Jeffery Straker Reminds You Not To Waste The Time You’ve Got

The Regina singer-pianist ponders life's most precious resource in his new single.

Jeffery Straker would like to know how you plan to spend The Time You’ve Got in his new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Life’s highest highs often accompany its lowest lows. Regina singer-songwriter and pianist Straker knows this only too well — and on his new single, he shares some of the lessons he’s learned. “In the past five years I’ve watched both of my parents pass away,” he shares. “I’ve also found love in my partner of four years, Michael. Losing my parents has made me reflect on where it is that I was born, then decided to leave, and then felt drawn back to in recent years. All throughout this I’ve become cognizant of time: How precious it is and how important it is to use it wisely.”

Co-written with Beverley Mahood and Mac Shepherd, The Time You’ve Got reflects on that ever-profound common refrain of the bereaved: That we have to appreciate every day that we’ve got. Straker and Mahood were initially inspired to write the song while co-hosting a telethon, where they shared a profound sense of awe witnessing Canadians contribute their hard-earned dollars to a good cause.

Photo by Chris Graham.

The single is the third off Straker’s upcoming album Great Big Sky, following Brand New Light and Sing Your Song. Due in July, the album features Straker’s signature folk-roots style on eight self-penned tracks, and two co-written with Nashville producer Steve Dawson.

“In spite of the deep loss I’ve experienced,” Straker concludes, “an optimistic tone rings from these songs and I think it comes from gratitude. I feel lucky to have been raised in a beautiful place by wonderful parents. I’m lucky to be from and to call the prairies home. A place that reminds, inspires, lifts, and grounds me. Great Big Sky is about being lost and then being found again, it’s a whisper painted on a giant canvas, and the gratitude for not knowing all the answers but being able to ask all the questions.”

Hailing from small-town Saskatchewan, Straker earned his diploma in piano performance from Trinity College, London when he was just 19, and has gone on to perform over 100 shows per year across Canada, Europe and Latin America. He has twice been recognized as the Saskatchewan Music Awards Roots/Folk Artist of the Year.

Watch the video for The Time You’ve Got above, listen to more from Jeffery Straker below, and spend some quality time on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Chris Graham.