Kronis Knows It’s Time For Love With New Single & Eye-Popping Video

The L.A.-via-Toronto outfit unveils their ambitious hybrid of metal and electronica.

Kronis takes a stand with their new single and dynamic video It’s Time For Love — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A highlight of their just-released breakthrough album Against The World, It’s Time For Love boldly stands on the cutting edge between rock and electronica, soldering blazing fretwork and an anthemic chorus to twitchy synths, samples and other high-tech elements.

“I spent three years in the studio with Parker creating Against The World,” Toronto and L.A.-based frontman Aaron Kronis says, name-checking mix engineer and producer Parker Ament of XLNTStudios. “We didn’t know what the title would be, or the number of tracks, but we knew we were onto something.”

That ‘something’ is alt rock streamed live with live guitars, live vocals, and Ableton. It’s guitars into cell phones while on hoverboards. It’s the essence of skateboarding at Burning Man channeled into a technologically enabled sonic sojourn spanning the ages.

Kronis has become the final evolution of a lead singer and an extraordinary guitar player who’s into electronic sounds and manipulations of waveforms to create something new that sounds familiar. And Against The World wholly captures the constant stamina required to endure this music industry based on my life in Los Angeles, and the world today.”

There’s a lot of moving pieces to the project, including contributions from musicians Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley), Chris Moore (Rock Of Ages Tour, Project Nfidelikah) and Andy Sansei (Missing Persons, Frankie Valli). And there’s a lot more to come, Kronis adds. “We already have enough material for two or three more albums, so we’re just continuously working on tracks and live performance setups … I mean, I watch just as much inter dimensional cable as the next guy, but this album seriously has zero compromises — and I never ever say that about a project. Why, though, for this one? Because it was my final say, and I gave the other artists involved the freedom to express themselves as they felt. It provided me with the best results imaginable.”

Hear just what that means: Watch It’s Time For Love above, listen to Against The World below, and get up to speed on Kronis at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.