David Leask Wants To Put His Feet In Your Shoes

The singer-songwriter offers a sincere message of empathy in his latest release.

David Leask steps up to walk a mile of your world with his new single Feet In Your Shoes — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

As a lifelong songwriter, Leask’s radar is always on high alert for fragments of lyrics and music that can be heard in the ether, or simply in a conversation. And it was a touching conversation about empathy containing one of these valuable song starters that sparked David’s emotionally resonant new single.

After one of his performances for long-term care residents at a hospital in Toronto, David was speaking with a staff member. He had always been moved by the great care and attention from staff for their residents. A line in the conversation stuck with David. “The staff member said to me, ‘if only I could have put a little bit of my feet in her shoes’.” That’s all it took for his songwriting wheels to start turning and a melody was mapped out during his drive home.

Feet In Your Shoes is the first single from his upcoming eighth album One Ray Of Light At A Time, due later this year. The song features energetic, upbeat production with David’s intimate vocal laid down over an infectious rhythm track punctuated by a horn section, stirring electric guitar and Wurlitzer piano. While the groove moves your body, the story moves your heart:

“Let me put a little bit of my feet in your shoes
Take a little bit of the heat before you blow that fuse
I’ll find a way to make you smile
Take some weight off every mile
Put a little bit of my feet in your shoes.”

David hopes this song will encourage listeners to think of people in their life who could use some understanding and a helping hand. One way they can do that will be by sending Feet In Your Shoes with David’s customizable Mobile e(Empathy)Card to someone you want to let know you’re thinking of them and to offer up some love and support HERE.

An early demo of the song won top honours at the 2022 Mississauga Summer Song Contest and David set to work on recording the final version at Mississauga’s hallowed Metalworks Studio, co-producing the track with Justin Abedin (Jacksoul/Justin Hines). The track features an all-star cast of stellar Canadian musicians, including Lyle Molzan (Jann Arden), Mark McIntyre (Dean Brody), Joel Visentin (Barbra Lica), Bryden Baird (Feist) and Sean O’Connor (NOJO).

A decorated artist with international acclaim, Leask has won numerous contests, including the USA and International Songwriting Competition. Leask is Mississauga Music’s 2021 Songwriter of the Year and his most recent record Voyageur In Song was nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Association’s Contemporary Album of the Year. He loves to inspire other creators as an ongoing songwriting mentor and facilitator.

Check out Feet In Your Shoes above, sample more from David Leask below, and take a stroll over to his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.