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Late-Night TV Music (Insatiable Edition) | Aug. 12, 2019

Pete Yorn, Bazzi & Common are all good, but they can't compete with clickbait.

The weirdness continues. It’s been a week since I jokingly used the letters XXX in the headline of Late-Night TV Music post. And the insatiable clickbait I accidentally created is still going strong — the post has about 50,000 views as of this morning, mostly from India and other neighbouring countries for some weird reason. On the one hand, I’m sort of grossed out. But on the other, I’m curious to see how many people will end up looking at that post. It’s undoubtedly more than will look at this one, which is kind of a shame, since Monday’s late-night lineup brought some solid performances. Pop-rocker Pete Yorn did double duty on Jimmy Kimmel Live, playing Calm Down and Can’t Stop You from his just-released album Caretakers. Common delivered the suitably muscular Hercules — from his upcoming album Let Love — with some help from Swizz Beatz on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And Bazzi presented a flowery rendition of his single I.F.L.Y. for The Late Late Show With James Corden. Not bad all around. Even if it’s not what lonely dudes on the other side of the world are looking for.