Dutchman Are Just Fine With Going Nowhere

The Delaware rockers turn it down for a bit of nostalgic, keyboard-soaked balladry.


Dutchman take you along for the ride in their keyboard-rich ballad Going Nowhere and studio-performance video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The mellow yin to the Delaware band’s normal rock ’n’ roll yang, the short ’n’ bittersweet Going Nowhere is a soothing, nostalgic cut that simultaneously recalls the restlessness of youth while making you feel right at home with its grounded sincerity and authenticy. “This single is by far my favourite project to date,” says guitarist Garraett Gravatt. “The gang has really been coming together nicely, just meshing in every way. The way I see it is, what better way to strike an audience than to show resilience in an unmistakenly meaningful song, all the while broadening our sound in the process.”

Dutchman formed in Delaware in late 2017, and have collected fans and friends around the world ever since. Their commitment to well-produced originals has seen the band make strides to push genre boundaries and carve a sound they can call their own. Going Nowhere will be included on the band’s upcoming album Springfield ’79, their followup  to the well-received Dutchman Volumes 1-3. For Gravatt, singer-guitarist Connor Johnson, drummer Yamir “Fez” Alicea-Rivera and bassist-keyboard player Franco Solorzano, Dutchman represents their collective spirit.

Now into their fifth year, Dutchman are digging deep into their roots and love of vintage gear to propel themselves to their next creative level. “We’ve decided to really trim the edges and get down to the bare basics of what we’re about,” says Johnson. “Collectively our heaviest influences span from the 1950s straight through the ’70s and the best way to pay homage to that sound and feel is to use the gear and tools our heroes had used that inspired us.”

Watch Going Nowhere above, check out more Dutchman’s music below, and fly over to their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages.