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A Veritable Shitstorm Of Box Sets & Reissues Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Get set for new archival offerings from Bob Mould, Scorpions, Linkin Park & more.

Tomorrow, like every Friday, there will be another few hundred new albums to hear, buy, critique, denigrate or dismiss entirely. And it will be a glorious thing. But that is then. This is now. And right now, it’s not about the new. It’s about the old — as in, a whole slew of upcoming box sets and reissues that have been announced in the past day, just in time for your holiday gift lists (or self-quartine self-indulgences; whatever works for you, ya know?). And there are some doozies in the offing. To wit:


Bob Mould
Distortion: 1989-2019

A 24 (yes, 24) disc box containing the entirety of the veteran singer-guitarist’s post-Hüsker Dü output, including the complete Sugar discography, long out-of-print electronic projects Loudbomb and Blowoff, four live albums from across his career, and two discs of rarities and collaborations. (Oct. 2)

Wind of Change: The Iconic Song

“Hallo everybodee!! We are Scorpions band!! Yes!! Thank you!! And we are back!! Well, sort of!! We have a new box set!! Well, sort of!! It’s not an anthology or compilation!! No!! It’s a box set dedicated on one song: Winds of Change!! That’s right!! Thank you!!! Why?? Because we totally abandoned our last shred of dignity and made it clear we only care about money many years ago when we promised to retire but then didn’t!! It’s true!! Thank you!! Anyway, the box has five takes of that crappy power ballad, including a demo and versions in Spanish and Russian!! Da!! And a big book about the song!! And best of all!! It comes with a teeny chunk of the Berlin Wall!! No, seriously!! Would I kid you?? No!! I would not!! I would rock you like a hurri-cay-eene!! But not on this box set!! Thank you!!! Goodnight!!!” (Oct. 2)

Dire Straits
The Studio Albums 1978 – 1991

Pretty much what it says. And pretty much the same thing they released on vinyl back in 2013 — though this time, it seems like it will also be available on CD, so that’s a good thing. Of course, it would be better if everything were newly remastered, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that.  (Oct. 9)

Linkin Park
Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition

Chester Bennington’s surviving bandmates celebrate their 2000 debut album with a box that includes five CDs expanded with with plenty of rarities and demos, three live DVDs, three vinyl LPs, a cassette, a book and the usual collectibles and memorabilia. (Oct. 9)

Lovey 30th Anniversary Edition

A deluxe version of Evan Dando and co.’s fourth album, expanded with a live album and some extensive liner notes. Speaking of box sets, has there ever been a decent Lemonheads box? I haven’t seen one. Somebody should get on that. (Oct. 23)

Mr. Bungle
The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny

This one is both new and old — for their first new music in 21 years, the band has re-recorded their 1986 high school thrash-metal demo tape with a lineup that includes original members Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn, joined by Scott Ian of Anthrax and Dave Lombardo of Slayer. I honestly have no idea what the hell that’s going to sound like, but I know I want to find out. (Oct. 30)

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I’ll stop there — because if I don’t, I’ll spend the rest of the day trying to update this list every five minutes because another new announcement has landed in my email. But trust me when I say that as always, there’s plenty more where those came from. Scroll down to see the veritable shitstorm of other new titles on the way — including new albums from Future Islands (below) and Keaton Henson, a Dolly Parton Christmas album and more — and don’t forget to hit the Upcoming Releases page to see the complete, increasingly unwieldy list.

August 21

COM | Emergency
Context Chameleon | Komorebi
Innumerable Forms | Despotic Rule EP
Internal Rot | Mental Hygiene

August 28

Diamond Rexx | Psych Ward
Brian Eno | Rams: Original Soundtrack Vinyl
Eric Francis | Under A Fake Sky
ME Rex | Triceratops EP
Neige Morte | IIII
The Ophelias | For Luck
Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 | Stone Garden
Trifouille1er | Base Bouche EP

September 4

All Them Witches | Nothing As The Ideal
James Lee Baker | 100 Summers
Cancerfaust | Let The Earth Tremble
Hayes Carll | Alone Together Sessions
Cultum Interitum | Poison of Being
Kommando Baphomet | Under the Deathsign
Wilczyca | Horda

September 11

Carla Blanc | Wonderful
Brothertiger | Paradise Lost
Lxury | Trinity Lounge EP
Sun Kil Moon | Welcome To Sparks, Nevada
Tropical Fuck Storm | Legal Ghost / Heaven Single

September 18

Ancient River | The House of Stone
DJ Baby | #MLVN
Bakey | Take It Further EP
David Bowie | Young Americans 45th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Skofee | Polished EP
Syrup | Rosy Lee
WaqWaq Kingdom | Dokkoisho
Wood Ewe | I Love You Too, Disembodied Voice

September 25

Attic Salt | Get Wise
The Buckleys | Daydream
Clan Destine Click | 20/20 Elephant V.7.7.7
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu | Renegade Breakdown
Dropdead | Dropdead
Photay | Waking Hours: Remixed
Chris Smith | Second Hand Smoke
Sunfruits | Mushroom Kingdom / Bonsoy EP
Surfer Blood | Carefree Theatre

October 2

Bob Mould | Distortion: 1989-2019
Nachtblut | Vanitas
Dolly Parton | A Holly Dolly Christmas
Scorpions | Wind of Change: The Iconic Song
Spunsugar | Drive-Through Chapel
Bartees Strange | Live Forever
Baba Zula | Hayvan Gibi

October 9

Dire Straits | The Studio Albums 1978-1991
Future Islands | As Long as You Are
The Goodbye Party | Beautiful Motors
Travis Laplante & Yarn/Wire | Inner Garden
Linkin Park | Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary Edition
Lupin | Lupin
Shhe | Re:
Leila Sunier | If Only to Bleed Out the White Noise EP
The Unguided | Father Shadow

October 16

Goratory | Sour Grapes
Jupiter Sprites | Holographic
Mav Karlo | Strangers Like Us
Seaway | Big Vibe
Valencia | Dancing With A Ghost 10th Anniversary Vinyl
Vulnere | Igneous

October 23

Future Utopia | 12 Questions
Hammerfall | Live! Against The World
Keaton Henson | Monument
Lemonheads | Lovey 30th Anniversary Edition
Mörk Gryning | Hinsides Vrede

October 30

Luke Abbott | Translate
Selah Broderick | Anam
Dope Body | Crack A Light
Lunch Money Life | Immersion Chamber
Mr. Bungle | The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny
The OBGMs | The Ends
Smokescreens | A Strange Dream

November 6

Lazer Beam | Lazer Beam

November 20

Tim Minchin | Apart Together