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Classic Album Review: Godhead | 2000 Years of Human Error

The D.C. devils deliver gloom-rock and glam-slam on this Manson-produced offering.


This album came out a couple of decades ago. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


If you notice that Godhead’s post-industrial goth-metal grind bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a certain Antichrist Superstar, give yourself 666 points. Because it’s no coincidence.

This Washington, D.C., outfit’s latest disc — their first major-label release after four indie albums — was executive produced by Marilyn Manson and is the first album issued on his new Posthuman imprint. Mr. Spooky and his longtime partner-in-slime Twiggy Ramirez even crop up here and there in these 11 gloom-rock odes, which pretty much go by Manson’s little black rule book, with pulverizing industrial grooves, creepy whispered vocals, buzzing and squealing guitars and synths, post-glam Bowie-style melodies, and lyrics about God, guns, gore and government. True, these guys are a bit poppier than Manson, but who isn’t? Trouble is, even Manson has started to become a poor imitation of himself lately — so what’s the point of creating another one?