Tinnitist TV | Episode 118: Hannah Fairlight

The Nashville artist talks her new album, acting, keeping the flame lit and more.

Hannah Fairlight is not really a lone wolf. But she has played one onscreen.

You might know the Nashville performer from her acting roles in Pitch Perfect 3 (where she played the antagonistic rocker Veracity) and the reality TV series Crazy Hearts: Nashville (where she was painted as a manipulative, ambitious country singer).

In actual reality, Fairlight is neither of these characters. Though she has spent much of her life following her own path as a busker, singer-songwriter, actor and audio engineer. That path has now led to her fourth release Lone Wolf, a disc with plenty of bite — in the form of scrappy, guitar-driven ’70s rock and punk. As she ramped up to Lone Wolf’s May 24 release, Fairlight Zoomed in from Music City to chat about her current musical pack, being a TV villain, portraying a leather girl in Ace Frehley’s Cherry Medicine video and plenty more. Enjoy.