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Classic Album Reviews: Entombed | Inferno + Exhumed | Anatomy is Destiny

Get a double dose of destruction from two heavyweight outfits who bring the pain.


This came out in 2003 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Their names are vaguely similar. So are their extreme musical styles. But that’s about where the similarities end between Swedish death-metal stalwarts Entombed and their blood-crazed American cousins Exhumed.

Maybe it has something to do with age. Entombed, you see, have been around for some 15 years — and that maturity and confidence are reflected in every groove their 10th full-length Inferno. The swaggering beats, aggressive bellow, mile-wide hooks and deliberately paced riffage of standout cuts like The Fix Is In and That’s When I Became A Satanist are clearly the work of a band that’s been around long enough to know it’s not how fast you play, it’s what you play. And with a style that moves from the fire-breathing hardcore of Young And Dead and Public Burning to the searing sludge of Descent Into Inferno and Skeleton Of Steel, Entombed deliver the sonic equivalent of a punishing, methodical beat-down. By contrast, San Francisco’s Exhumed — who are a few years younger and rangier than Entombed — administer a savage, uncontrolled thrashing on their third album Anatomy Is Destiny. From the Clockwork Orange-inspired cover art to the hyperspeed thrash, Satanic-belch vocals and ghastly lyrics of shredfests like The Matter Of Splatter, Grotesqueries and In The Name Of Gore, these guys possess all the subtlety of a buzzsaw to the skull. I guess that’s something else they have in common: They both bring the pain.


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