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Looms | Dogs Of Doubt EP: Exclusive Premiere

The Brookyn indie-rock quartet offer an immersive experience on their new EP.

Looms live with The Dogs Of Doubt on their transcendent and transfixing new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Immersive and impressive, superb and striking, rich and rewarding, the Brooklyn indie-rock quintet’s dreamy and dynamic four-track offering earns comparison to the likes of War On Drugs. Charting artifacts of attachment and loss, the ambitious songs of The Dogs of Doubt — written by Sharif Mekawy — are performed with immaculate precision, with the subtleties revealing their charms upon repeated listening, as if in soft focus. Looms get under your skin, with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sharif Mekawy’s voice puncturing the unhurried topography of sound.

Mekawy and company have a willingness to explore and dissect an ever-growing spectrum of sounds and genres, building rich, autumnal textures on the EP. First single You Already betrays emotional ambiguity through the falsetto of its hooky chorus and psych-rock closing. Hologram starts with a bossa nova-style beat with the sound morphing as Mekawy’s guitar chimes and sparkles lustrously, bringing to mind Jeff Buckley or Jim James Regions Of Light And Sound Of God album before it is hijacked by an outro flipped entirely backwards. Hills and Valleys features Mekawy on mellotron. The Water provides a suitably lulling end to the EP.

Check out The Dogs Of Doubt below and keep up with Looms on their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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