George Gagnidze Plays With Numbers On Composition 800

The composer and producer gives you enchanting elctronica to sink your teeth into.

George Gagnidze crunches the numbers with his landmark electronica single Composition 800 — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The precursor to his recently released album 11 Pieces For The Innocent, the talented Israeli-Canadian composer’s latest standalone track is an enchanting electronic composition to sink your teeth into. As you make your way through this track, the artist takes you on an alluring passage of dark keywork and warped production.

Gagnidze is not only a talented composer and producer, but also a multifaceted artist and poet. Throughout his career, he has worked on a string of projects, from solo to orchestral pieces, to film, visual arts and more. Although taking a particular interest in the experimental realm of electronica, he has composed more than 800 works and loves a wide spectrum of genres.

How does manage to be so prolific? Simple: He writes every day to keep his rhythm and creativity alive. “I don’t believe in inspiration, only in hard work,” he says. “I have been composing daily for many years. Just like performers practice daily, it is a good idea for composers to compose regularly so that they are ready for whatever comes next through them.” He may not believe in inspiration but admits to being influenced by his father Merab Gagnidze, also a talented composer.

Check out Composition 800 above, hear more from George Gagnidze below and find him on his website.


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