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Albums Of The Week: Grateful Dead | American Beauty: The Angel’s Share (Remastered Demos)

The Dead preview their upcoming box with a slate of intimate, laid-back demos.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Not so very long ago, Grateful Dead fans were made more than a little bit giddy by the release of Workingman’s Dead: The Angel’s Share, a collection of previously unreleased from the sessions that resulted in the Dead’s fourth studio album. Now, the time has come to get giddy again: to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band’s landmark LP, American Beauty, the band are releasing The Angel’s Share for that album as well.

Thanks to the discovery of dozens of recently discovered 16-track reels, fans will have a chance to check out more than two hours of previously-unreleased studio outtakes, demos, and alternate mixes of this classic album, including demos for all but one of the songs. Sorry, Box of Rain fans, you’re out of luck, but if it’s any consolation, you do get the demo for To Lay Me Down, which later found its way onto Jerry Garcia’s solo debut Garcia. In addition, there are multiple outtakes for several of the album tracks, and the whole kit and kaboodle will be released as a digital exclusive on Oct. 15.

But no tears, dear friends, because here’s the news that’ll make your day: all 10 of those demos are available today, and you can find them wherever you usually frequent for your streaming and digital download needs! That ought to keep you smiling ‘til Oct. 15, but before we go, here’s the full track listing of the set for your reading enjoyment … and don’t forget: the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of American Beauty hits stores on Oct. 30, so you’ve got lots of Dead heading your way this month!



Track Listing

1. Friend Of The Devil – Demo
2. Sugar Magnolia – Demo
3. Candyman – Demo
4. To Lay Me Down – Demo
5. Truckin’ – Demo
6. Hand Me Down (Ripple) – Demo
7. Brokedown Palace – Demo
8. Till The Morning Comes – Demo
9. Attics Of My Life – Demo
10. Operator – Demo

11. Box Of Rain – Acoustic Mix
12. Candyman – Alternate Take
13. Truckin’ – Alternate Mix

14. Operator (Take 1) [Slated]
15. Operator (Take 2 Breakdown) [Slated]
16. Operator (Take 3) [Slated]
17. Operator (Take 4 Breakdown) [Slated]
18. Operator (Take 5) [Misnamed As Take 6] [Slated]
19. Operator (Take 6 Breakdown) [Slated]
20. Operator (Take 7 Breakdown) [Slated]
21. Operator (Take 8) [Slated]

22. Friend Of The Devil (Take 1 Breakdown) [Slated]
23. Friend Of The Devil (Take 2 Breakdown) [Slated]
24. Friend Of The Devil (Take 3 Breakdown) [Slated]
25. Friend Of The Devil (Take 4 Breakdown) [Slated]
26. Friend Of The Devil (Take 5) [Slated]
27. Friend Of The Devil (Take 6) [Slated]
28. Friend Of The Devil (Take 7) [Slated]
29. Friend Of The Devil (Arranging Take 1) [Not Slated]
30. Friend Of The Devil (Arranging Take 2) [Not Slated]
31. Friend Of The Devil (Arranging Take 3) [Not Slated]
32. Friend Of The Devil (Take 9 Breakdown) [Slated]
33. Friend Of The Devil (Take 10 Breakdown) [Slated]
34. Friend Of The Devil (Take 11) [Slated]
35. Friend Of The Devil (Take 12 Breakdown) [Slated]
36. Friend Of The Devil (Take 13) [Not Slated]
37. Friend Of The Devil (Take 14 Breakdown) [Slated]
38. Friend Of The Devil (Take 15) [Slated]
39. Friend Of The Devil (Take 16) [Slated]
40. Friend Of The Devil (Take 17) [Slated]
41. Friend Of The Devil (Take 18) [Slated]
42. Friend Of The Devil (Take 19) [Not Slated]
43. Friend Of The Devil (Take 20) [Slated]

44. Attics Of My Life (Take 1) [Slated]
45. Attics Of My Life (Take 2 Breakdown) [Slated]
46. Attics Of My Life (Take 3 Breakdown) [Slated]
47. Attics Of My Life (Take 4 Breakdown) [Slated]
48. Attics Of My Life (Take 5) [Slated]
49. Attics Of My Life (Solo Version)

50. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 1 Breakdown] [Slated]
51. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 2 With Vocals] [Slated]
52. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 3] [Slated]
53. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 4] [Slated]
54. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 5 Breakdown] [Slated]
55. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 6 Breakdown] [Slated]
56. Hand Me Down (aka Ripple) [Take 7] [Slated]