Run The River Punch The Dark & Hit The Mark

The Canadian pop-rockers fight their way to the light on their scrappy new single.

Run The River knock you out with their hard-hitting new single and animated video Punch The Dark — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With a chorus that screams “No, I’m not giving up this time,” the Canadian crew’s latest rock ’n’ roll nugget is understandably close to the heart of frontman and songwriter Joel Manchester. “It is an anthem for bad days, difficult experiences, and insurmountable odds when you just need to sing out that things aren’t over yet,” he says.

Joel penned this song as a response to his own struggles with depression and negative thoughts. He aimed to create a chorus that could serve as a remedy for those poisonous, pessimistic mindsets. The song’s theme contrasts with its overall feel — upbeat, positive, and bright:

“Sometimes I can feel the Earth spin
It’s like I’m barely holding on
I’m heading off into some kind of chaos
Any plans I had are dead and gone

“It might be my last time around
But I’m not giving up without a fight
Sometimes you gotta show ’em what you’re made of
Punch the dark until you see the light.”

Manchester infuses his music with raw emotion, believing it to be not only a form of expression but a tool for survival. He focuses on crafting simple yet powerful melodies that resonate with listeners, complemented by the dynamic sounds of his bandmates. Drummer Chris Furlotte provides a steady rhythmic backbone, while Rick Couture’s masterful bass lines complete the solid foundation. Ed Legge adds bursts of colour and flavour with his lead guitar wizardry, and Ross Kinney’s expressive keys serve as the enchanting musical cherry on top.

Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences, their sound spans the enduring legacy of Canadian icons The Tragically Hip, the timeless rock of Queen and The Beatles, and the rebellious spirit of ’90s pop-punk, exemplified by bands like Blink-182 and Green Day. Never shying away from experimenting with genres and letting their influences shine through, the band confess to being obsessed with the writing process and rarely get together without several new tunes in the works.

Watch the video for Punch The Dark above, hear more from Run The River below, and find them on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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