Tinnitist TV | Episode 117: Dennis Ellsworth & Leeroy Stagger

The P.E.I. singer-songwriter & his producer talk about hope, next moves and more.

Some albums are timely. Others are timeless. Modern Hope, the latest full-length from Dennis Ellsworth, manages to be both.

As you might gather from the optimistic title, the prolific P.E.I. singer-songwriter spends much of the disc trying to find and hold onto light in the darkness that threatens to engulf our world. But here’s the interesting rub: He sets those of-the-moment sentiments against a backdrop inspired by the sound and style of classic British folk — fingerpicked nylon-string guitars, hushed vocals and a gently mellow, solitary late-night vibe.

But this is no twee period piece — thanks in no small part to the talents of Alberta troubadour, producer and longtime friend Leeroy Stagger, who adorns Ellsworth’s elegant work with ambient psychedelic flourishes and other technical wizardry that places the album in a sonic landscape all its own. No wonder the album has earned Ellsworth his latest East Coast Music Awards nomination. To mark the occasion, Ellsworth and Stagger Zoomed in from their respective homes (and sides of the country) to discuss their musical bromance, keeping hope alive, their next moves and more. Enjoy.