Edison Rupert Battles The Vultures Of Inertia

The Ottawa multi-talent stays strong in tough times with his latest production.


Edison Rupert spreads his wings with his new single and video Vultures — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Based out of Ottawa, the 2022 Capital Music Award winner for Newcomer Of The Year delivers an indie-rock tune about keeping hope alive and striving towards a better existence, one day at a time. “Vultures is a song about staying strong in hard times,” says the one-man band. “The more dead you let yourself get, the more the vultures will pick at you.”

Set against, multi-layered guitars, a swinging baseline and uptempo percussion, Rupert’s darkly confessional lyrics — “Took a trip to where I didn’t know / The vultures, they don’t tell me so / Got caught again inside a wave / Of all the ways that I should behave” — are the driving force in a track that is more than the sum of its parts. But as the accompanying recording-studio video makes clear, all those parts are played by Rupert.

Although he has been making music for over 15 years, he is just starting to put it out into the world. His slow pace is no surprise — every element of writing, performing, engineering, mixing and mastering is executed by Rupert, who insists on sincerity and heart to drive his music.

Watch Vultures above, check out more music from Edison Rupert below, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


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