Alto Key & DMNIQ Share My Poison And My Cure

The London pop artists team up for a passionate anthem of romantic obsession.

Alto Key and DMNIQ deliver a double-dose of heartbreak with their passionated new single My Poison And My Cure — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A tender new indie-pop ballad that explores the depths of romantic obsession, My Poison And My Cure finds vocalist Key (aka Keian Barton) and singer-pianist DMNIQ (Dominique Gilbert) collaborating on an empowering anthem that will ring true for anyone who’s ever had their heart broken or survived a toxic relationship.

Alto Key and DMNIQ are both London-based pop artists who have been making waves in the British music industry over the last few years. Key has pushed the boundaries of social media, amassing 1.8M followers across platforms with his music challenges, viral sounds and heartfelt songs. DMNIQ is a LGBTQ+ music artist, producer and composer with songs gaining global traction through multiple TV placements. Together they have been supported by various industry tastemakers.

Check out My Poison And My Cure above, hear more from Alto Key below and tune into him on his website, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.