Lily Lane Needs To Know: Where Have You Been All My Life?

The singer discovers the depths of her soul on her romantic new single and video.

Lily Lane is waiting for love in her yearning new single and video Where Have You Been All My Life? — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The new single zooms in on Lane’s journey to discover the depths of her soul, highlighting the romanticizing of trauma and mental illness and the artist’s personal process, and how everything they go through along the way prepares them to be who they eventually are supposed to become.

It’s sad to say but I got really used to being unhappy,” Lane says. “My whole life people have always told me they can hear the soul in my voice and I always thought that was because I sang from a place of hurt and sadness. I was scared when I wasn’t singing from that same place I wouldn’t have that same magic in my voice or I wouldn’t have anything to write about and the poetry would stop. However, I was wrong to assume that and that came from a place of being scared of change. I was comfortable in the pain I knew and scared to reach for the unknown. I now know my music can still be soulful because sadness isn’t the only feeling in my soul. There’s a lot in there — including joy.”

Opening up about her curiosity about where happiness and love have come from, and how one person can bring out the best in you, Where Have You Been All My Life? shows a side of Lane that she admits she has never seen in herself. “I wish I had gotten to know my happy self sooner,” she says, adding, “and this song is kind of saying where has this side of me that this amazing man has tapped into with unconditional love been all my life?”

Featuring the bold vocals, anthemic choruses, and cinematic production that Lane has become known for, Where Have You Been All My Life? joins Throne in continuing the storyline where Bad and her breakaway 2022 EP, Queen of Hearts, left off. In addition to the release of Throne, Lane recently unleashed her vibrant single Woman’s Intuition, a duet with Sophomore, the music project of Oscar-nominated Abigail Breslin.

Lane has established herself as an awe inspiring artist in the music industry. Having graduated with honors from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Lane possesses exceptional singing talent and advocates for body positivity, LGBTQ representation and female empowerment. With a gritty voice likened to Amy Winehouse and a range that impresses even the most seasoned divas, she has a quick pen to go with her voice. Lane writes all her songs and retains 100% of her publishing and masters.

Lily’s music has been heard in Pretty Little Liars and other shows while receiving praise from influential outlets, establishing her status as a rising star in the music scene. Most recently Lane opened up for Madison Beer, Jessie J and Marina and the Diamonds, headlined Winky Lux’s Unicorn Carnival in N.Y.C. , and has performed at historic venues, including Madison Square Garden and the House of Blues. At the same time, her music amassed millions of streams.

Watch the video for Where Have You Been All My Life? above, hear more from Lily Lane below, and follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.


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