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Classic Album Review: Dieselboy | The 6ixth Session

Groove really is in the heart for the drum ’n’ bass DJ on his sixth (duh) album.

This album came out a couple of decades ago. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


Damian Higgins grew up playing the drums, breakdancing and DJing at dances in steel-town Pittsburgh. If that cocktail of rhythm, industry, performance and hip-hop literacy doesn’t qualify him to be America’s foremost drum ’n’ bass DJ, nothing will.

On his (duh) sixth album The 6ixth Session, Higgins — better known to club kids and ravers as Dieselboy — continues to reconfigure those elements in bold new ways. Like most DJ discs, this is primarily a mix-CD, with D creating a seamlessly pumping hour-long set from underground cuts by obscure artists with names like Signal to Noise and Technical Itch. The real drawing card here, though, is the second disc featuring a half-hour of Dieselboy’s own tracks. Built on a foundation of slamming drum workouts and topped by stabbing synths, these relentless hard-hitting tech-steppers establish once and for all that for Dieselboy, groove really is in the heart.