Late-Night TV Music (Man’s World Edition) | Feb. 12, 2020

Andy Shauf, Jack Harlow and the JoBros made Wednesday all about the dudes.


As James Brown used to say, this is a man’s world. And by this, I mean Wednesday’s late-night TV musical lineup. It would be unpatriotic of me not to start with Saskatchewan’s own Andy Shauf, who proffered a pair of typically winsome tracks — including Try Again — from his superb Neon Skyline album on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But don’t skip over rapper Jack Harlow, whose performance of What’s Poppin’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was more engaging than I anticipated. Finally, for those who still haven’t had enough of the Jonas Brothers reunion, they returned to The Late Late Show With James Corden to play What’s a Man Gotta. As in, what’s a man gotta do to make these guys break up again? If you know the answer to that, feel free to send it along. We’d all be grateful.