Kylie Fox Addresses Motherhood With Charming Single & Video Avocado

The alt-folk singer-songwriter shares a preview of her upcoming album Green.

Kylie Fox pens a heartfelt letter to a first-time mother with the home-made stop-motion video for her latest single Avocado — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“There is a trend in millennial pregnancies where the process is tracked through an app that describes the mother’s weekly progress,” the alt-folk singer-songwriter explains. “Usually the videos make an effort to compare the size of the fetus to that of a fruit or vegetable. I was lucky enough to catch the screening of the 16-week video which told us that my friend’s child was about the size of an avocado. This song is a letter to a mom-to-be facing the uncertainties and excitements of expecting a first child.”

That Avocado would become a personal ode to her friend and those who can relate is par for the course for the New Brunswick-based artist; this year’s earlier release Cool Feet was initially penned as a wedding gift to friends. “I wanted to write a song for my friend’s wedding,” Fox shares. “I didn’t want to write ‘just another’ love song, I wanted to write their love song. I called the groom and gave him an interview. I was seeking some strange, obscure sentimentality in his answers, and I got it: he’s a fisherman, so I asked ‘When you are tired and uncomfortable at work, what do you miss about my friend?’ He said ‘her cold feet.’ So… I set out to write a song about my friend’s feet, but changed his answer to ‘cool’ because you shouldn’t sing about ‘cold feet’ at a wedding.”

These two anecdotes — her friend’s wedding and another’s journey into new motherhood — succinctly sum up Fox’s unique brand of song-based storytelling; Cool Feet and Avocado are a fitting examples of her effortless intertwining of quick wit and empathy. In addition, the video for Avocado is Fox’s first foray into stop motion and uses sentimental items near and dear to her and her family. “I had no previous experience with even cameras, and I made this video in two weeks using items my mom saved from my growing up,” she says. “I also borrowed toys from my nephew and other ‘avocados’ in my community.”

The third single off her forthcoming LP Green (out Sept. 18), Avocado sets the tone for what’s to come following her 2017 breakout EP Balcony. The results teem with unmistakable genuineness and endearing charm, traits that have earned Fox an attentive audience coast to coast.

Watch Avocado above, hear more of Kylie Fox below, and keep up with her on her website, Twitter and Facebook.