Nigel Young | Treefall Plaza: Exclusive Video Premiere

The B.C. psychedelic slacker previews his upcoming sophomore set Frog Hound.

Nigel Young takes a mindbending trip to Treefall Plaza in his psychedelic new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A sneak peek at the prolific Vancouver singer-songwriter and mutli-instrumentalist’s forthcoming full-length Frog Hound, Treefall Plaza is built from a hazy cocoon of smoke, cobwebs and dust in the dark corner of a slacker’s garage. Guitars glisten and glint like light pulsing through cracked window panes. Cracking snare drums ricochet into infinity. A one-finger bassline lazily nods its head as a haunting wind howls overhead. Meanwhile, Young’s angel-dusted, effects-soaked vocal harmonies drawl and drip and drift and drone at the frayed edges of your consciousness, tantalizingly tugging at your eardrums and pulling you deeper into his subliminal netherworld — until the whole concoction collapses and melts down like a sugar cube dissolving on your tongue. It could be the spontaneous late-night jam of a mushroom-cult house band — but it was all painstakingly penned, played, performed and produced single-handedly by Young at Vancouver’s Spot Studio, before being mastered by Can-rock MVP Ryan Dale of Age of Electric and Limblifter.

Young’s background is every bit as colourful and idiosyncratic as his sound. Attendance at university in Kamloops was followed by character-building forays into the blue-collar world of truck driving, the high-stakes world of bong sales and even an ill-advised stint in the armed forces. In 2018 Nigel moved to Vancouver to join the psych-rock outfit The Intelligence Service, led by Alex P., then went on to form the psychedelic garage-rock group RAG with Mila Krajina in 2019. Since then, he has played with a number of bands, including Apathy Spells, Fez Monkeys and Spank Williams. His self-titled debut solo album arrived in April 2020. Barely pausing for breath, he began collaborating with Eric J. Brietenbach on the typographically enigmatic release … , which came out in July 2020. A month later, Young began work on Frog Hound, which is slated for release later this month.

Visit Treefall Plaza above, hear more from Nigel Young below, and keep up with him HERE.