Indie Roundup | 119 Tracks To Put A Spell On You This Weekend (Part 2)

What's on second? The Absence, Non Serviam, Forgetting the Memories & others.


The Absence think inside the box, Non Serviam keep their distange, Forgetting The Memories begin a new day, Eggvn have your order ready, Eastern High are kings for a day — though I hope the rest of your Weekend Roundup will be just as royally entertaining. There’s only one way to find out:


17 | The Absence | Coffinized

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Coffinized is the title track and second single from The Absence’s upcoming album Coffinized, which will be released June 25. Says vocalist Jamie Stewart: “We have all been Coffinized at one point or another — confined by a distant, funerary outlook; trapped in a dark, shrinking bubble. As one awaits a lingering exhale, it calls out — a seeping, miserable existence, disguised. Such horrors, hidden in debased, mental escape. You wrap yourself in it as it follows you down, further and further, engulfed by your own disgust and inability; it’s suffocating gaze collapsing in, embalming into your being. You become a living casket for all of your own bitter frustrations — nailed in and buried alive.”

18 | Brainstorm | Escape The Silence

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brainstorm will release their new album Wall Of Skulls on Aug. 20. The first single from the album, Escape The Silence, is out now. 
Tenacious double-bass drums and powering bass lines, groovy guitar shreds and the uncompromising and recognizable voice of Andy B. Franck make this song a memorable top-notch and hard-hitting vigorous hymn! But talking about the singer, we should note that a very special guest was able to lay down some lines on the mic for this song. For the first time ever, the band has worked with a guest vocalist who assume a central role in the respective songs. Escape The Silence stars Rage’s legendary Peavy Wagner. He comments on his contribution: “An outrageously great song with a stunning video. It’s an honour for me  to be part of that album. Such an excellent track and awesome piece of music!”

19 | Non Serviam | I Watch You From Afar

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Anonymous experimental metal collective Non Serviam stream their new video I Watch You From Afar. The multi-talented, genre-hopping anonymous collective have brought forth another masterful release, blurring lines between styles and going beyond the boundaries that restrain them. Non Serviam create a sonic collage of black, doom, grindcore, crust and industrial metal while staying within the framework of a baroque influence that will assault the auditory senses in one of the most brutal and extreme releases of the year.”

20 | Forgetting The Memories | The Solstice Rebirth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish metalcore five-piece Forgetting The Memories have announced their new studio album Vemod for Sept. 24. Vemod is the second LP by the band. The 10 new tracks are lyrically haunting and deal with personal setbacks, world-weariness, anger, and melancholy or wistfulness. Forgetting The Memories also released the single The Solstice Rebirth, along with a video. “This song is about manipulative behavior that occurs more often than it should. We try to put ourselves in the perspective where you are being manipulated into doing things for others’ cause. With that, you’ll live in that mindset until the darkness has swallowed you whole. You’ll become self-destructive and dangerous to others but mostly to yourself.”

21 | Eggvn | N.B.O.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The video/single N.B.O. (New Black Order) reveals just what Eggvn have in min. Namely: “Taking industrial and industrial metal to a next step. We love the classic industrial, but we believe that it is time to take it to another level. N.B.O. clearly illustrates the sound that the industrial of the future has — anyone who reads this will remember it. In a few years the industrial bands will be sounding just like this track, for that’s because Eggvn are the Black Fathers of The New Black Order. No god, no idols, no limits!” On the album, you can find the first revelations, which have been written and composed to give rise to La Era de la Bestia, a dark age that conceptually deals with the obscure celebration of a war ritual “in which the coming is announced, conquers, submits the enemy, and then the victory is glorified over the conquered land.”

22 | Eastern High | Emperor

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s fast-rising progressive melodic metal unit Eastern High present the first single and video from their upcoming sophomore album Halo, due out July 30. They comment: “Since our debut album released back in 2017, our main focus was to make this two-man project a five-man band, which we achieved in 2019. After the recording sessions last summer, we sent the tracks to Erik at Tone Tension Productions for mixing. In the meantime, we filmed the videos for the Emperor and Morning Star.”

23 | Vesicarum | My Inner Ghost

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Kent, U.K.’s Vesicarum have unveiled the second single from their first album Place Of Anarchy. The three-man death metal squad hit back with their crushing track My Inner Ghost. It holds a lot of meaning for vocalist Glynn Neve. “The song is all about my negative inner self thoughts, an internal enemy which I call my inner ghost,” he states. “It has affected every aspect of my life — my self esteem, confidence, friendships/relationships, work and my ability to function with day to day normality.”

24 | Wings Of Destiny | Playing With Fire

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Power metal masters Wings of Destiny are proud to release their second single Playing With Fire, taken from their sixth album Memento Mori. Wings of Destiny are a power metal band originally from Costa Rica. They came together at the end of the year 2013, influenced by such bands as Helloween, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra and Symphony X; nevertheless, through the time the band managed to develop a very particular and recognizable sound, creating a cult following among fans all around the world.”

25 | Transient | Goodbye

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy rock/metal band Transient just released their single Goodbye and its enticing video. The track follows Nightmare and This Heart. Singer Trey J. Mollo says: “This song is a story about a girl who was a dear friend of mine. She was loved by many people, but her true colors were pretty bleak. While we were tracking the song, I thought about how everyone has dealt with this scenario in some shape or form and that we learn and grow from those experiences.”

26 | Lacuna Coil | Apocalypse

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Italian metal giants Lacuna Coil recently announced that their new live album Live From The Apocalypse is to be released on June 25. Today, their live version of Apocalypse, originally released on their latest studio album Black Anima, is available everywhere. Says Cristina Scabbia: “Looking at the sand gliding down through the hourglass … Apocalypse is factual and actual in today’s pandemic, though we couldn’t foresee this when we wrote it: The separation, the solitude, the confusion, the resilience. We keep on fighting for our will to survive.”

27 | Rising Insane | Meant To Live

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “German metalcore band Rising Insane have shared their single Meant To Live, along with a video. It’s the first single from the band’s next studio album coming in fall. Rising Insane coment: “Meant to Live is the mental empowerment, the kick-start song to take up the fight against our burdens and depressions. We cannot wait to feel the energy of this song on stage and connect with our audience.”

28 | Osyron | Viper Queen

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Canada’s Osyron are ready to reintroduce the past to the present with the reissue of their 2017 album Kingsbane in a Deluxe Edition. The decision to remix, remaster and reissue the record, along with three bonus tracks — including Viper Queen — was an easy one after the great reception the band received for their 2020 album Foundations. Drummer Cody Antsey adds: “The world groans under the heavy burden these days which, according to our nature, should bring us all closer together. But it is precisely this feeling that is too often missing. In these times when the bands can’t get together when the fans can only experience the sweat and sound-filled nights in crowded venues in their memories; other ways of forwarding momentum have to be found.”

29 | Kitt Wakeley | Forgive Me (ft. Joe Satriani)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Songwriter/composer/arranger/producer Kitt Wakeley has released Forgive Me, a new single featuring the best-selling instrumental rock guitarist of all time, Joe Satriani. Forgive Me is Wakeley’s second song to feature Satriani and the third single overall from his upcoming album, Symphony of Sinners and Saints, which arrives next Friday. With Wakeley on keyboards, Forgive Me also features the talents of celebrated Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, bassist Ryan Miller, drummer Brent Berry, guitarist Paige Harwell, and the London Voices choir (Paul McCartney, Luciano Pavarotti, Hunger Games).”

30 | The Day Of The Beast | Black Forms Materialize

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Day Of The Beast have shared Black Forms Materialize — the second single their upcoming fourth album Indisputably Carnivorous. The U.S. blackened death metal band have also shared an accompanying lyric video for the track, so you can get to yelling along with the horror-fiction inspired visual.”

31 | Horndal | Rossen

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Horndal has unleashed a video for Rossen. The animated video was put together by Kalle Haglund (Bruto Studio) and shows a solitary figure trapped within a long abandoned industrial factory, metaphorically embodying Lake Drinker’s real-life horror story perfectly.”

32 | Thyrfing | Jordafärd

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish Viking/pagan metal veterans Thyrfing unveil the single Jordafärd (Burial), from the forthcoming Vanagand album, set for release on Aug. 27. A brooding epic, Jordafärd demonstrates a more morose side of the band. The distinct cello parts for the track were recorded by Fox Skinner (Grand Magus) along with Dutch artist Lon Snow, and you can also hear Swedish soprano Natalie Hernborg in the finale. The band say: “This is the slowest and probably moodiest song on the album. A burial hymn and a longing for the end — the perfect album closer.”

33 | Mojo Alice | Dirty Mary

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mojo Alice, New Zealand’s masters of Blues Power Rock, have drop the lyric video for Dirty Mary, from the upcoming release Liquid Sin, set for release on July 9. Dirty Mary delivers a small taste of what Mojo Alice are all about; hard-driving, in-your-face, pure rock ’n’ roll with a whole lotta spit and vinegar. A perfect combination of ’70s style with flamboyant ’80s showmanship, rocketed to the 21st century.  Drummer Morpheus Tilley States: “The album is a collection of rock songs with a heavy blues groove that really reflect who we are as a band – it is music to drink and raise hell to!”

34 | The Wring | The Light

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Wring is Don Dewulf and Don Dewulf is The Wring — with a little help from some global music superstars. The progressive metal project will release The Wring² Project Cipher on May 28. The video for the next single The Light is out now. Dewulf says: “I love prog music, but it can be a challenging listening task. I wanted to combine the interesting bits of prog with a strong melody and composition. You can rock out or geek out to this. The Light is a very fun song to play. Lots of changes and riffs. This is one song where Marc Bonilla totally took the vocals in his own direction. I had a much heavier vision but he has a style that really works against the riffs and strange, shifting time signatures.”

35 | Diamond Weapon | The House On 65th Street

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Packed with chaotic aggression and overwhelming melancholy, Diamond Weapon’s new track The House on 65th Street is the second single from the group’s upcoming EP Eyes, out June 11. With music reminiscent of The Wonder Years and La Dispute, the track narrates the story of someone who is no longer in love with their partner but goes through the motions of the relationship anyway because they don’t want to break their partner’s heart. At least, until their partner proposes to them. It tells a gut-wrenching story, much like the full EP that sees the band exploring the darker side of all types of relationships.”