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Albums Of The Week: Holy Death Trio | Introducing

The freaks at night, rock hard and tight, deep in the heart of Texas.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed during a Mercury retrograde in Central Texas, the stars were truly aligned when Holy Death Trio began their sacred trip through the sonic waves.

Raised on Hendrix licks and Iommi riffs in the land of big skies and southern blues, the band shows both a reverence for the masters that came before them and a drive to carve their own footnote in the history of heavy music. With John P. Rosales’ fiery guitar heroics and the killer, crushing rhythms of Jonathan Gibson and Trey Alfaro, their live shows have already become legendary.

After refining their anthemic songs with an endless series of gigs, Holy Death Trio entered the studio with producer/engineer Charles Godfrey (Trail of Dead, Swans, Whiskey Myers) to record their debut full-length. Hand-picked by revered Ozzy bassist Blasko to make the album the first release in his partnership with Ripple Music, the band present a Texas tornado of high octane rock ’n’ roll and heavy cosmic beauty. Strap in and hold on tight: Holy Death Trio are gonna take you on a spiritual, riff-fueled trip though the comos that will bang your head, shake your ass and blow your mind!”