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MRC Riddims | Comes Naturally (feat. Jami Da Mami & Kayy Hunter): Exclusive Premiere

The NYC DJ/production team bring some hometown flavour to their latest track.

The swag just Comes Naturally to MRC Riddims, Jami Da Mami and Kayy Hunter in their addictive new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

MRC Riddims is the DJ/production team of Alap Momin (ex-dalek) and Merc Yes from Harlem. MRC Riddims manage to bring their NYC flavor to all that they touch and avoid the limitations of any one genre, venturing into hip-hop, club and pop music. Deep bass and a playful bounce are a common thread throughout their distinct sound. Even when they journey into their deepest, heaviest moments, MRC Riddims maintain an element of being a couple of cartoon characters who just want their listeners to enjoy the ride. The duo has toured extensively throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Born and raised in Harlem, Jami Da Mami was always surrounding by tons of music leading her to develop her sound as a singer as well as a rapper. Her biggest inspirations are Lil Kim, Biggie, Jadakiss, Fabolous and Foxy Brown, but her desire to create music didn’t only come from hip-hop. Always a lover of writing poetry and short stories Jami took to writing rhymes at the young age of 11. Jami wishes to inspire and motivate females of her generation through her music. “I want to empower women to boss up, I want them to feel unstoppable when they hear my music.”

Jami wrote the hook for Comes Naturally over a rough version of what became the finished beat. Jami says: “It’s really just about being amazing effortlessly, ignoring your haters, and knowing that swag is a birth right. When I hear certain beats I’ll have these melodic verses that I can’t get out of my head.” Merc of MRC Riddims adds: “Hearing that hook brought everything to another level! It wasn’t just a pure bravado kind of track, it became something so much more honest, just perfect feminine energy that me and Alap can never get on our own.” Alap jumps in with: “I just kept hearing Sister Nancy in her voice and it just made me fall in love with this one all over again.”

Comes Naturally (feat. Jami Da Mami & Kayy Hunter) will be released on August 14, 2020 via NYC’s Internet & Weed Records. Listen to it right now up above, check out more from MRC Riddims below, and keep up with them via their website, Facebook and Instagram.