Marissa Burwell | Take A Load Off: Exclusive Premiere

The Regina singer-songwriter shares a dreamy preview of her Bittersweet album.


Marissa Burwell desperately needs to Take A Load Off in her intimate and beautiful new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The first preview of the Saskatchewan singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Bittersweet, the soothing and stylish Take A Load Off strolls through a tranquil folk-pop gem landscape decorated with a gently strummed acoustic guitar, a minimalist backbeat, tastefully understated keyboard flourishes and Burwell’s honey-breeze vocals. As she shares a dream-like tale of walking barefoot in the snow while freezing her toes, it’s easy to imagine she’s speaking directly to you — but in fact, she’s talking to herself.

“This is the only song I have ever written that has been addressed to myself,” she explains. “I think it’s special that way. I am truly seeing myself and the life I have lived, admitting out loud that I want to be seen even though it is hard to let someone see you completely. It’s about resilience and accepting who I am in this moment.”

Not that it’s hard to accept. An indie act from the heart of Regina, Burwell is best known for her captivating yet endearing performances in basements and coffee shops. She has been writing songs for her own ears since 2010; however, it was not until 2017 that she started to cut her teeth in the local scene, where she found her bandmates Nolan Grad, Madison Nicol and Chris Dimas. Her self-titled 2019 EP introduced us to an artist who was starting to find her sound and was clearly on the verge of something special. That greatness will arrive in the form of Bittersweet, a collection of songs that will provide the consummate soundtrack for a late-night drive home, or the score to a deep conversation with your closest friend.

Check out Take A Load Off above, hear more from Marissa Burwell below, and find her at her website, Bandcamp and Facebook.