhah | Lydium
Kælan Mikla | Undir Köldum Norðum Ljósum
Ian Miles | Degradation, Death, Decay
Mac Miller | Faces Vinyl Reissue
Jeff Mills & Rafael Leafar | The Override Switch
Miroque | Botanical Sunset
Misanthur | Ephemeris
Dave Monks | I’ve Always Wanted To Be Me
Montreal Jazz Trio | Montreal Jazz Trio
Tom Morello | The Atlas Underground Fire
Mr. Kingpin | Introducing… Cassette
Mrley | Love You London EP
Namesake | Redeeming Features
Nasti | Life Is Nasti
Neek The Exotic (ft. Large Pro) | Xtraexotic
N8noface | Bound To Let You Down
Buffalo Nichols | Buffalo Nichols
Joe Nolan | Scrapper
Non Residents | Against Police Brutality
Dax Norman | Pictures Of Food
Noroth | Harbinger
North Americans | Going Steady
DJ Not Not | オワッソサンセット Cassette
Nur | Negative Transfer
Charlotte OC | Here Comes Trouble
Old Man Of The Woods | Votives
OneTwoThree | OneTwoThree
Open Hand | You And Me Cassette
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Joan Of Arc 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Maid Of Orleans 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Souvenir 12″ Coloured Vinyl
Paper Tigers | A Schism Cataclysm EP
Partaker | What Falls From the Lion’s Mouth
Perpetual Etude | Now Is The Time
Primal Scream | Demodelica
Pylon | Chomp Cassette
Pylon | Gyrate Cassette
The Queers | Reverberation Cassette
Radio Intercept / Vitamin Manifest | Sounds Of Other Cities Vol. 1 Cassette
Rat Punch | It’s a Drink
Rebellix | Serpent’s Kiss EP
Rebuilder | Rock And Roll In America (The Demos) Cassette
Redscale | The Old Colossus
Jaclyn Reinhart | Sleep With Ghosts EP
Relaxer | Concealer
Cid Rim | Songs of Vienna
Road Pig | Demo Cassette
Shaun Robert | Swan Song For Tape Recorder Cassette
Marina Rosenfeld | Teenage Lontano
Roses & Revolutions | Midnight Monsters EP
Xenia Rubinos | Una Rosa
Nat James Rufus | Goes Slow Cassette
Kaley Rutledge | Tender Heart
Sacoyans | Gasoline Rainbow
Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti | Array EP
Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti | Polar Force
Nick Sanders | Phantoms of Memory
Sarah And The Sundays | The Living End
Seether | Vicennial: 2 Decades of Seether
The Self-Help Tapes | Haunted Addicts Cassette
Shadow House | The Little Album Cassette
Julia Shapiro | Zorked
Billy Joe Shaver & Kinky Friedman | Live Down Under
Vincent Thomas Short | Layer Effects: Songs to Inspire Creativity
Jaxxon D. Silva | Painting With Poison Cassette
The Silver | Ward of Roses
Sir Was | Let The Morning Come
The Slackers | Dub Classics Cassette
Sleep Outside | This Won’t Ever Last
Slow Rosary | Refinery Cassette
Slug Christ, Foxwedding | Inner Worm Inner God Cassette
Snafu | Exile//Banishment
Something About Vampires And Sluts | Live At CBGB’s
Sometime In February | Here Goes Cassette
Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer | Motherfuckin’ Rock ’n’ Roll
Squanky Kong | Dawn of the Cataclysm
The Square Community | Words Are No Constellation Cassette
Starlight Assembly | Starlight And Still Air
Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet | Luke Stewart & Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet
Stice | Stice’s Satyricon Cassette
The Stone Eye | South Of The Sun
Swoose | Bloom EP
Sylvere | EP1
Takatsuki Trio Quartett with Tobias Delius and Axel Dörner | Berliner Quartette
Katelyn Tarver | Subject To Change
David Beck’s Tejano Weekend | Vol. II
Telemakus | The New Heritage
Hayden Thorpe | Moondust For My Diamond
Loris Tils | Chic Invaders Deluxe Edition
TK & The Holy Know-Nothings | The Incredible Heat Machine
ToBy | L’Esprit
Trii Group | Interest In Music
The Tragically Hip | Road Apples 30th Anniversary Edition
Tunic | Quitter
TV Priest | Lifesize Single
Twelve Foot Ninja | Vengeance
Various Artists | Aspirin Age: A Shoegaze Compilation Cassette
Various Artists | The Baggie Split Vol. 5 Cassette
Various Artists | Bake Sale Vol. 9 Cassette
Various Artists | Continuous Play 03 Cassette
Various Artists | DJ Chuck Wren | Ska Boom!: Obscure American ’80s Ska Mix Cassette
Various Artists | Golden Rules: The Originals 1
Various Artists | Lethal Cassette
Various Artists | Noodf5
Various Artists | Of Paradise Vol. 4
Various Artists | Pokémon 25: The Album
Various Artists | Tapes Not Dead Vol. 4 Cassette
Various Artists | Too Hectic: California Ska Punk Cassette
Various Artists | Tribute To Repo Man Cassette
Various Artists | We Do The Ska Vol. 3 Cassette
Amen Viana | The Afrocanalyst
Vildhjarta | Masstaden Under Vatten
Marshall Vincent | In No Particular Order
Virginity | Popmortem
Vitamin String Quartet | It Feels Like Christmas
Vollam | Mirror
Scott von Ryper | Dream State Treasure
Warda | Khalik Hena Reissue
Dean Wareham | I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of L.A.
Dionne Warwick | A Very Special Evening With Dionne Warwick
Weak Signal | Bianca
Paul Weller | Days Of Speed Vinyl Reissue
Paul Weller | Illumination Vinyl Reissue
Wilderado | Wilderado
Witch Fever | Reincarnate EP
Remi Wolf | Juno
Tommy Womack | I Thought I Was Fine
Wrong Move | Death Made Swift EP
Yacøpse | Pop-Punk Alienation Cassette
Young Thug | Punk
YVNCC | Fissue Cassette

October 22

Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim & The Times At Hand Orchestra | Harlem
Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela | Rejoice Special Edition
Allman Brothers Band | Bear’s Sonic Journals: Fillmore East, February 1970 (Pink Vinyl)
Amaunet | While I’m Living EP
The Amplifier Heads | SaturnalienS
Android Trio | Other Worlds
Angel Du$t | Angel Du$t
Apparition | Feel
Ataris | Anywhere But Here Reissue
Atlas | Ukko
Aya | Im Hole
Bagful Of Beez | Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beatles
Alex Beaupain | Love On The Beat
Belaver | Lain Prone
Biffy Clyro | The Myth Of The Happily Ever After
Big D And The Kids Table | Do Your Art
Big Electric Cat | Dreams Of A Mad King
Blackfold | Solarus
Black Marble | Fast Idol
Black Sites | Untrue
Blackwater Holylight | Silence​/​Motion
Norman Blake | Day By Day
Bloodred Hourglass | Your Highness
Brigaden | Tjocka Stenen
Bugle | Toxicity
Bullet For My Valentine | Bullet For My Valentine
Burning Point | Arsonist Of The Soul
Lomond Campbell | Lup
Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel | When The Time Is Right
Can’t Swim | Change Of Plans
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | B-Sides & Rarities Part II
Melanie Charles | Y’All Don’t (Really) Care About Black Women
Charm of Finches | Wonderful Oblivion
Circuit des Yeux | -io
TheCityIsOurs | Coma
Civic TV | Black Moon
Clinic | Fantasy Island
Clockwise On Fire | Clockwise On Fire
Jarvis Cocker | Chansons D’Ennui Tip-Top
Cognos | Cognos
Come | Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Reissue
Étienne Coppée | Et On Pleurera Ensemble
Cradle Of Filth | Existence Is Futile
Braison Cyrus | Javelina
cumgirl8 | RIPcumgirl8
Dasom x Violeta | <Absence>
Death Blooms | Life Is Pain
Deerhoof | Actually, You Can
Deimler | A Thousand Suns
Emmanuel de la Paix | Rescue Pack
Nick Delffs | Childhood Pastimes EP
Lana Del Rey | Blue Banisters
Alexandre Desplat | The French Dispatch Soundtrack
Dinner | Dream Work
Don’t Grow Old / Burr | Split EP
Dooms Children | Dooms Children
Draconicon | Dark Side of Magic
Dream_Mega | minus_world
Dream Theater | A View From The Top Of The World
Dummy | Mandatory Enjoyment
Duran Duran | Future Past
Duski | Pillow Talk Sessions 1
Tristan Eckerson | Iris Arco EP
Empty | Made Of Fire
Endure The Affliction | Evolve EP
Every Time I Die | Radical
Fermion | Hysteresis
Flora Cash | Our Generation
Sue Foley | Pinky’s Blues
ForeignWolf | Your Weapons, Your Words EP
Fox Oak | Trolsk Earth
Foyer Red | Zigzag Wombat
Frank y Sus Inquietos | Frank y Sus Inquietos
Freeloader | Freeloader II
The F16s | Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?
Fuel | Ånomåly
Nubya Garcia |Source + We Move Remixed
Ghoul | Live In The Flesh
Golden Donna | The Damage Has Been Done EP
Good Morning | Barnyard
Good Posture | Changin’ EP
Aaron Goodvi | Lucky Stars EP
Green Lung | Black Harvest
Grouper | Shade
Guided By Voices | It’s Not Them. It Couldn’t Be Them. It Is Them!
Hand Habits | Fun House
Lebanon Hanover & Ellen Allien | Lebanon Hanover / Ellen Allien Remixes
Dave Hause | Blood Harmony
Helgrind | Insurrection
Herbert | Musca
Hexenbrett | Intermezzo Dei Quattro Coltelli Nudi
Hillbilly Moon Explosion | All Grown Up
Chris Hillman | Time Between Audiobook
Abby Huston | Ah Ha
Ibukun Sunday | The Last Wave EP
In The Whale | Vanishing Point
Jackson+Sellers | Breaking Point
Jaffna | Odyssey
Jaguwar | Gold
Elton John | The Lockdown Sessions
Ian Jones | Evergreens EP
Okay Kaya | The Incompatible Okay Kaya
Kaye | Distant Dancefloor
DJ Killa-Jewel | Sagittarius EP
Kira | Kira
Knife | Knife
KTheChosen | + Vice
Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang | Dixie Fever Reissue
Bakithi Kumalo | What You Hear Is What You See
Kylesa | Time Will Fuse Its Worth Reissue
Kylesa | To Walk a Middle Course Reissue
Matt LaJoie | Red Resonant Earth
Lake Mary, Drew Danburry & Zweiton | You Say Love
Howie Lee | Birdy Island Remixes
Don Lifted | 325i
Light By The Sea | Only Death Makes Icons
Liily | TV Or Not TV
Livløs | And Then There Were None
Ian Lockwood | Not Like Other Girls EP
Lone | Always Inside Your Head
Lonely Guest | Lonely Guest
The Long War | Under A Heavy Sky
Lionel Loueke | Close Your Eyes
LTTL | Watercolor
Das Lunsentrio | 69 Arten den Pubrock zu spielen
La Luz | La Luz
The Mam’selles | It’s A Bubble Gum World
Mazzarella / Håker Flaten / Ra | What You Seek is Seeking You
Mildred Maude | Sleepover
Mess Esque | Mess Esque
Mild Mild Country | Never Had a Touch to Lose
Minor Moon | Tethers B Sides: A Better Joke b/w Some Revival
ModernFolkRevolution | ModernFolkRevolution
Moon Kissed | I’d Like To Tell You Something Important
Loig Morin | Automne
Ms. Banks | Bank Statement
My Morning Jacket | My Morning Jacket
N∆BOU | You Know
Nälkä | Flesh Envelops The Sun
Neckscars / American Thrills / Tired Radio / Nightmares For A Week | 4 Band Split EP
Necrofier | Prophecies of Eternal Darkness
Helado Negro | Far In
Niko | Electric Union
1914 | Where Fear and Weapons Meet
Nova Express | Twenty One
Orquesta Akokán | 16 Rayos
Oscar And The Wolf | The Shimmer
Ouri | Frame of a Fauna
Parquet Courts | Sympathy for Life
The Parrots | Dos
Jessica Pavone | Lull
Peel | Peel
Andrew Pekler & Giuseppe Ielasi | Palimpsests
Pepe Deluxé | Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1
Phew | New Decade
Pictish Trail | Natural Successor
The Pink Diamond Revue | The Fuzz Guitar
Pink Milk | Ultraviolet
Poetica | Poetica
Powerman 5000 | Copies, Clones & Replicants
Private Agenda | A Mannequin
Quantic & Nidia Góngora | Almas Conectadas
Ragingplanet | Murro: Misantropo
Andrea Ramolo | Quarantine Dream
Ravenous | Hubris
Red Dirt Skinners | Bear With Us
The Replacements | Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Jason Ricci and Joe Krown | City Country City
The Right Here | Northern Town
The Rolling Stones | Tattoo You 40th Anniversary Edition
Ross From Friends | Tread
Rüfüs Du Sol | Surrender
Running Wild | Blood On Blood
Said The Whale | Dandelion
Scousesenbluen | Blutens A Wool
J.A. Seazer | Nuhikun: Directions to Servants OST Vinyl Reissue
Seims | Four
Sepultura | Sepulnation: The Studio Albums
Elena Setien | Unfamiliar Minds
SexMag | Sex Metal
She/Beast | Violent Tendencies
Maya Shenfeld | In Free Fall
Siamese | Home
Rory Simmons (Monocled Man) | Ex Voto
Simply Red | Simply Red Remixed Collection Vol. 1 (1985-2000)
SixForty1 | Started Right Here
Skinny Lister | A Matter Of Life & Love
Slayer | Haunting the Chapel Reissue
Slayer | Hell Awaits Reissue
Slayer | Live Undead Reissue
Slayer | Show No Mercy Reissue
Slow Crush | Hush
Snotty Nose Rez Kids | Life After
Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita | Suba
Read Southall Band | For The Birds
Spiritualized | Let It Come Down Reissue
Starlight Assembly | Starlight And Still Air
Starset | Horizons
Stockhausen & The Amplified Riot | Have We Lost Our Mind Or Have We Found Our Soul
Sulphurous | The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
Rigby Summer | Geography
Superchunk | Here’s to Shutting Up 20th Anniversary Edition
Tamarisk | Suspended Animation
Tarmat | Out Of The Blue
Tonstartssbandht | Petunia
U.D.O. | Game Over
Ultra Q | Get Yourself A Friend
Vanishing | 55°N, 5°E
Various Artists | Brown Acid: The Thirteenth Trip
Various Artists | 10 Years Of Acid Test
Venus Syndrome | Cannibal Star
Vintage Pistol | Energy: A Remedy for Roadlessness
Waking the Cadaver | Authority Through Intimidation
Mimi Webb | Seven Shades Of Heartbreak
When The Deadbolt Breaks | As Hope Valley Burns Eulogy
Wild Freedom | Polarize
Winterhawk | Dog Soldier Reissue
Winterhawk | Electric Warriors Reissue
Wooze | Get Me To A Nunnery EP
Worm | Foreverglade
Wye Oak | Civilian 10th Anniversary Edition
Wye Oak | Cut All the Wires: 2009–2011
Xeno & Oaklander | Vi/deo

October 29

DJ Abilities | Phonograph Phoenix
Addiktio | Anthem for the Year 2020
Ad Infinitum | Chapter II – Legacy
Naomi Alligator | Concession Stand Girl
Tori Amos | Ocean To Ocean
Archspire | Bleed the Future
Richard Ashcroft | Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1
Autodealer | Structured Living for Young Minds
Autumn Nostalgie | Ataraxia
Bad Wolves | Dear Monsters
Be’lakor | Coherence
Black TarPoon | Probable Caws
Black Veil Brides | The Phantom Tomorrow
Joe Bonamassa | Time Clocks
Kyle Bruckmann | Mesmerics/Hindsight
David Lance Callahan | English Primitive I
Calling All Captains | Slowly Getting Better
Callus | A Breath of Flesh Air
Chrissy | Physical Release
Contrition | Broken Mortal Coil
Keith Cook | Rock & Roll Riot
Charlotte Cornfield | High In The Minuses
Kelli Frances Corrado | Tuff Feathers
Giobia & The Cosmic Dead | The Intergalactic Connection
Cryogeyser | timetetheredtogether
Tadhg Daly | Forever Young EP
Danzig | Danzig 5: Blackacidevil Deluxe Edition
Jamael Dean | Primordial Waters
Dear Laika | Pluperfect Mind
Decibel | El Poeta Del Ruido
Defset | Proximity
The Design Abstract | Metemtechnosis
Digging Roots | Zhawenim
Dope Smoker | Devil’s Bridge EP
Elimination | Echoes Of the Abyss
Ember with Orrin Evans | No One Is Any One
Emerson, Lake & Palmer | Out Of This World: Live (1970-1997)
Sam Evian | Time To Melt
Falco | Emotional 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Felin | Heroes & Villains
Scott Fisher | 93 Million Miles
Flying Norwegians | New Day Remastered
Flying Norwegians | Wounded Bird Remastered
Frank Mighty’s Hotline | Whispersongs EP
Josh Freese | Just A Minute, Vol. 1
Frozen Soul | Encase In Ice Reissue
Diamanda Galás | Diamanda Galás Reissue
Geese | Projector
Goat Torment | Forked Tongues
Ghost Bath | Self Loather
Ross Goldstein | Chutes & Ladders
Lisa Gorry | It Was You (And Me) EP
Grand Cadaver | Into The Maw Of Death
Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers | American Babylon 25th Anniversary Edition
Iro Haarla Electric Ensemble | What Will We Leave Behind: Images From Planet Earth
Handsome Jack | Get Humble
Robin Hatch | T.O.N.T.O.
Havukruunu | Kuu Erkylän Yllä
Heads For The Dead | Slash ‘n’ Roll
The High Strung | Hannah
Natalie Jane Hill | Solely
Japan Review | Kvetch Sounds
Jointhugger | Surrounded by Vultures
Jung | She EP
Kansas Smitty’s | Plunderphonia
Kayo Dot | Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike
Kid Kapichi | This Time Next Year Vinyl Reissue
The Knights | The Knights Before Christmas
Knivad | Insidans Ärrvävnad
Lily Konigsberg | Lily We Need to Talk Now Now
Kulk | We Spare Nothing
Kuunatic | Gate of Klüna
Lagartijeando | La Tercera Vision
Royston Langdon | Chains EP
Jon Langford | Jon Langford’s Lucky 7 Series, Part 2
Mary Lattimore | Collected Pieces II
Legendarian | UP Yong! EP
Less Than Jake | Silver Linings (Pink Vinyl)
Levitation Orchestra | Illusions & Realities
Light Grey | Are You Even Real EP
Lizki | Forward
Lotic | Water
Loure | Memories In Strobe EP
Vladimir Luchansky | Transitions
Lucifer | Lucifer IV
Manchester Orchestra | Christmas Songs Vol. 1
The Mars Volta | Octahedron Vinyl Reissue
Masn | This Place Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You
Mastodon | Hushed And Grim
Reno McCarthy | Run Up River
MCL | Lovers Do
M(h)aol | Gender Studies EP
Minus The Bear | Farewell
Monolord | Your Time To Shine
Motörhead | Everything Louder Forever
Mouse Rat | The Awesome Album
Mythical Motors | A Rare Look Ahead
Marissa Nadler | The Path of the Clouds
Naytronix | Other Possibilities
Nightmares On Wax | Shout Out! To Freedom​.​.​.
Safia Nolin | Seum EP
Orton | Sparring EP
Marco Parisi | Untitled
Christopher Parker & The Band of Guardian Angels | Soul Food
Pelt | Reticence / Resistance
Pink Floyd | A Momentary Lapse of Reason: Remixed & Updated
Planningtorick | Gay Dreams Do Come True EP
The Pop Group | Y in Dub
Antonio Raia and Renato Fiorito | Thin Reactions
Raven Black Night | Run With The Raven
David Reece | Blacklist Utopia
R.E.M. | New Adventures In Hi-Fi 25th Anniversary Reissue
Laura Reznek | Agrimony
Julien Ribot | Do You Feel 9?
Emily Scott Robinson | American Siren
Emma Ruth Rundle | Engine of Hell
Running Wild | Blood On Blood
Save Face | Another Kill For The Highlight Reel
Phillip-Michael Scales | Sinner-Songwriter
Sea Fever | Folding Lines
Ed Sheeran | =
Tim Shiel | Distractions One
Ships In The Night | Latent Powers
Patrick Shiroishi | Hidemi
Nina Simone | Feeling Good: Her Greatest Hits & Remixes
Slon | Majestic Mind Safari Show
Somnent | Gardens From Graves
Soot Sprite | Poltergeists EP
Spice Girls | Spice 25
Storyteller | Storyteller
Sunless | Ylem
Suuns | The Witness
Susto | Time in the Sun
Swim Camp | Fishing In A Small Boat
Wilson Tanner | 69 Reissue
Tenderlonious | Still Flute
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down | Temple Deluxe Edition
They Might Be Giants | Book
This Lonesome Paradise | Electric Dreams
Thrash La Reine | Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer
Threshing Spirit | The Crucible
Thulcandra | A Dying Wish
Touching | Littleworlds
Pat Travers & Carmine Appice | The Balls Album
Troth | Oak Corridor
Undermine | As Above
Vargaskri | Hyllningskväden
Various Artists | Island Records: The Vinyl Series Vol. 3
Various Artists | Landslide Records: 40th Anniversary
Vels Trio | Celestial Greens
Vomit Spell | Vomit Spell
Waldo’s Gift | Normflex
The War On Drugs | I Don’t Live Here Anymore
Wave Racer | To Stop From Falling Off The Earth
Whitechapel | KinJasper Sloan Yip | Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn
Why Bother? | A Year of Mutations
Wilderness Of Manitoba | Farewell To Cathedral
Jamire Williams | But Only After You Have Suffered
Wine Lips | Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party
Witnesses | The CollapseNeil Young & Crazy Horse | Live Alchemy
X.U.L. | A Guide for Lost Travellers
Jasper Sloan Yip | Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn
Brandy Zdan | Falcon

November 5

Abba | Voyage
A Certain Ratio | Loco Remezclada
Ahi | Prospect
Air | 10 000Hz Legend 20th Anniversary Edition
Altareth | Blood
Anomalie | Tranceformation
Ilai Ashdot | Maximal Life
Ed Askew | Sleeping With Angels
Astrocolor | Paradise
Attacca Quartet | Of All Joys
Ausecuma Beats | Musso
Autokrator | Persecution
Band Of Holy Joy | Everyone Is Searching For Beautiful Things
Bareto | El Amor No Es Para Los Débiles
Bo Baskoro | Wildfire
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik | Hardanger EP
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik | Skuggsjá
The Black Keys | El Camino 10th Anniversary Edition
Black Map | Melodoria
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers | First Flight To Tokyo: The Lost 1961 Recordings
Blind Tiger | Blind Tiger
Puma Blue | In Praise Of Shadows
Colin Blunstone | That Same Year
Bornholm | Apotheosis
The Brkn Record | Architecture of Oppression Part 1
T. Buckley | Frame By Frame
BudaMunk & J.Lamotta | Searching Skies
Lisa Butel & Brent Cross | a low lament for love and loss / ​The Feeling Of Walking: Songs for 2020
Mira Calix | a̶b̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ origin
Daniel Casimir | Boxed In
Lou-Adriane Cassidy | Lou​-​Adriane Cassidy vous dit : Bonsoir
Jess Chalker | Hemispheres
Ben Chasny | The Intimate Landscape
Chime School | Chime School
Churchburn | Genocidal Rite
Cixxx J | Feed Mode
Steve Conte | Bronx Cheer
Emma Cook | Fight Left In Me
Crazy Lixx | Street Lethal
Cystectomy | Deprive To Hollowness
Julia Daigle | Un Singe Sur L’Epaule
Jesse Dayton | Beaumonster
Marta Del Grandi | Until We Fossilize
The Deli | Spacetime
Destructo | Demonic Possession
Diablo Swing Orchestra | Swagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole
Dion | Stomping Ground
The Doppelgangaz | Lone Sharks 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition
Dusky | Joy
Electric Eye | Horizons
JJJJJerome Ellis | The Clearing
Endearments | Father of Wands
Equinox x Xqui | External Combustion Tension
Noga Erez | Kids (Against The Machine)
Duncan Evans / Wilderness Hymnal | Until Liars Fear You Split Album
Brian Fallon | Night Divine
Fang | Enjoy The View / Yukon Fang
Fans Of The Dark | Fans Of The Dark
Fearout | Bleedthrough
Fornhem | Stämman från Berget
Foxx Bodies | Vixen
FPA | Princess Wiko
Neal Francis | In Plain Sight
Fur | When You Walk Away
Gaahls WYRD | The Humming Mountain
Galaxy | On the Shore of Life
Garbage | beautifulgarbage 20th Anniversary Edition
Generationals | Ileana EP
Gewalt | Paradies II
Glassing | Twin Dream
Gnod | La Mort Du Sens
Godcaster | Saltergasp
Gold & Youth | Dream Baby
Steve Goodman | The Best Of Steve Goodman
Grandmaster Masese | Grandmaster Masese
The Grease Traps | Solid Ground
Green Desert Water | Black Harvest
Greer | Happy People
The Groundhogs | Road Hogs: Live From Richmond To Pocono
Vince Guaraldi Trio | A Charlier Brown Christmas Cassette
Kristof Hahn | Six Pieces
Hard Feelings | Hard Feelings
Curtis Harding | If Words Were Flowers
Headless Nameless | Ominus Spiritus
Heart Attack Man | Thoughtz & Prayerz EP
Boo Hewerdine | Singularities
Houndmouth | Good For You
Hyd | Hyd EP
Ìfé | 0000+0000
Penelope Isles | Which Way To Happy
Cathy Jain | Artificial EP
Colin James | Open Road
Joan As Police Woman | The Solution Is Restless
Billy Joel | The Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1
Darius Jones | Raw Demoon Alchemy (A Lone Operation)
Pluto Jonze | Awe
Brendan Keller-Tuberg | In Spite of It All
Klein | Harmattan
Fela Kuti | London Scene Reissue
Levin Goes Lightly | Rot
Lithik | Weather The Storm
Lizzie & The Makers | Dear Onda Wahl
Madmess | Rebirth
Aimee Mann | Queens Of The Summer Hotel
Atakora Manu | Omintiminim​/​Afro Highlife
Magda Mayas & Tina Douglas | Objects Of Interest
Maymind | June
Arlo Mckinley | Wishing / Sunk Like A Stone
Malcolm Middleton | A Brighter Beat: 15th Anniversary Edition
Mr. Bungle | he Night THEY Came Home! Vinyl Reissue
Moonshine Oversight | The Frame
Mother Iron Horse | Under the Blood Moon
Dan Munkus | The Edge of the High Trace
Munya |Voyage To Mars
Megan Nash | Soft Focus Futures
Nation Of Language | A Way Forward
Nesles | Arsenic
New Age Doom & Lee “Scratch” Perry | Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Guide to the Universe
Nothing is Real | Transmissions Of The Unearthly
Gary Numan | 45X15: The Singles Collection 1978-1983
Old Man Wizard | Kill Your Servants Quietly
Old Time Relijun | Musicking
Omnium Gatherum | Origin
Eivind Opsvik | Emotional Switches
Pagination | This Next Ohio
Parcels | Day​/​Night
Alan Parsons | The NeverEnding Show: Live in the Netherlands
Pedway | Vitalic
People Years | XIV
Steve Perry | The Season
Phantom Limb | Pastoral
Pile | In the Corners of a Sphere​​-​​Filled Room
Portrayal Of Guilt | Christfucker
Postage | Postage
The Pretenders | The Pretenders Deluxe Edition
The Pretenders | The Pretenders II Deluxe Edition
Radiohead | Kid Amnesiac
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats | The Future
Marina Rosenfeld | Index
Rubber Band Gun | Cashes Out
Sate | The Fool
Scarecrow | Raise the Death’s Head
Sea Sleeper | Nostophobia
SeeYouSpaceCowboy | The Romance Of Affliction
John Sierra | The Wonder EP
Sitcom | Smoothie
Snail Mail | Valentine
Sons Of Sounds | Soundphonia
Spanish Barbarian Prophecies | Horizon
Spectres | Hindsight
Spinn | Outside Of The Blue
Springtime | Springtime
Stonewall Noise Orchestra | Vol. 1
Takatsuki Trio Quartett & Silke Eberhard | At Kühlspot
Tasha | Tell Me What You Miss The Most
Teether & Kuya Neil | Glyph
Teleman | Sweet Morning EP
Thangorodrim | Liberation In Unbound Chaos 666
Umphrey’s McGee | Mantis (Pink Vinyl)
Usquam | Reborn EP
Various Artists | Athens, GA Inside Out 2: Red Turns Into Blue DVD
Various Artists | Sabor Surf Compiled by El Palmas & El Drágon Criollo
Various Artists | 20 Years of Bastard Jazz
Visibly Choked | Visibly Choked EP
Hana Vu | Public Storage
Wazzara | Cycles
Youth Fountain | Keepsakes & Reminders

November 12

Poppy Ackroyd | Pause
Damon Albarn | The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows
Andy Aquarius | Chapel
Arrowounds & Acid Pool Moth Light | The Great Shapeshifting
Ars Magna Umbrae | Throne Between Worlds
Bangkok | Madness
Courtney Barnett | Things Take Time, Take Time
Bawrut | In The Middle
Beginners | Ooey Gooey EP
Black Soul Horde | Horrors From The Void
Pip Blom | Welcome Break
Bonded | Into Blackness
Borknagar | Borknagar 25th Anniversary Edition
Michael Bublé | Christmas Super Deluxe 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box
Caned By Nod | None The Wiser
Neal Casal | Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal
Casper Skulls | Knows No Kindness
Cherokee | Blood & Gold
Eric Clapton | The Lady In the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions
Claptone | Closer
Constant Smiles | Paragons
Delmer Darion | Morning Pageants: Remixes
Dark Times | No Hope / The Early EPs
Darkwoods My Betrothed | Angel of Carnage Unleashed
Dawn Of Solace | Flames Of Perdition
The Dodos | Grizzly Peak
Dold Vorde Ens Navn | Mørkere
Doomsday Profit | In Idle Orbit
Dope Lemon | Rose Pink Cadillac
Dying Hydra | Of Lowly Origin
L’Eclair | Confusions
Endless Boogie | Admonitions
Enuff Z’Nuff | Hardrock Nite
Exsul | Allegoresis
Eyemaster | Charcoaled Remains / Festering Slime Single
The Fleshtones | Mi Engañaste Bien Single
Floored Faces | Kool Hangs
Foster The People | Torches X (Deluxe Edition)
Fourth Wife | Head Fell Between Two Horses
French For Rabbits | The Overflow
Gazoline | Gazoline III
Glaskin | Klaftertief
Gov’t Mule | Heavy Load Blues
Tim Green and Massimo Magee | Abeyance
Jembaa Groove | Bassa Bassa EP
Hackedepicciotto | The Silver Threshold
Helm | Axis
Holm | Why Don’t You Dance
Jon Hopkins | Music for Psychedelic Therapy
Humble Braggers | Love & Fear
I Am A Rocketship | Lies and Legends
Ill Considered | Liminal Space
Irreversible Entanglements | Open The Gates
L. Jacobs | Enthusiasm
Eric Jacobsen, Kayhan Kahlor, Sandeep Das, Karen Ouzounian | Blue As The Turquoise Night
The Jazz Butcher | Dr Cholmondley Repents: A​-​sides, B​-​Sides and Seasides
Cody Jinks | Mercy
Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O | Umdali
Jr. Gone Wild | Still Got The Jacket
Keys N Krates | Original Classic
Kills Birds | Married
Ajak Kwai | Red Sands
L.A. Guns | Checkered Past
Lightleak | Tender Fits
Lionlimb | Spiral Groove
Little Mix | Between Us
Logic1000 | In The Sweetness of You EP
Long Range Hustle | I Am Alive, But Only If You Say I Am
Lubelski Announces | Happy Accident
Makthaverskan | För Allting
Dellacasa Maldive | Sale Rosa
Memorist | Oni / Kijo EP
Haviah Mighty | Stock Exchange
Ronnie Milsap | Christmas With Ronnie Milsap
Joni Mitchell | Archives Vol. 2
Monument Of Misanthropy | Unterweger
Sally Anne Morgan | Cups
The Motion Orchestra | All One
Negură Bunget | Zău
New Cool Collective | Yunikōn
Nirvana | Nevermind 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
Cedric Noel | Hang Time
Non Serviam | Il Pleut Partout Derrière
NRBQ | Dragnet
Obscura Qalma | Apotheosis
Jenny Parrott | The Fire I Saw
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss | Raise The Roof
Portico Quartet | Monument
Elvis Presley | Elvis: Back In Nashville
Lee Ranaldo | In Virus Times
Regas-McDonald | Hall Of Fame Cities
Run To Stay | Paragons
Safety Town | Fake It
Scattered Hamlet | Stereo Overthrow
Paul Schütze | The Second Law
The Seafloor Cinema | In Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound
Seaform Walls | XVI
She & Him | Christmas 10th Anniversary Edition
Siem Reap | Now What?
Nishla Smith | Friends With Monsters
Soundwalk Collective | Lovotic
Rod Stewart | The Tears Of Hercules
Allen Stone | Apart
Suntitle | In A Dream
Soichi Terada | Asakusa Light
Thårn | Collisions
Trousdale | What Happiness Is
Ültra Raptör | Tyrants
Unleashed | No Sign Of Life
Joel Vandroogenbroeck | Far View
Various Artists | Fake Chapter Records: The First 25 Years
Vertebra Atlantis | Lustral Purge In Cerulean Bliss
Vomit the Soul | Cold
Warbly Jets | Monsterhouse
Doc Watson | Life’s Work: A Retrospective
Daniel Wyche | Earthwork
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Teaser and the Firecat 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

November 19

Aephanemer | A Dream of Wilderness
Malik Alston | Painted Pictures: Air
Apostle of Solitude | When The Darkness Goes
Banned in G.B.G. | What The Hell Is Going On?
Cecilia Bartoli Unreleased
The Black Watch | Here & There
James Blunt | The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021)
Blurt | Uzi Single
Body/Head & Asron Dilloway | Body/Dilloway/Head
Lydia Brownfield | Dig
Bush | Razorblade Suitcase (In Addition) (Pink Vinyl)
Chartreuse | Is It Autumn Already EP
David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra | For Those We Met On The Way
Clowns | Does It Matter?
Hans Condor | Breaking And Entering
Confusion Master | Haunted
The Darkness | Motorheart
Daxma | Unmarked Boxes
Desert Limnal | Glass Fate
Tom Dissevelt | Fantasy In Orbit
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan | The Fascinating World of Electronic Music
Dream Unending | Tide Turns Eternal
John Edwards, N.O. Moore, Eddie Prévost, Alan Wilkinson | EMPoWered
Elbow | Flying Dream 1
Eldritch | Eos
Eternity’s End | Embers of War
Exodus | Persona Non Grata
Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion | We Are The Truth
Gavinco | Beriza LP
Ben LaMar Gay | Open Arms to Open Us
Ghost Rhythms | Spectral Music
Hearts & Hand Grenades | Between the Lines
Hoo | We Shall Never Speak
José James | Merry Christmas from José James
Jerome | LP2
J.R.C.G. | Ajo Sunshine
Alai K | Kila Mara
Kcin | Decade Zero (Ambient Edition)
Kiss | Destroyer Super Deluxe Anniversary Edition
Fela Kuti | Live! With Ginger Baker
Lexxicon | Tropicon Islands
Love Tractor | Themes From Venus Vinyl Reissue
The Lurking Fear | Death, Madness, Horror, Decay
Myele Manzanza | Crisis & Opportunity Vol.2: Peaks
Makaya McCraven | Deciphering The Message
Me And That Man | New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol​.​2
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm | Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm
µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx | Secret Garden
Willie Nelson | The Willie Nelson Family
NervoChaos | Dug Up… Diabolical Reincarnations
Folke Nikanor | Främmande
Noveliss | Book of Changes
Obscura | A Valediction
Ovlov | Buds
OSS | Enter The Kettle
Palm Ghosts | The Lost Frequency
Matt Patershuk | An Honest Effort
Pathology | The Everlasting Plague
Leonie Pernet | Le Cirque de Consolation
Perveration | Perversion In Manifest Disease
Phantom Limv | Pastoral
Ping | The Zig Zag Manoeuvre
Primal Scream | Live At Levitation
Qilin | Petrichor
Penny Rimbaud & Youth | Corpus Mei
The Salvation Army | Mind Gardens (40th Anniversary Double 45)
Scowl | How Flowers Grow
Single Girl, Married Girl | Three Generations of Leaving
Snake Mountain Revival | Everything in Sight
Soup | Visions
Spice | A Better Treatment b​/​w Everyone Gets In
Brion Starr | A Night To Remember
Stats | Powys 1999
Swallow The Sun | Moonflowers
Swansea Sound | Live at the Rum Puncheon
Taylor Swift | Red (Taylor’s Version)
Taking Meds | Terrible News From Wonderful Men
TDW | Fountains
Temperance | Diamanti
Tender Mercy | The Veil Falls
Terra | Hypercube
John Thayer | Supermundane
Theatres Des Vampires | In Nomine Sanguinis
Tower | Shock to the System
Phong Tran | The Computer Room
Traitrs | Horses In The Abattoir
Ultra Q | Get Yourself A Friend
Vigilantes | Ambedo Auras
Vrsty | Welcome Home
The Wanted | Most Wanted: The Greatest Hits
Weakened Friends | Quitter
Der Weg Einer Freiheit | Noktvrn
Brian Wilson | At My Piano
Jonny Woolnough | Mayurqa
Frank Zappa | 200 Motels 50th Anniversary Edition

November 26 | Record Store Day Black Friday

Aerosmith1971 | The Road Starts Hear Vinyl & Cassette
All Them Witches | Live On The Internet Vinyl
A Place To Bury Strangers | Hologram – Destroyed & Reassembled Remix Vinyl
Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû | Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû
Angelo Badalamanti | Blue Velvet Soundtrack Deluxe Edition Vinyl
Chet Baker | Albert’s House Vinyl
Souren Baronian | The Middle Eastern Soul of Carlee Vinyl
Bee Gees | Three Kisses Of Love Coloured Vinyl
Hudson Bell | Psychic Breaks
Betamax Vs Clive Bell | Betamax Vs Clive Bell
Big Brother & The Holding Company (ft. Janis Joplin) | Combination of the Two: Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival Vinyl
Blackberry Smoke | Stoned Vinyl
Black Francis | The Golem Vinyl Reissue
Black Francis | NonStopErotik Vinyl Reissue
Black Label Society | Doom Crew
Blxst | Just For Clarity Vinyl
Botfly | Lower Than Love
Rich Brian | Amen88 Vinyl
Broken Social Scene | Feel Good Lost 20th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Roy Buchanan | The Prophet: The Unreleased First Polydor Album Vinyl
Canned Heat | Friends In The Can Vinyl
Canned Heat & Memphis Slim | Memphis Heat Brown Vinyl
John Carpenter | Ghosts Of Mars Soundtrack Black Swirl Vinyl
The Jim Carroll Band | Catholic Boy Deluxe Vinyl
Ray Charles | Live in Stockholm Vinyl
Chief Keef | Thot Breaker Vinyl
Chilliwack | There and Back Live! Vinyl
Cién | Redemption
Leonard Cohen | Songs Of Love and Hate 50th Anniversary White Vinyl
Jackson Conti | Sujinho Vinyl
Sam Cooke | The First Mile of The Way Vinyl
Alice Cooper | Brutal Planet Vinyl
Chick Corea & Lionel Hampton | Live In Cannes 1978 Vinyl
Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House | At Montreux Translucent Red & Yellow Vinyl
Crobot | Rat Child EP Vinyl
David Crosby & Graham Nash | Wind On The Water Vinyl
Crowbar | Classics (Memories Are Made Of This) Vinyl
Cynic | Ascension Codes
Dave Davies | Kinked Vinyl
Miles Davis | Live-Evil Opaque Teal Vinyl
Richard Dawson & Circle | Henki
Deine Lakaien | Dual +
Lana Del Rey | Chemtrails Over The Country Club Vinyl
Rob Dickinson | Fresh Wine for the Horses Red & Yellow Vinyl
Dio | Holy Diver Picture Disc
Dio | The Last in Line Picture Disc
Dire Straits | Encores Live Remastered Vinyl
Julie Doiron | I Thought Of You
Drop On Glass | Light As A Feather
Billie Eilish | No Time To Die Single
El Michels Affair | The Abominable EP
Émoi | Willy’s Wonderland Soundtrack Vinyl
Eric Essix | Songs From The Deep Vinyl
Evanescence | Evanescence Vinyl
Tav Falco | Club Car Coloured Vinyl
DJ Farrapo | El Cabrón & Papacito
Fleetwood Mac | Alternate Live Vinyl
Freez | Keep In Touch Single
Freeze | Rabid Reaction Vinyl
Andrew Gabbard / Kendra Morris | Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) Pink Vinyl Single
The Gertrudes | Emergency To Emergency
Billy F Gibbons | Hardware Vinyl
Gladiators | 1983 – The Nighthawk EP Vinyl
Godhead Machinery | Monotheistic Enslavement
The Grouch | Show You The World Vinyl
The Gun Club | Live at the Starwood Vinyl
Daryl Hall & John Oates | Fall In Philadelphia: The Definitive Demos 1968-71 Vinyl
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins | My Little Shop Of Horrors Vinyl
The Reverend Horton Heat | We Three Kings Vinyl
Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne | Hildring
The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Paris 67 Blue and Red Mix Coloured Vinyl
High Pulp | Mutual Attraction Vol. 3 Vinyl
Hollow | The Tower
Hypocrisy | Worship
Abdullah Ibrahim | Solotude
Imperialist | Zenith
Imperial Triumphant | An Evening With Imperial Triumphant
In Mourning | The Bleeding Veil
Iron Maiden | Iron Maiden Picture Disc
Chris Isaak | Beyond The Sun Vinyl
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit | Georgia Blue Vinyl
Joseph Izayea | Harder Truths
The Jacka | Tear Gas Vinyl
Henry Jackman | Cherry Soundtrack Vinyl
Jackson 5 | ABC Vinyl
Johnnie Johnson | Johnnie B. Bad Vinyl
Judas Priest | Best of Judas Priest Vinyl
Michael Kamen | The Iron Giant Picture Disc
Jorma Kaukonen | Christmas: Candy Cane Edition Red & White Clear Swirl Vinyl
Jorma Kaukonen | Christmas: Christmas Tree Edition Red & Green Clear Swirl Vinyl
Kid Bookie | Cheaper Than Therapy
Carole King | In Concert: Live At The BBC 1971 Vinyl
King’s X | Please Come Home… Mr. Bulbous Vinyl
LaBrie | Elements Of Persuasion Vinyl
Leaether Strip | Throwing Bones II: A Skinny Puppy Tribute
Leaether Strip | Wound: A Tribute To Godflesh
LA Guns | Walking The Dead Vinyl
k.d. lang | All You Can Eat Vinyl
John Legend | Once Again Gold Vinyl
Jamie Lidell | Muddlin Gear Cassette
Little Feat | Electrif Lycanthrope: Live at Ultra-Sonic Studios, 1974 Vinyl
Local Natives | Covers EP Cassette
Lera Lynn | Live and Unplugged From Vinyl Tap Vinyl
Magma | BBC 1974 Vinyl
The Mars Volta | Noctourniquet Vinyl Reissue
Maxwell | Now Brown Vinyl
Barry McGuire | Eve Of Destruction Vinyl
JD McPherson | Socks Vinyl
Mexican Dogs | Mexican Dogs EP
Mr. Big | Lean Into It Vinyl
Mobb Deep | Free Agents Coloured Vinyl
Modern English | After The Snow Live from Indigo At The O2 Vinyl
Mokri | Heart Change
Thelonious Monk Septet | Monk’s Music Coloured Vinyl
Motörhead | The Lost Tapes Vol.1 (Live In Madrid 1995) Red Vinyl
Mountain Man | Made The Harbour
The Munsters | At Home With the Munsters Vinyl
Ivo Neame | Glimpses of Truth
Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price | Willie, Merle & Ray: Big Hits Live From The Last Of The Breed Tour Vinyl
Night Ranger | Somewhere In California Vinyl
Non Phixion | The Green LP Vinyl
Oneohtrix Point Never | Renditions 10″ Vinyl
Opera Diabolicus | Death On A Pale Horse
Ozzy Osbourne | No More Tears Picture Disc
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos | Bridge Over Troubled Water Vinyl
Paley & Francis | Paley & Francis Vinyl Reissue
Charlie Parker | Bird In LA Vinyl & CD
Pave The Jungle | Waiting For Nothing
Art Pepper | Promise Kept: The Artist House Albums Vinyl
Oscar Peterson | A Time For Love: The Oscar Peterson Quartet Live In Helsinki, 1987 Vinyl
Grant-Lee Phillips | Yuletide Vinyl
Pink Lincolns | I Am A Genius Vinyl
Poison | Flesh & Blood Coke Bottle Green Vinyl
Chayse Porter | Chay’s Palace
John Powell | How To Train Your Dragon Soundtrack Vinyl
Chuck Prophet | No Other Love Vinyl
Chuck Prophet | The Age of Miracles Vinyl
Puscifer | Billy D and the Hall of Feathered Serpents: Puscifer Live at the Mayan Theatre Vinyl
Puscifer | Existential Reckoning: Live at Arcosanti Vinyl
Aurora Dee Raynes | Invisible Things
Lou Reed & Kris Kristofferson | Bottom Line Archive Series: In Their Own Words With Vin Scelsa Vinyl
Rhapsody Of Fire | Glory For Salvation
Riki | Gold
Rockness Monsta | He’s On Fire b/w Faith Vinyl
Chloe Rodgers | Back To The Quay EP
Gavin Rossdale | Wanderlust Vinyl
Todd Rundgren | Healing Coloured Vinyl
Bobby Rush | Chicken Heads 50th Anniversary Vinyl
RZA as Bobby Digital | Digital Bullet Coloured Vinyl
Saigon | KickThe Lizard Reptilian Green Marble Vinyl
MC Salum | Crocodile DD
Savage Deity | Decade Of Savagery
John Scott | Inseminoid Soundtrack Vinyl
Sei Still | El Refugio
The Shangri-Las | The Best of the Red Bird and Mercury Recordings Vinyl
Smith/Kotzen | Better Days Vinyl
Sons Of Kemet | African Cosmology Vinyl
Spectacular Diagnostics | Ancient Methods
Dusty Springfield | The Complete Atlantic Singles 1968-1971 Vinyl
Spoon | TBA Vinyl
Squirrel Nut Zippers | Lost Songs Of Doc Souchon Vinyl
The Staple Singers | The Twenty-Fifth Day Of December Vinyl
Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop | La Planète Sauvage
Stray Cats | Live At Rockpalast Vinyl
Joe Strummer | Johnny Appleseed Pink Vinyl
Styles P | Float Vinyl
Sum 41 | Does This look Infected? Vinyl
Sun Ra | Omniverse Vinyl
Teddy Swims | A Very Teddy Christmas Vinyl
Swirlies | They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons Vinyl
Tammi Terrell | The Irresistible Vinyl
Tank and The Bangas | The Big Outside Vinyl
TDW | Fountains
ten56. | Downer
Tesla | Mechanical Resonance Translucent Blue Vinyl
Big Mama Thornton | Sassy Mama: Live at The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club Deluxe Vinyl
Thundercat | The Golden Age of Apocalypse 10th Anniversary Edition Vinyl
Tierney Tough | A Farce To Reckon With Vinyl
Chris Travis | Pizza And Codeine Vinyl
Trippie Redd | A Love Letter To You 1 / A Love Letter To You 2 Vinyl
TwiztidI | Tried 2 Warn Vinyl
Kali Uchis | Sin Miedo Vinyl
Kris Ulrich | Pacific Central Vinyl
Ültra Raptör | Tyrants
U Roy | Creation Rebel: Rare Sides By The Reggae Originator Vinyl
U2 | Gloria 40th Anniversary 12″ Yellow Vinyl EP
Dave Van Ronk | Hear Me Howl – Live 1964 Vinyl
Vardis | Guaranteed No Overdubs: 100 MPH @ 100 Club
Various Artists | Americana Railroad Vinyl
Various Artists | Beleza Tropical Vinyl
Various Artists | Killer: 50 Years Later
Various Artists | Latin Legends Live Vinyl
Various Artists | Stubbs The Zombie: The Soundtrack Vinyl
Various Artists | The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Soundtrack Vinyl
Various Artists | Tickets For Doomsday: Heavy Psychedelic Funk, Soul, Ballads & Dirges 1970-1975 Vinyl
Voices | Breaking The Trauma Bond
Wailing Souls | Fire House Rock 40th Anniversary Vinyl
Nancy Wilson | You and Me Vinyl
The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong All-Stars | Original Grooves: A Gift To Pops Vinyl
The Wrens | Secaucus Vinyl
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic / Osaka Popstar | Beat on The Brat Vinyl

December 3

Anything Bagel | Overwhelmed
Atræ Bilis | Apexapien
Bo Burnham | Inside (The Songs) Vinyl
Cutterred Flesh | Sharing Is Caring
The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt | Devil In Berlin
Deep Throat Choir | In Order To Know You
Doodswens | Lichtvrees
The Doors | L.A. Woman 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Jerman / Barnes | Hiss Lift
Keno | Out Past The Current
LP | Churches
Tony Martin | Thorns
Sam Mehran | Cold Brew
Mildlife | Live from South Channel Island
Moonspell | Darkness And Hope
Nekromant | Temple Of Haal
Night Shop | Forever Night
Raibard | Dark Realm of the Daylight
Rid Of Me | Traveling
Sugarplum Fairies | Altar Songs 1998-2021
Various Artists | Best of AC/DC Redux
Various Artists | Back In Black Redux
Various Artists | Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity
Various Artists | FPE Records: FPEXL
Volbeat | Servant of the Mind
The Waterboys | Room To Roam Reissue
The Waterboys | The Magnificent Seven
Paul Weller | An Orchestrated Songbook
Xqui | Twenties
Xqui | Twenties (Remixed)

December 10

Aeon Station | Observatory
Joan Avant | Dies Irae
Devil Cross | This Mortal Coil
Exorcizphobia | Digitotality
For Lack of a Term | Welcome To Your New Normal
Beverly Glenn-Copeland | Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
Hellgarden | Rise of the Beast
Kid Dad | Bloom EP
Minus the Bear | Farewell Vinyl Reissue
The New Pornographers | Mass Romantic (Matador Revisionist History Edition)
Oneohtrix Point Never | Returnal Vinyl Reissue
Otargos | Fleshborer Soulflayer
Rising Insane | Afterglow
Siamese | Home
Vahrzaw | The Trembling Voices of Conquered Men

December 17

Apes | Lullabies For Eternal Sleep
A River of Trees | The River Wizard
Behemoth | In Absentia Dei
Jamiroquai | Travelling Without Moving 25th Anniversary Edition
Schedule 1 | Schedule 1
Wolftopia | Ways of the Pack

December 31

Feuerschwanz | Memento Mori

January 7

The Mars Volta | Landscape Tantrums Vinyl Reissue
Shotgun Facelift | Dakota Blood Stampede
The Wombats | Fix Yourself, Not The World
Yard Act | The Overload

January 14

Bon Iver | Bon Iver 10th Anniversary Edition
Chastity | Suffer Summer
Enterprise Earth | The Chosen
Fickle Friends | Are We Gonna Be Alright?
Fit For An Autopsy | Oh What The Future Holds
Steph Green | Thanks For That
The Kernal | Listen to the Blood
The Lumineers | Brightside
Tall Heights | Juniors
Underoath | Voyeurist
Orlando Weeks | Hop Up
Wiegedood | There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road

January 21

Ben Abraham | Friendly Fire
Fucked Up | Demos Vinyl
Fucked Up | Epics in Minutes Reissue
Geoffroy | Strangers On A Train
Ghostly Kisses | Heaven, Wait
Greensky Bluegrass | Stress Dreams
The Jonny Halifax Invocation | Acid Blüüs Räägs : Vol. 1
Miles Kane | Change The Show
Logan Lynn | New Money
Nepthisis | Spiral Hollow
Aoife O’Donovan | Age Of Apathy
Pictures | It’s OK

January 28

Bad Suns | Apocalypse Whenever
Eels | Extreme Witchcraft
Amber Mark | Three Dimensions Deep
Thyla | Thyla

February 4

Charmed Life | The Best of The Divine Comedy
The High Water Marks | Proclaimer of Things
Mass Worship | Portal Tombs
Twangtown Paramours | Double Down On A Bad Thing

February 11

Alt-J | The Dream
Foxes | The Kick
Naked Gypsy Queens | Georgiana EP
Night Shop | Forever Night
Sea Power | Everything Was Forever
Frank Turner | FTHC
Zeal & Ardor | Zeal & Ardor

February 25

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard | Backhand Deals
Early Eyes | Look Alive!
The Moldy Peaches | Origin Story: 1994-1999
VHS Collection | Night Drive

March 4

Sneers. | Tales For Violent Days
Stereophonics | Oochya!

March 11

Dolly Parton | Run, Rose, Run
Pinhead Gunpowder | Compulsive Disclosure Vinyl Reissue
Pinhead Gunpowder | West Side Highway Single Vinyl Reissue

March 18

Deep Heads | Synkro Attack’& Jah Love [Dubbed Out]
Feeder | Torpedo
Wesley Gonzalez | Wax Limousine

April 8

Son of Dave | Call Me King

May 6

Century Egg | Little Piece Of Hair
The Feeling | Loss. Hope. Love.


September 24

Abramelin | Never Enough Snuff
Abraskadabra | Make Yourself At Home
Absolutely Free | Aftertouch
Adibanti x Jackson Mathod | Miles Deep EP
Aeon Zen | Transversal
Afternoon Bike Ride | Afternoon Bike Ride
Agressor | Neverending Destiny Reissue
Agressor | Towards Beyond Reissue
Algara | Absortos En El Tedio Eterno
Altesia | Embryo
Angels & Airwaves | Lifeforms
A Pale Horse Named Death | Infernum In Terra
Carmine Appice & Fernando Perdomo | Energy Overload
A Ritual Sea | A Ritual Sea
Die Ärzte | Dunkel
Marcus Atom | Love Vs. War
Bess Atwell | Already, Always
Aunty Social | It Looks Friendly EP
Badflower | This Is How The World Ends
James Baley | A Story
Balthazar | Sand Castle Tapes EP
James Barrett | A Series of… Mostly Nothing
Pastor T.L. Barrett | I Shall Wear a Crown
Basstracks and TOBi | Good Luck For Real / Give It To You Right Back EP
Beach Body | Walking Holiday
Bell Towers | Territory EP
Bestial Putrefaction | Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos
Big Boi & Sleepy Brown | The Big Sleepover
Billy Strings | Renewal
Mark Bishop | Some Distant Mountain
Aria Bléu | Daydream
Blu | The Color Blu(e)
Blue Stingrays | Surf-N-Burn Reissue
The Body and BIG|BRAVE | Leaving None But Small Birds
Ben Böhmer | Begin Again
The Bootheels | 1988: The Original Demos
Alpha Bootis | Jump to Alpha Bootis
Boslen | Dusk To Dawn
Boys Noize | +/- (Polarity)
Ryan James Brewer | Tender
Bria | Cuntry Covers Vol. 1
Solemn Brigham | South Sinner Street
British Lion | British Lion
Broken Baby | Late Stage Optimism
Andrew Brooks | East
Nora Brown | Sidetrack My Engine
Bummer | Dead Horse
Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber | Angels Over Oakanda
Butter City Poster Boys | Your Guide to Love
Call Super | Cherry Drops Pt 1 EP
Captain Rico And The Ghost Band | Ordre
Alessia Cara | In The Meantime
EJ Carey | Outlier EP
Carthiefschool | Kenjimiyazawa EP
Johnny Cash | Bear’s Sonic Journals: At the Carousel Ballroom, April 24 1968
Ceiling Demons | Snakes & Ladders
Simo Cell | Yes.DJ
Cerebellium | Something You Can Say EP
Cherry Cheeks | Cherry Cheeks
Children On Stun | Tourniquets Of Love’s Desire
Pippi Ciez | Multiple of Three
Nil Ciuró | Oversoul
Clarence Clarity | Vanishing Act I: No Nouns
Kelly Clarkson | Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)
Cloud Of I | Gazing
Cognizance | Upheaval
Coldplay & BTS | My Universe Single
Cold War Kids | New Age Norms 3
Colver | Walk Swim Fly EP
Concrete | Ethereal Atrocities
Conditioner | Conditioner
The Connells | Steadman’s Wake
The Cookers | Look Out!
Chick Corea Akoustic Band | Live
Sharon Corr | The Fool & The Scorpion
Marlon Craft | Home Court Advantage Vol. 1
Crazy Doberman | “everyone is rolling down a hill” or “the journey to the center of some arcane mystery and the entanglements of the vines and veins of the cosmic and unwieldy millieu encountered in the midst of that endeavor”
Crimeapple & DJ Muggs | Cartagena
Cripta Blue | Cripta Blue
Crisix | The Pizza EP
Theo Croker | Blk2Life II: A Future Past
Dennis Cruz | What U Doing EP (ft. Leo Wood)
Crystal Spiders | Morieris
Spencer Cullum | Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection
Cult Of Reason | Cult of Reason II
Cuneiform | Reverse
Melanie Curran | San Benedito Beach
Cyan | For King and Country
CYRK | Escaping Earth
Dark Redeemer | Into The Deep Black
Dayseeker | Sleeptalk Deluxe
Dead Finks | The Death and Resurrection of Johnathan Cowboy
Henryk Debich | Zbliżenie
The December People | Sounds Like Christmas
Defprez | Sunday Sessions
Joey DeFrancesco | More Music
Manu Delago | Environ Me
Diddy | Off The Grid Vol. 1
The Doppelgangaz | G Pack, Vol. 3
Dozer | Vultures Reissue
Dream Ocean | The Missing Stone
Drott | Orcus
D Smoke | War & Wonders
Adrianne Duncan | Gemini
Kelman Duran | Night In Tijuana
Echt! | Inwane
Edapollo | Blue Spring
Mathias Eick | When We Leave
The Electric Mud | Black Wool EP
Electric Religious | Tragic Lover
Elke | No Pain For Us Here
Enthrallment | Against The Will To Live: Sky Burial
Equipment Pointed Ankh | Without Human Permission
Brian Estepa | Back To The Middle EP
Eteritus | Rotten Transition
Eternia & Rel McCoy | Free
Ethemadassassin & Seven Da Pantha | Carter N Newton: The Field Report
Etherwood | Neon Dust
Evil House Party | Grant Theft Audio
Donald Fagen | The Nightfly Live
Jad And David Fair | Halloween Songs Vinyl Reissue
Jad And David Fair | 26 Monster Songs for Children (Sing Your Babies to Sleep) Vinyl Reissue
Farer | Monad
Kari Faux | Lowkey Superstar Deluxe
Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, and Greg Leisz | Milan
Fernie | Aurora
Ruby Fields | Been Doin’ It For A Bit
Film School | We Weren’t Here
Proc Fiskal | Siren Spine Sysex
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong | Ella & Louis Vinyl Reissue
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong | Ella & Louis 2 Vinyl Reissue
Larry Fleet | Stack Of Records
Flounder | I’m the Flounder
Flower Crown | Heat
Folk & Stress | The Box
Forgetting The Memories | Vemod
Frames | Every Room
The Franklin Electric | This Time, I See It
David Franz | To The Unknown
FRKTL | Azimuth
Ronan Furlong | Ataraxia
The Garrys | Get Thee To A Nunnery
G-Eazy | These Things Happen Too
Lee Hong Gi | Drawing
Angus Gill | The Scrapbook
GLOK | Pattern Recognition
Gordan | Down In The Meadow
Grace | Grace
Grandaddy | The Sophtware Slump…..on a wooden piano Pink Vinyl
The Greeting Committee | Dandelion
Grinder Blues | El Dos
Grinnimator & Dotaki | The Grinntaki Files Vol. 1
The Grouch & Eligh | What Would Love Do
Avey Grouws Band | Tell Tale Heart
Grup Ses | Beats From the Vaults Pt. 1 (2008 – 2020)
Ana Guerra | La Luz del Martes
Mickey Guyton | Remember Her Name
Anthony Hamilton | Love Is The New Black
Earl Hartley & Thrift Star | Dream Crusher
Mark Hawkins | The New Normal
Miho Hazama | Imaginary Visions
Dan Heide | In God’s Country
Heliochrysum | We Become Mist
Dylan Henner | Amtracks
Hiero | Soil
High Low Duo | Ravel & Bartók
High & Rising | Howl
Devin Hoff | Voices From the Empty Moor (Songs of Anne Briggs)
Holy Hive | Holy Hive
William Hooker | Big Moon
Jesca Hoop | The Deconstruction of Jack’s House
Brittany Howard | Jamie Reimagined Vinyl
Howlin May Queen | Tapes from the White Ballroom
Hush Kids | Weatherman EP
Natalie Imbruglia | Firebird
Imperial Broads | Counterpart
Insect Ark | Future Fossils
Invent, Animate | The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was
Isolated | The Enemy Of Reason
Itzy | Crazy In Love
I Was Born Twice | Neimza
The Industry | Sweet Land
Insect Ark | Future Fossils EP
Invaderband | Peter Gabriel
Iskandr | Vergezicht
Michael James | Shelter In Place
Japanese Breakfast | Sable Video Game Soundtrack
Jeromes Dream | Presents
Sam Johnson | Along the Dark Edges of Everything
Jolly Mare | Epsilon
Caleb Landry Jones | Gadzooks Vol. 1
The Joy | Amabutho EP
Joyer | Perfect Gray
Judas Knife | Death is the Thing with Feathers
Larry June & Cardo | Into The Late Night
Tony Kamel | Back Down Home
Eves Karydas | Reruns EP
Kehlvin | Holistic Dreams
Kendall Street Company | The Year the Earth Stood Still Part II: Inertia
The Kernal | Listen To The Blood
Kesem | Post-Terra
Kidd G | Down Home Boy
Killah Priest & Shaka Amazulu The 7th | Ragnarok
Kondi Band | We Famous
Hiro Kone | Silvercoat The Throng
Olga Kouklaki | Dusty Diamond
Michael Kratz | Tafkatno
KrispyLife Kidd | The Art of Spice Talk
K-Riz | Peace & Love
Yoko Kuzuya | Midnight Driving: Music Greetings 1999-2021
Ignacio La Conga | Donde Se Quiebran Las Hachas
Invent Animate | The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was
Lakeyah | My Time
Lando & the Infinite Sadness | Purple Moon EP
Neil Landstrumm | Yell Yell EP
The Lathums | How Beautiful Life Can Be
Stacy Lattisaw | The Cotillion Years 1979-1985
Ada Lea | One Hand On The Steering Wheel The Other Sewing A Garden
Leon Creek | Far From Broken
The Less Dead | It’s Alright
Let Your Hair Down | Waiting Room
L’Freaq | Showgirl EP
Little Hag | Leash
LLNN | Unmaker
Bill Lloyd | Working The Long Game Reissue
The Lottery Winners | Something To Leave The House For
Maurice Louca | Saet El-Hazz
Lukah | Why Look Up, God’s In The Mirror
Earl MacDonald | Consecrated
Magdalena and The Mystical Birds | Lyric Lockdown Live
Magic Roundabout | Up
Malady | Ainavihantaa
Jesse Malin | Sad & Beautiful World
Heather Maloney | Perch-Less Bird
Mandoki Soulmates | Utopia For Realists: Hungarian Pictures
Mandragora Scream | Nothing But The Best
Mas Aya | Máscaras
Maxshh | Bonus Flowers
Taylor McCall | Black Powder Soul
Mac McCaughan | The Sound Of Yourself
Travie McCoy | Loved Me Back To Life
Loreena McKennitt | The Visit: The Definitive Edition
Erin McKeown | Kiss Off Kiss
Meimuna | Courage EP
Jackson Melnick | Abilene
Men Without Hats | Again (Part 1) EP
Nate Mercereau | Sundays
Patrice Michaud – Grand Voyage Désorganisé
Milk Carton Kids | Prologue 10th Anniversary Edition
Andy Mineo | Never Land II
Minus the Bear | Infinity Overhead Pink Vinyl
Catherine Moan | Chain Reaction
Moderate Rebels | If You See Something That Doesn’t Look Right III
Moonspell | The Great Silver Eye
Tom Moran | Roommate of a Friend of Mine
Morgoth | Ungod
Kendra Morris | This Life / Who We Are
Mostly Autumn | Graveyard Star
Mujician | 10 10 10
The Muslims | Fuck These Fuckin Fascists
Myd | Whether the Weather Remixes
Mystery Rose | Socially Distant
Nao | And Then Life Was Beautiful
Nasturtium | Please Us
Natti Natasha | Nattividad
Native Soul | Teenage Dreams
Nattymari | Likkle Nice
Nefariym | Morbid Delusions
Chris Nine | The Heavy EP
Ninety | Ninety
99 Neighbors | Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great
Nogizaka46 | Kimi ni Shikarareta Special Edition
Nominee | Lowlife
Norse | Ascetic
Nox Holloway | If The World Didn’t Spin So Much EP
Kate NV | Room for the Moon Instrumentals
Oasis | Knebworth 1996
Obstruct | Deimos Falling
The OddEven | Dance of the Dead
Anthony OKS | In The Garden
Dave Okumu | Knopperz
Angel Olsen | Aisles EP Vinyl
Oneiros Way | The Dawn Is Near
One Step Closer | This Place You Know
The Ophelias | Crocus
Orbit Culture | Shaman
Outlawz | One Nation
Oxymorrons | Mohawks & Durags EP
DJ Pantha | Cheese & Bun EP
Paradox | Heresy II: End Of A Legend
Payday | Rap in a Can
Hayden Pedigo | Letting Go
Camille Peruto | Perfect Vision
Pink Milk | Ultraviolet
Pixies | Trompe Le Monde Green Vinyl
Marc Platt | Dis Time It’s Poisonal
Matt Pond PA | The State Of Gold Reissue
Pop. 1280 | Museum on the Horizon
Poppy | Flux
Nolan Porter | Music Is Dead
Brigid Mae Power | Burning Your Light
Lyra Pramuk | Delta
Press A | Press A
Profane Desecration | Abysmal Stillness
Profeci | Aporia
Prolaps | Ultra Cycle Pt. 3: Autumnal Age
Psycho | Vulture Church
Public Service Broadcasting | Bright Magic
Puff Daddy | Off The Grid
Puffy AmiYumi | The Puffy
Joey Purp | UpLate
Purpleston | Kuluna
The Queers | Reverberation
Radiant Baby | Pantomime
The Raging Teens | Melody Roundup: The Complete Collection
Rakoon | Something Precious
Eddy Ramich | Croatian Blue
The Raves | Past Perfect Tense
Razoreater | Purgatory EP
The Real Thing | The Anthology 1972-1997
Redeyes | This Must Be The Place EP
The Reytons | Kids Off the Estate
Demi Riquísimo | Divine Reality EP
Rivers Of Nihil | The Work
Roadhouse | Aladdin Sales
Chris Roberts | Lost And Found EP
Rodrigo y Gabriela | Mettal / Jazz EP
Des Rocs | A Real Good Person in a Real Bad Place
Oliver Rodley | Sweet Green Tea
Rosenblume | Rosenblume
Rough Dreams | Disappear. Reappear.
Rude | Outer Reaches EP
The Rugged Nuggets | Odds & Ends
Runescarred | The Distant Infinite Expanded Edition
Greta Ruth | The Fawn
Sadeyes | Hi Hru Single
Sad Girlz Club | I Think I’m Ready EP
Sad Park | It’s All Over
The Sainte Catherines | Fire Works
Anna B Savage | These Dreams EP
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters | Destiny Waiving
School Of X | Dancing Through The Void
The Screaming Wheels | Istramental
John Sebastian & Arlen Roth | John Sebastian and Arlen Roth Explore the Spoonful Songbook
Secret Night Gang | Captured Remixes
Sense Fail | Let It Enfold You Vinyl Reissue
Sex Pistols | Sex Pistols 76-77 Box Set
Michael Seyer | A Good Fool
Shackleton | Departing Like Rivers
Ashley Shadow | Only The End
DJ Shadow | Endtroducing… 25th Anniversary Edition
ShadowStrike | Fables & Folklore EP
Shakka | Road Trip To Venus
Shark | A4L
William Shatner | Bill
She Drew The Gun | Behave Myself
The Shivas | Feels So Good // Feels So Bad
Shortly | Dancer
Signs of the Swarm | Absolvere
Mara Simpson | In This Place
Skepticism | Companion
The Slang | Divide
Sleep Token | This Place Will Become Your Tomb
Michael Seyer | A Good Fool
Sleep Token | This Place Will Become Your Tomb
Charity Snow | Perfect Thought EP
Wayne Snow | Figurine
Raymundo Sodré | Dengo
Soja | Beauty In The Silence
Solarius | Universal Trial
Sons Of Andre | Dungeon of Doom
Astrid Sonne | Outside Of Your Lifetime
Sonny & the Sunsets | Tomorrow Is Alright Vinyl Reissue
Soundr | Soundr EP
Esperanza Spalding | Songwright’s Apothecary Lab
The Specials | Protest Songs – 1924-2012
Tom Speight | Everything’s Waiting For You
Spirit Bomb | Tight
Stagewar | Danger To Ourselves
Standards | Yum!! EP
Ringo Starr | Change The World EP
Starset | Vulkari64
Steely Dan | Northeast Corridor: Steely Dan Live!
Christopher Paul Stelling | Forgiving It All
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine | A Beginner’s Mind
Macie Stewart | Mouth Full Of Glass
Still | { }
Stranded | Midnight Sun
Billy Strings | Renewal
Succumb | XXI
Summers Sons | Nostalgia
Super db | Ecoute Ca
Super FLORENCE Jam | We Always Knew It Would Come To This
Super Furry Animals | Rings Around the World 20th Anniversary Edition
Surfbort | Keep On Truckin’
Sweet Medicine & Lawrence Walther | Aquaria
Syberian | Precursor
Table Scraps | Coffin Face
Taranoya | Becoming
Lucy Tatt | Provenance
Tauk | Chaos Companion
Joanne Shaw Taylor | The Blues Album
Jonathan Taylor | I’m Here For You
Tentation | Le Berceau Des Dieux
Terr | Wings Of Time
Mark Tester | Oblivion Rhythms Revisited
Third Eye Blind | Our Bande Apart
Thy Row | Unchained
Amon Tobin | How Do You Live
Tom Tom Club | Downtown Rockers Pink Vinyl
ToxicRose | In For The Kill
Transmission Zero | Bridges
Randy Travis | Storms Of Live 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Tremonti | Marching In Time
Trumbiten | Out
Sarah Trunzo | Cabin Fever Dream EP
Twinkle | A Mi Me Gusta Ser Yo * It’s OK To Be Me
The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show | Blindfold
Ultrasound | Everything Picture Deluxe Edition
Carrie Underwood | My Gift (Special Edition)
Unpinnable Butterflies | Radio Ocean
Unto Others | Strength
Urethane | Chasing Horizons
Stein Urheim & Jørgen Træen | Krympende Klode
Uriah Heep | Choices
Uriah Heep | Every Day Rocks
Vangelis | Juno to Jupiter
Vapors Of Morphine | Fear & Fantasy
Various Artists | Back Up: Mexican Techno Pop 1980-1989
Various Artists | The Best Of Bond … James Bond
Various Artists | Dear Evan Hansen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists | Death Metal Power From Beyond
Various Artists | Diana: The Musical Original Broadway Cast Recording
Various Artists | Glory Daze: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists | I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground & Nico
Various Artists | Jagjaguwar: Join The Ritual
Various Artists | Join The Ritual
Various Artists | Late Night Tales: Version Excursion – Selected By Don Letts
Various Artists | Molten Mirrors: A Decade Of Livity Sound
Various Artists | Relief: A Benefit for the Jazz Foundation of America’s Musicians’ Emergency Fund
Various Artists | The Village Out West: The Lost Tapes of Alan Oakes
Velvet Chains | Icarus
Velvets | Velvets
Luis Vicente & Vasco Trilla | Made of Mist
Virial | Transhumanism
Waldgeflüster | Dahoam
Walk Off the Earth | Romeo Eats Vol. 1
We Butter The Bread With Butter | Das Album
Wang Wen | 100,000 Whys
Weatherstate | Never Getting Better Single
Wicked Smile | Wait For The Night
Luke Wild | Shoebox EP
Wild Story | Into The Wild EP
Alicia Witt | The Conduit
Landon Wordswell & The Don Avelar | Taffy’s Son
Worthington | He Was Not A Micromanager
Wrabel | these words are all for you
Wraith | Undo the Chains
Wych Elm | Rabbit Wench
WzrdryAV | Data East
X Ambassadors | Adrenaline
Yang Yoseob | Chocolate Box
YoungBoy Never Broke Again | Sincerely, Kentrell
Yukika | Loving You
The Ziggens | Oregon
Zomby | Chaos Reigns