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The gender-bending Liverpool punks deliver a deviant and demented debut.

When Iggy Pop calls you “strange … dirty … weird (and) crazy,” you know you’re doing something right. Truth be told, gender-bending Liverpool glam-punks Queen Zee are doing plenty right on their delightfully demented and deviant self-titled debut disc. Their power-chord riffs are fuzzy and scuzzy. Their basement-band beats smash and crash. Their in-your-face songs are covered in snot and sequins. Their shoutalong choruses are catchier than an STD. And their lyrics are loaded with acerbically hilarious couplets and packed with punchlines. “I’m alone, I’m a loner / Give me a gun and I’ll smoke you like a stoner,” singer Zene Davine gleefully threatens in Loner. “Fuck God! Hail Satan / I’m a gory dream of a teenage queen,” she proclaims in Lucy Fur. “She says, ‘Hey! Don’t you think he looks like Kurt Cobain?’ I say, ‘More like Courtney Love, after she went insane,’ ” she snaps in I Hate Your New Boyfriend. Toss in songs that challenge you to put up your sissy fists, accuse you of doing it like a porno and name-drop everyone from Rob Halford to Steely Dan and you’ve got a disc that flips the bird to conformity, convention and common decency. It’s all so wrong it couldn’t be more right. God save Queen Zee.

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