Danny Blueberry Can’t Stop Throbbin’ Over Batman And Robin

The dynamic duo get down ’n’ dirty in the Canadian singer-songwriter's racy single.

Holy horny heroes! Danny Blueberry plays dirty joker to the dynamic duo in his racy new single and video Batman And Robin — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

An R-rated tongue-in-cowl tale of Batcave orgies, a naked Gotham City council and The Penguin trying to get into Batgirl’s tights — all set to a driving garage-rock nugget whose twangy riffs and fevered pace pay homage to the classic TV show theme — Blueberry‘s Batman And Robin is the sonic equivalent of an adult comic book bursting out of your speakers.

“I loved everything about the show,” Blueberry enthuses. “From the opening song to the brightly dressed, campy characters and intense wild storylines. But what really caught my attention was the Batgirl / librarian character played by Yvonne Craig. I fell in love with her character and was always astounded at how Batman and Robin always seemed to ignore her as they spoke about the crimes they wanted to prevent and the Bat-toys they would use.

“As I got older and learned how to play guitar, this was the first song I wrote as I imagined a racier version of the show,” he says. “The lyrics and angst show what was going through my 17-year-old brain back in 1980.”

An international storyteller with experience spanning decades, Blueberry has gone on to pen more than 70 songs over his career. Time spent in Taiwan in 2021 introduced him to Mike McLaughlin and Chuck Payne, two American musicians based there. Together, the trio spent nearly a year recording together and ultimately produced nearly 30 originals Blueberry had crafted over his tenure as a musician.

“These songs are now being released monthly,” Blueberry explains. “Each with a video, and each will be part of a collection called The Opium Year.” The first three tracks off the latest album have topped 300,000 streams in their first month alone. “The collection contains songs I’ve written over a 40-year period, he says, adding Batman And Robin “is one of the most immature ones, but also quite a lot of fun and an audience favourite at my shows.”

Watch Batman And Robin above, check out more of Danny Blueberry’s music below, and find him at his website, Facebook, and Instagram. And if you like Batman And Robin, come back and play it again tomorrow — same Blueberry time, same Blueberry channel.