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The Sounds | Things We Do For Love

The female-fronted Swedish pop-rockers are up to their old tricks once again.


Do these female-fronted Swedish pop-rockers ring a bell? They had a hit a couple of decades ago with the song Living In America. Well, now The Sounds are back after seven long years with their sixth studio release. And they haven’t changed much since we last heard from them. Their nostalgic songs and retro sound remain firmly anchored in the ’80s heyday of synth-based pop-rock outfits like Missing Persons, Divinyls and Patty Smyth. To their credit, they update things now and then with some dance floor-ready electro numbers. But for the most part, Things We Do For Love — whose title cut is not a cover of the 10CC song, sadly — remains eminently forgettable.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “For a band whose history as a band spans a little over two decades, Swedish indie rockers The Sounds sure don’t sound like it. Resonating the excitement and dynamism of a band who are getting their very first hint of success, The Sounds are gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album, Things We Do For Love, a sweepingly majestic slice of Nordic indie rock that crackles and pops in all the right places. Formed in 1998 in Sweden, The Sounds exploded on the alt-rock scene with their wildly lauded 2003 debut Living in America and its breakthrough singles Seven Days a Week, Rock’n Roll and the aptly named title track. Fronted by the striking Maja Ivarsson, The Sounds have continued to remain on the forefront of the music scene, releasing a handful of albums, each spawning single after single.”