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Alpine Universe Plays It Cool On Akoustik Vol. II EP

The French multi-instrumentalist explores new sonic heights with his latest EP.

Alpine Universe takes you to the ancient future with the powerful Nordic sound of his new EP Akoustik Vol. II (Chants) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Renowned for his prowess in blending heavy atmospheric music with a seamless fusion of orchestral and organic elements, distinguished composer Andy Favre — the multi-instrumentalist behind the electronic-orchestral project — uses echoing beats to evoke imagery of warrior drums resonating across distant Nordic landscapes, perfectly harmonizing with an ethereal blend of electronic and raw syncopated beats. The songs capture the essence of emotional confinement, the relentless pursuit of freedom, and the powerful battle cries of the ancient Viking tapestry of sounds.

“This EP is the second opus of my Akoustik series,” Favre explains. “The original songs feature extensive production and orchestration but this EP is a way for me to revisit the compositions by rearranging them into their most basic form: simply vocals and sometimes a kick drum or an acoustic guitar. The goal is to keep it raw and personal.

“The challenge is to keep the cinematic feel of the original, despite being performed by only one person. I want to take the listener on a journey to an ‘ancient future’ — an anachronism where the stories take place in the future, but the compositions are actually inspired by older Celtic, Norse and medieval cultures.”

Hailing from the French Alps, the composer and multi-instrumentalist has been on an extraordinary musical journey to preserve the magic that the electronic music, laser, and fireworks show left on his young heart. Fascinated by the interplay between music and technology, Alpine Universe seeks to revive ancient musical influences by diving into a world of mountains, mythology, and the human condition, dressing them up with modern formats using cutting-edge production techniques like deep sampling and digital tools, to narrate the stories of warriors, quests for promised lands, wars, and the future of science.

Alpine Universe have played to crowds nearing 20,000 people, caught the attention of actor/musician Jared Leto, and rocketed their three LPs — The Empire of the Winds (2020), The Alpine Universe (2017), and Sedna (2015) — to nearly 20 million streams and 800,000 monthly listeners.

Listen to Akoustik Vol. II (Chants) below, watch the video for Desperado above, and visit Alpine Universe on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


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