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Now Hear This: Screamin’ Witch Doctors | Back from Transylvania

The Spanish garage-rockers cross oceans of time to deliver their latest retro release.

THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Spain’s Screamin’ Witch Doctors are back after a forced break of five long years — and Back From Transylvania to boot!

We might never know the exact reason why the great Johannes WinterScreamin’ Witch Doctors’ keyboardist and talented composer — to venture into the Transylvanian swamplands in search of Dracula. Some say he was only exploring he myth. Others say he obsessed with finding the count’s true home. Still others say he wanted to come face to face with the undead vampire himself. All we know for sure is that he managed to emerge in one piece — and with the band’s latest album tucked under his wing.

The fittingly titled Back From Transylvania comes loaded with touches of garage, instrumentals from the ’60s, airs of swamp music a la Tony Joe White. Highlights include the swampy Alligator Man, the direct and incisive opener Live On What You Got, the darkly rocking The Night Comes and their remake of The TurtlesGlitter and Gold. In keeping with Winter’s recent adventures, the lyrics are laced with references to black magic, witches, demons, cemeteries and other uneasy places. Crank it up and do The Watusi Twist!

Screamin’ Witch Doctors are: Singer Urban von Ripper, drummer Pable Tombstone, guitarist Goyo W. Elvyra and Winter on Hammond, bass keyboards and backing vocals.”