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Albums Of The Week: The Wild Century | Organic

Get your jam on with the ’60s psych-rock sounds of this freewheeling Euro outfit.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from the mystic borderlands between Belgium and The Netherlands, The Wild Century are an untamed pack of mavericks who take you on a mesmerizing trip along sitar-tuned cosmic dimensions, where harmonic basses and mantric rhythms pump while the astrals project their ethereal grooves on everyone’s lucidity.

Drawing heavily from the musical sources of psychedelic rock and punk-blues from what today seems like a forgotten era long gone, they manage to recreate that spirit as a mysterious reverie that, as soon as it comes to life, continues to reverberate into the deepest of your visions. Through the succession of repetitive notes, the sound waves become almost visually perceptible; the view becomes misty, the body harmonizes with the tantric melodies and the consciousness fades. Welcome to the trip that is The Wild Century.”