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Albums Of The Week: Klimaforandringer | Mørket På Solens Krop

If you buy only one album of Danish Afro-psych-krautrock today, make it this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The pulsating afro-rock of Klimaforandringer is a rare feature on the music scene. With a hyper-eclectic mindset the band re-contextualize a wide array of often heavy, traditional styles. Like musical druids, the band remelt ancient rhythmic structures, tonal languages and simple poetry into new, original potions.

Since forming in 2014, Klimaforandringer have put out two full-length records gaining positive attention national as well as international. They have played all over Denmark, including festivals Ujazz and CPH Jazzfestival. Klimaforandringer play noisy afro-rock with a multitude of other inspirations such as blues, krautrock, jazz and world music.

Klimaforandringer (the Danish term for climate change) are a sextet assembled around various musical concepts stemming from various corners of the world. As a result, this caravan’s pulsating compositions contain multiple layers of everything from West African polyrhythm to Western ’70s psychedelic guitars. The orchestra’s members have gathered across different latitudes of the Danish music scene and have ties to diverse acts such as SVIN, Bisse, Under Byen and Horse Orchestra. As the unit Klimaforandringer they collect and transform far-reaching inspiration into unpredictable afro psych with elements from acid rock, kraut, and improv.

The compositions are complex, but the contemplative lyrics penned in Danish and structured as simple, haiku-like stanzas about universal topics pull the band’s global views down to earth. Greatly inspired by African attitudes towards making music and poetry, the communication of themes such as sense of belonging and the transitoriness of life is a joint affair.”