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Albums Of The Week: Danko Jones | Electric Sounds

The party-hearty CanRocker is here to fuck shit up and have a good time — as usual.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Are you ready to rock? Do you want a good time? Do you want to get high?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes (and it really should be), then the undisputed kings of balls-out rock ’n’ roll are back to provide maximum satisfaction! An elite, three-man squad, dedicated to the noble art of riffs, melodies and life-affirming rock anthems, Danko Jones are ready to serve up all the Electric Sounds you could possibly need!

From the chest-out chutzpah of the opening Guess Who’s Back and the muscular new wave strut of Good Time, to the title track’s promise to “smash a thousand guitars tonight!” or the new pothead anthem Get High?, Electric Sounds is a deceptively diverse affair. Meanwhile, no band has ever sounded more ready to hit the road than the pumped-up threesome showcased on its hell-for-leather, new rager. Electric Sounds was produced by Eric Ratz, and guest spots from Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies) on She’s My Baby, Damian Abraham of Fucked Up on Get High? and guitarist Daniel Dekay (from Canadian thrash legends Exciter) on Electric Sounds complete the picture with a snotty flourish.

Formed in Toronto in 1996, Danko Jones have seen and done just about everything over the last quarter of a century. Powered by a DIY punk rock spirit, and inspired by the good, great and grotesque of electrified rock ’n’ roll, they have steadily built a colossal international fan base and become one of the most acclaimed live bands around, embraced by everyone from mainstream radio-rock fans to diehard metalheads. Along the way, they have released ten widely praised studio albums, generating a peerless repertoire of fists-in-the-air crowd-pleasers into the bargain.

Armed with yet another stone cold classic, Danko Jones are on a renewed mission to rock the living shit-lights out of anyone and everyone that wants to join the party. After 27 years of active service, the trio’s commitment and intensity continues to grow, and their popularity and prominence continues to follow an upward route.”

Watch my revealing Zoom interview with Danko Jones HERE.



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