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Classic Album Review: Peaches | Fatherf*cker

The skankmmistess is back for sloppy seconds with more hilariously filthy fare.

This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Once is not enough for Peaches.

The skankmistress of electrorap is back for sloppy seconds with Fatherf*cker, another 38 minutes of pumping beatboxes, throbbing basslines, grinding guitars, vibrating synths and — most importantly — her hilarious kindergarten-dominatrix rhymes. And with come-ons like “I don’t have to make the choice / I like girls and I like boys,” it’s no surprise the Peach has plenty of partners on this sophomore CD.

None come packing heavier, though, than the illustrious Iggy Pop, who compares notes with our heroine (Her: “Some people don’t like my crotch!” Him: “That’s coz it’s got fuzzy spots!”) on the gnarly duet Kick It. The rest of these dozen cuts are just as much of a kick, from the Joan Jett samplefest I Don’t Give A … and the punky Rock ’n’ Roll to the Suicide-style sultriness of Tombstone, Baby and the audience-participation number Shake Yer Dix. Obviously, Peaches ain’t family fare — but her foul-mouthed shtik is so ridiculously filthy (think John WatersPink Flamingos) that only the truly humourless could take offence. After all, how upset can you be with someone who says, “You make my panties go ping”?


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