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Albums Of The Week: Human Growth | Lube Factory

If these Danish retro-rockers got paid by the riff, they'd never have to work again.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The Lube Factory rehearsals date back to January 2022, when Copenhagen indie-rockers Human Growth had developed their swing playing together for a over a year refining, gelling, and exploring their sound. A sideplot of Omicron and studio relocation delayed the winter sessions into late spring — at which point the original plan of a five-song EP had expanded into a full-length album.

Recorded at No Masters Voice in Gladsaxe, their studio performance is a salute to working on schedule and smashing through the void at turbo speed. Brash lyrics and pounding rhythms keep the listener moving through Lube Factory with a trifecta of guitars weaving together in union. The band lash out, delivering classic rock shifts at high tempo with a conscious effort to push the edge out just a little farther each time.

One year in the making, the album tracks their development as song writers and instrumentalists who evolved the Human Growth sound with memorable lines, explosive guitar solos and a louder rocking sound.”