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The Bay Area bruisers fuse Detroit proto-punk and San Francisco psychedelia.


Kick out the jams, brothers and sisters! And don’t forget to wear flowers in your hair. That’s the mixed (but mighty wild) music message Bay Area retro-rockers Hot Lunch serve up on their cleverly handled sophomore album Seconds. On the one hand, they’re a Detroit-style proto-metal band that can — and most assuredly does — fire off high-octane riff-rock chuggers that channel the beefy bellowing and ferocious intensity of The MC5, Amboy Dukes, Stooges and Grand Funk. On the other, they’re a band of San Francisco-style psychedelic wave surfers who balance all that balls-out power and momentum with multi-faceted, multi-minute musical detours that evolve into epic journeys to the centre of your mind. The result: A six-song, 45-minute album that’s a headbanger, a headnodder and a head trip all at the same time. You might say it’s a sound that abounds and resounds and rebounds off the ceiling. Not bad for seconds.

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