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Next Week in Music | April 29 – May 5 • The Long List: 420 Releases On The Way

Fire up the bong, crank the Cheech & Chong, and puff your way through this list.

Yeah, I know 4/20 was last week. But hey, better late than never, right? Especially when it gives me an easy, obvious intro to a post. So fire up the bong, crank the Cheech & Chong, and puff your way through this list of all the albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week. Dave’s not here, man:



Fred Abong | Blindness
Acidgvrl | Jaaku & Jashin The Apocalyptic Lesbians Vol. 2 (Zombie Edition)
Adeem The Artist | Anniversary
Again Again | Thank You Teacher
Agriculture | Living Is Easy / The Circle Chant
Alizzz | Conducción Temeraria
Calder Allen | Dreamers, Drifters and Hiders
Bobby Alu | Keep It Tropical
American Culture | Hey Brother, It’s Been A While
Ammo | Hollow Point
The Reverend Shawn Amos | Soul Brother No. 1
Angelyne | Driven To Fantasy
Anitta | Funk Generation
Aquilus | Bellum II
The Ar-Kaics | See The World On Fire
Artisans | Saturday Comes Around
Tenille Arts | To Be Honest
Crystal Ash | Crowgirl
As The Sun Falls | Kaamos
Kee Avil | Spine
Axolotes Mexicanos | 4ever
Azemad | Mahma
Ba’al | Soft Eyes
Emily Barker | Fragile As Humans
Ben Baruk | Cosmogony
Cesare Basile | Saracena
Beams | Requiem For A Planet
Beat Rhythm Fashion | Critical Mass
Lucy Bedroque | Amy
Better Than Ezra | Super Magick
Black Asteroid | Infinite Darkness
Blacklite District | You Can Do Better
Black Pyramid | The Paths of Time Are Vast
Charly Bliss | Nineteen
Blockhead | Luminous Rubble
Blushing | Sugarcoat
Blvxb | Valhalla
The Bolshoi | Country Life
Bowen * Young | Us
Broadcast | Spell Blanket: Collected Demos 2006​-​2009
Elaine Brown | Seize the Time
Brume | Marten
The Reverend William Burke Aka Lil Chuuuch | Eether O​​​.​​​R​​​.​​​E​​​.​​​, Vol. 1
The Reverend William Burke Aka Lil Chuuuch | Eether O​​​.​​​R​​​.​​​E​​​.​​​, Vol. 2
Burntmill Ghosts | Old Records
Taylor Ho Bynum & Jacqueline Kerrod | Simple Ways Such Self
Gary Cain | Outside The Lines
Camera Obscura | Look To The East, Look To The West
Capo Plaza | Ferite
John Carpenter | Lost Themes IV: Noir
Johnny Casino | High Stone
CBmusic | Hear Me Out…
Charlie’s Universe | FM
Chaska | Rites of June
Chiasm | Chasing Butterflies EP
Child | Blueside Reissue
Child | Soul Murder Reissue
Rachel Chinouriri | What A Devastating Turn of Events
Chunked | Inhaling The Infestation
Forest Claudette | Jupiter
Contention | Artillery From Heaven
Corella | Once Upon A Weekend
CPM 22 | Enfrente
Crawl | Altar of Disgust
Cyril Cyril | Le Futur Ca Marche Pas
The Cyrkle | We Were There
Dååth | The Deceivers
Dabeull | Analog Love
Dan-e-o | Vigilante
Darius | Murmuration
Dayglow | Every Little Thing I Say I Do
Daytime TV | Island
Dead Ghosts | Hippie Flippin
Dea Matrona | For Your Sins
De APA Valley | Lightshow
Death Lens | Cold World
Death Throes From A Star | EP
The Deep Dark Woods | Broadside Ballads Vol. III
Ilse DeLange | Tainted
William DeLee | Improvisations for Guitar and Charango
Deliria | Phantasm
Demande à La Poussière | Kintsugi
Demo Division | Sunken Skin
Dena & Lauer | Hyacinth
Jayne Denham | Moonshine
Fuera De Sektor | Juegos Prohibidos
Desiderii Marginis | Bathe In Black Light
Dirtyphonics | Magnetic
DMX Krew | Unlikely Seeming
Wil Do | Vieja Guardia
B. Dolan | The Wound Is Not The Body
DoMorr | Good Time
Down The Lees | Dirt
DPR Cream | Psyche: Red
Driftmachine & Ammer | Sonic Behaviour
Drumloop | Limiting Mindset
OG Eastbull & Connect-R | Pot Să Fiu
82Major | Beat By 82
Ekans | Mommycore Vol. 1
E’Last | Everlasting
Elf Power | When the Red King Comes Vinyl Reissue
Elkka | Prism Of Pleasure
Elysian Fields | What The Thunder Said
Emotive Technology | Walk Into The Light EP
Enablers | Almost To Who Knows Where
Evangeline | When Demigods Go… EP
Evilgiane & Slimesito | Evilslime
Yann Falquet | Les Secrets Du Ciel
Fast Blood | Sunny Blunts
Fen Fen | National Threat
Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly | Mestizx
Feuerschwanz | Warriors
4batz | U Made Me A St4r
Gabbarein | Gabbarein
Gaerea | World Ablaze
Lucy Gaffney | Pitfalls EP
Galecstasy | Stone Flute
Kany García | García
The Gathering | Always​.​.​. 30th Anniversary Edition
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes | The Doober
Genesis | Turn It On Again: The Hits 25th Anniversary Edition
Ghost Piss | Dream Girl
Gift | Ruptures
Girls In Synthesis | Sublimination
Gloom Girl MFG | Polycrisis EP
Jon Gordon | 7th Ave South
Gothminister | Pandemonium II: The Battle Of The Underworlds
Grand Cadaver | Terminal Exit​ /​ Skinless Gods
Grape Milk | Sparky
Scott Guild & Cindertalk | Plastic: The Album
Harper | The Mother Root
Jake Hart | Collage
Hässlig | Apex Predator
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band | Loophole
Headsick | Through My Teeth
Heart Attack Man | Like A Kennedy (ft. Awsten Knight)
Thee Heart Tones | No Longer Mine b​/​w Cry My Tears Away
Benjamin Herman’s Bughouse | The Erus /​ Arc Sessions
Daniel Herskedal | Echoes of Solitude
Winston Hightower | Winston Hytwr
Kacy Hill | Bug
James Hoare | Backwater Collage
Spencer Hoffman | Roses Fly EP
David Holmes | The Blind on a Galloping Horse Remixes
Home Counties | Exactly As It Seems
HyunA | Attitude
I Am Cricchi | The Road Back
Ibibio Sound Machine | Pull the Rope
Imperial Triumphant | Vile Luxury Redux 1924 Remastered
iNTeLL & 2nd Generation Wu | The Legend of Shaolin
Into It. Over It. | Interesting Decisions: Into It. Over It. Songs (2020 – 2023)
Iris | Iris
Ive | Ive SwitchEP
David J | Tracks From The Attic
Jadasea | Too Many Tears
Jawnino | 40 Tape
Jan Jelinek | Social Engineering
Grayson Jenkins | Live from Elkhorn Creek
Johnny Casino | High Stone
Joker | Joker The EP
Jomatic | My Valentine (Basement Record)
Coco Jones | Here We Go (Uh-Oh)
Kelly Jones | Inevitable Incredible
Karate Boogaloo | Hold Your Horses
The Karma Effect | Promised Land
Christina Kennedy | Echoes Of Us EP
Kid At The Corner | Matt The Catch
Will Kimbrough | For The Life Of Me
Nina Kinert | Chorals
The KingDom | Realize
Kino | If This Is Love, I Want A Refund
Nick Kizirnis | Every Moment
Milo Korbenski | When You Gonna Tell ‘Em the Truth, Aaron?
k-os | Atlantis+: Hymns For Disco Reissue
Kwoon | Tales & Dreams Vinyl Reissue
L.A.B. | L.A.B. VI Deluxe
LA Priest | La Fusion EP
Laraw | Quarter Life Crisis
Latrala | Latrala
Lemon Bucket Orchestra | Cuckoo
Lemoncello | Lemoncello
The Lemon Twigs | A Dream Is All We Know
Lisa Lerkenfeldt | Suite For The Drains
Lightning Bug | No Paradise
Mikal Lillo-Stenberg | Ventespill
Lil Shitty Pants | 2
Lil Tecca | Never Last
Lil Tecca | Number 2
Dua Lipa | Radical Optimism
José Lobo | In All Good Hope
Jess Locke | Real Life
Dan Loomis | Revolutions
The Lord | Worship: Bernard Herrmann Tribute
The Lost Episode | Still
Isabella Lovestory | Botoxxx
Luvstruck | Sinister
Bellah Mae | Never Waste A Heartbreak
Mammoth Penguins | Here
The Martini Kings | Enchanted Lovers
Maybeshewill | Fair Youth 2024 Mix
Fergus McCreadie | Stream
Jon Mckiel | Hex
Seán R. McLaughlin & The Wind-Up Crows | Goodnight, Lad
Mediocre Gatsby | Dead Summer EP
Mehro | Trauma Lullabies
Mel And Friends | Swingset Serenade
Melanie | Central Park 1974 Vinyl
Me Rex | Smilodon
Nell Mescal | Can I Miss It For a Minute? EP
Missio | I Am Cinco
Mister Rebound | Trapped In Paradise
Matt Mitchell |Illimitablee
Mixed Matches | In Ivory Tower
Mob Rules | Celebration Day: 30 Years Of Mob Rules
Mdou Moctar | Funeral For Justice
Modney | Ascending Primes
Moon Pussy | Death Is Coming
Morfonica | Brilliance of Wings
Mosant | Midnight Television
Dune Moss | Faedom
Rose Mulet | Becoming Human
Viktoria Mullova / Alasdair Beatson | Beethoven
Julian Murrah | Drawing Bored
Muscle Beach | Muscle Beach
Jasmine Myra | Rising
My Silent Wake | Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief
Naima | City Lights EP
Narrow Head | Moments of Clarity Deluxe Edition
Naxen | Descending Into A Deeper Darkness
Necropanther | Oblivion Jones
Bill Nelson | Powertron
Sandy Nelson | Drums À Go-Go Vinyl Reissue
Emily Nenni | Drive & Cry
Néomí | Somebody’s Daughter
Nessus! | What Happened To Me?
Newen Afrobeat | Grietas
Thomas Newman | American Beauty Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
New Windows | Point Nemo
Nice Girl | Yummy
Night Court | Shit Split Part Duh
Niki | Too Much Of A Good Thing
Nina | Automatic Call Instrumentals EP
94 East ft. Prince | Dance to the Music of the World
Tony Njoku | Last Bloom EP
N Nao | Miroir EP
Nokturnal | Shades Of Night
Normil Hawaiians | Empires into Sand
NOTSM | Only Death Brings Silence
No Windows | Point Nemo EP
Nowfolk 2: Moka Only / Ishkan | The Moon
Nsasi | Coinage
Nubiyan Twist | Find Your Flame
Nyrak | Devourer Of All
Oakman | Violent Oblivion
Winona Oak | Void EP
Katie Oates | Edge Of A Hurricane
Obey Cobra | Mwg Drwg
Danny Ocean | Reflexa
Danny O’Keefe | One For The Road
Ryan Oliver Quartet | Live in Vancouver
Oral Habit | Cardiovascular Spectacular
Orchestra Mambo International | Mambo Te Llama​/​Del Callej​ó​n
Ordinary Elephant | Ordinary Elephant
Orme & Wreaths | Convocation Upon The Ruins
Orphean Passage | Apart
Ossilegium | The Gods Below
Alec Pace | Spherae
Pahua | Habita Remixes
Jessica Pavone | Reverse Bloom
Penny Arcade | Backwater Collage
Personal Trainer | Intangible Remix EP
Pete Philly & Perquisite | Eon
The Plot In You | Vol. 2 EP
P.O.D. | Veritas
Caroline Polachek | Starburned And Unkissed
Jessica Pratt | Here In The Pitch
Prcld | The 2libum
Principe Valiente | In This Light
Project TrES-2b | When Human Life Begins
Queef Jerky | Absolute Madness
Radiant Baby | Porcelaine
S. Raekwon | Steven
Ziad Rahbani | Amrak Seedna & Abtal Wa Harameyah Reissue
Raven, Frankie Watch | Phone Sex
Maria Reis | Suspiro…
Return To Dust | Return To Dust
Steph Richards | Power Vibe
Dan Rincon | Spotlight City
R.N.A. Organism | R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O Reissue
Robbing Millions | B​-​Sides EP (2016​-​2018)
Shorty Rogers | The Classic Albums Collection
The Rogues | Songs Of Praise
Rohn – Lederman | Black And Bleu
Alvaro Rojas | Plays Reid Anderson’s The Vastness of Space
Saapato | On Fire Island
Saigon & Fredo | The Jordan Era
Stephanie Sammons | Time And Evolution
Cara Beth Satalino | Little Green
Satellites Saturn | Backroom
Samad Savage | The Internet Is A Terrible Place
The Scenics | New Part In Town: 1976
Jason Schreurs | Scream Therapy (Book)
Brannten Schnüre | Aprilnacht
Seigmen | Resonans
Senyawa | Vajranala
Seppa | See It Through
Seventeen | 17 Is Right There
Sex Judas | The Book of Dreams
Shabazz The Disciple | Red Hook West Houses
Sia | Reasonable Woman
Nate Silva | The Chase
Silver Skylarks | The Number One Set and Sound
16volt | NegativeOnArrivals
Sjöblom | Fly Away With Me EP
Skylarks | The Number One Set And Sound
Slolek | Object Desire
Slum Village | F.U.N
Bette Smith | Goodthing
Jorja Smith | Falling Or Flying (Reimagined)
Chris Smither | All About The Bones
Snarls | With Love
Soccermom With An AK | Honeysuckle Eyes
Il Sogno Del Marinaio | Terzo
Il Sogno Del Marinaio | Wing And A Prayer Reissue
Solar (솔라) | Colours
Soundwalk Collective | Correspondences Vol. 1
Southpaw | Drugstore Candy
Sowell | Two Radio Trio Studies
Spahn Ranch | The Coiled One Deluxe Edition
Spice 1 | Platinum O.G.2
Spurts | That Was Mean and I’m Sorry
Stain Monsters | Still In Love
Andrew Star | Cyber Cityscape
Starvation Army | Band Music No. 1: Songs of the IWW
State Of Non Return | White Ink
Luke Stewart | Unknown Rivers
SticklerPhonics | Technicolor Ghost Parade
Brie Stoner | Me Veo
Strange Magic | Slightest of Hands
Rome Streetz & Wavy Da Ghawd | Buck 50
Donna Summer | Japanese Singles Collection: Greatest Hits
Sunny Day Real Estate | Diary: Live At London Bridge
Aya Suzuki | Winged Seeds
Andrea Taeggi | Nattdett
Terminal Nation | Echoes Of The Devil’s Den
Tertia | Bended EP
Ruth Theodore | I Am I Am
Third Space | Dot Points
Tina | Tina vs. HoodCelebrityy
Ken Tizzard And Music For Goats | The Dagg Sessions
Tokidoki | Motion Blur
Touchdown Boy | Music 2
Toz | To My New Friends
Joey Trap | Tomorrow
The Triceratops | EP
Trick Dice | Push/Dance
Tony Trischka | Earl Jam
Mo Troper | Svengali
Tuff Bluff | Tuff Bluff
Tu-Ner | T2: Tu​-​Ner for Lovers
Frank Turner | Undefeated
Tweet | Southern Hummingbird Reissue
U.K. Subs | The Last Will And Testament of UK Subs
Ulvtharm | 7 Uthras
Unearthly Rites | Ecdysis
Urzah | The Scorching Gaze
Kensuke Ushio 牛尾憲輔 | Chainsaw Man Soundtrack
Vacation | Rare Earth
The Vacuum Cleaners and High Tiny Hairs | Robot Parade Vol. 1 Split 7″ EP
Kari van der Kloot | Window
Vapor Vespers | Ghosts Before Breakfast
Various Artists | Acid Breaks LP
Various Artists | The Fall Guy Soundtrack
Various Artists | 4 Way Independence
Various Artists | Gutenberg! The Musical! Broadway Cast Recording
Various Artists | Holland-Dozier-Holland: Detroit 1969-1977
Various Artists | The Idea of You Soundtrack
Various Artists | Kashual Plastik: Ministry of Excess
Various Artists | Kimono My House: 50 Years Later
Various Artists | Lan: New Base EP
Various Artists | Lefto Presents Jazz Cats volume 3
Various Artists | Metal Machine Muzak
Various Artists | Nothing But Heart: A Tribute to Low
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! 90
Various Artists | NOW That’s What I Call Music! 25th Anniversary Vol. 2
Tai Verdes | 4K
Vernal Scuzz | Vernal Scuzz
Ricardo Villalobos | 808 The Bassqueen EP
The Vintage Yell | You Got Me Single
Violet Eternal | Reload The Violet
Funker Vogt | Final Construct
Hana Vu | Romanticism
Keith Wallen | Infinity Now
Jack Walrath | Live At Smalls
Yuja Wang | The Vienna Recital
Kamasi Washington | Fearless Movement
The Watchers | Nyctophillia
Wavedash | Tempo
Wheel | Charismatic Leaders
Maurice White | Manifestation
Wicky | Evigt Op
Wilhelmine | Meere
John Williams, Saito Kinen Orchestra | John Williams In Tokyo
Willow | Empathogen
Charlotte Day Wilson | Cyan Blue
W!ndgap | Need Your Guidance
Windowsill | Many People Have No Sympathy
Amy Aileen Wood | The Heartening
David Woodard | Get It Good
Xdinary Heroes | Troubleshooting
The Yardbirds | The Ultimate Live At The BBC
Yemanjo | La Misma Fuente
Yobs | Yobs
Jharis Yokley | Sometimes, Late At Night
Younite | Another
Yung Luv | Long Live Yung Luv VIII
Yyy891 | Disobey Vol. 1
Pro Zay & Sadhugold | Pulled Gold Out Tha Mud
Zeus! feat. Mike Patton | Human Fly Single
Zolle | Rosa