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The Comet is Coming | Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

The British cosmic-jazz trio's intergalactic, multi-dimensional journey continues.

Space may be the final frontier, if you’re a Trekker. Or the place, if you believe Sun Ra. But really, it’s just the starting point for The Comet is Coming. On their acclaimed 2016 debut Channel the Spirits, the London instrumental trio of saxophone titan (and Sons of Kemet/Arkestra member) King Shabaka, keyboardist Danalogue and drummer Betamax launched their otherworldly hybrid of cosmic jazz, electronica, psychedelic rock and acid-funk. Their intergalactic, multi-dimensional journey continues on the magnificently titled high-flying followup Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery, as King Shabaka’s fluttering, flowing lines and majestic melodies swoop and soar over Danalogue’s pulsating, dark-matter bass synths and Betamax’s clattery, intricately propulsive rhythms. British spoken-word performer Kate Tempest comes aboard to cast her jaundiced eye on the state of our dystopian existence in Blood of the Past, but for the rest of this nine-track affair, The Comet is Coming boldly and instrumentally go where no man has gone before. Embrace the mystery.

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