Midheaven Spell It Out For You With M.H.D.

The duo share struggles with depression — set to an incongruously upbeat track.

Midheaven condense a mental-health decline down to three letters and three minutes in their surprisingly vibrant new single M.H.D. — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The duo’s blend of alternative, dream-pop and new-wave creates a unique soundscape that transports listeners into Midheaven’s unique world. M.H.D. presents itself as a buoyant and hopeful musical piece, yet its underlying message diverges significantly from this facade. The acronym stands as a stark representation of mental mealth decline, serving as a poignant commentary on the arduous journey through the depths of deteriorating mental well-being. Within the composition, subtle references echo the daunting trials and tribulations intrinsic to such a harrowing journey.

Band member Andy DeLuca elucidated on the intricacies surrounding mental health struggles, expressing that “It’s difficult to communicate to others when I’m battling depression because there’s this underlying fear of a negative response such as being judged or rejected for it.” This sentiment underscores the thematic richness embedded within M.H.D. The track’s creation was a labor of love and dedication, with every element meticulously crafted by the talented duo of Midheaven, comprising DeLuca and Sarah Eiseman. Notably, the intricate nuances of the piece were further enhanced through the expertise of Matthew Pauling (Blink 182, 5SOS, Good Charlotte), who lent his skills in mixing, mastering, and additional production, thus elevating the emotional resonance and sonic depth of the composition to greater heights.

DeLuca and Eiseman’s paths converged through a shared admiration of each other’s artistry, with Sarah leaving her mark in the Polaroid and film-photography sphere while balancing her work in health care and elderly care, and DeLuca immersing himself in the music industry as a touring photographer, visual artist, and video director. The pivotal moment of their meeting occurred during DeLuca’s 2018 tour, where they officially connected in New York City, initiating a creative partnership that proved inseparable. With Eiseman’s innate gift for poetry and singing complementing DeLuca’s background in drumming and instrumental demos, their collaborative journey naturally evolved toward music-making.

Inspired by a mutual love for the ’80s and ’90s music, they embarked on crafting a unique blend of genres, refining their craft until they felt ready to unveil their sonic creations to the world. Their debut single, Heaven, released in 2023, showcased their mastery, blending ethereal shoegaze and new wave elements into a mesmerizing sonic landscape. Leveraging their skills as visual artists and music video directors, DeLuca and Eiseman brought their artistic vision to life, crafting their own visuals, single art, and press photos — all while basking in the comfort of their shared home, deep in love and surrounded by their beloved shih-tzu Pebbles.

Check out M.H.D. above, hear more from Midheaven below, and check in with them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.