Twisted Royalty Ride A Groovy Unicorn

The British-born, Atlanta-based sisters team up with Speech for their debut single.

Twisted Royalty take romantic destiny by the horn with their debut single Unicorn — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Co-created with Arrested Development’s Speech, Unicorn finds the British-born, Atlanta-based sister duo’s synthesis of hip-hop grooves, funky bass licks and artisanal lyricism on full display in a track about the complexity of relationships. All the intricacies and social dynamics associated with healthy connections are playfully explored in this pseudo-love song.

Unicorn is a blend of soulful vocal harmonies, rock-solid percussion and bass, and jazzy embellishments with a perfect head-bobbing tempo. The melodic spirit of the music is elevated through sophisticated musicianship that doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t afraid to be playful. These elements combine to form an acoustically pleasant experience that transports audiences to another musical dimension.

Twisted Royalty are the brainchild of siblings Lisa and Tami Wilder. Daughters of Keith Wilder, the lead singer of the ’70s funk band Heatwave (Always and Forever, Boogie Nights), these musical scions have been passionately connected to music from a young age. Born and raised in the U.K, the Wilders may have joined the family business, but they have also sought to carve out their own artistic path instead of following in their father’s footsteps. Honing their skills as part of an all-female band more than a decade ago, the Wilder sisters have toured extensively ever since, amassing a wealth of experience that has helped them evolve into the artists they are today.

Check out Unicorn above and below, then saddle up and head over to Twisted Royalty’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.