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Lord Fowl | Glorious Babylon

The Connecticut retro-rockers are royally entertaining on their riff-laden third album.

It’s good to be the king. Though it’s not too bad being a subject of Lord Fowl either. The Connecticut retro-rockers are royally entertaining on the third album Glorious Babylon, cranking out ’70s-style riff-fests that deliver all the decadent abandon that the album title implies. But they don’t stop there: While Lord Fowl are raising the roof, they’re also raising the bar with songs that boast rhythmic syncopation, prime-number time signatures, influences that stretch beyond the pit, a hefty dose of wit and even the occasional dash of wisdom. All hail.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lord Fowl took shape in New Haven, CT, in the summer of 2007 with one goal: Write songs like those they grew up hearing. Songs that drive you. Songs that come alive. Songs that rock. With Glorious Babylon, their third LP, Lord Fowl refuse to compromise this high standard, bringing forth the energy of their dynamic stage presence and dual lead vocals, as the song-craft of singer/guitarists Vechel Jaynes and Mike Pellegrino reaches its next level of progression. At the helm of BirdsEye Studios in West Haven, CT, as producer, bassist Jon Conine (assisted by Steve Hill) captures Lord Fowl’s vitality as only one part of the fray could hope to do, and though drummer Michael Petrucci has since left the band with Van Hartley stepping in to fill his significant percussive shoes, the drums provide the foundation of Glorious Babylon. With a sound just as likely to nod to Thin Lizzy and a heavy Funkadelic as to early Queen or Paul Di’Anno-era Iron Maiden, it is still the vision and classic purpose of their songwriting that brings the band together. Songs that rock. Old heads, new heads, riff-worshippers and freaks: Lord Fowl have built a city just for you.”