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Body Salt | Just Want To Know: Exclusive Single Premiere

The San Diego duo check up on you with their soulful new ballad.

Body Salt Just Want To Know that you’re OK in their tender new electro-pop ballad — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Built around ringing keyboards and a gently thumping heartbeat rhythm, peppered with girl-group handclaps and topped with dusky, echoing vocals that give way to a glistening and angelic refrain, the soulful ballad exists on the expansive spectrum between pop and electronic music. With lyrics like: “Did your son’s father become a man? / Did the cancer leave your gran? / Can you finally accept love’s hand? / Just wanna know that you’re OK,” the San Diego duo paint a picture of dealing with real world issues while yearning to know if a special person in their life is all right. “Just Want To Know is a song about an earnest consideration for another and brings the listener through nostalgic and ethereal landscapes,” Body Salt explain.

Earnest and ethereal are nothing new to the musical partnership of Ezekiel Morphis and Jonathon Bruhin. Body Salt use powerful lyrics, rhythmic drums, and heavy bass to create meaningful, authentic pop that is dark and honest yet uplifting and hopeful. Their symbiotic fusion of folk songwriting and electronic production is a true bridge between genres that has been likened to a darker, male vocal-driven Marian Hill or a grittier Bob Moses.

The sound has caught the attention of San Diego’s top alternative radio station 91X and landed Body Salt in the Top 5 of their Loudspeaker countdown in March 2019. Considered by San Diego’s top influencers to be one of the most exciting new acts in recent years, Body Salt are guaranteed to leave an impression. The duo generate waves of energy in any and every venue with their blend of impactful lyrics and irresistible dance beats.

Check out Just Want To Know above, listen to more of Body Salt below, and connect with the duo on their website, Instagram and Facebook.