Doug MacNaughton A Une Chanson Pour Nous

The singer-songwriter tries to bring us together to fight climate chainge in his single.


Doug MacNaughton makes the case for unity with his new single and video Nous — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The third release (and first in French) from the prairie-raised, Ontatio-based multi-instrumentalist and indie singer-songwriter, Nous invites listeners to reflect on the arbitrary divisions that often separate us, and highlights the urgent need to overcome these differences for the greater good.

“The start of this piece came from a news article… about how the biggest obstacle to tackling climate change was not technological but rather social and political,” MacNaughton recalls. “That started me thinking about the false binaries that surround us, and from there, the lyrics just came out.”

Building on the lyrical legacy of juxtaposition a la John Lennon’s Imagine and Prince’s Controversy, the (translated) lyrics include:

“There’s no me, there’s no you
There’s no left, there’s no right
There’s no predator, there’s no prey
There’s only us
There’s no peace, there’s no war
There’s no Heaven, there’s no Hell
There’s no father, there’s no mother
There’s only us.”

By presenting these opposing elements side by side, MacNaughton emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity and the shared responsibility we have in addressing global challenges like climate change.“Ultimately,” says MacNaughton, “I want the overall message to be one of hope — I really do believe that if we can work together toward the common goal of saving the planet and halting climate change, we can do it! Convincing people to pull together in the same direction is the hardest part!”

Musically, Nous draws influence from various Quebecois artists, including Beau Dommage, Mitsou, Les Cowboys Fringants and Corcoran, while incorporating a touch of Steely Dan’s eclectic sound. The results are nearly two and a half minutes of pure funk, grooving along the foundation set by MacNaughton’s fierce stylings on the jazz guitar.

MacNaughton’s upcoming album Old Enough To Know Better, slated for release in the Fall of 2023, showcases his artistic growth and diverse influences. Drawing from his extensive experience singing Frank Zappa songs with a Montréal electronic music ensemble, his time in Les Misérables and his contributions to various stage productions, MacNaughton brings a wealth of musical expertise and storytelling prowess to his songwriting.

Watch the video for Nous above, hear more from Doug MacNaughton below, and join him on his website, Facebook and Instagram.


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