Tinnitist TV | Episode 99: Danko Jones

The Can-rock veteran drops his party-hearty mask and gets real about his career.


Danko Jones is a real character. Most of the time.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the Can-rock vet more than once over the decades — and he’s always been the hard-rocking, fast-talking, wise-cracking maverick you hear in his songs. Well, not this time. When I got the Toronto singer-guitarist on Zoom a few weeks back to talk about his new album Electric Sounds, I met another Danko: A thoughtful, contemplative and serious artist who took off his party-hearty mask to talk candidly about the hardships of touring, the state of his career and whether it’s all been worth it. It’s a side of Danko he doesn’t show often, and one I’ve certainly never encountered before. I hope you enjoy meeting the real Danko instead of the character.


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