Louis Giannamore Shares The View From Seat 5F

The electronic musician presents the latest preview of his unique album World Tour!

Louis Giannamore continues his World Tour! from Seat 5F in his latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Adventurous and avant-garde yet accessible, Seat 5F is the latest preview of the electronic music maestro and prolific composer’s upcoming album World Tour! — an album written and produced using found sounds and field recordings from around the globe. The sounds used on Dec. 15 release, the majority of which are iPhone recordings, were all captured in 2022, as Louis was on his biggest tour to date.

Fittingly, World Tour! is his grandest musical statement so far. The album is an audible ocean that houses hundreds of sounds from all corners of the globe; Street performers, sirens, horns, bird calls, wind, waves, thunderstorms, parades, construction sites, crickets, faucets, door hinges, church bells, bicycles, slot machines and more. World Tour! highlights the beauty and authenticity of each sound and is an homage to the importance of sound itself.

The album doesn’t just prove how varying sounds from conflicting or opposing environments can create a moving or exciting piece of music; it is also a magnification of life as a touring musician, from glamorous to gruelling. The addictive lifestyle of stepping off a plane in a foreign and unfamiliar place to the crawling sensation of fatigue from constantly being in-transit.

World Tour! explores the themes and emotions of the everyday social overload, the endless sound-checks, the piling of wristbands and passes, the losing of luggage, the rocking of a tour bus and all the other by-products that come with being a modern-day, working musician. Each song on the album tells this tale and is emotively specific to the many moods of this unique profession. World Tour! is an insight to Louis’ beliefs regarding music and sound; there are no limits, no borders or barriers and no gatekeeping — it requires a little open-mindedness and from there, anything is music, even silence. World Tour! is the personification of that belief, but with the dial cranked to 100. Music is sound and sound is music.

As a child, Louis was shy but energetic; born into a French and American family, he grew up in the south of England. He found violin at six years old. Then came trumpet. At nine he picked up his first pair of drumsticks, essentially kick-starting his career. He attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music straight after school, finding a new drive and love for electronic music and film scoring. Returning to London, he began work as a session drummer and composer, also touring with Gang Of Youths on percussion and keys. This year, he branched out even further and played drums for Loathe across Europe whilst wrapping up the score for upcoming feature film Topper and playing official showcases with London’s Voka Gentle. He has also worked with Master Peace, Love Is Noise, Col3trane and Kinn, and joined forces with viola player Jenny Ames to release an album as Barker Deer.

Check out Seat 5F above, hear more from Louis Giannamore below, and follow him on Instagram.


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